Conspiracy Theory

Whenever I even hear the word “conspiracy” I look for a double bluff. The word is almost a gag nowadays because there are so many of them. To make fun of the word is untrustworthy to me. A conspiracy is a plan that two or more people carry out in secret to deceive others and perform an unlawful act. Hollywood and the media in general is nothing but unlawful acts deceiving people of the truth going directly against God’s law every day. It is a band of thieves working together to deceive for money.
We could begin with Mel Gibson giving Jesus a hooked nose in “The Passion”. What kind of message was that? When have you ever in your life heard Jesus had a hooked nose? Why do these Jesus movies never point out who the Edomites are? Do they want us to believe all people in Judea were Israelites? There were all kinds of mixtures in that land at the time. Judas was an Edomite with red hair and the other eleven were Benjamites who obviously weren’t Judahites to a pure Judahite. Judas did have a hooked nose, but didnt see it in any of the movies. Jesus was a Judahite through Pharez so in order to ever tell any story about Jesus one must explain what or who a Jew is from a Judahite and a Judean. They are 3 completely different things, but we never hear a word. Same ole, same ole misinformation. You could pick apart “The Passion” and “Braveheart” to pieces. Why would Gibson disregard the fact that Jesus spoke Greek? Does Gibson want Jesus to look like he was of Edomite descent? Did Gibson make Longshanks look like a fool because he booted all the Jews out of Britain in 1290? Maybe it explains Mel’s map of Israel on his face in Braveheart.  Jews have been historically known to wipe out historical facts. What better way then on the big screen nowadays?
Jesse Ventura is another Conspiracy guy now. If Jesse didn’t get into Jewish show business does anyone think he wouldn’t be over in Afghanistan with Blackwater right now? The truth is he sold his soul long ago along with his buddy Arnold Schvartzer for fame in Hollywood. When was the last time you saw Jews help sons of Nazi’s? I mean the real ones.
When has Jesse ever uttered the words USS Liberty? He never has. I want to tell you that I lost a couple of buddies in the Beirut bombing of a Marine barracks many years ago and I’ve been in search of the truth ever since. I had two more school friends killed in 9/11. One bombing Jews were suspected and the other bombing, guess what, Jews suspected. So I am on a mission. What I can’t understand is how any military man can let his brothers get killed and not find the murderers. After all they were just like me trying to help their country and keep it safe, so we thought. Imagine that, actually believing you were helping your country and now there is no free speech, only actors with microphones. To let these people out of our minds and let the killers roam free is shameless. So you have to ask what people don’t say sometimes and not always what they do.
You can see that the people anywhere in the main stream media are traitors nowadays. There is no sense working in the media for Jewish fiat money when you can save your country from complete destruction with that microphone and audience by working against it. You can’t do both, you are either in the pool or you aint. The real conspiracy theory is that you idolize these people because they come close to exposing the elephant in the room, but they are really just cleaning the elephant dung and getting paid good money while you do all the leg work exposing it for nothing.
Satan is without a doubt on this earth, but he isn’t easy to spot unless you seek the truth. One thing for sure is they do what works for them and it’s always because of our lack of knowledge. We seem to have our memories and instincts ridiculed when we bring these things up because we don’t want to believe we were that suckered, but we were because we trusted them without examining all the facts. It is a defect of ours to trust untrustworthy people who look like us, but don’t act like us. Would a John Kerry ever get away with saying he was Irish today with the internet? Would a Frank Colin be able to make Germans look silly marching around in a Nazi uniform? Would a Franklin Delano Roosevelt have ever gotten away with taking America into WWII? Would we Americans of White descent have been blamed for bringing Blacks to America in chains and made to feel guilty of our fathers deeds? I leave you with Aaron Lopez.
You see Jews will never admit they controlled the slave trade, drug trade, porn, organ harvesting rings, etc… even though its documented history. They wont stop unless you expose them and right away! You see Jews have been changing their names to be like ours right from the beginning. They know exactly what they’re doing and they have programmed you to keep quiet about it. How dare you expose someone Jesus called “fathers of liars” or “sons of satan”? How dare you heed his advice?
It may just be why they love baseball so much. Be smart as a serpent and never take anyone for granted. One must prove whose side they are on with deeds and conviction. If you are a Christian you know what the first Christians did and gave their lives to do. Serve God or Mammon, don’t wait until you have no choice.
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12 Responses to Conspiracy Theory

  1. outraged basque guy says:

    jews are edomite imposters…the basques and catalans are the hebrews of the bible(judahites)

    • melgibstein says:

      You need to slow down that writing. I will say that Hibernia was the name the Romans gave Ireland or even Scotland back then. The Celts didnt use an “h” from my understanding. Greeks called it Iveria or Ivernia. The Celts had other names as did the earlier peoples of Ireland- one was Innis Fail or Inisfail. Then you could add Banba, Fodhla and others to the mix.

