Jewish Coffee

Been noticing people very subtly pushing this Black Rifle Coffee. When you control the forums you can control the products you want bought and sold as well, this is how the Jews do it. It all begins and ends with free speech. First thing I noticed was how “all American” it is.

Its better than Jewish trust me.

Black Rifle Coffee Company. You probably know them for the skits they regularly produce to market their products, which, depending on who you ask are either laugh out loud funny or deeply offensive.

Or maybe you remember them as the company who took on Starbucks last year in a very public, very controversial do-gooder tug of war. Public perception aside, their roast to order coffee is regarded by many as among best in class, and their mission to support those who have served our country is a hard sentiment to disagree with. It’s likely a combination of the aforementioned factors that has lead the company to unprecedented growth since the first beans were shipped in early 2015.

Kosher vs. Kosher

As the company has grown though, they have attracted the ire of some left-leaning media outlets and social media critics who have taken jabs at the troupe of outspoken coffee roasters led by Evan Hafer. Evan, a former Special Forces soldier turned founder and CEO of BRCC, sat down to talk about some of the negativity leveled at his company recently.

When you founded BRCC, did you anticipate the backlash that has been directed at your company’s mission and marketing materials lately?

Evan Hafer: Of course I understood that our approach was edgy, and that our brand of humor is not what most people expect from a coffee company. But I’ll admit I have been taken off guard by some of the accusations that have been leveled at us lately. At my core, I have always been just a coffee roaster that loves my country, the constitution, and the veteran community. My hope is that this is how people view the company as well.

0.03% Jews in the military

recent article painted you as an “Iraqi war veteran who presumably began roasting coffee beans in his combat helmet outside Fallujah.” Is there any truth to that?

Evan Hafer: I wish there was, but I started roasting coffee on a stovetop burner from my home. I eventually graduated to a one-pound fluid bed roaster and then a larger 12-kilo drum roaster. Obviously I have taken my passion for good coffee around the world with me on my various deployments over the years, but I’ve never done something so grandiose as roast coffee in the middle of a city under siege.

A Jew in the military

What is the company’s relationship with NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, and media personalities like Sean Hannity and Buck Sexton?

Evan Hafer: We have no relationship with Dana– though I hear she is nice. Sean Hannity and Buck are friends, and we sponsor their shows. We are friends and/or do business with a variety of high profile personalities, some of which might surprise the critics if they bothered to look beyond the people that they can use to further their narrative.

There are frequent comments made online asking how your company could be so anti-hipster, since you seem like kind of a hipster yourself. What do you say to those people?

Evan Hafer: It’s kind of funny isn’t it? I mean yeah, I wear flannel and have a beard, and roast coffee. I enjoy reading books. Does that make me a hipster? It’s kind of a sad state of affairs if it does. But look, what we do in a lot of our marketing is social commentary through satire. Do we poke fun at hipsters? Absolutely. But we also know there are veterans who fall into the hipster category, as well as other genuinely good people who are contributing members of society. Ultimately, I’m not concerned about the people who don’t understand our humor. And trust me, we are far more harsh towards each other than we are with the hipster crowd. “Oh Im sure”

Some critics have connected your branding and imagery, specifically the Silencer Smooth coffee blend, to those of the Nazi movement. Is there any truth to those allegations?

Evan Hafer: Well, considering the fact that my COO and I are both Jewish, I have a huge issue with people who compare us to or accuse us of being Nazis. It proves just how crazy some people are, and how far they are willing to reach in order to criticize a company they don’t like. They are literally willing to call a Jew a Nazi in order to get traffic to their blog article, or gain more Twitter followers. It seems that many in our country these days will automatically default to accusing people of being a Nazi, or being a racist, misogynist, or… the list goes on. I don’t think we’ve earned or deserve to be compared to Nazis by any stretch of the imagination.

~I just call em “kikes”

Looks like another Jew playing Hitler

Accusations of misogyny and gay-bashing have been repeatedly leveled at BRCC based on the company’s multimedia content. Has this affected BRCC’s approach to marketing and branding at all?

