The Story of Henry Ford by the JEWS

Jews doing what they do best, making America’s greatest men into complete failures. This is why you will never learn true history in our school system today. This is like me doing a biography on John Pollard except I can be 100% honest.

Of course they left out Fords “Hemp Car”

They also made Ford into a natural resources destroyer if you can believe it.

“There’s enough alcohol in one year’s yield of an acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the fields for one hundred years.” – Henry Ford

Its great Jews can do movies on our heroes, maybe we can do some movies on Jews? How about we start with who brings drugs into our country to destroy us and then lead into who controlled the Black slave trade for starters? I would volunteer to do commentary for both free of charge. There isn’t a Jew on this planet who could hold Fords socks. Here was a great man who came out of farm country and knew it was the Jews over 100 years ago.

Of course in this film they don’t get into why Ford didn’t love the Jews, as great as he was he is not even allowed to have his own opinion in today’s Jew upside down world.

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The Misfits

Jewish Times
‘There is almost no difference between Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Muslim Arabs’
Who’s your daddy? Conference traces Jewish DNA back to Holy Land
Founders of this year’s IAJGS forum in Seattle, WA, promise even newcomers will geek out about discovering their genetic history
By Janis Siegel May 17, 2016, 12:59 am 6




We have G_ds DNA


SEATTLE — If you’ve ever wondered how Jews got to Finland, Scotland or New Zealand, there’s a speaker who can answer that question at this summer’s International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conference in Seattle, Washington.

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The six-day event with 325 venues, a Jewish film festival, and a new track — Genealogy for Educators — will spark your curiosity and help you on your genealogical journey, whether you’re sleuthing for ancestors or sending your DNA by mail hoping for a match.

Last year’s conference was held in Jerusalem, and though organizers can’t promise such a rain-free experience this August in the often-overcast Pacific Northwest, they do warn that once you dabble in this ever-expanding science, in any case you won’t want to leave the building.

“People have used the word obsession and they’re not far off,” said conference co-chair and senior research manager for Salt Lake City-based Ancestry Pro Genealogists, Dr. Janette Silverman.


Yes, they are real, I cannot tell a lie.

“It’s costly, for sure — and those TV shows are highly addictive — but genealogical research places our family in the saga of their history and times. If we can find something that speaks to us, we can make the history personal,” said Silverman.

This year’s conference features a global mix of researchers from groups like the Jewish Records Indexing in Poland, the Lithuanian State Historical Archives, the Center for Jewish History, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Archives.
Conference co-chair and senior research manager for Salt Lake City-based Ancestry Pro Genealogists, Dr. Janette Silverman (courtesy)

Ehud is from ehhhhh ehhhhh Lithu ehhhh ania (North Lithuania).

Each will bring the latest research on Jewish migration to and from Europe, the Sephardic Jewish experience in America and into the American West, the Jews in South America, Australia, and South Africa, and the Jews’ return to Israel.

Devin Naar, the Sephardic Studies program chair at the University of Washington in Seattle, will deliver the keynote address, “Sephardic Family History as Jewish Family History.”

Conference co-chair Silverman, a self-described hater of history class throughout high school, has since uncovered links to more than 15,000 family members tracing back to 15th Century Europe.

“One of the things that motivate me is the people that died in the Holocaust,” said Silverman, who teaches classes on how to research using online archives. “Part of what I do gives them life and helps keep their names alive.”

‘It doesn’t matter whether you’re Ashkenazi or Sephardi, you look the same on the Y chromosome’

Whether you start with Internet databases like,, or — or whether you decide to use a DNA test — most genealogists would probably agree: just get started.

For around $100, an autosomal DNA test kit will analyze one of 22 chromosomes — minus the sex chromosomes — and can find relatives that are related to your great, great, great grandparents.

For roughly $200, another DNA test can uncover mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA which is passed down virtually unaltered from mother to daughter.

