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Jerusalem – Ivanka Trump Is Jewish After All Says Chief Rabbinate

Published on: Today 03:28 PM

By: Jerusalem Post
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FILE - Republican President-elect Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump arrives at Trump Tower in New York, New York, U.S., November 11, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri FILE – Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump arrives at Trump Tower in New York, New York, U.S., November 11, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Jerusalem – In the wake of several high-profile controversies in which Orthodox converts from the US were rejected by the Israeli rabbinical courts and the chief rabbinate, Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef announced on Wednesday that the recognition process is now set for “serious reform.”

For several years, increasing numbers of converts from North America who have immigrated to Israel have found their conversions questioned and even rejected by the chief rabbinate and the rabbinical courts when they have come to register for marriage or other religious services.

In July this year, the Supreme Rabbinical Court declined to recognize a convert who converted through Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, a prominent Orthodox rabbi in the US. Lookstein also oversaw the conversion Ivanka Trump, daughter of president-elect Donald Trump, and the rejection of his convert by the rabbinical courts essentially cast doubt by the rabbinical establishment over Ivanka Trump’s conversion.

In September, the chief rabbinate rejected a convert who had been approved by the most senior rabbinical judge of the Orthodox Beth Din (religious court) of America, Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz.

One of the central problems critics of the chief rabbinate have pointed to is the fact that there are no set criteria by which the chief rabbinate and the rabbinical courts make their decisions on the issues.

The announcement on Wednesday comes in response to a legal petition by the ITIM religious services advisory and lobbying group demanding that the chief rabbinate reveal either criteria or the list of rabbis on its list whose conversions it accepts.

In the statement, Rabbi Yosef said that together with fellow Chief Rabbi David Lau, they had decided to hold a conference next week of all the rabbinical judges on the Supreme Rabbinical Court together with the rabbis of the Council of the Chief Rabbinate in order to establish criteria for recognizing foreign Orthodox converts.

“The purpose is to reach a situation in which the chief rabbinate will decide whether or not a rabbi is recognized [to convert] in accordance with known criteria, and not to enter into the details of the conversion itself… as opposed to the past situation in which chief rabbinate officials took upon themselves to examine the details of each case ” said Yosef’s office in a statement to the press.

The statement is likely referring to Rabbi Itamar Tubul, the head of the Chief Rabbinate’s Marriage and Conversion Department who has been in charge of evaluating, investigating and ultimately accepting or rejecting conversions done in the US.

Until now Tubul has retained the backing of Yosef, who has authority over the Marriage and Conversion Department, although Wednesday’s statement seemed to imply a reprimand for Tubul.

In July however, Lau was publicly critical of Tubul and said in a letter to him that he should accept conversions authorized by Schwartz.

Under the new process, any conversion authorized by a rabbi on the chief rabbinate’s list, to be drawn up in accordance with the new criteria, will be automatically approved, “except in a situation of actual problem [when] the case will be transferred to the rabbinical courts to clarify the issue.

The chief rabbinate mentioned specifically the recent case of the rejection of Lookstein’s convert, noting that the same rabbi had also overseen the conversion of Ivanka Trump, daughter of president-elect Donald Trump.

The statement issued by Yosef’s office said explicitly that in a situation like Ivanka Trump’s, the convert’s conversion would not need any further clarification or investigation.

ITIM welcomed the chief rabbinate’s announcement which it said could alleviate “the increasing crisis between the State of Israel and these rabbis and their communities.”

“We hope that the process produced by the chief rabbinate will reduce the chaos and bureaucracy and make life easier for those seeking to tie their fate to the State of Israel,” the organization said in a press statement.

~ The expert on race, Judaism, Jews and all around Jew stooge David Duke says Jews always marry into their tribe (psssssst except the Trumps). If Jews bombed the WTC again David Duke would be nowhere to be found for 10 years again.


We havent seen much of her Mumsy lately, I’m sure she has a nice condo on the beach.

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Rob Roy Vey!