Evan Hafer: Once again, we use satire to convey points. Is there stuff that we have taken down because we realized people were interpreting our intentions differently than we expected? Yes, absolutely. But we believe that all people are created equal. We believe in freedom of speech too. It surprises me that people can watch SNL every week, and their sketch comedians can act feminine or make fun of specific demographics in U.S. culture, and people understand that it’s humor. However, BRCC can’t do the same thing without people misunderstanding the intent. I think everyone needs to relax a little bit, laugh a little more, and remember that we are joking. We aren’t the evil monsters that some are making us out to be.

~The Jew is just like you and me, fighting for a decent society and place to live. If you believe that you get a free year old bag of BRCC

With the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida and companies backing away from the NRA in response, what is BRCC’s stance given its clear pro-gun foundation?

Evan Hafer: Being pro-Second Amendment is something I and our company will always be. Mainly because I don’t believe that we should sacrifice our individual freedoms for security. In 1755, Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. To specifically address the NRA though, look, it’s a massive organization. We support the positive initiatives they have like their focus on gun safety and educating our youth on proper handling of firearms, among other great programs they have. I’m sure there are things I disagree with them on too, but I could say the same about any organization of that size.

~Benjamin Franklin also had some very bad words to say about Jews.

And drinking their poisonous fluids

When you see negativity about your company, what goes through your head?

Evan Hafer: I think the country has gone a little crazy. People from both sides of the political spectrum have abandoned efforts to come to legitimate solutions, based on facts, that will help our country. They seem to be more consumed with proving that they are right rather than solving the actual problem. And we have some serious issues that need to be addressed in this country.

~Jews aren’t typical merchants anymore they have the goyim express to mail it straight to your door (with the same poison).

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The Great Escape


Another Shoah!

The media is back full scale Neocon war mode foaming at the mouth after a brief dry spell, but anyone with half a brain knew that it would be back. It seems our own internet shills who are against the Jews (not all the Jews of course- that would be “antisimetic” as they say) are back in full swing reading Trumps mind and convincing us that Trump is under great pressure and is being manipulated into everything now. He was even forced to hire the nutjob Rudy Giuliani. Folks if you want to destroy something bring in Rudy.

Jew York Jew York!


Enough on the actual acts of Drumpfelstein, lets focus on the people who vaulted him into office and who are back praising Fox News hosts who were all vibrant cheerleaders of the Jew wars (every one of them). One of the usual phrases I hear when Jews bomb one of their neighbors is “Greater Israel”. “They are doing it to gain “greater Israel, that’s their plan”. As if Jews are following biblical writings. This not only shows that there are people who think Jews are Israel (and a land mass) but that the Bible was written for Jews. This sick and demented discussion will come up on all the internet venues such as RBN (Stormfront), Alex Jones, Juif Rense (Stormfront), The Ugly Truth, etc. along with the Samson option as if Jews are all the tribes of Israel including Dan. They are too demented to understand that Samson wasn’t a Jew in any shape or form. He wasnt of Judah or a JEW, he wasnt a mongrel or a “bastard”.


The other phrase that always comes up is “The Noahide Laws”, now the shills who never read the Bible in their lives and can never debate with anyone but other shills on it think Jews are the direct descendants of Noah and count themselves out altogether, back in the Jew movie theater eating popcorn. They actually hand over everyone in the Bible to the Jews and I have noticed that it is usually someone who could never be white who pushes this so you see their dog in the fight is the same as the Jews. “A mongrel cannot be part of the congregation” and they think its white people.

Noah! what? I want you to get out of the ark!


But back to the discussion “Greater Israel” which is obviously being deliberately pounded into our brains with absolutely zero controversy or refute has to be to stunt us. Whether you are a mongrel Italian or just a mongrel and believe in Jesus Christ you can’t change the words of the Bible. Israel was scattered abroad, to Europe and the land of Israel (not Edom) became Europe. Even the land of Judah was not the land of Israel, it was the land of Judah and became the land of Judea under a mongrelized Canaanite Idumean presence (why didn’t they call it Israel then?). The land of Dan was not the land of Judah nor was the land of Benjamin the land of Napthali. The land of Israel itself never stretched from Egypt to the Euphrates because Israel or Jacob himself had to work on his father in laws land to gain two of his wives. Jacob or Israel died in Egypt and if he stayed in Canaan he would have starved.


