Here is the President of the United States claiming this is a special time of year for “Jewish” people across our country (I’m glad he didn’t say “nation”, the word often used in place of the Hebrew “goyim”) and around the world (not the real world the Jew world) celebrate “Passover” and retell the story of G-d’s deliverance.


The story of Exodus (story is in bold) is the story of freedom (If we had this so called freedom we would be able to ask Drumpfelstein where it says Jews were in Egypt, but they arent there to listen to you they are there to lead you straight to hell). You see we have Jew stories of freedom AND Jew stories of bondage, Jew stories of victory and Jew stories of utter catastrophe, Jew villains and Jews who expose them, Jew kosher food and second rate goyim food, everything is god damned Jewish folks and white people are just alongk for the ride!

“Jews raised up the faith of human kind” with their Jew story in Egypt that is, where it says Israelites not Jews (our President doesn’t know this). Since then Jews have lived through one persecution to another, “oy vey”, “oy vey”! Can anyone say “Trump is owned” or is Donnie Darko Drumpfelstein a Jew too? This is a guy who uses our Bible to defend Jews, therefore a blasphemist and white America has no clue, not even the Stormfront pseudo white groups know it. Goodbye clowns!

The Jews persevered and ehhhh thrived and another ting, they uplifted the world beyond measure ehhh and now “the state of Israel” stands as a monument to their faith and endurance. Have you ever heard such BS in your life? This was America’s choice, not that they had one, but they were snookered into one as usual! This is equivalent to Herman Rosenblat and the Holocaust apple story.

And now Trump will make sure Christians know that they celebrate a “Jewish holy day” and that they owe everything to the Jews like our media, our monetary system, our malls, our food, our movies, our school books and even the blasphemy they teach of our own Bible.

Good men (white men) do nothing and the people you think are good men can’t even come out and have a debate with the people they claim to be leading (take your pick). Folks we need leaders who will tell the truth and the whole truth and stand up for it, but we can see Jews control our leadership too.  In this way they keep the true leaders from coming out!

But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.

And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

10 Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.

11 But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.

12 And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

If your leader does not humble himself to brethren who oppose him then he is not a brother and he is certainly not a master. Time to get away from them. The liars are at all levels and if you are depending on someone else to be your master you will fail. How can you ever follow someone who thinks Jesus was a Jew or someone who calls Israelites Jews? Prove what you say!

David Duke, Don Black, Frank Colin, Howard Stern bye bye!!!

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Hannibal – The Fair


I am as white as you will ever be! Look at him, this is a leader. Not David the woos Duke!

This will be an ongoing thread and this will be a thread like no other. The Irish think they come from Leprachauns and that needs to change. Hannibal is not a definite proof that this name was a Canaanite any more than the name Annabelle is. The truth is we have to look and we have to look for proof regardless of what the Jews and obvious Jew  controlled intellects preach. We have to always take into account that vowels were at one time not universal as they are today and when they did become universal we have to take into account that some vowels were not as easily placed as others. Let me give you a few examples…

I have often used the icon “Theotokos Iverskaya” (Russian icon) which means “Mother of the Saviour of the Hebrews”. Now where do all these words fit in? I have been studying Russian lately and “skaya” or often “kaya” or “kya” is feminine like Jesse and Jessica (Jessicya). When a Russian says “American” for a female it is “Americanka” differentiating it from the male “Americanyetz”, Russian male is “Roos” and female is “Russkya”. A female named Irishka is not an “ish” (man) but a woman of Ire or similar to Iverskaya ( Iber or Eber).  Iverskaya or Ivernia was the word for “Iberia” (the Eastern Iberia).


Pay no attention to all of this, but Iberia was in the modern area of Armenia today. Understand that Jews mix in different times of history you have to decipher it all knowing there is a “LIAR”. Iberians of the West were the same Iberians of the East, the Jews got in and simply brainwashed the same lemmings we have today from the East and the West. Without free speech you will never know and the networks you believe have free speech…..they dont have it. Trust me!

The names just go on and on and on, but who is searching folks? Didoya is now said to be an Arabic name, but we can see this what not Arab in these days. Didoya is more than likely from Dido the Phoenician woman (Didoka) near the original Albania (White land).

The name Bruce. Where did it come from? Did it come from some Ashkenazi who murdered 20, 30 , 50 Muslims in prayer in the Jew state (Baruch Goldstein)? How was


I am going to tell you something that is going to be a shock to some, but to others like a lobotomy. Jews will use names, locations, events, whatever to make you believe they are connected to the Bible or biblical names, events etc. You have to ask why do they discredit their own world? They dont folks, they discredit YOURS!

