I was a Teenage Lemming

When I was a teenager I used to watch a show called Creature Features on that Jew Talmudvision when I was allowed to watch TV (actually never) or when my parents were asleep. It was somewhat like Night Gallery more on the Sci Fi side with monsters, aliens and creepy people etc and sometimes it was difficult to find out who the monster or alien was being deliberately put in place to endure the mystery of who it was going to be. I knew from the beginning of the show that there was definitely a creepy villain involved somewhere by the end of the 2 hour episode or movie I would definitely know.

If I was allowed to stay over a friend’s house there was free will to watch that Jew TV and experienced what friends of mine felt while watching the movie. Watching the Science

John Hagee is on next

John Hagee is on next

Fiction on the TV and experiencing the Sci Fi watching my friends watch under complete control of that Jew TV became even more surreal than the movie itself. I had always watched these shows as total entertainment and never as truth whatsoever. Of course my friends didn’t believe it either, but they let the drug take them over willingly. This could never happen in real life because these lemmings would pick it up in a heartbeat. This obviously isn’t the case.

Today we have a government controlled by aliens right in our faces, we have Frankenstein monsters all over our news media, Dracula is teaching our kids what they call True History and so on down the line. My old friends still do not see a thing.

Folks we have monsters in our country(s), real live monsters who suck your blood dry with their race mixing, they are ghouls who deal in children’s body parts, they pervert your minds in their media like a Star Trek phenomenon, they create war that makes Godzilla look minute in comparison in destruction, they are turning us into them and them into us

Can you lemmings figure this one out?

Can you lemmings figure this one out?

and our people are mesmerized still waiting for the villain at the end of todays feature.

The movie is going to have to end the way it always does and Sally Wong and Marky Mark Wahlberg aren’t going to stop it. Turning off that jew TV isn’t going to solve it now. You may think I am asking you to do something even though that is not approved by our alien controlled government and shill stooges on the internet, but you are totally mistaken because I am without a doubt asking you to do something because this isn’t a TV show it is live. I don’t believe Texe Marrs on everything and am not indicating in any way he feels about this the way I do, but I do believe he is correct about living with monsters today who are much more cunning than any of the other beasts of the field. This I did not learn in the Jew movies.

Here is a real Creature Features today and I dont mean the person in this video who is no longer there I mean the Jew bastards bringing these drugs in without a doubt to destroy. The Jews and their minions only need to give them one bite on the neck and they are monsters themselves.

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An Innocent Man

The Stormfront gang claims Edgar is guilty. For the last week they have been showing their support for Donald Trump and today, the day after the recording below they have changed their tune. How can people be such hypocrites? Either these folks are dumb as a box of rocks or the are working for the Jews. To say Edgar was guilty is the only way not to have any discussion on it you see? Like 9/11 in the jew controlled media today if you say Jews did it you have to end all discussion on it forever. To say Zimmerman is white like David Duke did for over a month and never even mention that Zimmerman is a common Jewish name (or look at his face to see if he is even a white man) is the exact reason why it took David Duke 10 years to say Jews Zio’s did 9/11. They have to tell some truth to be followed, but they always tell the truth after an attempted lie. Listen:

There is a forum called Godlike Productions run by a Jew and every time I post on it I am banned for 3 or 4 months or if my ip address has been changed I can post again. Stormfront bans people in the exact same manner and never lets you back. The question is if people are banned just for posting Jewish News items posted on Jewish sites how do we know these sites arent 100% jew controlled? They can post threads and delete and add to whatever they want (would Jews ever do a thing like that?). They (Stormfronters) claim they are trying to stop “violence” and these are the people who contemplated attacking a Caribbean Island (pssst and pulled a knife on Martin Luther Kings brothers assassin- a mouthful). If someone says certain Jews need to be hanged for treason, someone could say you are calling for violence against Jews, but treason doesnt exist on Stormfront so what does exist on Stormfront? It is a farce! None of them are Christians, none of them are Americans obviously, so who are they?

If we cant call for someone to be hanged for treason we might as well just bend over into a fetal position folks. I call for the hanging for every treasonous Jew and non Jew in America right now. You can kiss my arse Stormfront.

The thread about Edgar Steele on Stormfront is dominated by “trojancowboy” (aint that a quaint name, of course he means Trojan not trojan) and it appears this cowboy is hell bent on Edgar being guilty. April Gaede is another “throw Edgar under the bus” supporter. Check out April’s past:

She was a supporter of ehhhh David Lane and “The Order” (nope no  Jew op violence there folks). Stormfront is a Jew front truckload of Jew hypocrisy.

