Lone Jew Ass Kissing Survivor


Marky Mark Scumberg and some other traitorous kike.

The Lone Jew Ass Kissing Survivor

I am referring to Marcus Luttrell and Glenn Beck and the sorry ass stories of American veterans selling their times in Iraq and elsewhere to the Jew controlled media so the Jews can continue to sell us out.


I work for the Jews, Im a SEAL. My pussy lips are SEALED!

Mr Luttrell I call you out. You wont do a damned thing because you’re a pussy!

You kiss Glenn Becks ass like pathetic queer.

Jesse Ventura, you too are a queer, you allow the USS Liberty to be a thing of the past while you seek fame, positions in the Jew controlled government and then seal your mouth like a slave.


Look at this pussy. Are you people on drugs? Im so sick of this sh**!

I am a veteran and I have no honor whatsoever for these pathetic sold out traitors nor do I believe Clint Eastwood or Mel Gibson have an ounce of honor, they are the absolute opposites of honor and I give you my word I will tell them to their faces as I would OReilly, Hannity or anyone in the media today.

We are dealing with the most treasonous media people ever in the history of white European mankind, they are all Glenn Beck whether they are 300 pounds or 100 pound homo’s. Jews use these people to destroy you day in and day out and they will never ever say who the enemy is because they work for the enemy, they have made their entire living off the enemy.

If any of these bastards are given honorable mentions it is because they are dishonorable- period! I call you out for a duel! Luttrell first (the Texas tumbleweed pussy). How can we believe a word they say? I’ll take the POS SEAL BS artist Ventura second and then the sold traitor Clint Eastwood on the street and we will see what this clown is made of in real life! They are all Jew buttwashers folks………going to hell forever and I want to get it started!

If someone calls me out Im there, watch what these queers do. They dont care about anything except continuing to do what they do. Its time to call a traitor a traitor folks and its time to hang these traitors! Or you can hang me!

Presentation of the Navy Cross.  Oval.

The Jew Navy Cross and a Glenn Beck pecker up his arse!

Jews will use people in uniform, priests, pastors, politicians, children in wheelchairs, ANYONE to achieve their satanic goals. If you are working for these people, if you are speaking for these people, answering for them, representing them in any way YOU ARE TRAITORS NOW and FOREVER!

Waiting for you pussies to contact me, but they wont folks you know why? Because its Jew Hollywood! Jew Hollywood controls you and they know it. They are heroes of the Jews…. enemies of us all.


If you want I will show you some pictures of the Marine Barracks in Beirut blown up by kikes or if you want I will show you pictures of the USS Liberty or how about our European brothers getting their asses blown up in the King David Hotel? These traitors all work for the Jews who did this, the same kikes that control our Federal Reserve and bring in the drugs to our daughters, brought in the Blacks to destroy us. Thats the truth folks no matter how big this JEW media is, it is BS! That is who these freaks fight for and act for.

It is beyond the pale folks! Hate me, hang me, but Im telling the truth! I will not remove this.

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Cowdung and Aliens


Hypocrite Cowboys

I have to admit I don’t know all the details of this Oregon Standoff because the people I hear hyping this up are the same shills who pushed Becky Roth (Rebekah Roth) who seems to now have disappeared from all the internet shows, once the biggest thing since sliced bread. Every radio show there is has had callers hyping up this woman and often times the same people calling all the different radio shows who are amateurs (or Jews) were all cock sure this was the voice of truth and that we should stop whatever we are doing and give her our undivided attention. You see Jews move in to destroy the ocean of  truth by floating one dirty lie on the top or simply by being there.

Well for the last few weeks the news has not been Fukishima, the radioactivity has killed


Radiation, Ebola, Swine Flu and nothing about the Jews, ho hum!

off all the life in the Pacific, some radio network owners say and is now coming up our rivers like the movie “The Blob”. The Ebola virus was also an epidemic that was going to wipe out mankind, but if you buy Dr Schmekelers products you would be protected. I could go back many years with one crisis to the next.

Today we have “The Bundy” crisis, no not Ted Bundy who escaped jail twice, one time by sawing a hole through the ceiling of his jail cell and then later used as an asset to catch other serial killers like the Jew in “Catch Me If You Can”. Ted grew up thinking his mother was his sister and that his father was his Grandfather. Happens all the time. The two names involved with the Ted Bundy family were “Cowell” and “Bundy” both names are common Jewish used names. Some people would call that a coincidence, but Edgar Steele used to say quite a lot “there are no coincidences”. I tend to agree.

So are all the Bundy’s in the world Jews? No, because Jews steal names, they cant go around with the name Beelzabub and do what Jews do. Why is this Bundy Standoff so important? Why aren’t they doing a Jew Federal Reserve Standoff , Jew open borders standoff, Jew porn standoff, Jew wars standoff or a Jew controlled media standoff? Again every shill I know has been blowing their own shophars over this case. These same clowns who call Jews Zionists and close off their phones to people who call Jews what they are and actually know where the word comes from can never be heard from.


Looks like the Jew sheriff and the high priest Caiaphas are in town (spit).

Jews are STILL blaming white people for Black slavery and White people have not even formed a group of people together to correct this slander and would the media even cover that event? How about the slander of the German people, Jews murder over 60 million Whites (more or less) in Bolshevick Russia and we are antisemites for saying the Jews are slanderers and murderers. We cant even get our foot in the door of the media to say one of these numerous slanderous lies of the Jews, but somehow we can make a stand over someones land? Ladies and gentlemen our land is crying out that you defend the truth about the Jews and not about cattle or bushes. Both of these things are as unsafe with Jews as we are.

Mel Bundy must be the only other Mel in the world who isnt a Jew, every time I see the name Ryan I assume it is a Jew because Jews absolutely adore that name as they do Scott. Why would a Jew call his son Scott? Do Scots steal Jew or Israelite names or do Jews steal theirs? Ammon is another strange name, I dont know any Ammons do you? Ammon means “son of my people” (my means YHWH). Is Ammon a Christian Identist or a Jew? Because the sons of Ya (Yamanu) were Israelites not Jews. So we have a family who names themselves after Jews it seems and not the House of Israel names like (Gad, Dan, Asher etc.).


Are these Christian Identists or Jews? If they havent mentioned the Jews they cant be Christian Identists.

Cliven is another strange name, some day I will research it further, but all I know it does not seem to be a European name, the only other person I can think of named Clive is the actor Clive Owen who could easily be a Cohen in my book. Seeing the shophars, Jew stars, strange looking faces, the cowboy hats (with the ear muffs), internet media hype etc. all spells Jew fear mongering to me and another ploy to keep the lemmings from rising up in any way about the real issues we face (Jew issues). You see if people do rise up about Jew issues the Jew issues will be on everyone’s minds and Jews definitely don’t want that to happen. Therefore I call BS! What could possibly be more important than the Jew aliens that have made a cesspool out of our countries? If you aren’t talking about Jews you are blowing the shophar’s right up our arses. If I am wrong please prove me wrong and please dont be one of the usual shills pushing Nibiru, Flat Earth, non whites being Whites, teh anti Zionist movement crowd and all the other distractions from the real disease we have right in our faces every day and have throughout history.

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6 Million Follower Man

In the age of Trump, grim warnings from Holocaust survivors

U.S. marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day


Play Video1:04
Germany’s ambassador to the U.S. talks about the “unspeakable horror” of the Holocaust during ceremonies to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. (Reuters)
International Holocaust Remembrance Day is always a somber time for Auschwitz survivor Irene Weiss. But this year’s observance had an additional layer of grief: For the first time, Weiss is worried about her adopted homeland.“I am exceptionally concerned about demagogues,” the 85-year-old Weiss told me at Wednesday’s commemoration at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. “They touch me in a place that I remember. I know their influence and, unfortunately, I know how receptive audiences are to demagogues and what it leads to.”

Dana Milbank writes about political theater in the nation’s capital. He joined the Post as a political reporter in 2000. View Archive

She knows better than just about any person alive. The Czech-born Jew lost her parents and most of her siblings in Hitler’s death camps. Now, when she hears about plans to register Muslims and to ban Muslims from entering the United States, “I’m worried about the tone of this country,” she said.

