Truth Climb

I use the term truth climb because truth is a constant struggle. Anyone who seeks the truth is awakened to the fact that there are most certainly a people who are lying and who have been lying for a long time and no signs that they will or can stop lying. We have to keep tight grips on the truth we have, but never frozen. You have to take the truth one step at a time or you may have to come back down and do it all over again and there isn’t time to go up and down that many times in one lifetime. If you are seeking the truth from a young age like you should be you have plenty of time, but most don’t have that much time left. We never know when our time is up so its best to go up one step or move at a time, stop and take some time to review the step and get up to the next one.
The first step and every step always starts with questions, who?, what?, where?, when?, why? and how? If you don’t have all of these figured out you may be able to go up without knowing one of the answers, but you will have to come back down and get it later. When you do you may not be able to go back up the same way. It’s also like cutting a path of truth in a jungle or forest. You will see paths already cut, but some paths are false paths leading you astray purposely and leave you out in a swamp full of mosquitoes and leeches. Other paths are ways others cut out themselves hoping to reach the truth and hoping to hit the main trail. Some do and some don’t so its best to stay on the most logical trail that you have the least doubts about. The key is to stay on that same path as much as possible. When you first start off on this journey there are many paths going all different directions, but the further away from the beginning you get on the right path the easier it gets. There are less trails to take because you are better at it and the liars know it. The liars are focusing on tripping up the people in the beginning more than anything. This does not mean that you have completed your journey when it starts to get easier it just means its you against Satan himself and that will never change until the very end.
The path I see as the correct path as many do is Christianity. I believe when Jesus said I am the truth, the light and the way it meant much more than people give it credit for. It means he is the way and if you believe in Christianity you have to believe that. So it comes down to how we interpret the Bible. Who teaches us what the Bible says? What don’t they teach us it says and why? Why have we been told the same old lies about what a gentile really is and that Abraham did not name himself after his unborn grandson Judah. When you figure out what people wont talk about because they can’t argue against it you know you’ve got something. For instance some people don’t want to talk about Christianity at all and you have to wonder what they think a Jew is. If you are asking those questions I listed above you have to know “who is lying” and “what are they lying about?”. More importantly, however you have to know “who they are”.
That is step number one and always has been step number one “who?”. You have to know who you are talking about to know the other answers. You can answer all the other questions and disregard the “who?” part, but it simply proves you are willing to lead people into the swamp full of quicksand if you are leading people at all. When you go into who the Jews are you have to look into the Bible because that is where the word derives. Once you look into the Bible you can’t stop there because it is the path. There you will meet up with many other paths like Grand Central Station, but it is the starting point. From that point on its important to check different paths because you have to. You can take the path that the Old Testament is hogwash, you can take the path that Jesus was a Jewish carpenter or you can read and accept the fact that Jesus quoted many things from the Old Testament and that Jesus was of the line of Judah and that Jews are the Edomites like Herod. It makes all the sense in the world why he had the first-born slaughtered looking to kill Jesus right from the start.
You cannot deny the fact that Europeans came from that land through all the tribes of Israel and there is no way whatsoever that Jews are related to Europeans in any way. They are contrary to each other exactly what the book says. Of course many pretend not to see this. Israelites left in many dispersions and if you look into the names of places the Israelites went it makes more and more sense what actually occurred. The Danube river was without a doubt named after Dan along with the Tuatha Dedanaan. There are thousands of clues that the Israelites were the first Europeans that named Iberia, Hebrides, Hibernia, Eber, Galatia (Gall, Gaelic, Portugal (Port of Gaul), Galway, Inis Fail for Ireland, Scotland came from the name Scota, is said to be the tribe of Judah. It just goes on and on and on, but like the media says when you tell them the media is run by Jews they say “I just don’t see it”. You tell people there was a swimming pool at Auschwitz and show them a picture and they say “I just don’t see it”. Talk about deniers.
When you see all the lies Jews have told and how blatant and controlled they were you can see this true Israelite truth is the most important truth of all. Jews made Whites believe we brought Blacks to America in slave ships like animals and it was them. Jews told us it was our German brothers who imprisoned them and killed 6 million of them, made lampshades out of them, made them into soap, etc… and it was them that destroyed Germany as they are destroying us today. It was Jews kicked out of over 100 city states throughout Europe and made it out to look like Europeans were evil. It was Jews who brought usury into Europe that Europe was entirely against because it was against their law. It was Jews who took over White Russia and put tens upon tens of millions of White Christians to death. It was Jews who slaughtered 13000 Catholic Poles at Katyn execution style one at a time like a slaughterhouse. White Christians are not capable of this. It was Jews who took our names as they have throughout history so to blend in and do it all over again. This also occurred when they took names of the Israelites even when they claim they are just the tribe of Judah. They are liars exactly what Jesus says in John 8:44 and it fits in perfectly with Revelations 2:9, 3:9 and 12:9. Before I knew this I was stumped on what to believe and even thought at times of trashing everything (exactly what they want). This truth is simply the most logical truth there is and it explains “who” the Jews are. They are exactly how Jesus describes them.
When you know who they are you cannot bring them in to help you uncover truths unless you are deliberately misleading people. How can they lead you to the truth? If you are following them you are not following the truth, you see? It is a deliberate protest against truth and an act of someone who either cannot accept it or rebels because he doesn’t like it. Either way Jesus did not come for everyone, he came for his sheep and his sheep will know him. If you look at the first paragraph in James it is addressed to the 12 tribes of Israel, it wasn’t addressed to the Jews they had left behind and it is in the heart of the New Testament. The apostles were of the tribe of Benjamin and Judas was an Edomite. You seek the truth because people are busy covering it up every day. The truth exposes the liars and when liars are exposed their world is over. They have to work overtime to keep all these lies alive and you go on as if everything they say is truth.
Knowing a truth is examining all the other info out there on that subject you can find. There is still climbing to do and you may have to climb down to take another path, but following someone unclear on what step A is and you’re on step G is simply a path to nowhere or disaster. If you know the “who” part you will know you cannot take that person with you. Many times before countries have allowed just one in and then another and another and ultimately you have a country such as America today. America has been totally accommodating to all even at the behest of our great country and children and it’s always the same results throughout time. We don’t prosper by allowing Jews in we only lose what we could’ve been without them (a great nation). Jews not only bring Jews in, but they deliberately bring others in to destroy us and you simply can’t deny this. You can say I am a hater, but I didn’t ruin our country. It could have been avoided and you know it. Being nice begins at home and your home is your family and their family. We need to get back to the basics and look after ourselves and that will require our Father. They have their father and what they want most of all more than anything is to have us cut off from ours.
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