Bruce spelled before the British or Scotts “Scythians” (th is silent) Sakaan’s had vowels? How was Hannibals name spelled? BRC or BRK (what have I been telling you for years now?).


Baruch (Hebrew: בָּרוּךְ, Modern Barukh, Tiberian Bārûḵ; “Blessed”) has been a given name among Jews from Biblical times up to the present, on some occasions also used as surname. It is also found, though more rarely, among Christians—particularly among Protestants who use Old Testament names.

I let you read that without puking first- Folks how is Baruch a “Jew” name? Think about it. How is David a Jew name? Jews will not talk about their own family? I thought Jews were so called “ethnocentric”? It is total garbage!!!

Except for its use as a name, this is also related to berakhah or bracha (Hebrew: ברכה; plural ברכות, berakhot), which is a Jewish blessing. See also: Baraka and Barakah.

It has nothing to do with “JEWISH” folks- DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

The root B-R-K meaning “blessing” is also present in other Semitic languages. The most common Arabic form is the passive form Mubarak, but the form Barack is also used.

Ok Obama too I presume!

Benedictus is a Latin name with similar meaning; cf. Baruch Spinoza or Benedictus de Spinoza. ~ More Jewish BS!

Hannibal’s last name was B-R-K! Think about it! He was called “the fair” which is exactly the same word they used for white wine, blonde, white and holy.  Hannibal or “Hannah” or “Chana” or  whatever root you want to use it was Hebrew and the Phoenicians were the originators of our language, our alpabet and the name of our continent- Europe! Get over it! He was fair because he was a Phoenician and they were all “fair”.


Wake up!

Biblical names and later different spellings of Hebrew names male and female:

Jesse or Yesse (there was no “J”)- Jessica or Yessica (Hebrew Yiskah)

Eric- Erica

Dan- Danica

Fian or Fenius- Bianca

Dominic- Dominica

Here’s a good one

Francis- Francesca-English form of the Late Latin name Franciscus which meant “Frenchman”, ultimately from the Germanic tribe of the Franks, who were named for a type of spear that they used. This name was borne by the 13th-century Saint Francis of Assisi, who was originally named Giovanni but was given the nickname Francesco by his father, an admirer of the French.

The spear or knife was “gar” or “gor” or “ger” as in German (sgar as in sicario or sicarii- like Zachary- ultimately Isaac). Not strange that Zachary has NO female variant.

You know it is odd when you google Hebrew female names you get “Jewish” baby names. I mean how stupid are we? You people cant figure this stuff out?

Now back to the word Iverskaya. The Russians have a “y” in their “ca”s sometimes almost without noticing it, but always there. Take “Anushka” for instance, it sounds Russian, but it’s Hebrew (Asenka the same as Annika which means “Grace” or is it really “God’s grace or “Ya’s grace?), Rebecca etc. There is a form of Rebecca in every white country, but not one Esau or Edom, why? Do white people think they are “Jews”? They dont even know Rebecca wasnt even a Jew.

Now we can look at all kinds of Russian names in that same light such as

Sofia or Sofiya, Tat”ya”na, Ul”ya”na, Emilia, Julia, Yana, Anastasya, Valeriya, Victoriya, Darya, Di”ya”na, Claudia or Klavdia, Lidya, Lilya, Lucya, Mariya, Natalya, Olesya, Kseniya, Evgeniya (gene of Ya) this one is important because it is related to Iverskaya, Iberia, ivory, Eber, Ivan as in the Russian last name Ivanova, Evan or Yvonne or Yavon which may very well be the true meaning of Hebrew or Ibri or even Ya-brew or Ye-bri. It is also the root of the name “Ian” or “John”, but of course there was no “J” in Hebrew (it comes from Yachanan (Yahweh is gracious). If you make fun of the name “Yahweh” or you claim you can’t use the word YHWH or Ya it is impossible because it is in a thousand names all over the white world. Here are just a few:

