It Conquered The World

Where did the brainwashing of the Jews begin and where does it end? We had many of our own so called people begging us to vote for Trump, they knew he was good and didn’t question him. Anyone or anything was better than Hillary even Sean Hannity and Alex Jones. What took over their minds?

Since when do Americans blindly approve of a leader? How does a man whose entire family is married to Jews qualify as our leader? How do Christian Identity pastors become pastors with fake names? How do Christian Identity people accept being ordained by a fake named pastor?

How do people blindly believe things like DNA and use it as their own philosophy? How do leaders believe things they cannot prove and pervert their listeners into paying them for their assumptions and or blatant lies?

I witnessed every major forum on the internet, Sean Hannity, David Duke, Alex Jones, the Stormfront retards, RBN, Rense Radio, etc. all push for Trump and shut the phones off to anyone opposing them. That is why our country is a mess today, we have a monster who has taken control of our communication systems and demonize anyone who makes the people with the microphone into fools, shills, liars or crypto’s (exactly what they are). Then they simply change like a chameleon and come back as if they were never wrong, no shame, no guilt.

Your Jew hero wearing a David Duke shirt.

Not one of the internet radio hosts dare call out the other, they all pretend not to know what the other is doing and all have the same basic callers that I could name and count on my two hands. If you want to be conquered and you want your children to live in even more slavery than we are now keep fearing to call these liars and dupes what they are. If we are ever going to fight the evil of the Jews we are going to have to get our own traitors out of the way first. If you are hanged up on exposing a liar or a fool who led you and your country down a false path, expose that venue as well because they are not of us they are of the Pharisee’s who would do the same thing to anyone telling the truth! Everyone needs to stop listening and start leading. I’ll meet you in the middle.

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Romanov Holiday

Often I find myself forgetting how treacherous Jews are with all the hype, but the truth is I can’t wrap my head around just how treacherous they are. Treachery is not even the correct word, the betrayal of trust, disloyalty, perfidiousness, backstabbing, deceitfulness of Jews doesn’t even scratch the surface of their evil and these are the people our president chose to devote his State of the Union address to? This is the great white hope?

Suddenly WWII was about saving the Jews and not the deceitful Jews who started it all. It was not about the Jews who are helping and handing our jobs to illegal invaders like the Pottsville Kosher Meatpacking Plant in Iowa (the biggest illegal bust of its time) complete with a Meth lab and slave wages of including minors. No we don’t want to be antisemites and leave the Jews out so we praise them. The great warriors they are, often saving entire battalions (some may even be Mel Gibson movies) nowadays instead of being depicted of what they really are. You see everyone knows sub-consciously to subvert history according to please Jews.

The Holodomor was justified because the Ukrainians tried to stop the Jew Commies the only way they could, the Katyn Polish who dared to open their mouths about the perfidious Jews were taken into the Katyn forest and shot twice in the back of the head and thrown into a pit. We could simply stop at Poland and Russia alone and the Jew evil is immense beyond comprehension to say the least, but all the other mayhem they have caused around the world is far beyond the proof anyone could possibly need that we have a total and complete schizophrenic, nutjob, multiple personality disorder, contrary devil amongst us all. I know that offends even so called Christians who think Jews can be saved, but they can’t.

Is it possible we could be talking about heroes of WWII in this day and age after knowing the Jews orchestrated this war? You would think we would’ve learned from it, but it seems as though we get buried into the BS of it like Groundhog Day again and again (like a mad experiment). No Schmedley Butler’s out there anymore to tell us the truth, now we have draft dodgers praising Americans who freed Dachau (American Jews).

Our great president didn’t give a standing ovation to an Armenian genocide survivor or an Irish famine survivor or a German sentenced to the Morgenthau camps or a white Russian who survived the Jewish Red Terror or any of the Jews neighbors throughout time that have been cheated, betrayed, monopolized over, murdered and plundered to this very day. No readers, our great president celebrated “The Jews” in his SOTU address which is supposed to be FOR US!!!

Somehow someway our so called internet radio people, Stormfront retards, Daily Stormer mongrel queers will slither out of this and claim our president is being forced to say this when there are people out there willing to tell the truth they still praise their psuedo hero. I told these shills years ago that Trump would slump and I told them DNA was BS and what are they saying now? Exactly what I told them. Don’t think for a minute that this is about me, it is not. This was to prove a point that these people have an agenda, to not hear anything that goes against their common agenda until it’s too late…..and it is now too late. If white people are going to prosper as a people it has to have a common link, the truth. I continually hear that I am a divider and all I want to do is divide people, but how am I a divider if I’m right? Am I supposed to wait till clowns like David Duke catch up? They will never catch up, they want to keep you in the past and docile, 10 years at least. If they cant spot the BS of David Duke how will they ever prosper? These same people will blindly follow another shill leader like a dog to a Vietnamese steakhouse.