I was kicked off Stormfront because I had an ongoing debate with “Yankee Jim” about Hal Turner lying about being a US Marine and Yankee Jim defended Hal Turner over this truth when he knew it was a lie…………in fact Don Schwartz Black kicked me off of Stormfront for putting this info into the forefront. I am still here telling the truth, Donnie Schwartz Black is still here lying out his arse and Yankee Jim, the trusted Stormfront star killed his Hispanic (Mestizo) wife and hanged himself, Hal Turner went to jail and exposed as an informer. Folks Stormfront is a Jew cacophony of cointel Jewish slime. Where else would the Jews be? The Frank Collins’s of the world flock to sites like Stormfront and then they throw people off they know are real because they are actually trying to get people to DO SOMETHING, something that is justified and honorable. There is nothing honorable about Stormfront, they arent even Christians. Why would an Evolutionist even care about white people? If evolution is changing people into white people then eventually everyone will be white and if evolution is turning everyone into Blacks we are against nature itself.

I dont believe that nonsense folks!

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Demon Seed

Filmmaker Takes Orthodox Masturbation Into His Own Hands

How does a Haredi father educate his young son about masturbation?

This difficult question forms the basis of Israeli filmmaker Ori Gruder’s extraordinary documentary, “Sacred Sperm.” The film, made with the support of the Israeli television station HOT-Channel 8, is aimed at a secular audience. It has received numerous screenings at film festivals in the United States and Europe, and has also been shown on television in Sweden and Russia. According to the film’s distributor, Menemsha Films, “Sacred Sperm” is due to be released in American movie theaters later this summer, though no opening date has been set.

As a member of an ultra-Orthodox community, where subjects of a sexual nature are not spoken about openly, Gruder — who grew up as a secular Jew but became religious 14 years ago — discovered the considerable challenges that ultra-Orthodoxy poses to adolescent boys and men concerning masturbation. Religious Jewish law forbids spilling seeds for any purpose other than marital sex. Gruder was born in Israel in 1970. Although most of his films have been documentaries, in 2010 he made his first feature film, “Hamesima X,” a kabbalistic thriller.

Gruder became Haredi at the age of 30, after Scala Studios, an Israeli production company, had sent him to make a documentary in Uman, Ukraine, a well-known pilgrimage site for Hasidim visiting the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. But after a year of religious study, his rabbi understood that he needed to make films. “Not working in the film industry was not good for my soul,” Gruder explained. He was granted a religious dispensation on the understanding that he seek rabbinical permission before making a film. His later work deals with subjects connected to Judaism and faith, made for a secular audience.

In ”Sacred Seed,” Gruder admits to committing acts of penance to make amends “for that which I wasted” during his “wild” years. Atonement and purification took the form of giving money to charity, fasting and immersing in a mikveh full of ice cubes. He still takes an annual trip to Mount Hermon, where he rolls naked in the snow.

But it was not until he had to teach his son about abstaining from masturbation — known as “guarding the covenant” in Jewish law — that he decided to make a film investigating the subject.

“Sacred Sperm” is about Gruder’s personal exploration and quest for answers, and it offers a rare glimpse into how ultra-Orthodox society deals with the issue of masturbation. Gruder rarely appears in the frame; instead the camera follows him as he speaks with friends and rabbis.

Gruder, who was in London in June for his film’s screening during SERET — the London Israeli Film and Television Festival, is a striking yet willowy, almost ethereal figure. His long, gray-and-white, wizardly beard appears to be an extension and expression of his creative and easy-going nature.

The father of six says that ”Sacred Sperm” has opened up the subject within the Haredi community, and that rabbis were waiting for the right time to start talking about it. “For them it’s good that I was the one who took it on,” he said. He says he is particularly delighted that it has also broken down barriers between ultra-Orthodox and secular Jews. “Sacred Sperm” provides “a look into a keyhole that needs to be opened more.”

Significantly, the film shows Gruder seeking permission from his rabbi to make the documentary; the rabbi requests that Gruder do it “modestly.” Gruder’s wife reveals her reticence; she was afraid it would disturb their lives and those of their children. And it did raise a bit of concern, he says, but it was minimal. Rumors were rife that the film showed nudity, and as a result Gruder received anxious calls from rabbis both within and outside his community.

Gruder’s interviewees speak with surprising candor, encouraged by his thoughtful, probing questions. One of his friends, Yisrael Aharon Itzkovitz, who was born into the Vizhnitz Hasidic sect, explains that from an early age, Hasidic boys are taught not to touch their sexual organs. “If as a young Jew, you learn not to look at improper things, you don’t do improper things,” he says.

Itzkovitz shows Gruder a long, wide undergarment worn by Haredi men and boys underneath their black pants. The baggy, loose shape is specifically designed to guard against arousal as well as to allow them to urinate without touching themselves.