And for a few hundred dollars, more or less, a Y-DNA test can analyze the male-inherited Y chromosome passed down nearly unchanged from father to son.
Bennett Greenspan, founder of Family Tree DNA, will be speaking at this year’s IAJGS conference in Seattle (Robin S. Greenspan)


I have the DNA of Jesus via Genghis Khan

“I think everyone should buy the autosomal test because autosomal DNA matches you up, very reliably, against an aunt-uncle, niece-nephew, half siblings, first, second, and generally, third cousins, very well,” said Bennett Greenspan, a conference speaker, entrepreneur and an admitted life-long evangelist for Jewish genealogy.

Greenspan founded Family Tree DNA in 2000. The company is one of the most recognized non-medical DNA testers in the world.

Greenspan will be presenting several sessions at the IAJGS conference including “DNA and The Jewish People,” which, he said, is guaranteed to provoke conversation.

To date, Greenspan has amassed the male-inherited Y-DNA profiles of nearly 15,000 Jewish men in his database, reaching what genealogists call “critical mass.”

These numbers of Jewish men allowed Greenspan to compare the genetic signatures found in Middle Eastern populations with those from European populations.

Greenspan found that Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews and Muslim Arabs are a nearly perfect genetic match and he hypothesizes that both, quite likely, originated from the same tribe, long ago, in the Middle East.

“The Jews are from the Middle East and it doesn’t matter whether you’re Ashkenazi or Sephardi, you look the same on the Y chromosome,” said Greenspan. “There is almost no difference between Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Muslim Arabs.

‘It’s forcing the Arabs to understand that we are from the Middle East as well and that we are not moving to a place that we never were’

“It’s forcing the Arabs to understand that we are from the Middle East as well and that we are not moving to a place that we never were,” said Greenspan.


He’s been eating Greek gefilte again.

The maternal or mitochondrial DNA is not nearly as simple or as accurate as the male Y-DNA, said Greenspan, because Jewish women were often sent to other countries as brides for single Jewish men or non-Jewish women were converted in order to marry the Jewish bachelors in that land.

“I think every man should do a Y chromosome [test] because it’s clear and unambiguous,” said Greenspan, who is eager to compile a census of the Jewish people for his next project.

“Either you match someone with your same last name, which means you’re related to them, or you do not match someone with your same last name and the reason is you’re not related to them,” said Greenspan.
A Ukrainian Jewish graveyard marker with Hebrew engraving. The engraving reads: ‘Nehemia son of Yaakov Kappel, an honest and God-fearing man, passed on 20 Shevat, 5,666 [1906]’ (Phyllis Grossman)


See the Jew star, that means they are Jewish, by blood and religion just flew out the window. Its final, Judah was an Ashkenazi/Sephardic/Arab Muslim ehhhh at least this week.

A Ukrainian Jewish graveyard marker with Hebrew engraving. The engraving reads: ‘Nehemia son of Jacob Kappel, an honest and God-fearing man, passed on 20 Shevat, 5,666 [1906]’ (Phyllis Grossman)

Still, for IAJGS 2016 conference co-chair Phyllis Grossman, a retired publisher and another genealogy devotee who caught the research bug in 1995, there’s no substitute for one-on-one oral histories.

Finding a deed, a passport, or a long lost relative from a town renamed over time to suit the language of the conquering army can tell you a lot.

“DNA by itself won’t do anything,” said Grossman. “You really have to do the research. Usually the very first step is to talk to your oldest relatives. Start with yourself, then start working backwards, one generation at a time.”

MG- Yes talk to Fagin and see what he says.

Grossman is on the board of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Washington State, the host of this year’s conference. Her search for family members led her to Ukraine three times where she eventually found them in the town of Trochenbrod, which was the subject of the 2005 movie, “Everything is Illuminated.”

MG- I’ll have to catch that one right after “Porky”s Reunion”

“Find out what people know, what they remember,” said Grossman. “You don’t want just names and dates, but the stories. You want to fill in the stories about who they were and how they lived.”

MG- Ask David Duke he has a million of em. Him and his Hannukah celebrating sidekick believe Jews and Arabs are the people of the Bible and well us whites, we are Neanderthals. Folks you have to see the hypocrisy. This is deliberate distortion and nothing less and with the help of  our own  your own so called white leaders. Perhaps the gravest sin in the world is preaching that Jesus was one of these Jews.