To Weiss, the ugly political environment in 2016 has an ominous precedent in Weimar Germany. “It has echoes, and maybe more so to me than to native-born Americans,” she said after lighting a candle for Hitler’s victims. “I’m scared. I don’t like the trend. I don’t like how many people are applauding when they hear these demagogues. It can turn.”

This year’s Holocaust remembrance comes at a time when Donald Trump, the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination, retweets to his nearly 6 million followers a message from @WhiteGenocideTM based in “Jewmerica,” and a time when his nearest challenger, Ted Cruz, brandishes the endorsement of a minister who says Hitler was a “hunter” sent after the Jews by God. There has never been a more important time for Americans to heed the moral authority of the Holocaust survivors still among us.

“It’s really frightening,” said Al Munzer, hidden as an infant in the Netherlands with a Dutch family and their Muslim nanny. “When you see these mass rallies that Trump is able to attract, you really wonder: How are they buying into this message of hate?

Munzer, who lost two sisters and his father to the Nazis, said he never thought such things could happen in America, but now he’s not so sure. “Thinking that Germany was somehow unique is wrong,” he said.

Wednesday’s ceremony was in a hexagonal atrium with the names of death camps on the walls. The participants recited Kaddish, the Jewish mourning prayer, and listened to the Hymn of the Partisans, the Yiddish ballad of resistance: Never say you are walking your final road.

At this time of open hostility to Muslims in America, museum staff arranged for Johanna Gerechter Neumann, who fled with her family to Albania after Kristallnacht, to talk about how Muslims protected them from Hitler. Her father, a patriotic German and World War I veteran, “certainly thought that it could never happen in Germany,” she said. “It did happen. Slowly, but it did happen.”

And now the aging survivors worry it is beginning, slowly, to happen again. “It is repeating itself, and it is again the inattention that people pay to real cues that one should understand,” said Margit Meissner, almost 94, who fled on foot through the Pyrenees from occupied France.

“It’s not Weimar,” she said, “but it could become Weimar Germany if you have Mr. Trump here and people keep believing what he says. . . . I think one has to speak up. And that’s the one lesson from the Holocaust: Do not be a bystander.”

In Wednesday’s ceremony, German Ambassador Peter Wittig gave a moving tribute to Martin Weiss, 87 this week, who survived Auschwitz as a 15-year-old but lost most of his family. Wittig read aloud Weiss’s recollections: “We could also smell flesh burning, and then we saw the chimneys, the big five chimneys with black smoke coming out.”

Now an American presidential candidate has made scapegoats of immigrants, Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, the disabled, women. And for the first time, Martin Weiss hears echoes of his youth. “The guy scares me,” he said after listening to the ambassador’s tribute. “I don’t want to make any comparison to Hitler, but believe it or not his delivery and the way he conducts himself is very similar to Hitler’s way of doing things. He discredits everybody who disagrees with him. He’s insulting. He discriminates against everybody.”

Weiss continued: “Sooner or later, you know what happens in a case like this? That’s how Weimar Germany went to hell, because when Hitler came in, if somebody disagreed with him — guess what — he put them in prison or he had them shot or he opened the concentration camp.”

We are still far from that in America. But if anybody has the right to make the comparison, it is a man who saw the ovens of Auschwitz.

Twitter: @Milbank

I hope I was wrong about Trump, but if Jews don’t like him I have to like him because it is a natural reaction for me. Whether it’s true or not still remains to be seen. If anything at all it may shut Glenn Beck up. I never liked Megyn Kelly (the typical sold out fool) either even when Texe Marrs was groveling over her and still don’t. If Trump is the real deal be prepared for war! I don’t mean “spiritual” either.

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The Patsy


In the movies the patsy is a Jew in real life the patsy is played by  the Jew.

Thought this was quite interesting. I knew of one of James Earl Rays brothers, the one who attempted to murder Don Black of Stormfront, but I had not heard of the older patsy ehhhhh brother. Looks like they wanted him to talk. You want me to die? No Mr Ray we want you to talk (or make your brother talk).

I often hear David Duke and Don Black say we shouldn’t ever do stupid things that will only get us in trouble like actually make a final stand on what is being done to us, which I believe is perfectly justifiable, but what in the world were they doing hanging around these characters? Odd how we never heard about any of this from our Stormfront crew. A little break from “word study” this week.

The assassin’s brother(s)
John Larry Ray marks time in Quincy, still trying to set the record straight
By C. D. Stelzer
Untitled Document

