How to Spot Shills

Anyone with half a brain that’s honest should be completely outraged at the Federal Reserve if they really know what it is. It’s a complete hoax and abomination and calling it anything different is a lie. Auditing it or questioning it is fruitless because it needs to be exposed as exactly what it is and torn down and incinerated. There are a specific people in control of it and they are the same people in control of the media, porn, drugs, instigating wars, etc… etc… They are the same people and have similar names, intentions, histories and ethnicity’s. They all have a Jewish connection and common direction. If someone is telling you there are only 2% of these people and make up 7 out of 10 billionaires they are talking about Jews, but somehow the word is changed to Zionists in other subjects to tone it down when discussing the actual crimes that made them billionaires. The truth is they are Jews because not all of these Jews want to move to Palestine, in fact most of them don’t  have any plans to. It would be like a tick saying it wants to move from a dog to a church to get away for a while. They have to stay among their host to exist. Just because some of them are in Palestine doesn’t mean they are not still sucking our blood.
Be suspicious of anyone that uses the word Zionist because its simply not the truth. Some use it because they don’t believe its all Jews, yet they know there is a Jewish problem. It simply makes no sense to be joyous to find what you think is a good Jew to help fight the Jew problem. It is a lunatic excuse to be counterproductive or they are simply scared to say the whole truth. Either way it is of no value and exactly what they want, more division and less conviction. I have had Jewish friends in my life, but I cut them all out when we grew up. I have come to the conclusion walls are a good idea, not to keep others out, but to keep them out or in and away. I realized they may be OK with me now, but who are they with when the rubber hits the road and who have they been with all along? Nobody else has the ability as a whole to call everyone else “cattle”. Jews don’t agree with my Christian values and to me that alone is enough to stay separate from them. Some say this is too harsh, but I’m not killing anyone, I’m not shysting anyone or trying to remove Palestinians from their land or spreading lying propaganda all over the world or brought slaves to America or brought in porn for young kids to be exposed to in my land. I simply will have no part in it. If you are a Jew you are contrary to me. If you look for Jews to solve the Jew problem I simply cannot trust you. Jews were without a doubt who bombed the WTC, it wasn’t Muslims who did this and its also Jews in the media blaming it on Muslims (just one instance of the many bogus lies that need to be stopped cold). Anyone that insinuates Jews are guilty in the media is terminated and it’s totally traitorous (I am not embarrassed to say it). This doesn’t make me pro Muslim, it makes me pro truth. I am not trying to help Muslims over Jews I am trying to find the guilty party and expose it the same way they are using their power in the media to do the opposite.
Watch for diversions and hype. Anything and I mean anything taking your mind off the true problem in the world today is bogus nonsense and a distant second discussion. The number one, two and three subjects should be Jewish control in the past, present and possible future. The Jewish media spreads Jewish lies faster than you can get your boots on and it gets around fast because there are a lot of them on the same page. If they are talking about UFO’s, Nazi’s, Masons (simply Jew stooges), Jesuits (more Jew stooges), balloon boys, Catholics, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Indians, etc… it’ss simply nowhere even close to the elephant in the room Jewish problem. Some may talk about Jews for a minute and then completely irrelevant things like global warming and to cancel out what was said about Jews earlier bring up the Nazi subject. This is an inability to come to grips with the truth or simply a flat-out disinfo false op strategy to numb you out of knowing who the enemy or culprit really is. How can someone be mad at what is happening and not know who is doing it? Its lunacy folks!
Watch for the people you think are telling the truth one day and somehow act as if they never said those things the next and deny ever leading on anyone to “be anti-Semitic”.
Be wary of those who are passionate on certain issues such as religion and never allow an honest and open debate on it. For instance there are some so-called Christians who believe Jews are Gods chosen who don’t want to argue with people who believe the Old Testament is bogus and then there are people who believe the Old Testament is bogus who wont debate with Christian Identity folks. You can’t bash people you aren’t willing to go head to head against or simply run from. It shows a complete lack of seeking the truth, a perpetual Christian command. If you are going to argue your point you have to be able to defend it against anyone. Some truths some people simply cant handle and its unfortunate, but that’s just how it is.
Beware of people who want stardom and can see they sell out a piece of their soul each time they speak. Seeking justice isn’t about benefit for oneself, but for all people of truth and however much it hurts. The fight isn’t to take the world into any other direction other than the beginning. Before change can occur the slate has to be wiped clean of the crime and the people who are allowing it to happen. If this small fact isn’t focused on its just another con game led by the same people. The focus has to be on the people leading the con games and the direction we go later. We obviously can’t discuss a direction to go if we aren’t yet discussing who it is firstly that’s destroying us. Are we supposed to believe they want change in another direction as much as we do? How many times will we repeat the same mistakes again?
You cant destroy the Fed and have the same people lead you into the next phase like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and that Kosher crowd. We all want to rid ourselves of the Fed, but it has to be ridden by the right people or it’s just another Hollywood movie that you really take no part in. America is a Christian country based on Christian morals and if it doesn’t sway back that way its the wrong way. Jews aren’t going to take us that way folks. You can disagree all you want, jump, scream, spit all your baby food out onto the floor and chair, but it wont change reality or my mind one iota.
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