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The English Patient


I write for the Daily Stormer

This is in reference to Eli James and his recent broadcast about who the British are, Judah is Germany bla bla bla. All of it is just nonsense. Lets start with where the word British or Britain came from

Wiki- yes I know this is wiki, but this will be an ongoing thread on who the first British were.

The term Britain is a linguistic descendant (reflex) of one of the oldest known names for Great Britain, an island off the north-western coast of continental Europe. The terms Briton and British, similarly derived, refer to its inhabitants and, to varying extents, the smaller islands in the vicinity. “British Isles” is the only ancient name for these islands to survive in general usage. Its first written appearance was by Pytheas of Massalia in the 4th century BC. It originates with a group of P-Celtic speakers, resident on Great Britain, who were referred to, and perhaps referred to themselves, by the earliest known form of the term “British”.

Eli James claims that Alfred the Great was a king of Britain, but the truth is he was the king of England not Britain.

Traditionally, the Kingdom of England is usually considered to begin with Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, one of the petty kingdoms to rule the southeastern portion of Great Britain. While Alfred was not the first king to lay claim to rule all of the English, his rule represents the first unbroken line of Kings to rule the whole of England, the House of Wessex. The last monarch of England was Queen Anne, who became Queen of Great Britain when England merged with Scotland to form a union in 1707. For monarchs after Queen Anne, see List of British monarchs.

Again King Arthur

King Arthur was a legendary British leader who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries AD. The details of Arthur’s story are mainly composed of folklore and literary invention, and his historical existence is debated and disputed by modern historians.[2] The sparse historical background of Arthur is gleaned from various sources, including the Annales Cambriae, the Historia Brittonum, and the writings of Gildas. Arthur’s name also occurs in early poetic sources such as Y Gododdin.[3]

King Arthur, a British king was Celtic. Many CI people and even British Israel people believe King Arthur was a blood relative of Joseph of Arimathea.

How do Eli James’ Saxons become “British” if they were fighting against the British?

Another hard truth about Scythians. The Saxons can only speculate that they are Scythians, the Scots say they are Scythians in their Declaration of Arbroath.

Eli James claims that Britain was Albion before the Saxons invaded, but anyone can see this was not true.

Albion was a British name:


The Codex Vatopedinus‘s Ptolemaic map of the British Isles, labelled Alouïōnos (Ἀλȣϊωɴοϲ, “Albion”) and Iouérnïos (Ἰȣέρνϊοϲ, “Hibernia“). c. 1300.

The Brittonic name for the island, Hellenised as Albíōn (Ἀλβίων) and Latinised as Albiō (genitive Albionis), derives from the Proto-Celtic nasal stem *Albi̯iū (oblique *Albiion-) and survived in Old Irish as Albu (genitive Albann). The name originally referred to Britain as a whole, but was later restricted to Caledonia (giving the modern Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland, Alba). The root *albiio- is also found in Gaulish and Galatian albio- (“world”) and Welsh elfydd (elbid, “earth, world, land, country, district”). It may be related to other European and Mediterranean toponyms such as Alpes and Albania. It has two possible etymologies: either *albho-, a Proto-Indo-European root meaning “white” (perhaps in reference to the white southern shores of the island, though Celtic linguist Xavier Delamarre argued that it originally meant “the world above, the visible world”, in opposition to “the world below”, i.e., the underworld), or *alb-, Proto-Indo-European for “hill”.[6][7][8]

To say Albion isn’t or wasnt British is like saying Texas isnt an American state because it has a different name. Britain was a word used for all the British isles including Scotland (which was Ireland before it was Scotland).

Eli James simply picks an English King and makes him out to be a God, therefore he can also steal names, dates and geographical locations. The truth is Brittany in todays France and Britain was there somewhere around 2000 years before the Saxons got there.

It was indeed “the world above” the world below, but today things are upside down including Britain thanks to the Jews and to people who should never attempt to interpret history from their own jewish history books and or British Israel who think they are Judah too.

Not only did Germans and their brothers, the Romans invade Britain and Brittany (in Amorica), but they knew it was Britain they were invading…..and then kind of stole the name.