It’s a shame this bastard Liam Neeson played a man named Rob Roy, who is an ancestor of mine, but that’s what Jews do, they usurp.

Our International Jew (Donnie Trumpfelstein) is usurping in Scotland now as he has in the USA and as his ancestors did as well as in Germany too. Nothing of any good comes from this guy Trump, nothing. The jobs he produces are all Latinos in the south and in the north they are all controlled by the Jew unions.

David Duke and Alex Jones cheered this wolf in sheep’s clothing into office as if he was their own brother. Folks I don’t cheer anyone on who might be a Jew and anyone that has 3 married children all married to Jews and even one child who is dating one there is no way on Gods green earth that I am going to believe Trump is anything but a Jew. I am not going to pretend I don’t see it and tell everyone not to look. It’s too late now!

Duke, Trump, Mike Rivero, Dankof and all the other shills on the internet tell us to “hang on, give him a chance”.  These shills should have their tongues pulled out and fed to the vultures. Remember these treasonous traitors who glorified Trump and never mentioned ALL of the relationships Trump has with Jews, especially you Scotsman out there who allowed this traitor to assume your identities. They are the pinch points that Jews depend upon to carry out their destruction of our nations.

David Duke says “help him with our struggle”. Folks you can struggle and run like a water rat, but in order to win you have to “battle to win”. Even the word “battle” has been turned into “struggle” when they are two entirely different words. One depicts no enemy and one depicts a physical blood and guts war to the death.

battle (n.) Look up battle at Dictionary.comc. 1300, from Old French bataille “battle, single combat,” also “inner turmoil, harsh circumstances; army, body of soldiers,” from Late Latin battualia“exercise of soldiers and gladiators in fighting and fencing,” from Latin battuere “to beat, to strike” (see batter (v.)). Phrase battle royal “fight involving several combatants” is from 1670s.

struggle (v.) Look up struggle at Dictionary.comlate 14c., of uncertain origin, probably a frequentative form with -el (3) (compare trample, wrestle), but the first element is of uncertain origin. Skeat suggests Old Norse strugr “ill will;” others suggest a connection to Dutch struikelen, German straucheln “to stumble.” Related: Struggled; struggling.

David Duke is without a doubt “a stumbler” and never was and never will be “a battler” nor will his clown posse full of complacent butt kissers.

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Hacksaw Auschwitz

Is Mel Gibson’s ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ good for the Jews?

By: Mark I. Pinsky

November 23, 2016 Updated: November 23, 2016 at 2:43 pm

photo - From left to right, Sam Worthington, Director Mel Gibson, and Vince Vaughn on the set of Hacksaw Rigdge. Photo by Mark Rogers, courtesy of Lionsgate “Hymie will run down the cliff here and we will all say OyVey!”

From left to right, Sam Worthington, Director Mel Gibson, and Vince Vaughn on the set of Hacksaw Rigdge. Photo by Mark Rogers, courtesy of Lionsgate 

(RNS) “Hacksaw Ridge,” Mel Gibson’s wide-release, World War II movie, has cast a light — and a justifiably favorable one at that — on the Seventh-day Adventist faith of its central character, Medal of Honor winner Desmond Doss.

During the battle for Okinawa, the combat medic and conscientious objector saved 75 wounded GIs, although his faith prohibited him from carrying a rifle.

“Hacksaw Ridge” has been well-reviewed and has done moderately well at the box office, finishing third in its initial weekend, with nearly $15 million on just under 3,000 screens, and remaining in the top 10 for the next two weekends, bringing its total to $42.8 million.

Reviews and box office strength are two necessary criteria to justify the early Oscar buzz, either in the best picture or best actor categories, not to mention special effects for the harrowing combat scenes.

But embedded in the film may also be several small acts of reconciliation toward the Jewish people from Gibson, a filmmaker known for his well-documented anti-Semitic rants, and the dark undertone of anti-Judaism in “The Passion of the Christ.”