Related Names
VARIANTS: Ian, Jon (English)
DIMINUTIVES: Johnie, Johnnie, Johnny (English)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Deshaun, Deshawn, Keshaun, Keshawn, Rashawn, Rashaun (African American), Gjon (Albanian), Yahya, Yuhanna (Arabic), Hovhannes, Hovik, Hovo, Ohannes (Armenian), Ganix, Ion, Jon (Basque), Ivan, Yan (Belarusian), Ioannes (Biblical Greek), Yehochanan, Yochanan (Biblical Hebrew), Iohannes (Biblical Latin), Yann, Yanick, Yannic, Yannick (Breton), Ioan, Ivan, Yoan, Ivo, Yanko (Bulgarian), Joan, Jan (Catalan), Jowan (Cornish), Ghjuvan (Corsican), Ivan, Ivica, Ivo, Janko, Vanja (Croatian), Ivan, Jan, Honza, Janek (Czech), Jan, Jens, Johan, Johannes, Jon, Hans, Jannick, Jannik (Danish), Jan, Johan, Johannes, Hanke, Hanne, Hannes, Hans, Jo, Joop (Dutch), Johano, Joĉjo (Esperanto), Jaan, Johannes, Juhan (Estonian), Jóannes, Jóhannes, Jón (Faroese), Jani, Janne, Johannes, Joni, Jouni, Juhana, Juhani, Hannes, Hannu, Juha, Juho, Jukka, Jussi (Finnish), Jean, Yann, Jeannot, Yanick, Yannic, Yannick (French), Xoán (Galician), Ioane, Ivane, Vano (Georgian), Jan, Johann, Johannes, Hannes, Hans, Jo (German), Giannis, Ioannis, Yannis, Yiannis, Gianni, Yanni, Yianni (Greek), Keoni (Hawaiian), Yochanan (Hebrew), Iván, János, Jancsi, Jani, Janika (Hungarian), Jóhann, Jóhannes, Jón (Icelandic), Yohanes (Indonesian), Eoin, Sean, Seán, Shane (Irish), Giovanni, Ivan, Ivano, Gian, Gianni, Giannino, Nino, Vanni (Italian), Johannes, Joannes (Late Roman), Jānis (Latvian), Sjang, Sjeng (Limburgish), Jonas (Lithuanian), Ivan, Jovan, Ivo (Macedonian), Ean, Juan (Manx), Hann, Jan, Jon, Hankin, Jackin, Jankin (Medieval English), Jehan (Medieval French), Zuan (Medieval Italian), Jan, Jens, Johan, Johannes, Jon, Hans, Jone (Norwegian), Joan (Occitan), Yahya (Persian), Iwan, Jan, Janusz, Janek (Polish), João, Joãozinho (Portuguese), Ioan, Ion, Iancu, Ionel, Ionuț, Nelu (Romanian), Ioann, Ivan, Vanya (Russian), Juhán (Sami), Eoin, Iain, Ian (Scottish), Ivan, Jovan, Ivica, Ivo, Janko, Vanja (Serbian), Ivan, Ján, Janko (Slovak), Ivan, Jan, Janez, Žan, Anže, Janko (Slovene), Iván, Juan, Xuan, Juanito (Spanish), Jan, Jens, Johan, Johannes, Jon, Hampus, Hannes, Hans, Hasse, Janne (Swedish), Yahya (Turkish), Ivan (Ukrainian), Evan, Iefan, Ieuan, Ifan, Ioan, Iwan, Siôn, Ianto (Welsh)
Now female:
Related Names
MASCULINE FORMS: Evan, Ian, Ivan, John, Jon, Sean, Shane, Shaun, Shawn, Shayne
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Lashawn (African American), Jone (Basque), Joanna (Biblical), Ioanna (Biblical Greek), Iohanna (Biblical Latin), Ioana, Ivana, Yana, Yanka, Yoana (Bulgarian), Joana, Jana (Catalan), Ivana (Croatian), Ivana, Jana, Johana, Janička (Czech), Johanna, Johanne, Jeanette (Danish), Jana, Janna, Johanna, Janine, Janneke, Jantine, Jantje, Jeanette, Jeanine, Jeannette, Jenny (Dutch), Johanna (Estonian), Janina, Johanna, Jenna, Jenni, Jenny (Finnish), Jeanne, Johanne, Janine, Jeanette, Jeanine, Jeannette, Jeannine (French), Xoana (Galician), Jana, Janina, Johanna, Janine, Jenny (German), Gianna, Ioanna, Yanna (Greek), Johanna, Zsanett (Hungarian), Jóhanna, Jóna, Jenný (Icelandic), Chevonne, Shavonne, Shevaun, Shevon, Síne, Siobhán, Sinéad (Irish), Giovanna (Italian), Johanna (Late Roman), Janina (Lithuanian), Ivana, Jovana (Macedonian), Jehanne, Johanne (Medieval French), Johanna, Johanne, Jeanette (Norwegian), Janina, Joanna (Polish), Joana (Portuguese), Ioana (Romanian), Yana, Zhanna, Zhannochka (Russian), Jean, Seona, Seonag, Sheena, Sheona, Shona, Sìne, Jessie, Sìneag, Teasag (Scottish), Ivana, Jovana (Serbian), Ivana, Jana, Janka (Slovak), Ivana, Jana (Slovene), Juana, Jenny (Spanish), Janina, Janna, Johanna, Jannicke, Jannike, Jeanette, Jennie, Jenny (Swedish), Yana (Ukrainian), Shan, Siân, Siwan, Siana, Siani, Sioned (Welsh)
I highlighted Sinead because this name in itself with so many variants of letters throughout time goes into a cacophony of names and words in itself. How did Sinead come from Ya because as I have written before the “S” is sometimes a hard “c” or spelled as “ch”, but actually a Hebrew “Y” that is pronounced with a “k” sounding similar to Chabad and Shabad (sorry I had to use that word but they steal words) Kabad in the bible means “honorable” so we know that could never be meant for the Jews, or Cherubim and Seraphim, etc etc. Sinead oddly enough is related to Kennedy and even Hannity (I know it makes me sick too).