However, preventing what is natural is difficult, especially for adolescent boys. The Gemara, Itzkovitz says, advises one to dig his fingernails into the ground or to stand on tiptoes. Deep breathing, jumping and fast walking can also help. Gruder acknowledges that it can be difficult for a nonreligious person to understand this daily struggle; he says that the rabbis also appreciate that it is not easy. “It seems like it’s against nature. I’m agreeing with that, but God wants us to know what we are doing, to conquer our body. A brave man is one who conquers his passion,” he said.

A secular clinical psychologist who sees members of the London Haredi community in her practice, and who requested that her name be withheld for this article, agrees about the challenges. Rabbis and counselors recognize the difficulties for young men and boys, she said. But it is important to understand that “the Haredi attitude is that everything they do is for a higher purpose. The ultimate goal for a parent is to deliver their son to their chuppah [wedding canopy] in a state of holy purity — spiritually, mentally and physically.”

At the beginning of “Sacred Sperm,” Gruder admits to confusion about this complicated issue. Did making the film resolve matters for him?

“I’m still confused,” he says. “I don’t have all the answers yet. I have to use faith. And that’s what I told my child.”

Anne Joseph is a London-based freelance journalist.

~These are the creatures who control porn throughout the world. These are the creatures who traffic Russian women to find a place for their seed. As long as they dont “marry” these women it is ok except in biblical days “marriage” didnt exist. If these Jews are claiming to be the people of the book why the hell dont they just remain separate and leave the world alone in peace? Because they are the opposite of what they say and their seed is not holy it is demonic.
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Gone Baby Gone The Departed

We get paid big money to do the Jews work and if you dont like it, you dont get no movies.

We get paid big money to do the Jews work and if you dont like it, you dont get no movies.

The Departed

This filthy movie is being played over and over again about the so called Irish Mob in Boston where the Irish are selling secrets to the Chinese, dealing drugs and murdering whoever gets in their way. It’s about corrupt Irish cops, deadbeat Irish Dads who can’t please their own women, lesbian sex and just about every vile Jewish trait there is planted on the Irish people and not a single person saw it as an insult. You see the Irish, like the Italians like to see their own people portrayed as Jews on that TV or movie screen or one would speak out, that is if they had any free speech. Jews own a few sold out traitors and simply parade them in front of us for as long as we live because we do nothing to stop it. We love movies because we learn stuff we wouldn’t normally learn in real life, only it isn’t real.

What can you expect from the scumbag Scorsese who claims he once contemplated being a

Never met a Jew I didnt kiss arse Scorsese

Never met a Jew I didnt kiss arse Scorsese

Catholic priest and woke up to Jews, he became a Jew instead. He brought all his scum Hollywood actors in to portray the Irish as turncoats, rats, spies (exactly who the actors actually are in real life and everything but Irish). Leonardo DiCaprio who walks like he has a roll of quarters up his arse was the star along with Mat Demon (Diamond) and the Jew Marky Mark Wahlberg who survives in the end just like the little Jew did in The Perfect Storm. The Jews always win in the end in the movies (even if they are 4 feet tall).

I could go on and on about this movie, but the bottom line is it was just a Jew attack on the Irish. Jews are allowed to do their little movies about all of us and we can’t even call a Jew a God damned Jew. Folks it’s pathetic, we need to take these people out for the same reasons they have been taking us out.

Check out the latest Liam Neeson movies, he is either chasing Arabs or he is depicted as an ex Irish mobster who was also a deadbeat Dad and killed lots o’ folks that his conscience never overcomes (guilt however we know is definitely not a Jewish trait) and of course he becomes a drunk. The

From Rob Roy to Oy Vey!

From Rob Roy to Oy Vey!

movie “Taken” and “Taken 2” might as well have been called “Munich 2 and 3”.

Everyone’s darling Remington Steele’s, Pierce Brosnan in his latest movie is an assassin, a bomber of anyone that gets in the way in “Survivor”. This movie was not actually a movie it was Jewish degradation of Irish people- period. Jews can make the Irish into bombers of innocent people, mad evil Scientist type Nazi’s and we can’t even talk about Jews actually doing 9/11 when they did. It is as if Jews are changing us into them right on your TV screen. You of course are the slave masters, the bombers, the drug runners, the spies who betray their own country(s), the sexual predators, the child molesting clergy, the manipulators of government, corrupters of investigative agencies and the Jews are war heroes, patriots, honorable Judges, the misunderstood people, the victims, etc. Folks we are going to have to stop this nonsense and start calling it what it is and start by calling these actors, media people and politicians the traitors they are.

Jews want everything they are to become you and everything we are to become them and

Two terrorists groups and one innocent group of bystanders.

Two terrorists groups and one innocent group of bystanders.

they know how to do it because they have been doing it for thousands of years. Most of you know everything about the so called history of the Jews and know nothing about your own people. The Stormfronters love to say that most people know how many Jews supposedly died in WWII and have no clue how many Americans or even whites died. In every investigation, and let me tell you that you are the investigators now not our investigative agencies, you have to study patterns to know what the criminals next move is going to be and why. If you don’t know that pattern by now they already have you whipped, you have been erased, you’re gone! Enjoy your movies.

