Scenes at a Park

Scenes at a Park
I don’t know about you, but where I live and I mean just about anywhere in Florida is a noisy place to live. Just about everyone around me have dogs and have no sense of their own dog(s) barking. I have had dogs and love them, but when they bark too much for no reason I have to draw the line. Dogs usually have a reason and you simply give them what they want or you teach them not to want it anymore. I have had cockatiels that chirped too much and somehow, some way I will always find a way to quiet them before they drive me crazy. The problem is I hear them, I am cognizant of them, but my neighbors are not. The barking can go on for days, weeks and I’m not kidding, years. Other than dogs barking in Florida there are other constant noises to make up for the lack of dog barking and that is extremely loud vehicles, airplanes, jets, guys flying over with what looks like a kite with a big fan motor, trains, boats, etc… Everyone has the need for some kind of noise in Florida which brings me to the title of this thread.
I have become a park kind of guy to get away from all the noise. Sometimes I go to the really backwoods parks for pure peace and other times I go to local parks for various reasons, maybe to watch a baseball game, play some basketball, take a long walk etc., but wherever you go you cant help but see people who are living in the present without a clue what is taking place in America. I do not mean to say I am better than these people, but I am saying there is some reason why our country and world is in the terrible shape its in.
Day to Day
Often I see people who most likely don’t know much more than what they see on television. Some are in poor health and need constant assistance from others around the clock and both are simply living day-to-day and have no control of which way their country is going for the bad or the good. They are in total dependence of others of good will to get them through.
Young and Dumb
I have never understood how young or old lovers, for lack of a better word, could sit out in the park in full view kissing and hugging and schmoozing each other for hours on end. I guess it’s just never been me. It takes a certain kind to do this. They appear to be off in another world of complete fantasy. There is simply too much work to be done. Call me old-fashioned, but if I’m kissing  a woman more than once its going to be out of others sight for various reasons. It indicates a lack of concern and respect in my opinion on a larger scale.
The Genius
Everyone has met up with this type. They are riding a 10 speed with a helmet on that they brought on their BMW with bike rack and not a scratch on it. They are nice people on the average that have the middle to upper class jobs. They’re engineers, teachers, policemen, accountants, etc… and they know everything. Many of them are indeed quite smart and could tell you how to set up a HAM radio or get better reception on your TV, etc.., but the minute you bring up who is in control of the media and the Federal Reserve they are gone. All of the intelligent thought they just finished entertaining you with to put you in awe just went down the crapper. Their intelligent brains have just put you into the “Forbidden Zone” with a large portion of the rest of their brain. There isn’t much hope for this type and there is no wiggle room wide enough in their minds to make a complete U-turn. They have a mental picture of what the world is in their heads and all the normal media propaganda already laid out like road maps in their mind and the map never changes. The roads were already built and those are the only roads they’re taking.
I could go into many classes of people who are simply clueless about what is going on in the world today nor know true history. You could get a million small pictures of what most people are thinking, but the truth is a severely high percentage have no clue of the overall big picture, want to know the big picture or even have the courage to know.There is a small percentage of people who will save this world and its going to be because they have the moral fortitude, courage  and passion to be the opposition to the people who are hell-bent on destroying it..The ones that move the flock are on the outside, if they’re not going towards the shepherd or the truth for any reason whatsoever you have to make your own way.
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