      Ogygia is one of my favorites and shows its connections to Greece and Egypt as well as Scotia or Scota. Cant say I agree or disagree with your video because its too much too fast. I gave up after 3 minutes. Reader and viewers beware!

  2. melgibstein says:

    Ok so we have some dummies waking up. Whaddya want from me?

  3. Dublinmick says:

    Here in the dark days of the Kali Yuga I have noticed the term conspiracy is almost standard fare. It doesn’t seem to matter which type social media you engage in at any particular time. Many times people will refer to something they are unfamiliar with as a conspiracy as a reaction to deflect from their own intellectual inertia. To be honest those who have formed their world with values found in high school text books and the electronic media will be found mostly unreachable. If they have not spent decades reading books that were not on the New York Time’s best seller list and gravitated from there to alternative media with the advent of the internet, I have found you will simply be wasting your time attempting any type meaningful discussion. At this point they are like a separate species. It is easier to categorize than explore, much easier to believe than to know.

    The times we are in remind me of Carlos Castaneda and the separate reality. To be frank our movers and shakers, the corporate web that buys our politicians do not want an informed electorate or citizenry. Semi illiterate masses that believe every foreign war is fought for freedom and the American way no matter who is attacked is much easier to govern. Unfortunately such a citizenry carries the seeds of it’s own destruction. We saw this in Germany but the spin in America varies somewhat as we believe in corporate fascism and a foreign controlled federal reserve as the be all and end all. It is democrat vs republican, conservative vs liberal 24/7 in a never ending ping pong match that goes nowhere while the country is continues to be looted.

    The Borderline idiot will always see the world as some sort of gigantic conspiracy. They say the dumber you are the more conspiratorial things may seem, so in many cases the participants may be asked to step outside their intellectual comfort zone.

    Generally speaking a conspiracy is a theory not substantiated by facts, not to be confused with a concept one disagrees with and worse yet one in which he is too unmotivated to explore for himself. Conspiracy unfortunately is an over used cliche many hide behind to mask their unfamiliarity with sometimes complex subjects or dodge a weighty issue they feel uncomfortable discussing. There are very few conspiracies, simply issues we may not yet be aware of.

    Some use it to mask their lack of intellectual resolve and some do so due to their personal involvement or own moral weakness as a result of not speaking out on certain issues which cause them pangs of guilt. A case in point might be one who has himself just finished an aspartame laced cola. It is better to call it a conspiracy than to admit such a chemical is indeed a low cost neurotoxin and used in many insect killers than to face the fact that the U.N. has called for a 90% reduction in the world population.

    Some however may be directly or indirectly involved in certain conspiracies and seek to stifle debate on such matters. This could range to everything from employees of cellphone companies, sugar substitutes, Monosodium glutamate, GMO modified foods, media enforcers, fluoride manufacturers, nuclear energy companies, politicians, vaccine makers etc.etc. All of these have the ability to cause you unmentionable suffering but may well seem like a conspiracy to the uninformed. For instance Bill Gates advocates a 90% reduction in the world population, he buys a major vaccine company. (Boom) This man has reservations in Norway’s doomsday seed vault. Now this is a red flag to those of us with finely tuned knowledge of socio-political situations. Unfortunately we cannot ask the masses to join us in this highly complex field of intellectual endeavor. It would take certain capabilities in logic 101 and other disciplines far beyond the scope of the every day social media.

    It could also apply to football conferences where some entities perceive a certain advantage by simply failing to note obvious interference by referees, preferring to label such thought as a conspiracy. The very thought that money can influence many to abandon their moral compass is unsettling to some.

    A conspiracy is not a complicated issue, simply two or more people joining together in an effort to bring about a desired result. The attempt consciously or unconsciously to avoid and repress intellectual debate on some topics is of and itself a conspiracy in which some are even un-knowlingly engaged in with others, leading to the dumbing down of the top of the mushroom pile. There will always be a certain percentage of the audience who leave the fray when the “conspiracy” canard is tossed out. Others will recognize it for what it is. It is a bit like football, you just have to start hitting somebody in the mouth.