The word “Brittany”, along with its French, Breton and Gallo equivalents “Bretagne”, “Breizh” and “Bertaèyn”, derive from the Latin Britannia, which means Britons‘ land”. This word has been used by the Romans since the 1st century to name Great Britain, and more specifically the Roman province of Britain. This word derives from a Greek word, Πρεττανικη (Prettanike) or Βρεττανίαι (Brettaniai), used by Pytheas, an explorer from Massalia who visited the British Islands around 320 BC.

The Romans called Brittany Armorica, together with a quite indefinite region that extended along the Channel coast from the Seine estuary to the Loire estuary, and according to several sources, maybe along the Atlantic coast to the Garonne estuary. This term probably comes from a Gallic word, aremorica, which means “close to the sea”.[8] Another name, Letauia (in English “Litavis“), was used until the 12th century. It possibly means “wide and flat” or “to expand” and it gave the Welsh name for Brittany: Llydaw.[9]


The Cruthin/Pretani (the same name rendered in different forms of Celtic languages) were the oldest named people in the British Isles. This is beyond doubt, and attested to by so many authentic sources that politically-motivated “revisionists” cannot get around that fact. The Greeks called our islands Pretannikai Nesoi – the British Isles, after the Pretani/Cruthin people who lived there, probably based on the writings of the explorer Pytheas in 325 BC.

325 BC, was that before the Anglos got there? If Pytheas knew this as Britain in 325 BC it means it could have gone back even further.

Eli James says the Picts were Jews. Whats left to say? Some of you out there will claim I am taking a crack at CI because Eli James is on so many shows representing CI and bringing Jews into the movement more than anyone else, but I am not taking a crack at CI I am taking a crack at people who use CI to spread historical falsities. If you use false history and claim it is truth you obviously have no need to learn the truth.

The Romans always knew Britain as Britain or Pretani as did the Greeks, it is the Anglos who renamed a portion of it “England”.

Lets take a quick look at Bavaria, which is without a doubt the nicest part of Germany and has always had the best people in Germany.

The earliest known inhabitants that are mentioned in written sources were the Celts, participating in the widespread La Tène culture, whom the Romans subdued just before the commencement of the Christian era; founding colonies among them and including their land in the provinces of Raetia and Noricum. The Roman centre of administration for this area was Castra Regina (modern-day Regensburg).

Back awaay!


Im going to tell you true history, the Anglos allowed the Jews into Germany and then brought them into Britain and now they claim they are the only ones who fought against Jews (and dont want to fight against them right now). Like Trump and like the Jews they come to your house, make a pig sty out of it and then claim we have a dirty house. No you have a dirty house!.





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Other Peoples Money

Aliens just sucking the life blood out of us and we say and do nothing

Aliens just sucking the life blood out of us and we say and do nothing

US ready to offer Israel largest aid package in history

Amid push by senators, White House official says talks with Israeli officials ongoing to secure ‘largest single pledge’ of military assistance
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, and President Barack Obama embrace at a ceremony welcoming the US leader at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv, on March 20, 2013 (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

The Jew always gets what he wants.

And the internet networks who have asked you for money week after week, day after day are now becoming more Jew and Black friendly. I guess the White race, because they don’t control the media are going to let the media control them. The Audio Visual class of lying, stealing, back stabbing nerds has taken over the world and the white leaders say “Dont do anything stupid like our founding fathers did” no they are Jews and you have every reason in the world not to do anything about the Jews, but at the same time you have every reason in the world To do something about the Jews, more so than ever in history. You know as well as I whatever you have been doing isn’t working. They control the media and if we want our country back some heads need to roll, people need to hang! We can’t even prosecute the criminals who did 9/11, we can’t say who is bringing in the drugs to kill our kids, we can’t say who wants the kids that aren’t on drugs are being sent to Jew orchestrated wars, we don’t want to offend the Jews who are killing us and we are willing to die before we do say something. Looks like you are going to die either way. I didn’t include myself this time because I’m for doing something and I am for removing this traitorous media one at a time if need be.