For pictures and article go here  http://illinoistimes.com/article-4612-the-assassin%C2%92s-brother.html
John Larry Ray
The lone robber entered the Farmers Bank of Liberty at 9:10 a.m. on Friday May 30, 1980. He didn’t bark any demands, and he didn’t hand the teller a note. The gun in his left hand spoke for itself. He placed a crumpled plastic bag on the counter. As the teller stuffed cash from four tills into the bag, the bandit walked directly to the office of the executive vice president, as if he had cased the bank in advance. He motioned for the bank officer to go to the vault. “Two minutes,” he said, aiming the pistol at the officer and another bank employee. Informed that the vault had a time-delayed lock, the bandit grabbed the loot from behind the counter and fled. The robbery took three minutes and netted $15,122. Eyewitnesses pegged the stickup man as about 50 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall, 180 pounds, gray-haired and potbellied. He was dressed in baggy slacks, a tan jacket, and a floppy fisherman’s hat. Though a nylon-stocking mask concealed the robber’s facial features, the traumatized teller noted his “farmer’s tan.”
Three weeks later, John Larry Ray, the brother of the late James Earl Ray, was arrested for the heist. In the town of Liberty, Ill., Ray’s name still strikes terror in the former bank teller, though a jury ultimately acquitted Ray of that crime in a federal trial in Springfield more than a quarter-century ago. These days, the notorious bank robber lives quietly on College Avenue in Quincy in a small brick house with a rickety front porch. Vacant lots dot the neighborhood. Around the corner, on Martin Luther King Memorial Drive, African-American children play on the sidewalk in the autumn dusk. John Larry Ray moved here from St. Louis three years ago to care for his sister, Melba, who died last November. The 74-year-old brother of the convicted assassin of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has survived a heart attack and a stroke in recent years. He is also hobbled by diabetes. Complications from the disease forced the partial amputation of both of his feet more than a decade ago. In the spring, he hopes to erect tombstones at a local cemetery for himself and his kin.
He is counting on royalties from a book due out in March to help pay the bills. The forthcoming biography chronicles his criminal career and life in prison. It also purportedly reveals his late brother’s alleged ties to the CIA [see “His last score,” page 15]. Because of contractual obligations, he is currently not speaking to the press.
John Larry Ray’s own story, however, has little to do with international intrigue or espionage. His is a cops-and-robbers tale rooted in western Illinois.
Illinois law-enforcement authorities charged John Larry Ray with the May 30, 1980 robbery of the Farmers Bank of Liberty in Liberty, Ill.
He was born in Alton on St. Valentine’s Day 1933, the second son of Lucille and George “Speedy” Ray, a small-time hoodlum. During his youth, the family hightailed it from town to town, his father adopting aliases to stay one step ahead of the law. By 1944, the “Rayns” family had moved north to Knox County, where, Ray says, he applied for his first Social Security number to earn money delivering the Galesburg Register-Mail. James Earl Ray borrowed that number in 1967 to get a job as a dishwasher in Chicago after John Larry Ray helped him escape from the Missouri State Penitentiary. Those acts would bind the two brothers’ fates. But John Larry Ray had already made more than one wrong turn by then. His first serious scrape with the law came in 1953, when a joyride through the streets of Quincy in a stolen Hudson earned him five to 10. After his release in 1960 from the Menard State Penitentiary, in Chester, Ill, he worked as a bartender and Greyhound bus-depot employee. He dreamed of being a seaman but ended up tending greens at a golf course near Chicago. In 1964 and 1965, he knocked around Florida and the Catskill Mountains, in upstate New York, and collected unemployment benefits in New York City. By October 1966 he had landed in St. Louis, where, he says, he worked as a painter. In January 1968 he opened the Grapevine tavern on Arsenal Street in South St. Louis with one of his sisters. Months later, the FBI showed up at the Grapevine to question John Larry Ray on the whereabouts of his brother, who was by then wanted for the murder of King. He lied, telling the agents that he hadn’t had any contact with his brother for years. The FBI couldn’t prove his participation in the prison break the previous year, but the bureau had John Larry Ray in its crosshairs, and he would remain a target. In 1970, federal agents nabbed him for serving as the getaway driver in a bank robbery in St. Peters, Mo. That charge resulted in his only bank-robbery conviction and an 18-year sentence.
John Ray, in a videotaped interview, taken in 2001.
In 1978, however, a congressional panel investigating King’s murder — the House Select Committee on Assassinations — accused Ray of four other bank heists, including an October 1969 stickup in rural Illinois. In an odd twist, Ray would be busted for robbing the same financial institution — the Farmers Bank of Liberty — in 1980, a year-and-a-half after the conclusion of the congressional hearings.
The crime stunned the town of Liberty, population 524. Rumors that the robber was camped in a pasture at the edge of town hiked fears. Police-band chatter crackled with mounting reports of suspicious characters in the vicinity. The robbery garnered banner headlines in the Quincy Herald-Whig, and the Liberty Bee-Times, the town’s weekly newspaper, devoted its entire front page to the story. Less than a week later, Liberty would be jolted again. At 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 4, 1980, a farmer reported a suspicious vehicle west of town, according to the Bee-Times. When Liberty Police Chief Albert “Ab” Viar responded to the call, he found a blue 1969 Pontiac Tempest abandoned beside a gravel road, its engine compartment still warm. The car didn’t have license plates, but a registration application in the lower right-hand corner of the windshield bore the signature of James R. LaRue. Viar drove back to the house of the farmer. As she and her husband talked to the chief, the farmer’s wife saw a light come on inside the Tempest, which was parked about a quarter-mile away. By the time the police chief got back to that location, the car was heading in his direction. Viar flipped on his squad car’s emergency lights to signal the driver to stop. Instead the driver sped away, and Viar pursued him. The chase ended a half-mile later, when the Tempest spun out on a curve and crashed into a ditch. The driver jumped from the car and escaped on foot into a cornfield. As darkness fell, the police chief radioed for backup. After his deputy arrived, they conducted a search. About 300 feet from where the Tempest had first been spotted, Viar found a yellow satchel containing $10,803 from the bank robbery. At 8 o’clock the next morning, a county deputy and state police officer reported being fired upon near the bank, prompting another manhunt. Heavily armed local and state cops swarmed the fields and woodlands surrounding the town. That afternoon, authorities discovered an abandoned encampment about a mile from the scene of the car chase. At the site, police found a hole under a tree, leading them to believe that the robber had unearthed the loot, only to have his plans thwarted by the vigilant police chief. Meanwhile, the Adams County Sheriff’s Department issued a warrant for James R. LaRue, and the Illinois State Police arrested a man with that name in Cicero, Ill., on June 9, 1980. They released the suspect within hours, however, after he informed officers that a wallet containing his identification had been stolen a month earlier. The investigation appeared to have reached a dead end. But a week later the sheriff’s department charged Ray with the bank robbery on the basis of a left thumbprint found on one of the Tempest’s side-view mirrors. Ray, who matched the general description of the suspect, had vanished months earlier after being released on parole. Within days the FBI entered the case and, weirdly enough, so did an investigator for the defunct congressional committee. At 5:45 p.m. on June 23, 1980, Sgt. Conrad “Pete” Baetz of the Madison County (Ill.) Sheriff’s Department spotted Ray walking along Illinois Route 140 near Alton. “As I remember it, he was wearing a dark-blue leisure suit,” says Baetz, who now lives in Two Rivers, Wis. “It was also hotter than hell that day.” Baetz, on a shopping trip with his wife, turned his car around and passed the sweaty pedestrian again to confirm his identity. He then called the sheriff’s department from a nearby roadhouse. An on-duty officer arrived promptly to assist Baetz in the arrest. The two deputies frisked Ray and found nothing. Later, a Madison County jailer discovered a .38-caliber revolver among the personal items that Ray was toting in a shopping bag when he was arrested. The bag reportedly also contained women’s nylon hosiery and coin-roll wrappers from the Farmers Bank of Liberty. Baetz recognized the suspect so readily because they had crossed paths before. He had interviewed Ray in his capacity as a congressional investigator for the HSCA two years earlier. The Madison County officer had taken a leave of absence from his local law-enforcement duties in 1978 to work for the committee, but the career move turned bad when Baetz came under investigation himself. Former FBI informant Oliver Patterson alleged that the then-congressional investigator had directed him to spy on Jerry Ray, the youngest of the three Ray brothers. The informant also said that he gave false testimony, provided to him by Baetz, to the committee. Patterson revealed his illegal activities at a St. Louis press conference organized by attorney Mark Lane, who then represented James Earl Ray. Though the committee denied any wrongdoing, the press coverage tarnished the reputations of both the HSCA and Baetz. If Baetz feared that his latest brush with fame would stir up questions about his checkered Capitol Hill tenure, he needn’t have worried. The arrest of John Larry Ray grabbed front-page headlines in newspapers in St. Louis, Alton, and Quincy, but none of the accompanying stories mentioned Baetz’s central role in the HSCA scandal two years earlier. The Adams County sheriff arrived in Alton the next morning by chartered plane and flew Ray back to Quincy, where FBI agents dispatched from Indianapolis waited to interrogate him about the shooting of National Urban League president Vernon Jordan in Fort Wayne, Ind., on May 29, 1980 — the day before the Farmers Bank of Liberty robbery. Though the agents publicly discounted Ray as a suspect in the civil-rights leader’s shooting, their boss took a different tack. In a front-page story that appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, FBI director William H. Webster emphasized the similarities between the Jordan shooting and the murder of King — including the possibility that money from bank robberies financed the plots. The FBI chief’s accusations may have been sparked by memories of his early days on the bench. Like Baetz, the nation’s top cop had encountered John Larry Ray previously. As a fledgling federal district judge in St. Louis, Webster had sentenced John Larry Ray to prison for being the wheelman in the 1970 robbery of the Bank of St. Peters (Mo.). In 1978, the HSCA used that single federal conviction as the linchpin for its theory that the Ray brothers were an organized gang of bank robbers. The committee further alleged that James Earl Ray and John Larry Ray robbed the Bank of Alton on July 13, 1967, and used proceeds from that heist to finance James Earl Ray’s travels in the year preceding the King assassination.
To buttress its theory, the committee cited other bank robberies that were carried out in a similar fashion, including the 1970 Bank of St. Peters robbery, for which John Larry Ray was convicted, and the 1969 holdup of the Farmers Bank of Liberty, for which he wasn’t even charged.
“They all went down in essentially the same way,” Baetz says. “We put James Earl Ray in the area on the day the Alton robbery occurred.”
By the time HSCA called him to testify, John Larry Ray was slotted for parole for his 1971 bank-robbery conviction. After he refused to admit involvement in any of the bank robberies, the committee charged him with perjury and federal marshals pulled him out of a halfway house in St. Louis. He spent the next two months in solitary confinement at the federal penitentiary in Marion, Ill., while Justice Department officials tried to decide whether to pursue the charge. In comments to the press, Ray accused the federal prison system, the FBI, and congressional investigators of conspiring to deny his release. Attorney James Lesar, who represented John Larry Ray before the HSCA hearings, objected vehemently to the relevancy of bringing up bank robberies that took place after King was assassinated. The committee repeatedly overruled the objections. “They pretended they were a judicial proceeding despite the fact that it was a totally one-sided presentation of evidence,” says Lesar, a Washington, D.C., lawyer. “They were the prosecutor, the judge, and the jury, all in one ball.”
Internal Justice Department memos obtained later by Lesar through the Freedom of Information Act confirmed the HSCA had overreached its authority. Justice Department officials ruled that the committee had improperly slapped the perjury charge on John Larry Ray to force James Earl Ray to testify. The department refused to prosecute the case. Back at the St. Louis halfway house from which he had been yanked, John Larry Ray told the Associated Press on Aug. 24, 1978, that “he would testify about a ‘link’ in the assassination if authorities would permit a nationwide television report about improper judicial action that resulted in his conviction of aiding the robbery of a St. Peters, Mo., bank.”
His only co-defendant in the 1971 St. Peters bank-robbery trial had his conviction overturned on a technicality as Ray remained locked up. Now the judge who sentenced him had risen to FBI director. Guilt or innocence mattered little under these circumstances. Nothing would ever shake his belief that he had been set up to take a fall because he was James Earl Ray’s brother.
The pawn had made his move, but it was as if he wasn’t even on the chessboard. Nobody paid attention to his offer. This must have convinced him that the game was rigged. But that doesn’t explain why John Larry Ray chose to lie to the HSCA. Despite the expiration on the statute of limitation and a congressional grant of immunity, Ray denied involvement in James Earl Ray’s escape from the Missouri State Penitentiary in 1967. He has since admitted picking up his brother after the escape near Jefferson City, Mo. In its final report, the HSCA concluded “that the resistance of the Ray brothers to admitting a criminal association among themselves in these minor crimes is based on a frank realization that such an admission might well lead to their implication in the higher crime of assassination.”
When asked to make a closing statement before the HSCA on Dec. 1, 1978, John Larry Ray cast the blame for King’s assassination on his accusers, appealing to Congress to unlock evidence the government had decided to seal until 2027. “The U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI and a federal judge locked up thousands of pages of evidence concerning . . . Martin Luther King, and the Rays and maybe a person who conspired to assassinate him. “It is my belief that since I have been locked in solitary confinement for 67 days, in three different federal asylums, and [endured] many physical tortures by this government, that they should release this information, and the person who do [sic] not release the information, it seems to me they would be covering up a murder. They would be covering up the murder of Martin Luther King. . . .”
At his arraignment in Adams County on June 25, 1980, Ray displayed no belated signs of contrition. He argued press coverage of “FBI propaganda” made it impossible for him to receive fair treatment in the United States and requested a trial before the United Nations. Six months later, after more contentious court appearances, the state of Illinois washed its hands of John Larry Ray and turned the case over to federal prosecutors. The rest of the courtroom drama would play out in federal district court in Springfield. It would pit an inexperienced public defender against a phalanx of assistant U.S. attorneys.
Ronald Spears, Ray’s court-appointed lawyer, had been in private practice for less than two years when he went to trial in April 1981. He confesses a degree of youthful naïveté then about outside events surrounding the case, but that doesn’t explain his surprise over the unusual developments inside the courtroom. “There were some critical mysteries in the case that I’ve never figured out,” says Spears, who is now a Christian County Circuit Court judge.
The most mysterious element of the case, says Spears, involved a flashlight that the prosecution admitted as evidence. Twenty-six years later it remains a subject of debate. Baetz, the arresting officer who testified at the trial, says that FBI agents belatedly discovered a roll of bills inside the flashlight, money that the former congressional investigator contends came from the bank robbery. Spears remembers it differently. With FBI agents present, he and Ray examined the physical evidence, including the flashlight that had been found in the shopping bag at the time of his arrest. Ray opened the flashlight and peered into the battery chamber and then put the cap back on, according to Spears. Later Ray took Spears aside and asked him to call for an investigation. Ray claimed that he had stashed money he had earned working in Chicago before his arrest in the flashlight and that it had disappeared. Spears informed the court of his client’s allegation and demanded an explanation. “So the prosecutor brings the thing into open court and takes it out of the box,” says Spears. “He opens up the end of it, [and] pulls out several thousand dollars in cash. All of this evidence was in the custody of the FBI. They had already examined it. They obviously would have identified if they found the money in there. Either there was some not very good work done by the crime lab, or somebody took it [the money] and was going to keep it and got caught.”
Other evidence may have been flushed down the toilet. Feces collected near the getaway car contained anal hairs, which prompted the state to order Ray to provide samples. He complied. But when Spears later questioned the forensic specialist at the trial, the witness testified that he had thrown away the evidence. “Again, it points to either what could have been a sloppy investigation or worse,” Spears says.
The prosecution relied on the testimony of Charles Reeder, a cellmate of John Larry Ray’s while Ray was jailed in Adams County. He told the jury that Ray had confessed to the crime. Under cross-examination, however, Reeder said that he agreed to testify for the government in exchange for a possible reduction in his 10-year sentence for deviate sexual assault. The defense countered by calling Oliver Patterson, the former HSCA informant, to the stand, prompting the prosecution to object, so Judge J. Waldo Ackerman cleared the jury from the courtroom to ascertain the relevancy of his testimony. Under oath, Patterson said that when he heard that Baetz had arrested John Larry Ray, he immediately wondered whether the former congressional investigator had tampered with the evidence. Moreover, Patterson told the court, his false testimony before the HSCA — which Baetz allegedly condoned — led to the delay in Ray’s 1978 parole. In short, Patterson maintained that Baetz had a vendetta against Ray and his family. Not surprisingly, Jerry Ray agreed. The youngest of the Ray brothers testified that the FBI had first tried to pin the Liberty bank heist on him. “When it was shown that I couldn’t have robbed it because I was in Georgia, then they said ‘John Ray robbed it,’ ” says Jerry Ray. “If they can’t get one, then they get the other.”
Ackerman, however, ruled that Patterson’s testimony was irrelevant to the bank-robbery charge.
“I’m sure at that point Patterson liked the publicity he was getting,” Baetz says. “I didn’t even know that he was going to testify, but my guess is he would testify to the fact that there was this vast conspiracy against the Ray family.” The former congressional investigator blames Mark Lane, James Earl Ray’s attorney, for promulgating that idea. “His way of handling things was to throw out as many allegations as you can, as loud as you can, and see if they will stick,” Baetz says. In this case, however, the job of making things stick fell to federal prosecutors, who failed to place John Larry Ray inside the bank that had been robbed. None of the fingerprints at the bank matched Ray’s, plus none of the witnesses, including the teller, could identify Ray.
Instead, prosecutors used circumstantial evidence against Ray, including the thumbprint on the vehicle involved in the car chase — a week after the robbery. In addition, a ballistic expert testified that a .38-caliber bullet removed from a tree at the site where the getaway car was found on the day of the robbery matched the gun discovered in Ray’s shopping bag after his arrest.
After seven hours of deliberations, the jury found Ray guilty. But the judge threw out the conviction. His decision hinged on a handwritten motion submitted by John Larry Ray when he faced state charges in Adams County. Federal prosecutors introduced his motion as evidence so that the jury could compare it with handwriting on the license-plate-application form for the Pontiac Tempest involved in the car chase. But Ray’s motion included detailed information on his prior bank-robbery conviction, which was inadmissible evidence. In the second trial, which took place in July 1981, Ray was acquitted by the jury after more than 10 hours of deliberations. John Larry Ray, however, returned to federal penitentiary because he had been convicted in March 1981 for contempt of court for not providing handwriting samples to federal prosecutors. Ray apparently balked at the demand after having already given samples to the state after his arrest the previous year. For his lack of cooperation, he received a three-year sentence. He received additional time for the .38-caliber pistol found among his possessions after his arrest. Ray was paroled in 1987 and disappeared for the next five years. U.S. marshals arrested him for parole violation in St. Louis in 1992. The Federal Bureau of Prisons released him for the last time on July 26, 1993. By that time, Ray had spent more than 25 years of his life in prisons in 13 states from coast to coast.
By virtue of his relationship to his late brother, John Larry Ray will always be associated with one of the most heinous crimes of the 20th century. In many ways he has been cast in a role not entirely of his own creation. His legend is really a collaborative work, a crazy quilt of official sources whose pieces don’t always fit. His side of the story has been largely ignored or discredited. Ray is, after all, a felon, an ex-con with a rap sheet that spans five decades. He is known to have lied to the FBI and Congress. But there is another reason that his version of events has often gone unheeded: Ray has a lifelong speech impediment. Words have failed him. He has literally been misunderstood.
An intent listener can discern his message clearly enough, however, and it hasn’t changed for a very long time. Ray still harbors an unyielding contempt for authority. The world is his prison, and he has made a career of defying those who run the joint.
C.D. Stelzer is a frequent contributor. His profile of singer/songwriter Wil Maring, “Keeper of the farm,” appeared in the Aug. 9 issue. Contact him at cdstelzer@yahoo.com.