I could go on and on with this, but these names are all related to “ya” just like the prophets names Jeremiya, Obidiya, Zachariya, Isaiya, Hoseya, Zephaniya, etc… Again do we think we are Jews? No Jews think they are us.



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The Waterboy(z)


Now that the dust has settled in Syria after Donnie Drumpfelstein’s missile attack on the Jew state ehhhh I mean Syria, I have a few comments to make to the liars and thieves who shut their phones off to anyone against Trump and the people who pushed Trump like he was the best thing since sliced bread (or matzoh in their cases). Much of this is simply a repeat of what I have already said.

1.Trump’s entire family is married to Jews or engaged to a Jew except lil Baron (such a cute name) and he is only 10 or so. Give him time!
2.Trump has been in bed with Jews his entire life
3.Trump was a casino mogul (a Jew occupation with Carl Icahn like Mel’s Icahn Icon_Productions_1994productions). She has a hooked nose too.
4.Trump has billions of dollars and can’t comb his own hair. I suppose if he cuts his hair we would see his deformed head proving God did not create him in his image (but that’s my opinion). A real ladies man who don’t just love him for his jew cash (more truth).


Let’s make a dveal!

5.Every shill on the internet supported Trump and told everyone we would have Hillary if we didn’t vote for Trump. In other words a revolution is totally out of the question. Who are these people?ppoii
Stormfront, David Duke, Rense network, RBN network, Mike Rivero (who is now calling the Syria bombing US Imperialism), Alex Jones (I had to mention him for the super lemmings that even listened to him 10 years ago, I never did), etc. You should turn every one of these networks and broadcasters OFF and if you don’t you are to blame as well. Send them money and you send them the ability to control the people we are trying to wake up.
6.Trump bombed the one place everyone knows is the next target of the Jews. If that doesn’t make you puke after voting for him I don’t know what to tell you. I didn’t! Oh and I didnt vote for Hillary either, I am on the side of the truth and ready for the revolution to retake our land and culture.


Internet clowns

All of these networks and broadcasters will be back persuading you into the next move whether it be destroying the truth of 9/11 and that JEWS did it with their Rebecca Roth plants (in other words making Jews into the villains and the heroes), making the Jews crimes into our own crimes by omitting facts like Trumps entire family is married to Jews not just Ivanka, 9/11 is no longer important, understanding what a Jew is is unimportant, debating on the Khazar’s is unimportant and means nothing, debating on what these so-called racial leaders even know what race is if they believe Jews are the people of the Bible and whites are straggler’s who bought the lie of the Jews (they don’t know a Jew from a Judean from a Judahite from a Hebrew from a Khazar) and you can’t box them into a corner on their shows because they simply hang up on you like a little 4 year old girl (proving they are not white men). These are not people on our side or on the side of truth, these people are compromised either by money, blackmail or by mind control (Satan control). Do not ever trust them. If you are of the truth you should have nothing to fear.