It's ehhh your island!

It’s ehhh your island!

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My Big Fat Jewish Greek Divorce

We Play Greeks on the Jew Tube

We Play Greeks on the Jew Tube

Well I guess there is no better place to start this thread than with the comments of David Duke. David, who doesn’t like to be called “Dave” thinks the Old Testament was Jewish and David is named after that Jewish King of the Old Testament and wants to be called David just like King David, go figure. He is a fan of Davey Crockett, but doesn’t want to be called Davey, no David will do. Folks this is a simple example of the schizophrenia of our SPLC put in place leaders. Yes they were put in place a long long time ago, but as anyone can see these pathetic leaders are still far behind the 8 ball on every issue. They don’t know the Bible from babel from a hole in a bagel.

Duke admits that the word “Europe” comes from the Phoenicians otherwise he would have to make up his own story for the word and he just isn’t original enough. So when Duke says “European People” he is talking about people of Europe, but believes Phoenicians were Arabs like the modern day Syrians that named Europe and we had no say in it as white people (the root of the word Phoenician is the same as fiona, bianca, Gwynn, Viena, Venetia which means “fair”, “white”, “blonde” or “holy”). “Holy” is also where the German word “heil” as in “Heil Hitler” comes from (and where we get the word “health”). You see the

Sorry folks but this guy is as white as they come and id fight along side him right now.

The other Hannibal Sorry folks but this guy is as white as they come and id fight along side him right now.

great white leader (a title the Jewish media helped make) doesn’t know the difference between geography and biology or the words he uses and thinks words aren’t important, just DNA BS he has zero proof of. He gives the white Nazis credit for walking on the moon, but he has zero proof of that either except what the Jewish controlled media says. Maybe he will call white people “moonies” next. Only a Jew could egg you on like that.

The truth is geography is not a people. Just think about it, if you took a Siamese cat and brought it to America from say an island in Tahiti ( or Katmandu) to America, how long would it become an American cat? Never because it is just a name for a specific breed of cat, there is no specific breed of white people, they all come from white people from the start and why they are called “the ethnos”. The ethnos is the ethnicity and mixed peoples are not the ethnicity- period. If you are mixed you are not white or the ethnos, “I’m so sorry”.

Recently I tried to find an apartment for not too much money and went to a really nice apartment complex thinking they advertised for my range and a short Mexican girl came

This is Bill OReillys Greek gal who thinks she is white, dates a Janes Addiction Satanist.

This is Bill OReillys Greek gal who thinks she is white, dates a Janes Addiction Satanist. Andrea Tantaros…….George Soros isnt a Jew either.

out to talk to me (a Mestizo who may have been from Kookaracha for all I know) knew that I had gotten the wrong address and had to break the news to me that these apartments were much much higher than whatever someone posted on Craigslist and she said ” Boo hoo hoo I am sooo sorry“, but these apartments are many more pesos than what you were told. Nothing like a young Mestizo crying because “gringo cannot afford a stinking apartment here  in his own country ha ha ha ha!”. Geography and biology in your face.

Greece is a very good example of this today and even the movie itself, it is chock full of Jews because Jews want you to think Greeks look like Jews, therefore Jews can be Greeks

Im from Louisiana

Im from Louisiana

and you wont know the difference between a Greek (white person) or a Jew (a mixed mongrel from only God knows where and nothing to do with geography). I have studied Duke and MacDonald for many years and know for a fact they keep you lost between these idiotic idioms involving geography and biology and you need to know the difference right down to your little toes.

A Black is somehow always an African, but there is no doubt that white people lived in Africa for thousands of years (and named the place) but are never called African, why? Why are we being lambasted with the word Europeans? Whites lived in Asia for thousands of years and how the word Caucasian came about, this was also a Phoenician word. Of course we would then have to look into who named the stars and who the greatest navigators of the world were that used these stars for navigation before anyone. David Duke claims these were Arabs and that white people gained their knowledge from the Arabs and gained their biblical knowledge from the Jews. Well if I were Duke I would be pretty scared to enter a true debate on biology and geography too believing this nonsense. Lets not put the blame on just Duke here either, this is the entire Stormfront circus including Professor of BS MacDonald who says he is Scottish not Irish and in the Scottish Declaration of Arbroath the Scots claim to be Scythians from guess where folks? They didn’t say they came out of the north then traveled to the Middle East and then traveled back to the North again. “No I am soo sorry”, No I’m afraid that is not what happened nor was it what the Scots claimed happened.

Folks, this was the only way to save the white race back in the day, a Phoenician ship.