John Larry Ray’s journey
Ray’s criminal history includes car theft,
bank robbery, aiding a prison escape, and perjury.
Feb. 14, 1933 — Born Alton, Ill.
1944 — Applies for and receives Social Security number 318-24-7098 in Galesburg, Ill. under the name John L. Raynes.
1953 — Convicted of car theft in Quincy, Ill., sentenced to five-to-ten years.
1960 — Released from Menard State Penitentiary in Chester, Ill.
April 23, 1967 — Helps his brother James Earl Ray escape from the Missouri Penitentiary in Jefferson City, Mo.
April 1968 — Interviewed at the Grapevine tavern in St. Louis about his brother’s whereabouts by the FBI.
Oct. 28, 1970 — Charged with driving the getaway car in the robbery of the Bank of St. Peters (Mo.).
April 6, 1970 — Convicted of the St. Peters bank robbery.
April 23, 1970 — Sentenced to 18-years in federal penitentiary by U.S. District Judge William H. Webster.
April-May 1978 — Gives closed-door testimony to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA).
June 15, 1978 — Pulled out of a halfway house in St. Louis and charged with perjury by the U.S. Congress; placed in solitary confinement at the federal maximum security prison in Marion, Ill.
Aug. 24, 1978 — Returns to halfway house in St. Louis.
Dec. 1, 1978 — Gives public testimony before the HSCA.
July 26, 1979 — Parole revoked for failing to appear in court for DWI charge in Fredericktown, Mo.
Feb. 4, 1980 — Fails to report to halfway house in St. Louis, after being released from the federal medical facility for prisoners in Springfield, Mo.
June 16, 1980 — Charged with the robbery of the Farmer’s Bank of Liberty (Ill.)
June 23,1980 — Arrested by Madison County, Ill., deputy and former congressional investigator Conrad “Pete” Baetz near Alton, Ill.
June 24, 1980 — Questioned by FBI agents in Quincy about the shooting of National Urban League President Vernon Jordan Jr.
June 25, 1980 — Charged in Adams County, Ill. with the Farmers Bank of Liberty robbery; asks for trial before the United Nations.
Dec. 23, 1980 — Illinois authorities drop charges and remand John Larry Ray into federal custody.
March 17, 1981 — After seven hours of deliberations, the jury convicts John Larry Ray of contempt in U.S. District Court in Springfield for not providing handwriting samples to federal prosecutors.
April 6, 1981 — Convicted of robbing the Farmers Bank of Liberty in U.S. District Court in Springfield.
April 30, 1981 — U.S. District Judge J. Waldo Ackerman throws out guilty verdict because the jury received inadmissible evidence.