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The Barmitzvah Coast


The Jew is watching

Mel Gibson To Direct & Recur, Kurt Russell & Kate Hudson To Star In ‘The Barbary Coast’ Series For Mark Gordon Co.

Mending Kids International Wings Around The World Gala

Im owned, but I have more money than you!

The Mark Gordon Company has put together big TV series package The Barbary Coast. The series will be directed and co-written by Mel Gibson, with Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson set to star. Gibson also will have a recurring role on the series. The project is inspired by Gangs of New York author Herbert Asbury’s book The Barbary Coast, about the birth of San Francisco.

Kurt Russell Kate Hudson

We love Goldy!

Russell will executive produce with actor siblings Kate and Oliver Hudson, whom he raised with their mother Goldie Hawn, as well as Gibson, Bruce Davey,Wyatt Russell and Rick Nicita. Entertainment One, which is backing The Mark Gordon Co., will handle international distribution.

The Barbary Coast begins with The Gold Rush in 1849 which saw the biggest influx of gold-seekers, gamblers, thieves, harlots, politicians and other felonious parasites to the infant city. Thus aro


The Barmitzvah Coast

se a unique criminal district that for almost seventy years was the scene of more viciousness and depravity – yet at the same time possessed more glamour and intrigue – than any other area of vice and iniquity on the American continent.

“Most people don’t know the scandalous history behind San Francisco, and The Barbary Coast offers a rich portrayal of a period when success was often attained through illicit and brutal means,” said Mark Gordon. “I’m excited that Kurt and Kate are working together alongside Mel, whose astute direction will bring this devious time in our history to life.”

Hudson and Russell are reuniting onscreen after co-starring together in the upcoming oil rig disaster movie Deepwater Horizon. Gibson most recently directed Hacksaw Ridge, which is being released by Lionsgate.

Gibson and Russell are managed by Rick Nicita for RPMedia. Hudson is co-managed by Nicita for RPMedia and by Untitled Entertainment. Russell and Hudson are also repped by CAA.

~ I’m still waiting for that antisemitic Holocaust movie from Melvin and his father (who reads that big book, whatever it is). Americas so called white leaders are all either Jews or working for them. They all know whites are being slowly exterminated by Jews, but they will always have a way out so not to do anything about it. First thing anyone should do is separate from Jews, but they cant even do that. Second thing you do is expose what the word Jew means (and what it doesn’t mean) proving you actually know what you are talking about, third thing someone that knows how much the white race is being exterminated through abortion, wars, homosexuality and lesbianism, race mixing, etc. should do is to show some kind of passion about it and dont dare talk about it unless you understand what you are talking about because if you knew what you were talking about you couldn’t help being extremely pissed. Fourth thing anyone who claims they know about the Jew issue should get out of these BS networks who mix the truth with the BS. I keep hearing these networks must do this to stay on the air. So what they are doing is working for the Jews and diluting our truth into their BS to appease the people who are literally exterminating us. Folks that is called a traitor not someone who is going to lead you to victory.

Imagine someone like David Duke and others I have heard saying this “Jews dont control everything” using the same logic in a war (because we are without a doubt in a war). What kind of leader would tell his followers over and over and over “they dont control everything” like we still have “our show”. Well folks I dont think it is our show. You know what we still have? The arms to take back our country just like our founding fathers told us to do. If that seems to be the wrong move in your mind it is because you were not only brainwashed by just the Jews, but because you were brainwashed by their lackeys that the Jews obviously want you to have as your leaders.

How pathetic!

Ive been talking about the Jews for a long time, longer than 99% of the people alive today and I have never gone back on anything I have said about Jews and never will. If you think this is going to end with a politician doing the right thing you are deluded. I’ll tell you what it is coming down to plain and simple, us or them. You want a country, you want a people, you want a God, you’re going to have to fight and I dont mean run your David Duke pie hole.

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What does one have to do when they convert from Christianity to Judaism? Imagine having a daughter leaving the Christian faith to join it’s opposition? What kind of a Christian father would honor this? Think about what one would have to do. How do you do this for your spouse and turn from your own father? Who could trust someone that believes in Jesus and converts to be with someone who opposes him?