Seek the truth! Another short segment of words that seem to mean so little, but means a lot does not mean go to college and get a degree in Psychology or Jew History or anything else, it means “Seek the truth” and let nobody control your ability to find it. You are on your own and exactly why these shills and Jews are all over our communications networks trying to steal your mind. Some even sell out for fame, whatever it is they sell out for they sell out the truth. There is never a mea culpa or a plea for forgiveness they just move right on to the next crock of dung Jew propaganda. There are very few who can understand the truth about the Jews without first understanding the truth of the Bible (very few understand Jews are Satan’s kids, but know something is afoot). These networks and broadcasters  I mentioned are the same people who refuse to learn the basics of the Jews taught by our forefathers, that is how much they care about us, they disregard their own fathers. When you disregard your own father, who is your father?

When you mislead the people you are claiming to be leading and don’t take yourself out of the lead honorably you are the problem not the solution and you will be taken out one way or the other! Because they have no shame to take themselves out means we must! If you dont understand the importance of this you are too far gone and the people of the fire are your father!

If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

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The Jookeepers Wife


The story of a Polish woman who sheltered close to 300 Jews during World War II is due to be released March 31 as an already acclaimed Hollywood film, titled “The Zookeeper’s Wife.”

Pete Hammond, writing for Deadline Hollywood, says Director Niki Caro (Whale Rider, McFarland USA, North Country) and screenwriter Angela Workman, based on the memoirs of the Zookeeper’s wife Antonina Zabinski, have “crafted an inspiring and uniquely humane film that stays with you long after you leave the theater.”

Based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Diane Ackerman, the film stars Jessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh, Michael McElhatton and Daniel Brühl.

“The Zookeeper’s Wife” tells the story of Jan Zabinski, the director of the Warsaw zoo, and his wife Antonina, who hid some 300 Jews who had escaped from the ghetto, as well as resistance fighters in their villa on the zoo grounds during much of the war.

The Zabinskis died in the 1970s. Yad Vashem has recognized them as Righteous Among the Nations.

“My father knew that it wouldn’t occur to the Germans that so many people could be hiding in a place like this with open windows and no curtains,” the zoo couple’s daughter Teresa Zabinska, 73, told AFP.

“My father always said that’s what a decent person should do,” she added.

Some hid in animal cages, other in the villa’s basement. Some were “adopted” as fake family members or service 

images (3)

I’m not an animal, I’m worse than that!

When a Nazi soldier got too close for comfort, Antonina would play an operetta on the piano, signaling the approaching danger. The stowaways would then rush through an underground tunnel or hide in a double-sided wardrobe.

To hide their sheltered Jews from their housekeeper, the couple would order enormous meals which they pretended to consume all by their lonesome. In her 1968 memoir, Antonina wrote that the suspicious woman would often grumble, “I can’t believe how much they eat! I’ve never seen anything like it!”

~Yet another BS Holohoax tale to the “righteous among the nations”. If we are the nations what are Jews? David Duke the Jew chosen white leader doesn’t know where the word “nation” even comes from and calls the Jew state an “ethno state”. You see David Duke and the Stormfront clowns overrule the Bible in their pathetic sold out minds.

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The Guv’nor


This is a movie about the life of Lenny Mclean, an English boxer/bare knuckle fighter that had an obvious Irish/Scottish name. Mclean is an interesting name, but not the reason I am writing this. Earlier in a thread I explained how “battle axe” in Hebrew is “Kelly” or “Kel-lee” and I also went through the details on how K is often interchanged with G. For example Kell and Gael. Is it a total coincidence that Mclean or the original spelling of it is related to “Kelly” or “battle axe”? You have the internet now, look it up. This is wiki so go to other sites and read them about this name, I took wiki because it allowed me to copy and paste it.

Origins of the clan[edit]
There are several different origins for the surname MacLean, however, the clan surname is an Anglicisation of the Scottish Gaelic MacGilleEathain. This was the patronymic form of the personal name meaning “servant of (Saint) John”.[3] Or the “son of the servant of Saint John.[4] The family grew very powerful throughout the Hebrides and Highlands through allegiances with the Catholic Church in the 9th century, the MacDonalds (Hey Professor) in the 13th century, the MacKays and MacLeods in the 16th century.

Truth is the name has zero to do with the “Ca”tholic church the Catholic church had more to do with the name then vise versa.

Gillean of the Battleaxe[edit]
The founder of the clan was a Scottish warlord (chieftain, like a General this isnt a video game) descended from the royal Cenél Loairn named Gillean of the Battle Axe .[4][5] The stories of Gillean being descended from the FitzGerald dynasty are fictitious, as the FitzGeralds are of Cambro-Norman descent and the Macleans are of Gaelic descent, having been in Scotland since the Dalriadic migration from northeastern Ulster  (Ireland or the first Scotland) in the earlier centuries AD. Gillean’s great-grandfather was Old

Calaille sheleighleigh, “cudgel” or “calub”, club.