July 10, 1981 — After more than 10 hours of deliberations, a jury finds John Larry Ray not guilty in second Farmers Bank of Liberty robbery trial in U.S. District Court in Springfield.
July 28, 1981 — Sentenced to three years for contempt of court for not providing handwriting samples to federal prosecutors.
July 26, 1982 — 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholds contempt of court conviction.
1987 — Paroled from federal prison.
Feb. 8, 1992 — Arrested for parole violation by federal marshals in St. Louis.
July 26, 1993 — Federal Bureau of Prisons releases John Larry Ray for the last time.

~ As I have stated many times, the first thing I learned about Jews is if you invite Jews over to your house they will turn your house into a pig sty and tell you that you have a dirty house. In this case it looks like the Jews killed MLK and now Mr Seltzer is blaming the US Government. It would be interesting to revisit the entire lives of the Ray brothers and the Jews involved in their arrests starting with Conrad Pete Baetz, Baetz was also involved in the DNA case of  Steven Avery who I commented on not long ago  for being released in regards to DNA evidence. Mr Baetz was the main character to have claimed he had “a gut feeling” that Avery was innocent.


Welcome to the Baetz Motel

On Avery:

“Just as a personal opinion, I think there’s a very good possibility he’s innocent. Just from the way he talked and the way we talked. You get a feel for these things, and I would have picked up some indication,” Baetz said in a phone interview from his current home in Wisconsin.

He added: “I don’t think he did it. He is just adamant that he’s innocent.”


Im Avery nice Jewish boy

Mr Baetz doesnt trust “our government” either nowadays. Avery’s nephew admitted to raping the chained woman in his uncles bed when Avery was finished with her and then cut her into pieces and burned them in a pit on his used car lot. DNA that you nor I can prove claims this monster is innocent. How do you like DNA science now?
Dan O’Donnell “Rebutting a Murderer”
Dan is a very bright non practicing lawyer and has followed this case from the beginning. He knew Avery was guilty, but he never saw the Jew angle in it. It’s actually quite comical how he explains that so many people are siding with Avery and he didn’t know why. I studied this case for 2 hours and I knew what was going on….and it goes on all the time. So maybe O”Donnell is smart, in fact maybe everyone is smarter than me, but they wont say what the root of the problem is (and always has been).
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White God

The Legend of the White God
We know from ancient Indian legends that at some point shrouded in the mists of time, White men landed on the shores of the New World, long before Columbus. Every Indian society of which we have any knowledge records this arrival and refers to a White God who brought them their system of science, engineering, gave them their legal codes, and helped them achieve a high level of civilization. But who was this High God?? And how did he and his relatives cross a vast unknown ocean to arrive in a New World? From these ancient legends we learn that these White Gods arrived in huge foreign ships with swan wings, hulls gleaming so brightly that they looked like giant serpents gliding over the water. When they reached the shore, strange men emerged from the ships, fair skinned and blue-eyed, wearing the gowns of a coarse black material with a circular opening at the neck and short 111497wide sleeves.
The legend of a particular White God has also survived to our day from all the ancient civilizations of Central and South America. The Toltecs and Aztec of Mexico called him Quetzalcoatl, the Incas called him Viracocha, to the Maya he was Kukulcan, who brought them their laws, their script and was worshipped like a god by the people. To the Chibchas he was Bochia, the White Mantle of Light. To those of Peru he was Hyustus, and to this day they will tell you that he was fair and had blue eyes.
According to two of the chroniclers White men with beards turned up on the shores of Lakekukulkan white aryan god Titicaca, built a great city, and taught the inhabitants a more civilized way of life. The Indians said that the White Gods built this city 2000 years before the time of the Incas.


~ Before the White Gods of the America’s are completely erased and before the minds of our kids are completely brainwashed because we don’t combat lies that are killing us, let me put this up for the record. The White Gods didn’t just show up on boats they invented the boats like they invented everything else and this wasn’t Columbus coming to town this was white people 2000 years before Columbus.There is nothing about this in our schoolbooks although it makes perfect sense, instead we are supposed to believe Asians rowed their boats they carved out of tree trunks against the currents to America and then moved inland. This is Jew history just like the slave trade was controlled by white people and Jews are everyone in the Bible starting with Adam, did not bomb the Liberty purposely, didnt do 9/11, dont start wars, made into lampshades, are thinking for the best interest of America and European countries, didn’t do Katyn, weren’t the Bolshevick slaughterers etc etc etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have two histories, Jew history and the truth. Jew history has numerous scenarios, dates, places etc. The truth only has one history. Your time on this earth better be bringing truth back! That is why we have to have an ecclesia to discuss matters everyone else obviously wont. We will only find the truth and defeat the Jew lies together knowing our ancestors went from being White Gods to White Dupes for one reason and one reason only, they trusted Jews over God. History has been erased to some extent, but to know history you have to first know the present. If you know the present you have a pretty good idea what has happened in the past. If you dont know the present and how you are being duped it is because you were not seeking the truth and have accepted the lies.  If you were of the truth you would be here proving this wrong and combating lies, but the truth is you cant do it. So what do you do? Nothing! Your waiting for Donald Trump to do something.