Folks, this was the only way to save the white race back in the day, a Phoenician ship.

Does anyone know how people got to Ireland? Did they fly there in Enki helicopters from Sumeria or did they get there on ships? It isn’t difficult to track the history of the Phoenicians, Gauls, Celts or whatever the many names white people took on, they were white and their biology has not changed. Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Scotland, modern day England all had to be reached by sea as America was reached by sea long before the Jew ship from Spain (once Iberia or Eberia) in 1492 the same year Jews were expelled from that geographical location. You see Jews were expelled not Spaniards, Spaniards wanted Jews gone or converted. You see these were David Duke morons even then who thought Jews could even be an ideology too and not just a biology and a geography (they are whatever you allow them to be because they are obviously special people above all others and they will lie your shorts clean off, some don’t like others to see this).

My name could easily be stolen by a Jew, does that make a Jew part of my family? Does it make a Jew even geographically related to me? Does a Greek Jew make a Jew related to Alexander the Great? You would then have to study what the biological make up of a Jew actually is and coincidentally what the word Jew even means and what the word “Greek” means. Do you understand this? I look at the actors in the “Greek Wedding” movie which I never saw and all I see is Jews and maybe a sold out white who thinks he or she is Greek somewhere in there, but the original Greeks were snow white folks and Greece wasnt even the same as it is today. There were no Jew mongrel Greeks back then in fact there were people living in Greece who didn’t call themselves Greek, but they were white (and more groups than one who never referred to themselves as Greek, Phoenicians were one of these). Greek is another word that has been perverted to direct your way of thinking and any moron can see how they have been duped if they only had the teachers to teach them which David Duke can never be.

What I am trying to get through here today is how Jews have used words against you so you are thrown off from the truth. If there was no truth Jews would not need a reason to throw you off and if there were no white people there would be no so called “mixed people” or Arabs, Judeans, Mestizos would never exist. They are called “mixed” because of one reason…there are people who believe they are not mixed and I haven’t heard anyone, not even a doctor or a professor show me that whites are mixed except…………David Duke claiming that modern day people from Spain are white and people of Italy are more expressive because they are a different kind of white. No folks this is BS. Duke actually believes Al Capone was a white man. Folks this is beyond ridiculous, this is cartoon land. You have to understand what is being played on you just like Hollywood that Duke claims he so abhors. Folks, Hollywood isn’t just in California and on that Jew TV and movie screen it is on your radio and internet too.

Greeks were white, the Romans were white, both places were pillaged by non whites led by the Jews and is a huge piece of history you need to know. When someone tells you who they are by a geography, especially one they never lived on just look for the babel. I will

David Duke and the Professor of the white race MacDonald think Capone was a white man. Why folks? What is the reason? Are you trusting people over your own common sense?

David Duke and the Professor of the white race MacDonald think Capone was a white man. Why folks? What is the reason? Are you trusting people over your own common sense?

tell you where the real intelligence comes from in our world today and that is in the ability to seek out hypocrisies and destroy them, seek out common sense issues that have been programmed into us for a dog’s age and challenge them, most of which are very simple and we have given into these hypocrisies because we have trusted others to take us to the truth. How can these people claim to be Christians or people who studied the Bible and have no knowledge of biblical history?

The only truth is your spirit, your big fat non Jewish spirit! That is the only truth there is and the ability to use it to seek out what on this earth is true and what on this earth is a lie. Some will claim everything is just a lie making us all equivalent liars.

Folks that is as they say Greek to me and it is Greek only because nobody is willing to tell you who and or where it (the truth) comes from. It doesnt come from a Jew college professors text book. Always remember Semion Mogilevich has a college degree (and could easily pass as one of todays Greeks)

Militay Ag-glika?

Milatay Ag-glika? I do. How else would I lie to you?

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Yulees Gold

Yulee likes gold

Yulee likes gold

Bare with me here for a bit and just soak in all the hypocrisy for a few moments and read on.


David Levy Yulee (born David Levy; June 12, 1810 – October 10, 1886) was an American politician and attorney of Jewish Moroccan origins from Florida, a territorial delegate to Congress, the first Jewish[5] member of the United States Senate and a member of the Confederate Congress during the American Civil War. He founded the

David Yulee ehh ehhh Levy

David Yulee ehh ehhh Levy

Florida Railroad Company and served as president of several other companies, earning the nickname of “Father of Florida Railroads.”[6] In 2000 he was recognized as that year’s “Great Floridian” by the state.