Dugald of Scone, born ca. 1050 during the reign of King Macbeth of the House of Moray, the principal royal line of the Cenél Loairn. He was a Judex (judge) and Councillor to King David of Scots.[6] Gillean fought at the Battle of Largs in 1263 during the Scottish-Norwegian War where the Scottish were victorious.[4]

Folks these people say “fictitious” because they cannot connect the dots or in fear of the Jew. You have to make your own candle on this because it has all been distorted by you know who no doubt. The Jews have to remove the people they want you to think they are and then pervert it, but the proof is there. Ireland and Scotland (Britain) was many people of different waves of white people at different times. The David Dukes of the world would call these people “outbred” and the Jews “inbreds” (the opposite of the truth as usual).

The root of this name is Gille as in Gilead or Gilad (no not Atzmon sorry, they steal names). It has the same “Ka” or “Ga” root as Galilee or Gad, all relating to military or fighting to be brief and not to repeat everything I wrote about on the “Like Mike the Real One” thread. The Dalriata were so called “Gaels” who left Ireland to Scotland (Britain) with the Stone of Scone (Actually left Iberia to Brittany to Hibernia to Hebrides and ultimately “Ibri-tain” or Britain- a long story). They spoke the same language as the earlier people in Ireland because Gaelic is without a doubt ancient Hebrew. Many words changed, but the language didn’t and the root words are still there very often. Not that I use Jews for truth, but they cannot deny it.


Jews spin this so cunningly, but the language of Canaan is like saying the language of Northern Italy  which was also once without a doubt Gaelic or Hebrew. Languages change when the people of those languages separate, quite obviously.

Anyway I was going to go a different direction with this thread on how Muhammed Ali wimped out of fighting this guy and you can see why in this movie. If Ali tried to “rope a dope” Mclean Ali would be punched out of the ring like a butterfly. Then I heard that “The Guvnor” backed out of a fight with another very well known bare knuckle fighter, one of the Traveller’s named Bartley Gorman, Welsh father and an Irish mother who was the king of all bare knuckle fighting bar none. They wouldn’t take him on so who was really the Guv’nor?

Between 1972–1992, he reigned supreme in the world of illegal gypsy boxing. During these years, he fought down a mineshaft, in a quarry, at horse fairs, on campsites, in bars and clubs and in the street, and even challenged infamous London brawlers Lenny McLean and Roy Shaw.

Gorman remained unbeaten until his retirement from boxing in 1992, with his last fight being a draw with Graeme O’Laughlan (Kennedy), the diminutive celtic brawler.[6] A documentary about Gorman was made by Shane Meadows in 1995; Gorman lived in a caravan on grounds that had featured in the documentary. Gorman was building a house in Uttoxeter, but died of liver cancer in January 2002 before it was finished.[7] He was 57 years old.[8] Hundreds of gypsies from across the country came to the town for his funeral.

This kind of corresponds with the truth movement today, we have the Muhammed Ali showmen in the lime lights such as OReilly, Hannity etc, then we have the Lenny Mcleans who are well known in all the backstreet bars and nightclubs who still limit themselves to who they will fight for various reasons (the David Dukes, E Michael Jones, Texe Marrs orators of the world who really have no opposition at all) and then we have the truth that nobody dares get into the ring with because it is the ultimate and the liars already know where it will lead them, right back to training camp or the retirement home.

The Guv’nor of truth!

Who is “The Guv’nor” of the truth? Let’s get ready to rumble! They run!

Just for the record the name Gorman:

Gorman Name Meaning
Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Gormáin and Ó Gormáin ‘son (or descendant) of Gormán’, a personal name from a diminutive of gorm ‘dark blue’, ‘noble’. Compare O’Gorman. English: from the Middle English personal name Gormund, Old English Garmund, composed of the elements gar ‘spear’ + mund ‘protection’. English: topographic name for someone who lived by or on a triangular patch of land (see Gore). German (Görmann): variant of Gehrmann. German (Görmann): of Slavic origin, occupational name for a miner, from Slavic góra ‘mountain’.

Gorman may just be the very same root name as German. A German, Irish, Welsh, English white man. Names and words are important, geography is dirt and mud. The word “German” comes from a Celtic root.

Judex is an interesting word said to be Latin, but does it come from another language? I think so. It is interesting to see these words with an x at the end of them that are pronounced with an s like Phoenix and Fenius (as in Fenius Farsaid) or peace and pax. I’m sure they are all just coincidences.