I just discovered the same movie on this site which I do not follow at all.


They were looking for a fact that Kornel Mundruczo was a jew as I was because this is indeed obviously Jewish. What I can add is names that start with “Mun” (except the Munsters maybe) “Mon” and “Man” as in Barry Manilow, Howie Mandell (Who Wants to be a Millionaire?), Maneshewitz is usually, but not always JEW. This writer at Counterpunch has come to the same conclusion so it seems some people do know the truth and are just waiting on a “movement”.

At this point, it dawned on me that the film might be commenting metaphorically on the burgeoning racism in Hungary that is directed at Roma, Jews and African immigrants. The next day, a look at the director’s statement in the press notes confirmed my suspicions:

It’s no secret that after the films I’ve made thus far, I am turning towards genre experiments. The first installment of these is WHITE GOD, inspired mostly by increasingly rancorous present-day social relations. In my view, parallel to the questionable advantages of globalization, a caste-system has become more sharply defined: Superiority has truly become the privilege of white, Western civilization, and it is nearly impossible for us not to take advantage of it. Yes, us.


The Jew Mundrowicz is worried about racism in Europe. How do we fall for this? It’s called deep delusion. I didn’t focus on this because of the movie, but you can be sure the Jew focused on this movie to wipe out true history. That is what our ancestors fought for, the Jews right to destroy true history.


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Like Mike, the White One

By Tsvi Sadan, Israel Today

Barack Obama’s autobiography seems to be as complex as the president himself. Tzach Yoked, writing in Maariv this week, exposed to Israelis, perhaps for the first time, that among the American president’s eight half-brothers is one, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, who is Jewish.

Obama’s father had four wives – two Kenyan-born women and two white American women, the Christian mother of Barack Obama, Ann Dunham, and the Jewish mother of Mark Obama, Ruth Baker. Ruth was born to a Jewish family that immigrated to the United States from Lithuania. She married Obama Sr. in 1964 and moved to Kenya. Ruth divorced her husband after seven years of abusive marriage.

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Though by no means religious, Mark Obama is proud of his Jewish identity. “My mother is a liberal person who did not keep the religious rituals,” he said. “However, she always taught me to be proud of the fact that I am Jewish … as far as I am concerned, the main aspect of my Jewish identity does not stem from performing the religious rituals and prayers, but out of a strong sense that I am Jewish. It is something that you simply feel, a strong sense of secular Jewish identity that my mother gave me … she is the woman who taught me what’s important in life, who helped me to understand Torah, taught me music, helped me with my studies.”

Mark Obama recounts that contrary to what President Obama has said, they first met in 1988, and not in 2007. Asked why the president hadn’t told the truth about their meeting, the Jewish sibling said his older brother was probably ill-advised by political advisers. Nevertheless, it would seem that Mark adores Barack, even though, as he claims, the president has failed to be in touch with his brother for several months now.

Mark Obama went on to marry Liu Xuehua and has been living in China for the last 12 years. He is an accomplished pianist and published the semi-autobiographical novel, “Nairobi to Shenzhen: A Novel of Love in the East.”

Mark, who has adopted China as his home country, is a vivid testimony of the complexity of Jewish identity. Born to a black Muslim father and a white Jewish mother, raised in Kenya but educated in the United States, half-brother to a president whose own religious identity is far from clear, Mark Obama is no less Jewish than any other child born to a Jewish mother. If anything, he well represents the crisis of secular Judaism.

This form of Judaism, as can be found also in Israel, wants to maintain Jewish identity apart from the Jewish faith. In America, where society is overwhelmingly non-Jewish, secular Judaism is on the decline due to a high rate of intermarriage. If anything can be learned from it is, as Israeli President Shimon Peres said just recently, that as far as Jews are concerned, state and religion cannot be separated.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/who-knew-obama-has-a-jewish-brother/#Bs49Bsr9B0uFozYR.99


How does Michael help us if we dont know who the enemy even is? Michael uses a sword, we use?

I wanted to write this so the lemming passerby’s could accept this, try to convince them of this, but I have nothing to convince because the words speak for themselves, at least for me.

I first thought that this root “cah” from the Hebrew word “milcahmah”  and “kel-lee” from “battle axe”, “kah-yil” from “sword” or “chayil khahyil” from Army etc etc etc all came from the Milesians where the word “military” comes from, but what was the language of the Milesians? Nobody ever made the claim that Milesians spoke Gaelic at least by that name. Who is famous from Miletus that I could use as peoples who came out of Miletus other than the Milesians? The names were all Phoenicians and oddly we have definitive proof of the Phoenician language (Hebrew) in what we call Ireland today by way of Iberia and others we wont go into today. Some of those names out of Miletus you may know such as Thales, Pythagoras (who said the earth was round and still is), Hecataeus, etc. Cadmus,

The Jews cartoon character Phineas- psst they hate Phineas of the Bible.

The Jews cartoon character Phineas- psst they hate Phineas of the Bible.

a Phoenician (Kahd-mus) went in search for his sister “Europa” where we get the name Europe, but somehow none of our Jew controlled schools ever taught us about the Phoenicians it was all as mythical as leprechauns in Ireland, a name the Irish didnt even give it. Anyone who doubts Phoenicians being in Ireland and or Britain today has no clue of history whatsoever.

Why was it Phoenicia and Lebanon were intertwined words? Some called it Phoenicia and some called it Lebanon. Lebanon supposedly means “white birch tree’s” or “snow capped mountains”, but the truth is Laban means “white” just as Rachel’s and Leah’s father’s name meant “white”. There is no word “mountain” in it or “tree’s” it was “white land” as opposed to Canaanland (Canaan was also white btw). Phoenicia also means “white” and is the root of the name “Fionna” “Bianca”, Bennu (the Phoenix- which means “to shine” or “rise in brilliance”, Finland, Vienna, Venezuela- means “Little Venice” supposedly discovered by our very own Amerigo Vespucci, a Medici agent (he is supposedly where we got the name America as well which is also BS).

If you have come this far you are capable of finding words on your own.

lbanah leb-aw-naw’ from 3835; properly, (the) white, i.e. the moon:–moon.

Do you know what “white is also in Gaelic? “Ban” No la la la’s.

A black hat in a Jew movie named "white". Thats a mixed up dude.

A black hat in a Jew movie named “white”. Thats a mixed up dude.

I guess that makes Eric Bana (the Munich star) not a Jew. Ban and Fiona mean “white” or “fair” sometimes even “holy”. You are going to have to put this all together in your own white languages, but I can tell you it all comes from Hebrew and our history.

All of these words below (and all stem from one root) come from the “keh” part of the name Michael – http://www.catholic-religion-and-more.com/archangel-michael.html

Michael, however does not mean “who is like God” just as the name Kennedy doesnt mean “ugly head”, they lie! It means “Gods warrior”. So we have a group called “The Milesians” who become known as the Kelts (pronounced Cahs just like Cathac or Cathal) and both seemed to have disappeared.

Words related to combat, military or war:

Combat or battle- mil Cha ma (mil KAH ma)

Battle in Gaelic is “Cathal” pronounced Kah hah or Kah- Kath in Greek

Captain- Kah p taen in Gaelic, Centurio in Latin – kehn turio (keh and Kah are the same as you will see).

Captain means “head” meaning “chief” not your head, it is a military word, the name Kennedy if you look it up is said to mean “ugly head”, but the head part does not mean the head on your shoulders, the same thing happens in the name “Kentucky” which is supposed to be Indian- it means or at least one of its meanings means “At he head of the river”. It is also interesting that Kentucky was spelled with a th the same way kah hah and cathal is, but that for another day. The Latin “caput” comes from this word, it means “head”, So you can see how “head” gets confused in all white languages. Head isnt always your hat holder.