Levy added Yulee to his name, the name of one of his Moroccan ancestors, soon after his 1846 marriage to the daughter of ex-Governor Charles A. Wickliffe of Kentucky. Though Yulee became Christian and raised his children as Christians, he was subject to antisemitism throughout his career.[citation needed] Yulee supported slavery and secession. He was imprisoned for nine months after the war as a prisoner of state at Fort Pulaski before being pardoned. He then returned to railroad building.[7]


Now I want you to read some letters going back and forth between “The Beast” General Benjamin F Butler and Myer S Isaacs. This is not about anything but Jews and will not go into depth with Butler or Myers and who they were, this is just to show how Jews have weaseled into names, places, identities and basically whatever they can. Understand that these letters may not have ever occurred, but what is true is that Jews claim that it did so the content really is not important except what their definition of what a Jew is.

From- http://www.jewish-history.com/civilwar/general.html

CORRESPONDENCE of General Benjamin F. Butler
with Myer S. Isaacs, editor of The Jewish Messenger

Headquarters 18th Army Corps,
Department of Virginia and North Carolina,
Fortress Monroe, Feb. 4th, 1864

Im an Irish Jew, but Im not one on TV

Im an Irish Jew, but Im not one on TV


Your letter in regard to the report of Gen. Graham’s expedition, in which it was said that five Jews were captured trying to run the blockade, inquiring of me why I have specified the religion of these contraband traders, and commenting upon the act, as if I wished to make invidious religious distinctions, is received.

The manner in which the phrase got itself into the telegraphic reports, was very simple. The report of the return of the expedition was made to me, and as it was made I dictated portions of it to the telegraph, using the words of the report, so that it was, in fact, done without thought on my part, and only in the course of business, as I should have mentioned any other fact, reported to me by my subordinate, when reporting to my superior.

But since my attention has been drawn to it by your comments, and others of the press, I really do not see any reason for changing the phrase.

It was meant, when used, to designate nationality, and not religion, as one would say, five Irishmen, five Germans, or five Italians. I have always considered the Jews a nationality, although possessing no country. The closeness with which they cling together, the aid which they afford each other, on all proper, and sometimes improper occasions, the fact that nearly all of them pursue substantially the same employment, so far as I have known them—that of traders, merchants, and bankers—the very general obedience to the prohibition against marriage with Gentiles, their faith, which looks forward to the time when they are to be gathered together in the former land of their nation,—all serve to show a closer tie of kindred and nation among the Hebrews, and a greater homogeneity than belongs to any other nation, although its people live in closer proximity. So that while I disclaim all intention of any reflection upon their national religion, which was the foundation and typical of that of the

we're jews too, ask us how.

we’re jews too, ask us how.

Christian world, and, holding to the doctrines of Christianity with reverence for the Saviour, no one can stigmatize all Jews, yet one may be reasonably permitted in speaking of that nation, to suppose there may be in all the Jews of the South, two of whom certainly are in the Confederate Cabinet, at least five who might attempt to carry on a contraband trade. Because, it may be reverently remembered that when the Saviour, aided by Omniscience, undertook to choose twelve confidential friends from among that nation, he got one that “was a thief and had a devil.”

I have the honor to be,
Very respectfully yours,
Maj. Gen. U.S.V.

Jews obviously added that last line in or Butler had absolutely zero clue what a Jew or a Hebrew is or was. He bases what a Jew is on the Bible, although he never read the Bible deeply enough to determine the difference between Hebrews and Jews and the next letter proves that the Jew doesn’t know the difference between Jews, Hebrews and Israelites, they all seem to be joined into one happy unmixed family (when Jews claim they too are unmixed racially)..  MG

And now the Jew response. This is historical to Jews so this is important.

To M. S. Isaacs.

150 Nassau Street
New York, Feb. 9, 1864.

Maj. Gen. Butler, U.S.V.:


Your letter dated the 4th inst., reached me today. I am obliged to you for the full and frank exposition of your views. Would you object to the publication of your letter?

I regret to find so grievous a misconception or rather conflict of ideas, as to the meaning of the term “Jew.” I do not propose trespassing upon your patience by argument or illustration, farther than this: I am a native American and proud of it—I attend Synagogue and believe in the principles of Judaism, and am therefore a Jew in the sense that you are a Christian; yet I am an American, in nationality.

I regret, further, that your experience of professors of our faith has been so unfavorable that you believe “that nearly all of them pursue substantially the same employment—that of traders, merchants and bankers.” While these diverse occupations are perfectly honorable in themselves, and no Jew or other person assumes a badge of disgrace per se,

Im Joseph and guess what? Im a Jew too and for all intents and purposes the Pharaoh is too.

Im Joseph and guess what? Im a Jew too and for all intents and purposes the Pharaoh is too.

by entering upon either department of business, it it nevertheless a serious mistake to charge that the liberal professions are avoided by Israelites.

