Beyond Traitors

 Every day of the year the TV and radio are blasting your neighbors with slanderous lies with group hype that mentally destabilizes them into thinking certain ways they normally would not. If you walked out your front door and someone was telling your neighbor that you were looking in their windows the night before you would probably pummel that person right there and then, but these people who lie about you and your ancestors in the main stream media are using their right to free speech in your mind. Forget your right to free speech because they’re not taking calls. Forget the fact that you went into the service and put your life on the line for free speech because it wont get your voice heard, the screener isn’t taking calls on that topic. So this media is allowed to lie day in and day out with absolutely no opposition and you still TRUST THEM?
                        Not one of these liars is a veteran or did anything worth notoriety in their lives. They have been jaw-jacking for Jews all their lives and this is what American veterans believe free speech is? Am I the only veteran out there that is ready to hang each and every one of them for TREASON? They are nothing but the voice of antiChrist Jews who cheer on wars that they wont fight and happily let you die for them. They are making a fortune lying to us for God sakes! They claim to be Americans who are Constitutionalists and believe in nothing about the Constitution starting from the Jewish Federal Reserve creating money out of thin air  (if someone straggled upon this I want to take this time to fill you in, the Federal Reserve arent Nazi’s, they’re Jews). The traitorous talking heads pretend they don’t even know what the Federal Reserve is and expect us to believe them. You see they think they’re Constitutionalists because nobody is allowed to call in to tell them they couldn’t possibly be.
The hypocrisy of these people are enough for a thousand hangings when reporting suicide bombers in Palestine (I wont call it Israel because it isn’t) in Turkey, in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc… that they have no clue about (they have no clue what they’re reporting is true), but wont report Jewish Rabbi’s, yes I said Rabbi’s running organ harvesting rackets right here in the good ole USA just a subway ride away. The amount of pertinent information they leave out is like telling you to go swimming in a lake full of alligators. They just say they didn’t see the alligators. They think we wont catch on to the fact who the alligators are, but they’re the ones they never speak about in a bad light or they are Rick Sanchez’d, Helen Thomas’d or even Lee Harvey Oswald’d.
So you see we have a media that claims to be on our side who will tell you Whites brought Blacks to America in chains like farm animals and never dare mention it was the Jews who happen to have prospered in all the slave trade communities such as Charleston, Savannah and Newport and controlled the slave trade from top to bottom. The slave trade was entirely run by Jews and our supposed honest Constitutional media misses this little tidbit of info as they miss everything else as if they were copying off the same wrong answer test paper. I have a local radio host who used to say “Its Wide Open Wednesday except for the Jew Hater”, that would be me. Now he just says “Wide Open Wednesday” and happily lies claiming anyone can call. You see being a liar beats being a traitor every time. I am betting there are hundreds of traitors like this in their local media all over America and people believe they should have a right to free speech. Believing in free speech means “YOU” should have free speech not the same Jewish slaves in every state in America. They are without a doubt Jewish slaves. They are like Igor’s working for Dr. Frankenstein (you think that may be exaggerating things a bit too much, but we are talking Jewish organ harvesting folks). As long as they get their reward, whatever oddity that is, they will never show up late to fulfill their master’s needs. It really is that macabre that someone could sell out their country, people and freedom like this. Igor needs to be burned at the stake right along with Dracula orFrankenstein and his maker.
The Soupers
Jews love to find people of Irish descent to give the news because they have been known to fight for what they believe and are pretty much in many minds the heart of Europe. It’s completely unfathomable to me how an Irish Christian could sell out everything Europeans and America stand for day in and day out. Back in the days of the so-called potato famine when the English Jews were simply taking all the food out of Ireland to sell, they let the Irish starve and even took some of them to the Caribbean islands as slaves because they didn’t give in, there were people in those days known as “soupers”. While others were starving to death the traitorous Irish soupers were taking soup from the Jews disguised as English as long as they gave them info they needed. They sold out their people so they would be fed while others happily starved to death proudly for their country. Even young kids knew enough not to take food from the enemy.Yes it was the same soupers then as it is now and the same soup kitchens have found their soupers once again. Oddly both of these soupers are from Limerick and Cork where the only Jewish communities existed outside Dublin. James Joyce’s Ulysses had a Jewish character from this area coincidentally. You see the soupers are still the “go between s” except this time you trust them to give you the truth with soup all over their faces in full view. How can these people be so contrary to the real thing? They have to have married into Jewry because God knows none of his people could possibly lie and sell out the way these gutless impostors do.
There are 2% Jews in America at best and they make up more than 75% of all the worlds billionaires, they own the media lock, stock and barrel and not one talking head in the media agrees with that fact. They don’t think its a fact “they just don’t see it”. and call you a liar if you tell them the truth when in fact they are the liars for not even checking the facts and calling you a liar. They are hypocritical of Biblical proportions and the so-called Christians will not call them what they are. Christians go to church on Sunday to pray to Jesus who was crucified by Jews, listen to the apostles testaments who were killed by Jews, listen to the words of the prophets who were killed by Jews and what do they do? They protect Jews for a living. It’s just not possible folks. Its Alice in Wonderland fantasy and it’s because YOU don’t go out your door and pummel these Lying Traitors.
The key to turning America around is in the media. If we don’t have a moral ethic in our media based on truth,we will be children of the “fathers of liars” (John :44). It’s entirely up to you how our children will live and part of the curriculum requires cleaning the tree of liberty. The media is the root of that tree and needs to be ground into a fine dust. Don’t wait for someone else to do your chores. God sees you and knows you let this go on every day and turn a blind eye to it. Think of all the young men who died for your right to free speech, but don’t stop there, think of the first Christians who gave their lives to keep us out of complete darkness. Nothing has changed under the sun. If you are not defending the truth for any reason you are with the true terrorists and enemies of God. There is no turning away or selling out involved in truth. Part of your being, part of your soul should scream out for truth and despise liars. It means you have to react against it, if in fact you have a soul at all.
I’ve noticed that once you become a talking head you are in for life. It’s like a roach motel, few get out alive. It is truly a “dead mens bones” industry. The talking head fools think they will just have a lifetime of frauding and hoaxing innocent people and only having to live with their consciences for a short time in retirement, but they have an eternity to answer to. Like the musical says “When you’re a Jet you’re a jet all the way” except it goes much much further than their ” last dying day”. “When you’re a jet you stay a jet all the way”.
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