The first of these quiet gestures of repentance, called “teshuvah” in Hebrew, may be casting Andrew Garfield, a British Jew, in the lead role of Doss. For his part, Garfield told Jimmy Kimmel that he was not constrained from taking the role because of Gibson’s anti-Semitic background.

Unlike classic World War II films, in “Hacksaw Ridge” there is no stereotypical Jew nicknamed “Brooklyn” in Doss’ otherwise heterogeneous (but all white) basic training company, which evolves into his shattered combat unit.

However, about halfway through the film a minor character appears named Herbert (but called “Irv”) Schechter, a battle-hardened medic played by a very Jewish-looking Ori Pfeffer, who is Israeli.

Schechter shows the newly arrived Doss the ropes on how to survive, like the fact that the dug-in Japanese snipers target the Red Cross emblem on helmets. Later the two work together in the heat of a horrifically realistic battle.

Ultimately, Schechter is gravely wounded, but he gives the plasma that could save his own life to another wounded soldier. Garfield’s character is pained to learn later that Schechter has died of shock as a result of his sacrifice.

According to one of the “Hacksaw Ridge” producers, Terry Benedict (who made an earlier documentary film about Doss), Schechter was a real person and a real friend.

“To me, and the way Desmond and I talked about Irv, was that there were many examples of selfless acts of brotherly love that cut across religious and denominational lines,” Benedict told me in an email.

“Irv and Desmond certainly had a close relationship, and discussed many times their beliefs but never tried to convince the other that theirs was the better one,” Benedict wrote.

“It was very upsetting to Desmond when he lost Irv. Irv felt that if it was his time to go there was nothing that could be done about it. It was in God’s hands. That enabled him to do what he did as well. Desmond focused more on his personal relationship with Jesus. It’s a good example of two different men’s beliefs but able to be friends and work together for the greater good.”

But did the Schechter character represent an intentional gesture of reconciliation from Gibson to the Jewish community?

“I was not part of that conversation with him,” Benedict said. “So I don’t know.”

To date, the director hasn’t helped himself while promoting “Hacksaw Ridge.” In early November, he said he felt it was unfair to have to continue answering questions about his earlier anti-Semitic statements.

“I’m feeling good,” Gibson told Variety. “I’m sober, all of that kind of stuff, and for me it’s a dim thing in the past. But others bring it up, which kind of I find annoying, because I don’t understand why after 10 years it’s any kind of issue.”

The day after his arrest for drunken driving, when he made the remarks, Gibson apologized for the incident and called his statements “despicable.”

Of course, this being the entertainment business, there might be yet another, ulterior motive for casting Garfield in the lead role and for introducing the Schechter character: Oscar season approaches.

There is still skepticism, if not residual ill will, toward Gibson in the Hollywood community with its strong Jewish presence and history.

“Let’s put it this way: I don’t think it’s a closed book, because it was a recurring issue,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, told the Jewish newspaper The Algemeiner. “There was a lot there. … There were numerous opportunities to shut the door on that and I don’t think that’s been fully vetted yet.”

So, is it too soon to tell if they are willing to accept this as Gibson’s comeback movie?

I don’t really care whether the Schechter portrayal facilitates a reconciliation between Gibson and the Hollywood Jewish community, if only for the sake of its Oscar prospects. I’m happy to take it for what it is on the screen.

In the wake of Veterans Day, it should be noted that identifiable Jewish soldiers, portrayed sympathetically, first appeared in World War I films such as “The Grand Illusion” (the wealthy French officer Rosenthal) and “The Fighting 69th” (the Yiddish-speaking doughboy Mischa Moskowitz).

More than anything, the Schechter character in “Hacksaw Ridge” brings back my fond memories of the late Allan Arbus, who played the world-weary Army psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Freedman from 1973-1983 on TV’s long-running M*A*S*H, set during the Korean War.

Arbus, whose character once got into trouble when it turned out he never signed the officer’s loyalty oath, had some great lines: “Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants, and slide on the ice.”

Or his response when ordered to deal with a berserk soldier: “I’m not going out there without a bulletproof couch.”