Governor- governor (n.) Look up governor at Dictionary.comc. 1300, gouernour, “personal keeper, protector, guide;

govern (v.) Look up govern at Dictionary.comlate 13c., “to rule with authority,” from Old French governer “steer, be at the helm of; govern, rule, command, direct” (11c., Modern French gouverner), from Latin gubernare “to direct, rule, guide, govern” (source also of Spanish gobernar, Italian governare), originally “to steer, to pilot,” a nautical borrowing from Greek kybernan “to steer or pilot a ship, direct as a pilot,” figuratively “to guide, govern” (the root of cybernetics). The -k- to -g- sound shift is perhaps via the medium of Etruscan. Intransitive sense from 1590s. Related: Governed; governing.

The K to H soundshift is also there as in Kel and helm as in “helmut” a head protection. I have shown the k and h differential in other threads as well. Dont think there is a K and H soundshift? Look at the word “horse” and “equus” and “kurs”


The truth is in our language not the Jews! “Erin go bragh” (Éirinn go Brách) to the original European people because you have kin in Erin (and everywhere else in Europe) one way or the other. I will leave it to you to determine exactly what “Erin go bragh” actually means, but I can tell you Erin has a meaning and it is not limited to Ireland or whatever name you want to give it. Ireland is dirt, rocks and mud and it has never lived and will not live for eternity so who will?



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Diamonds Are A Jews Best Friend

New York – An Israeli born diamond merchant and philanthropist whose worth is estimated by Forbes at $1.19 billion is about to get even richer as a Manhattan federal judge has upheld an Israeli arbitration agreement which awarded a $209 million settlement in a legal dispute that has dragged on for years.

Lev Leviev, dubbed “The King of Diamonds,” was handed the potentially record breaking judgment on Tuesday in a case that allegedly involved death threats against an arbitrator as reported by the New York Post (http://nyp.st/2mabjbY).  The amount of the award is potentially the largest ever in a case involving the diamond business.

After a ten year long partnership between Leviev and the Julius Klein Group fell apart in 2012, the two companies began the process of dissolving their shared interests.  But according to Leviev, he found himself completely shut out of the joint enterprise a year later, receiving no profits at all despite owning 43.5 percent of the shared business.


Gonna collect the fruits of the dumb goyim

The matter was initially brought before an Israeli beis din according to reports in Law360 (http://bit.ly/2lTAfCh), but over time matters became increasingly complicated, with one of the arbitrators receiving death threats and the Kleins filing a racketeering suit which was later dropped against Leviev, several family members and one of the arbitrators.

The Israeli beis din issued a confidential arbitration award in favor of Leviev last June. The Kleins protested the ruling, questioning the credibility of the arbitrators, noting that one had been found guilty of criminal tax evasion while two others shared undisclosed ties, prompting Leviev’s LGC USA Holdings, to ask a Manhattan court to confirm the beis din’s arbitration award.

Today’s court order issued by Judge Jesse Furman will have the Julius Klein Group which is owned by Haredi businessman Abraham David Klein shelling out an addition $142 million as dictated by the beis din in addition to more than $66 million already paid to Leviev.

Leviev said that his client intends to collect fully on the award said his attorney, Charles Michael.

“The Leviev Group will take all steps available, including seizing corporate and individual assets to collect this judgment after the lengthy legal procedures now have resulted in this final ruling,” said Michael.

~It is worse than “Primae Noctis” in Braveheart (which wasnt even true) to buy your wife a Jew diamond ring on your wedding day with Jew controlled money, but the gullible goyim have no clue what I am saying. The real fake media has them totally deluded (and it is all fake media). The women especially are disparaged by this because they have been totally barraged with Jew propaganda while the white man sleeps in his bed pretending nothing is wrong! Einstein’s theory doesnt apply to the gullible goyim (there is no opposite reaction at all) who think everything is hunky dory because that Talmudvision says so. They are still following clowns like David Duke. It’s more like an old episode of F-Troop.

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My Cousin Izzie

BIN EXCLUSIVE: Meet Mike Pence’s Orthodox, Jewish, Israeli Cousins

“I will gather all nations and will bring them down into the valley of Yehoshaphat; and I will enter into judgment with them there for My people and for My heritage Yisrael whom they have scattered among the nations and divided My land.” Joel 4:2 (The Israel Bible™)

~Why isnt this the “Yisrael Bible”? This verse is Joel 3:2 in the “Israel Bible-real one” and it says “Israel not Yisrael” whichever it is it doesnt say “Jews”

I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

Get it through your heads, Jews arent Israel and they know it. Get a Jew on here and I will prove it. Israel was scattered among the nations (NOT JEWS- ISRAEL)! Folks our VP and POTUS dont even have the gonads to understand this, let alone the courage to defend it.

