Shoot the Messenger

Day in and day out the messengers of history, the messengers of news, the messengers of education, the messengers of internet news sites are flat-out lying for fiat money to keep this fiat stranglehold on America and misled. It doesn’t matter that the borders have been overrun or that our people have been killed in terrorist bombings or that our country is being destroyed financially or that we go to wars because of lies or that we give 30 million dollars a day to a place the media doesn’t want to talk about. It doesn’t matter that these people who are doing all this and a whole lot more are also killing Palestinians Christians and Muslims every day. It just doesn’t matter what these people do, the media will not, refuses to and thinks its preposterous to talk about Jews.It just so happens that the media is completely controlled by Jews. Its ok with the media that you stay blamed for slavery that was completely controlled by Jews. They simply will not set this record straight for the sake of our good names. What kind of traitors would allow this to go on one more day?
When your country has its money controlled by Jews and your country has its media controlled by Jews and when basically everything of any significance is controlled by Jews you would think someone would be saying that we have a Jewish problem, but they’re not. You know what they’re saying? They’re saying we have an Ashkenazi problem or a Zionist problem or a Zohar problem or a Talmudic problem or a Kabbala problem or a protocols problem. Nobody wants to be the one to connect all the dots and claim its a JEW problem. Some will say it’s not the Sephardic Jews because they’re the true Jews (stop)- you don’t know what you are talking about. Face it you can’t prove what a Jew is. You can’t even prove YOU arent or are a Jew. You don’t know what an Israelite is from a Jew or Judea from a Judahite you just know its people who call themselves Jews that are indeed destroying America today as they destroyed hundreds of countries and or city states yesterday. Face it you dont trust Jews when they tell you some things and trust them other times in much less riskier areas because you thirst to trust them to keep yourself from believing you’re a hater. They have you controlled like DVD player.
The reason why they got where they are now isn’t because they are good workers or inventors or chefs or architects, they got where they are because they lie, cheat, murder and steal. They are good at what they do because they have gullible idiots who are willing to put them on a pedestal over their own and have no sense of their own heritage. It is a serious defect people of European descent have. Some of them look for kosher food because they actually believe Jews can handle our food better than we can. It is right out of a really unbelievable B movie. If you are a Christian you need to read what Jesus said instead of listening to Jewish TV evangelists on the Jewish payroll. Dont even watch these Jewish Jesus Christmas movies because they are blatant blasphemies. Jesus avoided the Jews entirely,and said nothing to Herod, the Jew Edomite king. Why do you think he said nothing to him? Why do you think John the Baptist went after Herod and not Pilate? Listen to the words they put into the mouths of the apostles, Jesus and John the Baptist in these movies. It’s all bogus nonsense and not in the scriptures. They try as hard as they can in all of these movies including Mel Gibson’s to claim Jesus was a Jew even giving him an Edomite mixed hooked nose. Jesus also spoke to his apostles in Greek. When have you seen him speak Greek in any of these movies?
It is truly incredible how deceived we have been about the Bible in these movies if you care to check the details. I admit I was taken by them for may years, but its clear to me now it’s a complete con game no different from all the other Jewish con games going on everywhere you look in America today. The reason this is happening is for one reason and one reason only, You Trust Them. You feel guilty if you don’t trust them so you get thrown into the meat grinder over and over and over again along with your ancestors and children who depended and depend on you. There is a word that is opposed to yes in the dictionary, in fact everything has an opposite. When people are contrary to you and or your family, friends, country or people as a whole you realize helping them is hurting you eventually, but they have you so divided you don’t even know who your friends and family are. If a parasite is feeding off you, you don’t give it strength to kill you. In the meantime while you are figuring it all out your Jewish media will continue to lie to you, your parents, your kids, your friends and your people to get what they want. Most people who are rational will just simply stop trusting Jews because of their track record and what is known about Jews right now, but it’s not enough for most apparently, you need more.
There are 2% Jews in America and they run everything including the opposition because the European defect of trusting Jews doesn’t end. I have seen so-called truthers praise Jews they think are telling the truth like they are rare pearls proving the fact that it is extraordinary to find a Jew that tells the truth, but the fact is truth is time-tested and there isn’t enough time to trust them. In fact it is a terrible time to start if you are new to this. Time has already tested them and time will run out entirely trying to again. Enough time has been wasted on the Jonathan Pollards, the Wolfowitz’s, Pearls’, Dershowitz’s, Liebowitz’s, Netanyahu’s, Judas’, Bronstein’s, Mordecai Levy’s, Klaus Fuchs’, Frank Cohen Colins’, John Kohn Kerry’s’ etc…, etc… etc…. Enough is enough!
There is only one thing on this earth that will save America and Europe and that is to take it back from these destroyers one at a time or all at a time, but from all of them- period. Go ahead and play with the tail, pretend the scorpion wont bite, let the snake into your home and you will get exactly what you were told you would get by your ancestors. Of course many of you don’t even know who your ancestors are or come from. The reason you don’t is because if you did you would have to call Jews the liars they are. If you know history don’t claim it wont be repeated for the same reasons your ancestors had to and dont think Jews wont repeat theirs too. There is no gray area in this business, you either take the rudder or you get taken. 
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