Freedman could be subversively profound. Rather than combat, he says, “It’s the little battlefields, a pond, the bedrooms, the schoolyard that leave the biggest scars.”

Scars like anti-Semitism.

(Mark I. Pinsky is the author of “The Gospel According to The Simpsons: The Spiritual Life of the World’s Most Animated Family”)

~We are soo lucky to have Mel doing movies about heroic Jews on the battlefield none of us knew existed (including the military) and so lucky Mel portrayed Jesus himself as a hooked nose Jew in “The Passion” and I’m sure Mel’s Holocaust movie and his Maccabees movie would have been 100% true as well. The only time a movie is considered true history is when they don’t portray Jews exactly how they are and always have been, never on a battlefield and always lying profusely. This is another one of the ehhhh Alt Right’s heroes (a new name for “antisemites” and people who don’t even know what a semite is).
One can only conclude that this Desmond Doss was a Jew (a secret Jew) and is being praised or he is being praised because there happened to be one Jew (Schecter) in the Battle of Okinawa and Doss being completely slimed in the process! Whatever the case it stanks!
Mel Gibson is another one of those hit and run liars that can never be pinned down and debated. Is Mel keeping the truth under a bushel basket? One thing I can say about honor and courage is “Mel isnt of it”. You know who benefited from this movie? Not you and guess who?
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Umgowa “open yo bags”

No this isn’t about the JFK assassination by the Jews this time it’s about JFK airport in NYC (another kind of assassination). New York and NYC used to be almost entirely white people excluding the Indians (the results of white mixture with their slaves) and Jews (who slithered in as they have everywhere else under the radar. This is about JFK the International Airport which was one of the major focal points of so called Homeland Security and is now a complete cesspool of Black incompetent workers and a total mockery of America and white America in general. Out of thousands of workers at this once great airport I saw maybe 1% white people working there.

Can you tell me that New Yorker’s cannot see this absurdity? Can you tell me that white people accept this takeover of our once great airport? I have not heard one white person express his utter disdain for this slum of a place. I am talking from the cab drivers to the TSA to the food place workers that I wouldn’t put in charge to feed lab rats, wheelchair pushers, janitors and basically every job in the airport except the pilots and stewardesses on the planes.

Image result for Chertoff TSA

We don’t want to be antisemites and say our International airports are cesspools (like the Jew slave ships).

White people don’t think of their elderly people who have to pass through this airport or the younger people obviously, but who would put such incompetent people in such positions of security? Who are they protecting us from and is us really even us? Just because white people don’t have to pass through a place like this every day they look the other way, but places like these could be used in the media as the joke it is and what a joke the entire Homeland Security operation is, but our media consists of the bottom of the barrel white people appointed to help destroy America while being paid to look the other way by the very same Homeland Security criminals. They provide jobs for the closest things to terrorists on this earth by the real terrorists (the Jews).

Image result for Jew terrorist

Adam Gadahn “Pearlman”

Image result for Black dish mouth

Folks these things don’t belong! But I am a hater for saying so.

Trump and his devil looking pal Giuliani are going to have to clean places like these up as soon as possible if he is ever going to get an ounce of praise from me, if he ever does. This airport as is others (Atlanta) is an utter disgrace and makes America look worse than the worst 3rd world countries on earth and there is no doubt whatsoever it is 100% by design. How hard is it to walk through a place like JFK and realize the entire operation is destruction by design? We have Europeans living in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Poland etc. that would be making 5 times what they make in their home countries and give the best service that true Americans deserve. Instead we have unhappy overpaid incompetent bombs waiting to go off against us in the most sensitive places of our country.

If I am Trump this crap is gone almost immediately! His pals and fellow New Yorkers  Hannity and OReilly don’t see anything wrong with JFK, they have private jets and preoccupied with what KaKa Krauthammer and Evan Kohlman have to say.

