The Pursuit of Happiness Amongst Wolves


There is no more pursuit of happiness in America anymore. Everything we once held dear has been stolen or perverted by the very same people. Porn has filled our land and poisoned our persona of love, marriage, family life. Homosexuality has poisoned our kids and made into an acceptable lifestyle. Feminism has been drilled into the heads of our women through propaganda and trickery from our completely Jewish owned media. The history our kids are taught in school are slanderous lies. Our money system has been hijacked by people who were wandering the back alley streets of Krakow and London like Fagin. Our entire entertainment industries have been co-opted by these very same people in Hollywood, sports commissioners, music industry, TV, magazines at the checkout in the grocery stores, the food in the grocery stores, etc… American Christians buy Kosher Jewish controlled food and then pray to Jesus before they eat it and read about John the Baptist who lived on locusts and have no clue why. At what point is enough enough? The judicial system is completely Jew controlled. Jews commit 50 pedophile offenses and get off with probation. Jews spray swastika’s on their own synagogues so they can make anyone who tells the truth about Jews look like cowardly haters that defile graves, etc… It is all designed to make people of truth DO NOTHING!!! The police forces are getting their marching orders from the ADL. My newly elected Senator of Florida’s first move was to go to Israel to get his orders. He didn’t even stop at Disney World first. Our politicians as a whole are completely controlled by Jews and entirely against everything America stands for. My town alone is on a mission to wipe out the middle class. It’s very simple, the Jews win the elections because they either rig the vote or they use their media ownership to destroy their competition. From there they can manipulate who gets the government contracts. The Jewish politicians get the Jewish contractors contracts and they hire illegal aliens to do the labor at half the cost. In my town my police force is entirely Jewish, the mayor is Jewish, the Sheriff is Jewish and the roads contractors are Jewish who in turn hire hundreds of illegal aliens right in our faces while Americans are losing their homes. Now that the roads are done after taking double the normal time and building a new city hall with illegal labor, the town is being trashed. People have lost their businesses everywhere these new roads were built not to mention their homes and the streets have garbage strewn out all over the millions of little plants the illegals planted one at a time. We have also just gotten a gargantuan hospital built by a Jewish contractor and 90% illegal alien labor, not to mention health clubs, to go along with it, but who is going to be able to afford the health clubs? Who is going to be able to afford paying bills to a brand new state of the art hospital? It was just another gamble Jews were willing to take at the behest of making thousands lose their jobs, homes and trust in America. Does anyone see what happens when Jews get into control? Cant anyone see that these people cannot possibly be thinking for the welfare of others? I know people who have labored their whole lives and will not give a job to an illegal knowing they are putting an American out of work. The fact is Jews don’t care about America, they were never Americans nor were they Europeans. I could go on and on here in this subject, but you see where it goes. It goes toward a country that has no moral fortitude, no trust, no unity and no God. Many people say that God will intervene and that we shouldn’t do anything about this and just let our sons and daughters go kill innocent Christians and Muslims in the Middle East and do nothing but talk amongst ourselves, but I think we should do what over 100 countries did before us and throw them out. What else do they have to do to us before we react? They wont let us do it in the media and they are going to cut the Internet off. Then what? We have been to war with just about everyone on earth but the people who have us by the neck right now. I keep hearing “they’re all not bad”. You may be right, but they have the largest percentage of bad people in this world since the beginning of history and they are destroying your women, your children and your ancestry. You are going to have to react. It’s as natural as a bowel movement, but you have been controlled to wait till your master comes home like a dog. How long do you let this go on? If speaking out is what you plan to do you better get somewhere where people will hear you. Confining yourself to backwoods Internet radio sites wont cut it. Get to a microphone where the most people will hear you for Gods sakes or get ready to rumble.

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