Ivanka Trump (Getty)

                                                            phone hoooooome!


Ivanka Trump (Getty)

People were surprised in 2009 when Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism for her fiancé, businessman and New York Observer owner Jared Kushner. They tied the knot later that year, but until now, the powerful businesswoman and designer hadn’t divulged much about her choice to convert or her life as a Jewish wife and mother.

And it makes sense why. After all, religion isn’t exactly prime for small talk — you don’t just bring it up in an elevator after you comment on the hazy weather or during an interview about The Apprentice. However, in a new profile in Vogue, she opened up about the matter, but not without commenting on just how personal the topic is.

“I always shied away from it being a public conversation, because it’s such a personal thing,” she told the magazine. “We’re pretty observant, more than some, less than others.” (Case in point: they keep kosher, which means no shellfish, and you can’t combine dairy and meat.) “I feel like it’s such an intimate thing for us.”

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's 2008 wedding (Getty Images)

Gave up Jesus for Hymie

View photos


Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s 2008 wedding (Getty Images)

But it’s not like getting to this place of religious intimacy and bliss was without any road blocks. Back in 2009 — when Donald Trump’s daughter was in the process of converting (which, by the way, is a notoriously long and arduous process) — New York profiled Kushner, and the magazine noted that the Kushner’s Orthodox family did not give Trump an easy time. However, Ivanka told the magazine that she was pursuing converting. “I am studying,” she said, “and it’s been an amazing and fulfilling experience for me.”

Those feelings continue today. “It’s been such a great life decision for me,” she told Vogue. “I am very modern, but I’m also a very traditional person, and I think that’s an interesting juxtaposition in how I was raised as well. I really find that with Judaism, it creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity.”

Related: 3 Things You Learn at 3 Years Old as a Trump

She goes on to explain in more detail why the change has been so worth it, not just for the religious aspects, but for her marriage and her relationship with her children, Arabella, 3, and Joseph, 1. In fact, Trump told the magazine that she keeps Shabbos (the Jewish sabbath) on Saturdays in part to totally unplug, which is not an easy feat for anyone, let alone a crazy busy business lady. It’s practically a superhuman power to be able to go without checking your phone or Facebook for 24 hours in this day and age.

But Trump, superwoman that she is, does it. “From Friday to Saturday, we don’t do anything but hang out with one another. We don’t make phone calls,” she said. “It’s an amazing thing when you’re so connected to really sign off. And for Arabella to know that she has me, undivided, one day a week? We don’t do anything but hang out with one another, go on walks together. Pure family.”

Jared Kushner with kids Arabella and Joseph (Instagram)

Trump is going to go after the Jews who did 9/11 just like David Duke did, just wait 10 years.

View photos
Jared Kushner with kids Arabella and Joseph (Instagram)
~Think about it folks. How do you defeat your enemy if your daughter is married to them? We live in a very deceptive world today when we have people claiming to be on our side telling us to vote for Trump because, well there is nobody else to vote for?
We are willing to accept anything rather than do what we know must be done. We will wait until we are completely shamed again and our so called leaders will be telling us to stand down.
I had a run in at the gym this week, a man I have seen there several times before who was not ever working out, but going around chatting with the younger men in the gym as they were working out. This man, for lack of a better word wore his hat on backwards, bleached his hair blonde, had an earring, a huge gut, tattoo’s all over his skinny arms and a Polish Jewish face seemed to always be stalking any young male newcomers and of course these young men did not want to be rude and tell him to take a hike. A few times I had purposely moved away from this pathetic person not wanting to even see it over several visits, but then I was caught on a bad day.
Hymie was eyeballing me and I switched locations 2 or 3 times and he continually ended up next to me. One thing I hate is being stalked by a homo, but being stalked by a devil and a homo is even worse. Well, to make a long story short I went off even knowing he had friends all over this gym, but no one came to his rescue. He tried to claim he was doing nothing wrong but I didn’t care and told him everything I thought and again not one person tried to stop it. I asked him to step outside if he thought he could and he didnt and told me he was friends with the Sheriff, who is a Jew of course. He then went to a separate corner by himself and for the first time saw him actually working out and leaving others alone.
On the way home I waited for my conscience to tell me I did something wrong “How dare you tell a devilish homo to quit stalking young men? I almost thought, but I couldn’t. This is exactly what has to happen if we are ever going to clean this country up. When we do nothing evil triumphs. Of course we don’t want to have to do this, but if we dont it is us who are destroyed and made uncomfortable. Well we are going to be uncomfortable either way.
If my daughter started to date a Jew I would tell that Jew to take a hike the same way because it is destruction, period. Any man who doesn’t stop this kind of behavior is no leader and should never be a leader of any kind. We allow Jews to do what they do because we dont want to hurt their feelings and because of this we allow our countries to be destroyed. They can blame us for everything even though they are the guilty party and in part we are guilty by letting them get away with it. They don’t care about talk, they only care about good men DOING SOMETHING about it and whatever the hell it takes! We cant tell OReilly, Hannity or Limbaugh they are traitors to their faces nor can we remove their Jewish bosses who pull their strings, but we can deal with the things right in our own circles and at the very least be OUTRAGED at the Jewish filth in our countries.
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Tales From the Crypto Jews


