Jason and the ArgoNazis

Let’s Troll Unite The Right Planner Kessler By Pointing Out His Jewish Surname

There are a lot of Jewish and non-Jewish Kesslers out there — it’s one of those tricky last names. In the days before the year anniversary of the violent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., one name in particular keeps getting tossed around: Jason Kessler.

~Tossed around by whom?

The last name Kessler has German and Ashkenzai Jewish origins (fun fact: it means coppersmith), but Kessler, who planned last year’s white supremacist rally, does not appear to be Jewish. In an interview with The Christian Science Monitor, he explained how he jumped from voting for Barak Obama to aligning with the alt-right, casting a ballot for President Trump.

~Another fun fact- Jews stole those names like they stole all their names and if they say someone isnt Jewish dont ever take their word for it (nor anything else). MG

“They weren’t afraid to stand up for men or white people or Christians,” Kessler said of the alt-right. But this year, he adds, “It’s been moving more into an arena of an unhealthy obsession with Jews. Everything is about Jews, Jews, Jews.”

Now, Kessler openly shares that he’s “pro-white” and wants to “stand up” for “his people” against “ethnic cleansing” by “liberal social policies,” Business Insider reported.

Rest assured, we have little doubt he is a member of the tribe. Here are a few other Kesslers who do fit the bill.

Daniel Kessler : This Kessler is the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for the New York City-based band Interpol.

David A. Kessler : This Kessler is an American pediatrician, lawyer, author, and administrator (both academic and governmental). He was the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration from 1990 to 1997.

Glenn Kessler : This Kessler is an correspondent who writes the popular “Fact Checker” blog for The Washington Post.

Alyssa Fisher is a news writer at the Forward. Email her at fisher@forward.com, or follow her on Twitter at @alyssalfisher

Im not sure he’s a fan of Hitler like  Frank “Collin” Cohen, but they’ll try anything once. This is another Stormfront clown welcomed in with wide open arms. Me, I cant even call in their stupid shows without getting hanged up on after 3 seconds. Along comes Jason and he’s a star in the white movement a couple years after he voted for a spook for POTUS. There is not an ounce of dignity in the fake white movement!

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Born To Raise Hell

Russia names action-movie star Seagal as envoy for US

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For Your Google Eyes Only

Mike Huckabee dons hard hat, lays bricks for new West Bank settlement homes

Former Arkansas governor and Trump confidant says US president would be thrilled to see Israeli construction over the Green Line; refers to Efrat as a ‘bridge to peace’

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (R) lays bricks at a housing complex in the West Bank settlement of Efrat on August 1, 2018. (Jacob Magid/Times of Israel)

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (R) lays bricks at a housing complex in the West Bank settlement of Efrat on August 1, 2018. (Jacob Magid/Times of Israel)

EFRAT, West Bank — Former Arkansas governor and conservative talk show host Mike Huckabee donned a hard hat and laid bricks at a new housing complex in the West Bank settlement of Efrat on Wednesday.

“If President Trump could be here today, he’d be a very happy man,” said Huckabee standing in front of a large red “Build Israel Great Again,” sign, a play on the US president’s campaign slogan.

“I cannot tell you how proud I’ve been of the president as it relates to the land of Israel,” gushed the ex-governor and Trump ally, highlighting the White House recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last December. Huckabee’s daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders is White House spokesperson.

~You wont be hearing the Stormfront shills or the Ugly Truthers mentioning this. Mike Huckabee, another Trump Neocon.

These google eyed twits think Jesus was a Jew-all you need to know!

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It’s About Time

Krauthammer -1
Adam Gadahn Pearlman
Yusef Al Khattab Cohen
Bolton- yes he is a Jew








Getting nauseous yet?


Dershowitz and our entire Jewish fool system (aka Academia)
Woody Allen
Spielberg and all Jew Hollywood
Mark Levin, Savage and all the talk media

New York Times, Look, Time, Newsweek and all the Jew magazines and newspapers
All the Hasbara Trolls
the list goes on and on and on……….
We know who wants our nation(s) destroyed, we know who wants our women defiled, we know who wants our food controlled, we know who wants to send us to war, we know who is contrary to us and we know what we are supposed to do about it.
It’s time we did!




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Washington – An American lawmaker appeared to minimize the Holocaust this week, comparing it to a man-made famine that decimated Soviet Ukraine in the early 1930s.