If we did serious internet shows on the Jews and showed their total hatred for us on factual history that isn’t even allowed to be aired we would understand that Jews do this in every public venue there is, most importantly the Judeo churches. Day in and day out you are being programmed to believe a gator doesn’t bite if you make it into a good gator. We are being told to stay among the Jews instead of doing what our great ancestors did many many times (throw them out or be separate). I predict one day all white countries will have a day, a final day to throw all of these Jews out. This is the only solution. Only God can put these people on the right trail to do it, they are completely flummoxed and sold out. All they need is a real media to explain to them the true evil of this people called Jews. Until then Jesus will be evil, Christianity evil, Hitler will be evil, the Romanov’s evil, white people evil. For every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction, sometimes it takes awhile because we have others (Jews and their shills) reacting for us. They tell you up is down and in is out, Jesus was a Jew etc. Whites will unite on what we unite against in order to understand what we unite for. It’s almost time to take a permanent holiday away from this BS,  and everyone needs a holiday eventually!

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Black History Month

We have to teach Blacks how to read first.

Heres a video and a black teacher even (I wanna help). That wont get through either so in truth there is no Black History month for blacks. It seems crazy, but it’s obviously true. We have an entire breed of Sgt. Schultz’s.

“I see nuthingk homes”



Skip the Hoffman crap who thinks Jesus was a Jew. Farrakhan still hates whitey even though he knows deep down there is no reason to. I keep hearing the Jews say the Russians are genetically evil or the Germans are born evil, etc. The truth is they were born to defeat evil and that is indeed evil to Jews (most Russians, Germans and white people just don’t know it). What is so hard about this?

In an open debate the Jews and Blacks would be easily shown how much they lie and how little they care about being caught lying, but we have no venue whatsoever so they can continue to lie unfettered. Its evil to blame heinous crimes on someone else on purpose, you cant be a human being if you do. To allow your kids to go to these schools that teach whites controlled the slave trade is also evil and to allow your kids to go to a church where the priests and pastors teach that Jesus was one of these cretatures is evil as well. History is his story and Jews and Blacks will never accept it, and so it goes.

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State of the Jew Union

We got him!

WASHINGTON (JTA) — President Donald Trump is set to name a Los Angeles prosecutor to be the State Department’s envoy for anti-Semitism, after two years of leaving the post empty, leading to protests from lawmakers and Jewish groups.

Elan Carr, 50, is a US Army veteran who served in Iraq and a former president of the Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi. In Los Angeles, he has worked as an anti-gang prosecutor.

Trump will name him Tuesday. JTA had advance knowledge of the appointment, but held it at the request of sources. Jewish Insider broke the story Monday night.




“We eagerly look forward to working with Carr, as his office combats rising anti-Semitism, generated from the far right, the far left, and Islamist extremists, and abetted by the ubiquitous nature of social media,” David Harris, the American Jewish Committee CEO said in a statement.

“Elan Carr brings a depth of experience and insights as a prosecutor, military officer, and devoted leader in the Israeli-American and Jewish communities. We believe there is nobody more qualified to combat anti-Semitism head-on across the globe,” IAC Chairman Adam Milstein said in a statement.

Carr’s mother emigrated as a child from Iraq to Israel and subsequently to the United States. Carr himself grew up in New York speaking Hebrew and Arabic with his family, and he put the latter skill to use when he served in an anti-terrorism unit in Iraq.


~Joe Stalin wasnt a Jew we are told too. All the clown Trump has to say is 3 words “It’s the Jews”, but he wont so whatever he says is antichristian babel. The fake media has been exposed by our Jew leader, where do you think those Jews went?

Take a guess, Liphschitsville?

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Roseanne’s Baby

Who could hate Talmud head?

TEL AVIV – Comedian Roseanne Barr dismissed the claim that the rise in anti-Semitism in the U.S. directly correlates with the Trump presidency as nothing more than a cover. 

“I’ve been fighting anti-Semitism my whole life and I don’t see it that way,” Barr said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News in Tel Aviv on Monday evening. “I think they found the perfect cover,” she added.

Trump “loves Jewish people,” Barr said, and noted that his daughter, Ivanka (“Isn’t she lovely?”) and grandchildren are Jewish. “That’s why they hate him.”

“There has been a war against the Jewish people for thousands of years and every 70 years they rise up again, it never goes away,” the comedian said, and added that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel is just the latest “incarnation” of that war.

Anti-Semitism, Barr claimed, is not even limited to non-Jews.

“You can barely make people listen to [the truth about BDS] because they’re so anti-Semitic,” she went on to charge, “including Jews in America on the left. They’re complete anti-Semites.”

