The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

This is one of the big movies of 2010 along with that hero Roman Polanski movie “Ghost Writer’. You see Jewish pedophile sodomizing rapists are good in todays media and Nazi’s are still evil Germans who are simply natural born sadistic killers even if they’re living in Scandinavia. You never know where a Nazi will show up.                                    

I am yet to see a movie on the big screen telling the truth about what happened at Katyn. You see America isn’t even interested in true history if it paints Jews in a bad light. We wont be seeing movies debunking all the Jews lies about the Holocaust, instead we will see porn filled horror flicks like “The Unborn” painting Germans and Europeans as sadistic demons even if they are demons of Jewish folklore such as the dybbuk. You see its their beliefs that count not the majority or Christians belief (the religion of the country that welcomed them in). Europeans can’t do movies depicting Jewish ritual murder or usury that has destroyed every country it was practiced in by Jews (over 100 of them). We will always hear the word usurer, but never who the usurer is except for behind closed doors where truth can be told.

Germans can’t do a movie on the complete monopolization of Germany’s banks by the Jews (as is being done in America right now), but Jews are free to call Germans evil Nazi torturer’s and you don’t seem to see the bias in this. This is simply proof that most people go to the movies for truth. The big screen is their God and anyone who goes against their God are conspiracy theorists. The big screen has worked so well its been installed in most of the churches throughout the land where you can be further lied to and told Jews are Gods favorite little sheep. You see the screen says that Jews are Gods chosen, but that book called the Bible says nothing of the sort. If you tell people that Jews run Hollywood and the media it doesn’t phase them that Fagin or Shylock could be controlling what little info they do receive.
Jews are instinctive subverters, if they are complaining about something they are getting ready to do it to you and make it look like you are as bad as them for complaining. When you don’t protect your rights, your history, your families, your lives and your culture it will cease to exist. You were sent out among wolves and the best method of their attack is to have you hate each other and take your mind off the predators. As you may have noticed they can’t get enough of the Wolf Man movies.  
I thought the first Wolf Man movie was enough for one lifetime.

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