Image result for Evan Kohlmann

Another kike terrorist expert

I found out real fast the only other subject besides Jews you could never bring up on the Hannity show was Blacks, Hannity pretends he is a huge “borders” guy, but when I tried to call him many times from New York’s streets in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that Blacks were flooding the streets of NY selling watches on every street corner talking like they just got off the boat from Africa old Zion Hannity didn’t allow the calls. Let me repeat “he didn’t allow the calls”.

My questions are what white person would allow this kind of perversion happen to another white person? They are either too far from reality or they don’t give a damn and frankly I don’t care which one it is! They have already sold us out! Another is when Trump builds this so called wall, who is going to be handling the passage points? How can we defend America when some of us don’t even know who America is or refuse to know?

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Interview With a Vampire or Two

Mel Gibson continues to slowly drip-drop details about plans to possibly make a sequel to his epic 2004 film, “The Passion of the Christ,” telling televangelist Joel Osteen that he’s been exploring some of the events that unfolded between the “crucifixion and the resurrection.”

While Gibson has been pretty tight-lipped about exactly what a sequel would look like, he did tell Osteen in a radio interview earlier this month about his creative concerns if, indeed, he enters into such a massive undertaking. Mainly, he said he wants to do it the right way.

“It’s going to take some time, because you don’t half do something like this,” Gibson said. “You do it so that it makes sense. You do it so that it surprises. You do it so that it enlightens.”

He said simply telling the story or rendering it without extensive care to the creative elements would make it “just not good enough,” and while getting it all right won’t be easy, he believes it’s entirely “achievable.”

“It has to be dug deep for and it has to have in its image and its sound and its visual — it has to be able to delve to places that people have never even thought before, I think, on a theological level,” he said. “That’s going to take some doing.”

Listen to Gibson briefly describe “The Passion” sequel below:

The actor didn’t go into great detail about the plot line, though he did indicate that a possible film on the subject could revolve around events that unfolded in between Christ’s crucifixion and the resurrection, saying his team has been “getting into some interesting areas” in that arena.

“Maybe I’ve said too much already,” Gibson added.

This isn’t the first time the actor has addressed rumors about the sequel, as he had a surprise appearance at Pastor Greg Laurie’s SoCal Harvest event back in August during which the two discussed the project in detail, as Deseret News reported.

Gibson said during that event that the film would likely be called “The Resurrection,” and made some comments along the same lines of what he told Osteen.

“In order to really experience it and explore probably deeper meanings of what it’s about is going to take some doing,” he said.

As Deseret News reported, rumors about a sequel started to fly in June after Randall Wallace, director of “Heaven Is For Real” and the writer of “Braveheart,” told The Hollywood Reporter he was working on a script for the project.

Wallace said he had always wanted to tell the story, as he believes there’s more to the Jesus narrative that deserves to be brought to the big screen.

(H/T: Christian Times)

We better not question the hooked nose Mel gave Jesus and we better not talk about Osteen being a Jew himself, which brings up a very good subject “What the hell is a Jew?”……oh if we had real honest and open interviews! Next week Peter Lorre will be discussing his next movie “Der Juden” with Osteen, oh he’s dead? So sorry (not to the Jew).

Mel made another Jew a war hero in his latest movie. He’ll fry in hell for that alone!
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Our Kampf

This is your boy Trump, standing side by side with the biggest enemy known to mankind. When he says Israel he means the Jews! Folks when you keep Jews safe you put us in danger so which is he going to do? The leaven of the Pharisee’s!

Trump tells Jerusalem rally he’ll ‘make Israel, US safe again’
Addressing event via video, Republican candidate vows to stand ‘side-by-side with the Jewish people’; Pence says ‘Israel’s fight is our fight’
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a pre-recorded video message for a Republican event in in Jerusalem, October 26, 2016. (Screen capture)
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The Swamp Thing

I was also Hellboy!

I was also Hellboy!