Don Black and Frank Collin

Barr also slammed the notion suggested by Women’s March leader Tamika Mallory that “white Jews, as white people, uphold white supremacy,” with Mallory adding that at the same time “all Jews are targeted by it.”

“Well that’s a racist term because the cornerstone of white supremacy is anti-Semitism, Jew-hatred,” Barr told Breitbart News. “And then to blame Jews for it is actually very anti-Semitic.”

“Jews have no white privilege,” she added.

“I don’t identify as a white person, I only identify as a Jew,” she said, and added that “most of the Jews in the world are brown.”

Last week, Barr told an enthusiastic audience of some 500 Israelis and new immigrants that anti-Semitism is growing in the U.S. because it is “largely unopposed.”

“We need to be more vocal and be more organized and get out there and fight it,” she said at an event in Tel Aviv organized by the Tel Aviv International Salon in conjunction with the Times of Israel.

In remarks that were met with loud cheers, Barr said she voted for Trump because of his campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people.

If Trump were elected, she told people at the time, it would be “so cool because it would prove that Hillary [Clinton] doesn’t own everything.”

Trump called the star to congratulate her on the astounding success of the first episode of the revival of her since-cancelled eponymous sitcom, Roseanne, which pulled in 28 million viewers.

Roseanne recalled telling Trump on the phone, “I want to thank you so much for recognizing Jerusalem as our home, as our capital. I wanted to thank you for saying you’re for moving the embassy.”

To which the comedian said Trump answered, “I will do it. It’s a wrong that has long needed to be righted and I intend to do it.”

Barr also addressed Trump’s much-anticipated peace proposal, warning the president that “it better be good.”

“I only hope his peace plan is a good one because if it isn’t — if he makes God mad he’s going to make me mad too,” she quipped.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who  accompanied Barr on her visit to Israel, lauded Trump for his actions defending Israel and the Jewish people.

Schmuleys nephew Efraim Diveroli another crown prince jew

While acknowledging that the president could have done more to condemn the violent Charlottesville march, Boteach went on to list the measures Trump has taken to defend Israel: The recognition of Jerusalem and subsequent embassy move, scrapping the nuclear deal with Iran, the appointment of staunch pro-Israel advocate Nikki Haley to the UN, and finally, Trump’s message to U.S. allies around the world that crossing Israel means crossing America.

“I think what Trump has done for Israel is make it clear to Arab Gulf states, whether it’s Saudi Arabia, whether it’s United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar or whether it’s counties around the world, is that if you don’t get along with Israel you’re not going to get along with the United States of America,” Boteach said.

“And that’s a very important statement,” he concluded.

~Isnt it grand that an obese, disgusting, foul mouthed ugly beast like Roseanne has free speech in America? Everybody clap! Sam Kinison said he took her home to bed and defecated in it. It’s funny folks, laugh!

“This is ehh not sand!”

`Schmuley and Roseanne love Talmud Head Trump, isnt that special? They too like David Duke claim only Ivanka Trump is ehh Jewish or “converted”, but all the Trump kids married Jews. Is that ehhh a little too much truth? David Duke didn’t think it was necessary to talk about. It wasnt ehh important to know.

If you folks don’t see the treachery just hang it up!

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The Waterboy


Can we fit Trumpfelsteins head in a helmet?

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft praised President Trump during an interview Friday on “Fox & Friends,” saying he was “working very hard to serve the best interests of the country.”

Kraft, who has a long friendship with Trump, said he was glad to have the president’s support in the upcoming Super Bowl because “we can use every fan who wants to support us.”

Kraft previously told “Fox & Friends” that Trump helped him in his “toughest time,” the 2011 death of his wife, Myra Kraft.

Out with the old and in with the *ew.

Im not her Papa.

Myra~ Early life and education[edit]

Kraft was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1942, the daughter of Frances and Jacob Hiatt. Her father was a Lithuanian Jewish immigrant who had served as a circuit judge of the Court of Lithuania before immigrating in 1935.[3][4][5] His parents and three other members of his family died during the Holocaust. He went on to become a well known philanthropist and leader in the Jewish community.[4] Jacob served as president of the E.F. Dodge Paper Box Corp. in Leominster, Massachusetts and remained president when it merged with 12 other box and printing companies to become the Rand-Whitney Corp.[4] Rand-Whitney was bought by his son-in-law, Robert Kraft, in 1972.

What Patriots owner Robert Kraft has done for the Jews

Patriots owner Robert Kraft will be in the stands this Sunday to see if his New England Patriots can win a sixth Superbowl. But in Jewish circles, Kraft may be almost as well-known for his generosity and devotion to Jewish and Israeli causes as for the exploits of his NFL team.