Not to weary you by a lengthy statement, I would simply mention a few facts that have come under my observation in this little city. At the University, Columbia College and the Free Academy there are Professors who are Hebrews in faith—at the latter institution, there are two instructors and nearly eighty Jewish students. In the legal profession, there are a large number of our creed; one of them now occupies the honorable position of Judge of the Common Pleas, this gentleman being a native of New York and an earnest American. In medicine, there are many eminent practitioners, some of the highest recognized skill and distinction. Among the clergy, Jewish divines are, of course, adequately represented—all ministers draw their inspiration from the Scriptures, the accepted basis of Judaism and, as you say, the “foundation” of Christianity. As to the press, there are two Jewish weeklies; and upon the editorial staffs of the Commercial, Express, Times and other journals, there are able gentlemen of the Jewish faith, of whom there is a large representation in the reportorial corps. In literary and scientific circles, you find the Israelite as well as the Christian. The army, navy, and marine corps have a fair representation of Israelites, some of them distinguished, all earnest and patriotic. One of our regiments which served first as militia, then as a three years’ regiment, and is now home on furlough, to return to the field a veteran organization, is composed mainly of Israelites.* If, at any time, you should desire to be informed of the extent of your error with regard to the occupations of the Jews, I should be most happy to furnish you with details.

You will not forget, when reminding me that there are two Jews in the rebel cabinet (who is the other, besides Mr. Benjamin?) that a pattern of distinction in the church militant is a Maj. General in Davis’ army, and that Davis himself professes to be a devout member of the church. There are traitors among professors of Judaism, unfortunately, as well as among Christians. A good Jew can no more be a traitor to our flag,

yes, a good Jew

yes, a good Jew

than an earnest believer in Christianity can be enumerated among “those who speculate on the miseries of their country.” Mr. Benjamin does not adhere to Judaism—he married a Christian.

Assured that you will pardon the liberty of this renewed trespass upon your patience, I have the honor to be,

Most respectfully yours,
Myer S. Isaacs

General B.F. Butler

Headquarters 13th Army Corps,
Department of Virginia and North Carolina,
Fortress Monroe, Feb. 13th, 1864.


I am in receipt of your note of February 9th, and am very glad to have my opinions corrected by one who apparently understands so well the condition of the Hebrews as a

Im an Italian American Jew, so how do I do this again?

Im an Italian American Jew, so how do I do this again?

nation, and of their faith as a religion.

I admit that my experience with men of the Jewish faith or nation has been an unfortunate one.

Living in an inland town in Massachusetts prior to the war, I had met but few, and since the war, those whom I have seen, have been principally engaged in the occupations which caused the capture which has occasioned this correspondence, and you yourself will admit that that mode of making their acquaintance has not been a favorable one.

I refer to Mr. Memminger as the other member of the Confederate Cabinet. I have been informed that Mr. Mallory is also of the Jewish faith or nationality.**

I acknowledge the fairness of the hit in regard to Maj. Gen. Polk and Davis. There are both members of the Christian church upon whose services I attend.

I should be much obliged to you for the detail of facts which you have offered to furnish, for, finding my impressions incorrect upon any subject, I always desire to be enlightened.

Although the letter to you was not written for publication, yet I have no objection to its being published.

I have the honor to be,
Your obedient servant,
Maj. Gen. Com.



To M. S. Isaacs, Esq., New York.

*Myer Isaacs is referring to the 66th New York Infantry, mentioned in an article in the Feb. 5, 1864 issue of The Jewish Messenger. [L.M.B.]

**General Butler is in error. Neither Memminger nor Mallory are of the Jewish faith. The latter is probably confounded with ex-Senator Yulee, who is now engaged in restoring Florida to the Union. [Editor, Jewish Messenger]


Mr Yulee at the top of the page is a Jew, although he is a Christian, better yet he is a Hebrew Israelite Jewish Christian and an American (and Floridian), but Myer above says you can’t be Jewish or a Jew if you married a Christian, my question is “Can you still be a Hebrew and an Israelite and be a Christian? Then we are talking about a different race of Hebrews?  Hebrews and Israelites never practiced the Jewish faith at all.

Jews even back then were victims of antisemitism even though they weren’t Jews (take a walk and think that one over- then jump in the shower).

yes more Jews

yes more Jews

In those days, at least that day Jews claimed to be a “creed” and even a “religion”. Their religion is not even based on the Old Testament, but of the Talmud which is also conveniently not mentioned here. I could go on and on and on with this, but any way you read it, front to back, right to left it comes up a turd. It is babel in its purest form and the lemmings just cant figure it out. David Duke says Jews are a race of people just as if we put a Grey wolf in a cage with a Doberman, eventually being together for 2 or 3 thousand years that would be known as a breed of dog (Duke calls this a race). The Grey Wolf is what God created not the Doberman. If a Jewish man like Yulee above or Judah Benjamin married a white woman does anyone think they would produce a white child? If the mother was Jewish and the father was white would it be white? What would it be? A Christian isn’t necessarily a white in today’s world and a Jew is not necessarily even a believer in God or G_d. What we have is our own language being decimated by Jews and we wont defend our own language. You are a Jew by religion or you are a Jew by race and your religion claims you are a Jew by race through Hebrews and Israelites, but you have tossed them out of your book and made them all into Jews and we arent supposed to notice or we are antisemites.