Michael Pence, the Vice President-elect, is a long-time ardent supporter of Israel  Jew buttwasher, but it turns out that his connection to the Holy Land goes deeper than even he knows: the Evangelical Christian from Indiana has Orthodox Jewish relatives, one of whom lives in the Golan Heights and is eager to meet his cousin.

The genealogical connection centers around Tamsen (Tammy) Socher, a Jewish grandmother living in West Los Angeles. She spent most of her life in the San Fernando Valley, but when she moved to Ohio, eight years ago, she felt a need to maintain a connection to her family and became interested in genealogy. Her search quickly led her to a relative, Richard Pence, an amateur genealogist. She was impressed by his work.

image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/pence-jewish-300×254.jpgMike Pence and Merrill Socher-Axelrod (Courtesy Merrill Socher-Axelrod)
Mike Pence and Merrill Socher-Axelrod (Courtesy Merrill Socher-Axelrod)

“Some people just want to fill in the blanks, but Richard really worked hard at getting it right,” Tammy said in an interview with Breaking Israel News. Tammy realized that Pence was not a common name. “It doesn’t really come from England. It was one of those made-up Ellis Island names, so we are all connected. I haven’t met a ‘Pence’ yet who wasn’t a relative.”

Most of her family was from Indiana, so Tammy asked Richard if Michael Pence, then an Indiana congressman, was a relative. Richard, who is now deceased, answered that the Michael Pence was indeed her fourth cousin on her father’s side. Tammy tried to contact Pence at the time but was unsuccessful.

The Vice president-elect is aware of this family connection. When he was on the campaign trail, Tammy’s cousin Merrill Socher-Axelrod, an Israeli citizen living in Michigan, went to a campaign event. Michael Pence showed up late but Merrill hurried to be photographed with her famous relative. When she stood next to him, she told him quickly, “You have Orthodox Jewish cousins in Israel. Here is some family lineage. Your cousins are my cousins.”

She handed him a letter from Tammy describing the family connection. It noted that several of his relatives are religious Jews, and at least one lives in Israel. Included in the information was a personal invitation from Tammy’s son, Jesse, inviting his vice-presidential cousin to come visit him in his Golan home the next time Pence is in Israel.

Jesse Socher told Breaking Israel News that his invitation was sincere.

image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/1654191_10202657849342689_1137015443_n-181×300.jpgJesse Socher and his son, in an IDF uniform. (Courtesy Jesse Socher)
Jesse Socher and his son, in an IDF uniform. (Courtesy Jesse Socher)

“I know he probably won’t take me up on it, but I support him and he seems like a nice guy,” Socher said. “If he comes to Israel, I would love to get together.”

Jesse is realistic about the significance of this family connection. “When it comes to making political decisions, I doubt that it makes a difference to him that he has family in the Golan. But it does say a lot about how interconnected Israel and America are.”

Pence has visited Israel several times and has referred to Israel as “America’s most cherished ally.” In 2014, he headed a high-level business delegation from his state on a visit to Israel sponsored by Christians United for Israel.

In 2016, he signed into law a bill which would ban Indiana from having any commercial dealings with companies that boycotts Israel. Pence has also said that he opposes a Palestinian state. Quoted as saying he was “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order,” his support for Israel is more based on ideology than politics.

In an address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in 2009, Pence assured the audience, “Let me say emphatically, like the overwhelming majority of my constituents, my Christian faith compels me to cherish the State of Israel.”

Read more at https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/78562/bin-exclusive-meet-mike-pences-orthodox-jewish-israeli-cousins/#FrByUsHy5GkRXGS4.99


~This is everyones hero? How many Jews have to be in the family for you gullible goyim to wake up? Pence was an Iraq war hawk and a die hard Jew state supporter. How the hell can Trump be against Jew crime with people like that? He can’t!

A link to “The Yisrael Bible” Honoring the God (no name), the people (what people, Jews?) and the land (the place they stole). Then they call it “The Hebrew Bible”, folks do you see the deception? C’mon! You thought Judeo Christianity was contradicting? Just ask Jews what happened to the House of Israel (ask 10 Jews) and see what answers you get (or rather how fast the subject changes).


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