Speaking at a conference organized by the conservative American Enterprise Institute, House Homeland Security Committee chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) stated that “Stalin killed more people in Ukraine than Hitler killed Jews in World War II. They basically worked them to death for the bread and the food that they made in Ukraine.”

Known as the Holodomor, the massive famine which lasted from 1932-33 was brought on by Stalinist collectivization policies. During the famine, Moscow insisted on increasing production quotas and confiscating seed grain while peasants starved.

While it affected citizens across the the Soviet Union, Ukraine was hit especially hard. While millions starved to death, the exact tally of victims has been a matter of dispute. Some scholars, such as Ukrainian-Canadian historian John-Paul Himka, have placed the number at around four million while Ukrainian nationalists claim more than twice as many.

This nationalist historiography began to take off in Ukraine during the early 2000s when then-President Viktor Yushchenko began a campaign of public commemoration, claiming that the famine had been a “genocide that had wiped out more than 10,000,000 victims.”

Speaking at a memorial ceremony last year, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko claimed that 7 to 10 million Ukrainians had died and asserted that “not recognizing the Holodomor is as immoral as denying the Holocaust.”

Nationalist discourse related to the Holodomor is often combined with anti-Semitic sentiments in what some critics have described as a competition for victimhood. In 2009, Ukraine’s security service released a document naming those who it alleged to have been responsible for the Holodomor. Most of the names on the list were Jewish.

~Little by little the truth will emerge (and Jews absolutely loathe it). Makes me have cracks of joy! If only they just said “Jews”.


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Car Wash


Published: July 19, 2018
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Workers finish cleaning cars at the Brea Car Wash and Detail Center at 1700 East Lambert Road in Brea on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. (Photo by Paul Bersebach, Orange County Register/SCNG)


A Southern California car wash mogul cited for cheating more than 800 workers and destroying evidence will pay $4.2 million in back wages and penalties after a two-year court battle with federal authorities.

Vahid David Delrahim, of Los Angeles, failed to pay his workers minimum wage or overtime at a dozen car washes in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Ventura counties, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

A consent decree approved this week by U.S. District Court Judge Fernando Olguin orders Delrahim to pay $1.9 million in back wages and another $1.9 million in damages to the workers. In addition, he is fined $400,000 in civil penalties.

“This landmark case sends a powerful message that the Department of Labor will use strong law enforcement and litigation tools to protect employees and level the playing field for law-abiding employers,” said Juan Coria, the wage and hour division’s acting regional commissioner.

According to the judgment, Delrahim ordered employees, many of them Spanish-speakers unfamiliar with U.S. labor laws, to work off the clock at the beginning of each shift and to clock out, but to remain at the car washes, when business was slow. The result: numerous hours without pay.

We think we’re Persian!

In other news~

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) will host its annual Tree of Life Gala at The Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday, October 3, 2013. The event will honor local residents Orna and David Delrahim and feature comedian Joel Chasnoff as Master of Ceremonies. Cocktail reception and silent auction will begin at 5:30 pm and the program will follow at 6:30 pm.

“We are proud to be honoring Orna and David Delrahim with this year’s Tree of Life Award,” said JNF Los Angeles Executive Director Allison Krumholz. “They are truly dedicated to supporting not only the local Jewish community, but to supporting JNF and the land of Israel and its people.”

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The Teacher

You wont see this on Jew Talmudvision.


An extraterrestrial- a hypothetical or fictional being from outer space, especially an intelligent one.

or someone not of this world, MG.   The only thing that is wrong with this is the word “Gods”. I guess he had to do something to appease the Jews. This makes the most sense of all the crap I have heard about Egypt and is in line with the same writings and video as E Raymond Capt.


All the work this man did and not one show on TV.

One of the major Stormfront clowns grew up believing “Jews” built the Great Pyramids even though “Jews” weren’t even in Egypt.

Jay calls in to make sure people are boondoggled on the age old biblical lies Jews have woven into us. This is basically all this guy ever does. He is a destroyer! The Stormfront queers dont like to be corrected, but “Jay, the great pyramids were there thousands of years before the Israelites (which he calls Jews) got there”. There are pyramids all over Egypt and the Great pyramids are simply the most popular.

About the 26 minute mark. Amazing how people can call in freely and lie in your face about what a book says and nobody can call in and say he is dead wrong. Are these truthers? I guess we would be “anticryptoites” or something, but its the same Jew game. They will not be corrected or they go into a rage. It proves two things, you either never read the book or you willingly distort it to a listening audience you claim to be helping.

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