German “Kapitan”, Hauptman pronounced Kahptman

Words that come from captain: captivate, captive, capitulate (surrender)

I know nothingk! Im a jew.

I know nothingk! Im a jew.

Commandant or Kah mandant, Kommandant in German

Casualty- military related

Catapult- “war machine for throwing,” from Greek katapeltes, from kata “against” (see cata-) + base of pallein “to toss, hurl” (see pulse (n.1)). As an airplane-launching device on an aircraft-carrier by 1927.

Conflict- “armed encounter, battle,” from Old French conflit and directly from Latin conflictus (see conflict (v.)). Meaning “struggle, quarrel” is from mid-15c.

Odd, David Duke insists that “con” (like “con job” from an ex con) always comes from “Cohen”. Cohen means “priest”, cohanim “priests”. “Priest” is another form of “Provost” or “chief”, a chief is a “head” or “ruler”. Dr Duke is wrong again.

These words very often are declared French or Latin words as if Latin was the language of the early Irish, but it is in fact the other way around (Gauls, Gaels or Galls were in Italy and France too).

Corporal- Gaelic “coirp”, Latin “corporali”, etc etc etc. Kah Keh Koh- vowels were different in different languages.

How about words like “cattle”. Cattle in earlier days were used to stampede the opposition.

Horse- equo, Horses “equus” pronounce eh KAHs were also used for battle. Horse was pronounced with a k in German, H and K are often confused especially in the Slavic languages. Capall in Gaelic.

Camel (Kah-mel) – yes used in battle.

Caballero, caballa (yes the Kaballah is horse sh**), caballo, cabin is like a temporary (not Tipperary) castle “kah stle”.

Kibbutz has this root- meaning ( a communal settlement or Kahlony- colony) Kahbutz- it has “battle” built right into it except its not their word and as far as I can see not in the Bible. So we have white people using these terms for thousands of years and Jews had to make one up.

Colonel- Kahl o nel not Kernel

My Mel Gibson beard

My Mel Gibson beard “unite the ehhhhh ehhh clans”!

Conquest- “Kahn quest” in English,  Thats phoenetics by the way from the word Phoenician. What was Alexander the Great in Greek? Maybe someone Greek can tell us (the first 3 letters are oddly enough “kat”.

Conquer in Greek –


General– no, there is no “kah” in General, but there is the root “gene” or “gen”. David Duke will tell you over and over “gens” means “tribe” or “clan” in English, but what is it in Hebrew? “Mishpachah” Mish pah KAH (also representing a certain people of the same genealogy). Does anyone out there think a clan of whites could be related to a clan of Jews? The answer is “yes” because Jews are not a race so they are related to everyone and anyone and why Miss Israel was a Black woman a few years ago. You arent white if you are part Jew or part anything else so a Jew can have a tribe, but it isnt the same tribe as any other tribe on earth and maybe why the term General has the word gene in it to make sure.

Here is clan in Greek – φυλή, Clan is also “famille” in French, comluadar (Kahmluadar) in Gaelic. Welcome to the Kamily! Well clans fought together and against each other and sometimes against others if they were around as they were in the Middle East. You have to wonder who won the Kahtfields or the McCahoys or McEvevoys.

Army- has the same root in Hebrew “kah” and the battle axe was the “kel-lee” Kelly in Gaelic means “warrior”.

The name Kelly was spelled with a “Ch” or an “Sh” and where the word “sheighleily” comes

Yes folks that is an old sheieighly (or a club) possibly a 3 wood, my favorite club too.

Yes folks that is an old sheieighly (or a club) possibly a 3 wood, my favorite club too.

from- a battle axe. By the way the word did not mean “axe” as we know it today. Kah is in the Hebrew root of sword, spear, to strike, axe, just to mention a few. To axe means to “hewn” down (remember H and K?)

Keltic obviously means warrior as Kelly means warrior. To “kill” in Hebrew “na kah”. Notice “kill” is different when murdering or being murdered or killing an animal, but most  have the Kah root although there are other words as well. “slayeth” in Genesis 4:15 is “har ag” “kah rag” and in Exodus 12:21 killing a lamb is “shaquat”. Qal is to root of “to kill”.

Michael- German Me Kah el, Russian Mikhail, English Mie-kel. Michael may have been the first Celtic warrior. Warriors go to fight wars, but where does the word “war” come from? We know the Hebrew word was mil kama, but how did we get “war” out of that?

Jacob means to battle or struggle with Ya- “cob” or in German “kampf” means struggle as in “Mein Kampf“. Next time some Jew calls you an antisemite because they speak a semitic language tell him this, then get the sheighleily (always misspell that- no wonder it got mixed up).

War-war (n.) Look up war at Dictionary.comlate Old English wyrre, werre “large-scale military conflict,” from Old North French werre “war” (Old French guerre “difficulty, dispute; hostility; fight, combat, war;” Modern French guerre), from Frankish *werra, from Proto-Germanic *werz-a- (cognates: Old Saxon werran, Old High German werran, German verwirren “to confuse, perplex”), from PIE *wers- (1) “to confuse, mix up”. Cognates suggest the original sense was “to bring into confusion.”

Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian guerra also are from Germanic; Romanic peoples turned to Germanic for a “war” word possibly to avoid Latin bellum because its form tended to merge with bello- “beautiful.” (and the kelts they were fighting against) There was no common Germanic word for “war” at the dawn of historical times. Old English had many poetic words for “war” (wig, guð, heaðo, hild, all common in personal names), but the usual one to translate Latin bellum was gewin struggle, strife” (related to win (v.)).  Guarra

Kah-rey, thats right! Could be a name changer however like John Kahrry.

Kah-rey, thats right! Could be a name changer however like John Kahrry.

in Latin. Gwynn in Welsh means “white” – I have no idea where that fits in just thought Id add it.

win (v.) Look up win at Dictionary.com“be victorious,” c. 1300 fusion of Old English winnan “to labor, toil, struggle for, work at, strive, fight,” and gewinnan “to gain or succeed by struggling, conquer, obtain,” both from Proto-Germanic *winn(w)an “to seek to gain” (cognates: Old Saxon winnan, Old Norse vinna, Old Frisian winna, Dutch winnen “to gain, win,” Danish vinde “to win,” Old High German winnan “to strive, struggle, fight,” German gewinnen “to gain, win,” Gothic gawinnen “to suffer, toil”), from PIE *wen- (1) “desire, strive for” (source of wish; see Venus). The k and the g can easily be confused kewinnan and gewinnan. It obviously makes sense that it belongs because it is everywhere else.

mgerah meg-ay-raw‘ from 1641; a saw:–axe, saw.

I was in the Corps, but I really didnt know where the word came from. Corps in Gaelic – “Cor”. Cor is also the root of “corpse” or “body”,  Marines were always called the backbone of the body. If you are going to fight a war you need good cardio and a good heart to fight for what you believe is right, but unfortunately our “head” or chief isnt always our own.

I also did some “guerilla warfare” training, but those words are actually the same and from the same root (war warfare).

camouflage, convoy, cannon, cadet, casualty, cavalry, commission, company, courage, courageous, squad, squadron (kader in German), cadence,   helmet (from kel-met) , Helmet in Hebrew- kobah, French – “casque”.


This word goes on and on in the military arena and it is only one Hebrew root word all over Europe. This is just one word which branched out everywhere, think of how many other words are just like this (I passed by dozens just writing this). Grenade is a Phoenician word from “pomegranate”. They spoke Hebrew not Yhiddish.

I have only touched on the English roots of  “cah” and only in the military sense, wherever you see war, armor, army, battle, battle field, weapon, sword, spear it comes from Hebrew in one way or another. All you have to do is get a concordance. Sometimes you may be looking at a word that is spelled in another alphabet and not said the way it was originally intended.

