At the Movies


When that banner was strewn across your TV sets all over America you failed to see the humor. You see the mission was indeed accomplished, America has been destroyed. It’s not bad enough that our money system is run by a gene pool of psychopaths who wear suits, but they are the same people who control our media and send your children to wars for whatever reason they want. You are still waiting for Clint Eastwood to come through the saloon doors into your TV rooms with his six guns.  You are waiting for Iron Man or Batman to save the day. You are on the edge of your seats and have no more popcorn, but the truth is the movie is over. Get it yet? It’s the same movie over and over that your ancestors saw, but you didn’t see this movie because you didn’t seek the truth and you didn’t listen. You didn’t want to see the one movie you were supposed to see because you were enticed into fantasy and make-believe by the deceivers. So here you are with a dumb look on your face and pom-pom residue all over your hands. When you exit your theater to the outside world you will get hit hard by the light of truth and you will want to know who did this to your country. It wasn’t Muslims, it wasn’t Catholics or the Nazi’s, it wasn’t Philoe Beddoe, the Joker or Osama, it’s the same people its always been, the same liars, deceivers and money changers its always been. Sorry I ruined the end for you, I know how much you like a good mystery. 

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