Mr Trump claims he is going to drain the swamp, but who is protecting him from the crocs (or gators) right now? Who did his children marry? How did Trump make all his money in this swamp that is so terrible? Once again you are told to choose between the lesser of two evils, GW Bush was once one of those choices and George Bush the choice before that. If I look back the lesser of those evils might have been their opponents because at least then I may not have known the extent of the brainwashing that the media had and still has on the American public. The lesser of those two evils is now voting for the greater of the present two evils.

The lesser of two evils said nothing about the Jew control of the media in their debates and still hasn’t and how could they have and run for president? Neither of

Odd our heroes never mention this when they are discussing

Odd our heroes never mention this when they are discussing “our Jewish friends”.

the two evils mentioned the Jew control of our monetary system and everyone told me to wait and see, he will come out against it you’ll see. Didn’t happen folks! Now they are at least admitting the media is corrupt, but wont say where the corruption is emanating from. Why? It’s the liberals, it’s the Marxists, the Saul Alinsky crowd, the Frankfurt school, the Illuminati, the Masons, everyone you can possibly think of except the Jews. Because those are the croc’s if there is a so called swamp.

The lesser of two evils stood over the destruction of the WTC in the obvious controlled demolition and used it to start not one but several wars against the Jews enemies in the Middle East at our expense and using our lives. This was the lesser evil mind you. Do you think these liars dont know how to con you?

Now we have Schlonger Hannity leading the media hype for Donald Trump just like he did for GW Bush and his wars and the complete Neocon nutbag Rudolph Giuliani is also tagging along. You have to ask if Americans are even breathing. The power of media control is king in the land two eyed lemmings. This traitor Hannity has done nothing but kiss jew arse for decades, he is living on borrowed time.

Folks this traitor is standing with your Talmudic headed hero. How pathetic can it get?

Folks this traitor is standing with your Talmudic headed hero. How pathetic can it get?

My apologies to all the radio shows out there who have their phones cut off and claim to be of free speech like Stormfront, the biggest cucks on the internet and the so called alt-right websites like “Monkey Boy Anglin” who used to require people to register with the Jew Zuckerberg Facebook site in order to make comments. Now they simply ban anyone who has an alternate view from theirs just like the Jews do. It may be the alternative right, but it’s still the Jew controlled and a Frank Collin type dead end.

Lets take a look at all of these pro Trump cheerleaders, Alex Jones, the Ugly Truthers, Pastor Dankof (the Pastor who wont have a debate on the Bible) Duke, MacDonald, all the Stormfront tards and their obvious Jewish infiltrators, etc. All of these are willing to sell part of their soul to gain a small piece of ground when selling a little of your soul expecting to gain anything is all the opposition wants you to do.

To the perfidious Jew

To the perfidious Jew

People say there is no alternative other than to run for office, but what office are we talking about, an office controlled by Jewish Fed money (it is completely overrun)? Our entire economy is fueled by a lie, our media is a lie, our politicians have done nothing but lie for at least 100 years, our churches lie, our schools lie. Our kids are being pilfered with drugs from Afghanistan which wouldn’t be here if the Taliban was left in control. David Duke loves to say he has been to Syria on vacation, but I lived in Afghanistan folks, but you don’t have to live there to know the history of heroin in Afghanistan……..our media, Schlonger Hannity, Giuliani, John Voight, Clint Eastwood etc. do not mention a word of this while your kids are turned into zombies by this perfidious Jew controlled drug. Yes, I do like that word “perfidious” because there is so much of it around and nobody is talking about any of it including your hero Donald Trump and his Mickey Mouse sidekick Sean Hannity.

Trump claims he has a slew of military Generals and Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, folks where are they on the Jew issue? I know not one. There is no honor except to the jews, that is the new honor.

Folks this presidential race is another con job, an Oceans 11 Jew movie controlled by some Elliot Gould character (the Jews) and you are sitting back rooting for your own prefabricated hero. The only heroes are the people putting the blame where it is and always has been. The swamp cannot be drained, there is nowhere to drain the cesspool we are in we need to tell the truth!

Sorry this page just didnt seem complete without my favorite Fagin pic.

Sorry this page just didnt seem complete without my favorite Fagin pic.

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