Everywhere you look you see words supposedly originating in Old French, Old English, Latin, but never in Gaelic. Folks like David Duke, Don Black, Professor MacDonald all believe the white people came from the North so why isnt Gaelic ever referred to as the root of a word (or Phoenicians)? Gaelic obviously goes way back and the amount of words we get from it is countless. Latin gets their words from Gaelic so why arent we taught Gaelic in High School like we were Latin (or even Hebrew where our languages without a

Ubi est Mel Gibstein?

Ubi est Mel Gibstein?

doubt comes from)? Because we are not supposed to know and the Dukes and MacDonalds of the world are going to continue to make us not know.

This will be an ongoing thread because I have only touched on the top of the mountain buried by Jew lies. Michael is the warrior against Satan and we are the warriors against his kids…..what happens above happens below and a spear or a battle axe is a weapon not a tongue. Our tongues have been turned into the weapon of the Jew.

The Kelts or Kells were the Army of MiKel or Michael. This root is in almost all Celtic names. Kell and Gael are like Mikel and Miguel.

Random name (chose this name out of the air)- McDougal from Dughail or Gael, Gael and Kel like Michael or Mikel. Gaels were Kels or Kelts right? “ghail” in Gaelic means “valor” as in war. David Dughail Duke could never be named this. Gael and Celt come from the same root meaning- “warrior” and from our Bible which comes from the Middle East, need I say more? You bet I will.



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The Day the Jew Clown Cried

‘Lost’ Jerry Lewis Holocaust film sees the light


Im a Jew what do you expect?

Image caption Jerry Lewis wrote and directed The Day the Clown Cried but seemingly lost heart in his project

In the early 1970s Hollywood actor Jerry Lewis started working on a Holocaust film so bizarre he ended up hiding all the footage and to this day it has never been seen.

But the BBC has uncovered a large collection of images for an exclusive online documentary about the strange movie, as producer Richard Latto explains.

The Day the Clown Cried told the story of a fictional clown, Helmut Doork, who was thrown into prison and eventually used to entertain children and lead them into the concentration camp gas chambers.

Lewis – at the peak of his career after success in The Nutty Professor and the Bell Boy – wrote and directed the film, and was at first very passionate about the idea. But perhaps even he eventually found the subject matter too harrowing.

The film has never been released, with only a handful of people claiming to have seen anything from the production. Lewis himself avoids questions about it during interviews and public appearances.

For the BBC documentary The Story of Day the Clown Cried, presenter David Schneider went to hear the stories of people close to the production, including the late Lars Amble, who played a Nazi guard.

Image copyright Jill Tillberg

Im a clown, Im a Jew and Im sad too. Im a Jew actor.

Image caption Production of The Day the Clown Cried was reportedly plagued with problems

Amble remembers being asked to take part by Lewis: “He was staying in Stockholm in a hotel. He called me up, I went to his room and suddenly he says I know which part you are going to have, a very mean guy.

“He was a very professional actor and director. He gave us all confidence.”

Jack Kotschack was one of the producers. His son Erik remembers the period well when his father was working on the production.

“He was very thrilled to do this, to be part of it. When they made a decision to shoot the scenes from the concentration camp in Sweden, my father was the guy who made it possible.

“Jerry Lewis was big at that time. It was a big story for Sweden. He was a person who took [control of] the room, a big character and actor.”

But the production was beset with problems and Kotschack says the working relationship between his father and Lewis fell apart.

Image copyright Jill Tillberg

Jerrys Jew kids (actors too)

Image caption Yael Fried from the Jewish Museum in Stockholm says: ‘We need different ways and methods of understanding the Holocaust and fiction can help us with that’

“He sent a telegram ‘to the smallest man in town from Jerry Lewis to Jack’.

“In the beginning they were best of friends but in the end not so.”

There are many people on the internet who have circulated alleged copies of the script, and even some who have attempted to re-enact the entire film online.

So what is the fascination with this project?

“This is a very interesting film because very few people have seen anything from it,” says Jan Lumholdt, a film critic based in Sweden.

“He’s a comedian and this is his most serious film ever. This gives it a very interesting energy and dynamic.

“I always felt that there are countless examples of great dark serious performers and dark work by comedians, there is a certain touch to it.”

Image copyright Jill Tillberg

Jerrys being a serious Jew now, but nobody likes a serious clown.

Image caption The film also shares previously unseen archive footage of Lewis being interviewed on the set

There have been many films about the Holocaust and it’s often hard to come to terms with a fictional story set during this dark period in history. But Yael Fried, project manager of the Jewish Museum in Stockholm, is in favour of such projects.

“We need different ways and methods of understanding the Holocaust and fiction can help us with that,” he says.

“You can use fictional characters in a real environment. I think you have to be careful and very clear that it’s fiction.”

It’s rumoured by many that Lewis attempted to introduce moments of comedy into the production. The main character’s name was seemingly changed from Karl Schmidt to Helmut Doork.

“As the child of a Holocaust survivor – my mother got out of Vienna in 1938 along with her playwright father and actress mother – the Holocaust was something that I have always been very aware of,” says Schneider.

Image copyright Jill Tillberg

That’s a gas ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh!

Image caption Jerry Lewis: ‘Comedy is our safety valve, without it I think we would disappear, evaporate’

“As a comedian, I’ve always been fascinated by whether you can do comedy about such a difficult and taboo subject.

“I used to compere Jewish comedy gigs and I remember once getting a note passed to me backstage saying: ‘We are a coach party of Auschwitz survivors come to see you. Please can you say hello to us during the gig?’

“And I just thought, what am I meant to do? Go on and shout: ‘Hi, is there anybody from Auschwitz in the place tonight?’

“A lot of Jewish comedians found themselves exploring this area, just because it’s so central to their identity.”


Im going to do a Holocaust movie too (starring all the Seinfeld characters)

The documentary also shares previously unseen archive footage of Lewis being interviewed on the set.

“Comedy is our safety valve, without it I think we would disappear, evaporate,” he says.

“My philosophy of comedy is a man in trouble. There for the grace of God go I.”

The Story of the Day the Clown Died can be seen here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03dj9kr

It will also be available on the BBC’s YouTube page and is due to be broadcast on BBC TV at a future date.

Jerry is a Trump supporter just like the Stormfront clowns. You cant trust even the funny Jews (clowns). If there is a way in the Jew will take that route. The really funny thing about Jerry and Jerry is they think they are Gods chosen and believe they were killed in gas chambers, made into lampshades, etc. That trumps all the jokes either of them has ever told even though Seinfeld was never funny anyway.

Jews love that name Jerry, but they hate that name Jeremiah. Jeremiah says the House of Judah AND the House of Israel will be given a New Covenant. Anyone know what Jews think happened to the House of Israel? Why dont you ask one of your good Jew friends. Today Jews think they are Judah and Israel, but of course they are acting as usual and are neither. Its either the Jews (House of Judah) were lying about Jesus being the messiah or it was the Jews (Judeans) lying about Jesus not being the messiah. Figure out which is which and you have solved the story. You either trust Jews or you dont trust Jews (and hopefully you know what a Jew is because it has several definitions- I wonder why that is). Do you trust Jews or not? Please, no sob stories, do you or dont you? As long as your answer is “I do” the planet is in jeopardy (from the Old French word “Jeu- parti” and Latin “Iudum”).

.From the Latin “Iudaeus” to the English “Jew” these English forms included successively: “Gyu”, “Giu”, “Iu”, “Iuu”, “Iuw”, “Ieuu”, “Ieuy”, “Iwe”, “Iow”, “Iewe”, “leue”, “Iue”, “Ive”, “lew”, and then finally in the 18th century, “Jew”. The many earlier English equivalents for “Jews” through the 14 centuries are “Giwis”, “Giws”, “Gyues”, “Gywes”, “Giwes”, “Geus”, “Iuys”, “Iows”, “Iouis”, “Iews”, and then also finally in the 18th century, “Jews”.

I wonder what our new fearless leader, Trump and the two Jerry’s think about the Federal Reserve or Jews bombing the USS Liberty or Jews controlling the Black slave trade and then blaming whites and calling them “racists” etc. So many questions, but our Jew controlled media controls the questions and the answers. It is a comedy and sad at the same time for sure.


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