Folks all we need is someone with a pair to straighten this Jewish nonsense up and send these Jews back to the giudecca’s, camps and pales, they are all bad news and contrary to truth and anyone that thinks good can come from these people are masochistic..

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Analyze This


Jews are sooo funny!

The media and America are getting ready for another total fiasco election and America plays along like good little campers. You see America has had its gonads cut off by the Jews without firing a shot and they did this with their control of the media and this will continue to grow until America is too riddled with Jew cancer that whatever life is in it will have to slither out and find a new shell like a conch or a snail. Everyone asks why the country/world is a cesspool today including the media who allowed it all to happen.

At least 20 years ago I was saying Jews were America’s problem. I have been thrown off radio shows, thrown off forums, been told I am a Nazi, a clown, one of David Dukes followers, by Jews mostly. I’ve been close to physical fights with other whites that would normally never dare or think about attacking me, I have been on the wrong end of every debate there is in this world today because the Jew subject is always taboo. Someone is going to have to start talking and be heard and anyone not allowing it to take place should be our enemy.

Lets looks at some of those debates taking place today.

Donald Trump ( a jew in my book) is Americas sweetheart today because he called the Mexicans rapists. Jews of course, the ones who want open borders are not to be discussed. America doesn’t want to talk about Jews so they will go along with any diversion and the red-haired demon Trump knows it.

RBN radio hates my guts because they don’t want me to see their hypocrisy of having so called anti Jew shows while having Jews like Michael Herzog selling gold during the commercials or Dr Dickstein  claiming they can cure your kids for actingk out in school etc. They don’t see any hypocrisy because of course they are good Jews, trust them (they never saw Jud Sub).  Any so called anti Jew show they have they have 10 shows that never mention the Jews to make you think this Jew stuff will NEVER catch on.

Rense radio- I call them Jews and Rense says I must call them Zionists because Juif is a Jew (click). Jews can say Germans killed 6 million Jews which we all know is BS and we can’t say Jews are lying sacks of puss. Makes no sense folks, we will never get anywhere with this crap.

The Stormfront crew, well they don’t advocate any offensive aggression whatsoever even if Jews have taken over our media and money supply and now allowed our country to be degraded into a homo marriage cesspool (to mention a few of hundreds of other issues)…nope folks wait for the whites of their eyes when we have nobody left there to pull the trigger. Even though these folks were going to attack an island in the Caribbean they are claiming to be our advisers. Folks they are not our advisers. Turn that crap off.

These shows and networks are nothing but brainwashing forums to make you do nothing. To think only 50 years ago or so when someone cheated at cards they were shot dead. Today they can cheat you at cards, take your money, your country and send you to war and you don’t do a thing. Folks that is abnormal. When your enemy controls your media you have to take it back however possible. In Mel Gibsons lunatic movie “We Were Soldiers” they sacrificed hundreds of men for a stupid hill. Why aren’t we sacrificing for the return of our media and mode of truth? Isnt that a noble cause? You have to be on drugs or under a spell to think it isn’t.

Another KKK Klown

Another KKK Klown

There are some things that are honorable to fight for and if these things aren’t I don’t know what is. This is an attack on you and your family and we aren’t the Jetsons and or the Cleaver family on TV this is real. The Stormfronters are telling us not to do anything except write your jew controlled Congress slave as if that is going to do anything. Give them (David Duke) money so they can blow more smoke up your arse and run for Congress. You have to be a moron to go for that shpiel.

The truth is it is time to take our country back and get Jews the hell out just like our leaders did throughout history. That is the answer and that will always be the answer right now, yesterday and any time in the near or distant future. That is the answer to all debates whether you have a long story to add to it or not. Whether you like Gilad Atzmon or the Jewish Holocaust victim who gave you soup it does not change history. If you like them go with them. If you want to protect them and not me then you are as brainwashed as mainstream media. Jews have to go if you are a doctor, Jews have to go if you are a professor (or think you are), Jews have to go if you are a radio host, a sold out General on Fox News, a priest, a televangelist, a mamzer website owner, whatever the case may be, Jews have to go.

You want the answer to every debate there is? You got it. You want your country, your people, your history destroyed? You can have that too, but if we want it we better bypass these Jew controlled leaders and start speaking out on our own in a very very succinct way and get through to take back control. Like the movie that is coming soon to a theater near you so also is Jew history.

Crying aint gonna do a damned thing!

Crying aint gonna do a damned thing!

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