    We have a moral duty not to allow the intellectually inferior to label everything a conspiracy. Civil discourse and the search for truth hang in the balance. Those who would deny you information already consider themselves your master. It is a question of intellectual harmonics.

    The old adage that truth is in the eye of the beholder comes to mind here. What seems apparent to one may seem complicated to another. Many times it is simply a case of what we might term intellectual harmonics. As we acquire knowledge and facts somethings appear as intrinsically needless to debate. For others further down the scale they seem perplexing and these intellects often insist upon a Fox News broadcast or link to justify their validity. Others who are forcefully confronted by facts they should have known lash out in in vindictive terms in a very unbecoming manner.

    In modern day terminology I think it compares with examples of the slow learner holding back the class. Imagine yourself trying to explain to say a spider monkey that two and two equals four. Most of us have already accepted this as reality, however the spider monkey if he could even fathom what you were saying would view this as some gigantic conspiracy being thrust upon him.

    I have heard many use the term well that is just your opinion, everybody has one. It is obvious that such a person has little or no exposure to Logic 101. It is really quite simple, some may hold the view that 1 plus 1 equals 5, some may feel that 2 plus 2 equals 5, etc etc. However one may feel that 2 plus 3 equals 5. In this particular instance it is not an opinion it is a fact. This is what we are looking for.

    If we look at for instance Buddhist doctrine, they feel that a particular entity or spirit may have many incarnations and thus may possess a large pool of gnostic knowledge at their disposal which emanates from a type of inner light of the spirit to keep things simple. On the other hand some may have been a bird in their last lifetime and mask their short comings by simply using the term wrong link dude or conspiracy. It is a doctrine worth looking into in my estimation.

    • melgibstein says:

      The only conspiracy is the Jew conspiracy. When you can change the definitions of words and steal them from their owners you can steal their identities. Most people are glued to the radio or TV listening to UFO stories, but nothing is more important to me than finding the Jews angle in that story. Their angle is almost always diversion. There must be a good reason to keep us diverted. I never was a good listener in the classic sense, I listen to my own soul that I trust and it despises Jews almost as much as I do.

  4. TC says:

    Gibson has the map of Scotland on his face in Braveheart you fool!

    • melgibstein says:

      put your proof up here where we can all see it then. You call me a fool and you say the dumbest thing Ive ever heard with no proof. You must be a Jew.

    • melgibstein says:

      Bill in Bumfuk O, get a life. Give it up, your brother in law is a Druze, Mark Glenn. You dont want the truth, you cant handle it. Its not for you or your Jew wife either. Anytime you want to have a real debate (bring your druze kin) I will open an account on Talkshoe and we will see eh? What you say? Bring all your Judeo, anti Zio pals too.

      Why are you praising a guy who gave Jesus a hooked nose, starred in Jew Hollywood with every yenta in the business with jew bodyguards, agents, publicists, jew pals, Arab paparazzi stalkers, etc? Now he is in Machete Kills with one of a the Loeb boys girlfriends (Sofia Vergara, aka Berger). You are either a gullible fool or you are a Jew. You could be a bit of both too.

      Thats Kuhn and Loeb. Kuhn is just another form of Cohen. Loeb is another form of the root “lion” in German like your Jewish Pope Leo Medici. Mel must be good friends with Sofia Cohen by now.

  5. Dublinsmick says:

    You know Mel Mark Glenn does have that khazar look doesn’t he?

    • melgibstein says:

      Glenn is a Druze living and whining in white Idaho claiming he knows about Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine and the truth is he has never set foot in any one of those countries. Prss TV doesnt take any opposing comments about him on their site and Glenn has brought in more crypto Jews than anyone since Cromwell. He has also never read the Bible in his life and quotes it every time he has a show. The Bible is true when he wants it to be and false when it fits into his druze wardrobe. If the guy had open phones he would be picked apart to the bone, but he doesnt care because there isnt any sense of shame there and I can only think of one people without shame.

      Dankopf and David Duke were there for a week and now they are professionals on Iran. Ive lived all over the world and I can tell you in two weeks or even 2 months you dont learn everything about anywhere except maybe the craphole Jew state. It is without a doubt a craphole.

  6. goyimwarrior says:

    I used to say Mel Gibson for President; until he started crawling for the Kikes. I worked in Hollywood years ago and and it has always been Jew infested. Mel got lucky and being Aussie was exotic. The kikes slipped up and the knew it when the heard about his father but had to sit on their Kosher ass until he went on a “bender.” He could have led the/a movement and with his money could afford a good bunker in Malibu.

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