Jay Leno on Upcoming Holy Land Trip: I am ‘Very Pro-Jewish, Pro-Israel’

May 11, 2014 11:05 am 15 comments
Comedian Jay Leno. Photo: Twitter.

I have a Jewish boyfriend too!

Comedian Jay Leno, who will host the awards ceremony of the $1 million Genesis Prize, in Jerusalem, on May 22, said he considers himself to be “very pro-Jewish, very pro-Israeli.”

In a phone interview with Fox News published at the weekend, Leno, who will be making his first trip to Israel for the event, said, “It’s a great honor. It’s a great country. It’s a great people.”

While anti-Israel activists are urging entertainers to boycott the Jewish state, Leno said he didn’t have “any problem” with his decision to perform in Jerusalem.

“At some point in your life, you have to sort of take sides. I tend to side with the Jewish point of view on many things, especially issues like this one. I realize how important Israel is,” Leno said.

Michael Bloomberg, founder of the Bloomberg financial media empire and the former mayor of New York, is being honored as the first recipient of the Genesis Prize — what has been dubbed “the Jewish Nobel Prize” — for his years of public service and philanthropy. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be among the 400 dignitaries in the audience. Grammy-winning pianist Evgeny Kissin will perform.

Leno said he will run his jokes by the “appropriate people,” but Netanyahu and Bloomberg, one of the world’s richest men, can expect to be the butt of a few of his jokes.

“I think everybody around the world appreciates self-deprecating humor, and I think you can do jokes about the prime minister, and Michael Bloomberg getting the award certainly,” Leno said. “They’re giving him $1 million. Wow. That’s going to change his life.”

In the interview, Leno also joked about the recent collapse of Israel-Palestinian Authority peace talks brokered by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry:

“I guess any American that’s not John Kerry is more than welcome there right now,” Leno said.

Leno hosted NBC’s late-night talk show ‘The Tonight Show’ for more than two decades before retiring in February. He was replaced by former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Jimmy Fallon. Leno said he is still performing his stand-up routine five nights a week, but now travelling globally with his routines. He recently performed in China and will stop in London and Rome during his upcoming trip that includes Israel.


The Talmud vision made this guy look like an entertainer, a funny guy and we accept whatever we see on the screen. My opinion of this guy has always been just like David Letterman, a complete idiot, a Jew and not funny, but a damned disgrace. A perfect example of who and or what not to be. This is where they always end up. Are all the riches of the world, the cars, motorbikes, suits, jets, etc. really worth it? The guy has always been a rat and will die a rat! Then it’s time to cash all those riches in. You can sit in a gold plated rocking chair in your later years, but you’re toast!

I dont say anything about people here that I wouldnt say to their faces, problem is you cant say it to their faces which makes me want to say it even more. The media just is and you cant say what you think about it, you have to just sit down and shut up. Well let one of these bastards come near me and you will know what I think.

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