Over decades, the Kraft family has given away more than $100 million to a variety of causes, including health care, education, the Jewish community, Christian organizations and local needs. And as of 2013, the Kraft family philanthropic foundation had nearly $88 million in assets.

Here’s where some of Kraft’s Jewish gifts have gone in recent years, and some other ways he’s displayed his Judaism.

A prayer to Lucifer

Good day for the Jews to do their evil even more than usual, while the dumb. pathetic, delusional non Jew lemmings are watching the Super Bowl screaming for their Negro teams. It is so pathetic it is bound to get worse!

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Ehh Husbands and Wives

What would we do without movie stars and their writers?

Film director Quentin Tarantino, 55, and Israeli singer Daniella Pick, 35, has tied the knot on Wednesday evening in a private ceremony in Los Angeles.



Pick looked like a fairy princess in Tiara with diamonds. A flattering dress by Israeli designer Dana Harel, and silver sandals. The two were filmed against a wall of white flowers, and these are exactly the materials from which romantic love films are especially wreathed.

Tarantino and Pick will celebrate the wedding at another event scheduled to take place tonight.

The couple looked happy and in love and those who did not attend, as already reported, are Zvika Pick, the father of the bride, who in light of his health was forced to miss his daughter’s event. This fact certainly makes the wedding sweet-sour, but Pick will probably attend the wedding event that will take place in Israel.

The two met in the premiere of Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” in Israel, in 2009. They got engaged in 2017 after having a transatlantic relationship with quite a few dramas.

A beloved Jew and his proselyte movie star who will rot in hell!

The couple’s engagement party with the participant of large Hollywood stars. Pick shared a photo of herself in a white dress, posing with her hands on Tarantino’s shoulder. She wrote “We’re so excited and happy to celebrate our engagement here in Israel. Thanks for your kind wishes. We feel truly blessed.”

When he was asked, Tarantino explained that he had never married until now because of lack of time. He was entirely immersed in his career. Pick arrived at him just in time, when he was already ripe for a meaningful relationship. Tarantino and Pick already bought an apartment in Tel Aviv.

~David Duke claims a non Jew cant marry a Jew in the ****hole state, but why would Jews care about marriages or marriage licenses? They were created to keep non Jews from marrying Jews or anyone else. Anyone who thinks the term “marriage” is the same to Christians as it is to Jews is an imbecile. Anyone who thinks the divorce proceedings are the same as well is also an imbecile. Anyone who thinks Jews aren’t a polyglot mixture of different peoples already is an imbecile. A Jew-ish marriage should not even be called “marriage” nor should we have ever even allowed the Jew John Calvin (Cohen) to dictate to us what marriage consists of.

John Calvin... A Wolf (Jew) In Sheep's Clothing

Just too much to write on the crypto Jew John Calvin.

The first Jew marriage was the first mixed mongrel so called marriage and a non mongrel marriage can never happen with Jews, it’s impossible and why we are told two of the 10 Commandments mean the same thing.

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife”


“Thou shalt not commit adultery”

What happens when you adulterate a pure glass of water?

adulterate- render (something) poorer in quality by adding another substance, typically an inferior one.

Does anyone actually believe a Jew can be adulterated? There is nothing poorer in quality on the planet.

You see we could take this subject and find a much greater understanding of “marriage” in the Bible and in our own history, but instead we make believe all races have the same meaning for “marriage”, “husband” and “wife” when we do not.

David Duke claims Jews are a race ehhhh because the Jews say they are a race, but Jews will tell you they are a religion too, ask Brother Nathanael whom they all claim is no longer a Jew or the others they say “he was raised in a Jewish family, but now he’s a non Jew (a Gentile I presume) etc. This has to tell you two things……..David Duke, who cheered on Donald Trump with Sean Hannity like he knew him as a brother and never met him in his life is also willing to convince you he knows what a Jew is without even reading the Bible first. Hannity got his Neocons what did Duke get? If you are being led by a fool guess what? You have been had. If you don’t know you have been had or don’t care, you have no soul! David Duke actually defends Jews by trying to make sense of what a Jew is. He will squeeze jelly in his hands and tell you if you keep squeezing it it will turn to gold. Duke would be crushed in a real discussion or debate and why he has to have shills like Andy Hitchcock, a newly dubbed Christian Identity pastor ordained by Rabbi Eli James. There is no shame because their entire agenda is to BS you right out of a home. They will be cheering on a new shill president next and defending the Jews just as long as Sean Hannity (until they are stoned)..

“Be ye a separate people”-  how could that ever be in reference to Jews in any way?

David Duke thinks white people are made up of “sub groups” and Jews are all the same so called race and no sub groups. Folks how do you ever expect to get to the truth with that babel?

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