The Gauntlet



I have a confession to make, I grew up watching Jewish movies as you did. I had the same heroes you had because we were mostly seeing all the same things in the movies and on TV and we were all expected to have the same conclusions. Today I come to completely different conclusions you do when it comes to media, TV, movies, schoolbooks, newspapers, etc. because I know someone has already determined how you are supposed to react to these stories, books or videos. You see you were never supposed to have an opinion on your own, just sit back and eat popcorn (Orville Redenbacher’s), drink your coke and don’t miss the point of the show. Dont be abrasive or negative with people who went with you to the show for the illusion complete entertainment. Going against the grain and missing the true meaning of the movie is just plain ruining the mood, popcorn and sweet stuff altogether. 

For instance we used to love guys like Buffalo Bill Cody. Cody was even in my school textbooks when I was a kid. The books used to boast how many buffalo ole Bill used to kill in a single day. Somehow we were coaxed into believing whacking buffalo was to be praised. We could then go into how some brothers were heroes for robbing the banks that stole the money from their town and actually killed bankers point-blank. John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, etc… etc… were made into heroes of sorts, but that wasn’t enough, we had to create new fictional characters like Dirty Harry Callahan (Irish I presume) that saved Jewish girls and played cowboys that painted towns red and slaughtered ANYONE resembling someone who looked like the people who slaughtered his father. God forbid we do this in real life, however.He spit on dogs in other roles, destroyed countless towns in different movies, mocked priests and nuns, helped young Jewish girls become Irish boxers. He basically did everything against the Ten Commandments and he is loved by everyone in America.

So here we have two of the highest buildings in America (and building 7 that was hit with no plane) dropped like controlled demolition’s and its like another Clint Eastwood movie except this time Clint was the one who had his town ruined. Now Clint without any knowledge whatsoever of who actually did it is off destroying towns, villages and even countries now. How could Clint be wrong? Nobody ever questions Clint. Callahan may be dirty, but it’s what the people want and came to see. How dare anyone say the person (the director) who put you in this predicament is the guilty party? Everyone knows Clint, Callahan, Kowalski, Josie Wales, etc. is always right. He is right because he was put into a situation unfairly he had to get himself out of. On the other hand you have been put into a situation and you remain seated eating popcorn as you always have.
You know what happens now.

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1 Response to The Gauntlet

  1. jeanjessup says:

    Excellent! It’s important for the Goyim to remember who they really are.

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