Not one apostle came to the lost sheep of the House of Israel and told them to come back to that hell hole in the Middle East. The fact is these mongrel Christians can’t even accept that fact that Jesus came for the 12 tribes scattered abroad. So these deceivers are telling us 3 things;


  1. “Jesus didn’t come for the 12 tribes of Israel” even if he said so
  2. “Israel is a land mass” even bigger than Davids kingdom
  3. That they do not believe the New Testament, they only believe in the Jewish version of the Old Testament.

Nowhere does it say that Jesus or Yashua came for everyone and he sure as hell didn’t come for the Jews. That is the ugly truth for the mongrels. It’s ours, get it? Go get your own.

David Duke thinks these are our white ancestors and Jews come from Adam and Eve (on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Of all the people out there who know the truth we for some reason are not telling these idiots that they are simply working for the Jews by claiming the Jews are acting on behalf of God and that their playbook is the Old Testament. This is simply the mongrel “Great Escape” because they cannot be part of the (our) congregation nor should you ever listen to anyone who allows them in…….and we can all see why. I have lived on the Nile and the Euphrates and I can tell you this myth that the Jew flags stripes mean “from the Nile to the Euphrates” makes zero sense. Jews want everything but more than anything the truth destroyed PERIOD!

Genesis 15:18 There was not yet an Israel, not yet an Isaac and not yet an Edom. God hated Edom, did he also give him this land? David Duke said in his original book “My Awakening” that whites were of Edom and Jews were of Jacob. This would make that craphole land ours too legally from the scripture below and why it was called the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and called the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to deliberately single Edom and anyone else out even in that lineage. Why was Edom singled out?

King James Bible
In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:

The only way Jews can accomplish their goals is to have imbeciles who claim they are Christians telling us God gave Jews land according to the book and of course make their grand escapes.

Andrew Cuhomo

As a New Yorker, I am a Muslim. I am a Jew. I am Black. I am gay. I am a woman seeking to control her body. We are one New York​. He’s a Jew alright!

Another farce I always hear the mongrels and duped Judeo Xtians talk about is Jews “rebuilding” the temple. What have the Jews ever built? What are these Jews going to do in this temple, exchange and loan money to the Palestinians? Will they sacrifice pigs to Molech? What the hell will Jews do with a disgusting looking temple other than prove to everyone they are not Israel? Yes you better escape that too! Go back to your unChristian, unAmerican (un-white) and untruthful lives and hide! You too are not of the truth!

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Donald Trump: The First Jewish President?

April 17, 2018

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Trump’s barely been in office a year and a half, but already his presidency has been analyzed to death, with every new diagnosis contradicting the last. Trump’s a “4D chess master!” No, he’s a charlatan ill-suited for public office. Please, he’s an outsider with a grand vision, hobbled by a deep-state legion of leakers and traitors. C’mon, he’s clinically insane, with incipient dementia. Wrong again, he’s a crouching tiger, his seeming missteps merely a diversion to lull his prey into a false sense of security. Be serious, he’s Åke Axelsson’s chimp, mindlessly flinging paint at the wall as others foolishly debate the merits of his art.

Every theory, from every angle, has been stated and restated. Surely at this point there can be no fresh analysis of this man and his presidency. At least that’s what I thought, until a few weeks ago, when I spent the afternoon with Ann Coulter, having lunch at one of Beverly Hills’ most revered Jewish delis.

Ann Coulter and David Cole walk into a Jewish deli. I’ll let you write your own punchline.

JJ Walker shows up?

After surviving a surprisingly pleasant encounter with the paparazzi, as we walked along Rodeo Drive past the fancy boutiques catering to gullible Asian tourists, Ann shared a theory about why Trump has elicited so much irrational hatred from one particularly influential U.S. demographic group. And what she said hit me right in the gut. She’s never publicly written about this theory, but with her permission I’ll present it here. Suffice it to say, it falls into the category of “Wish I’d said that.”

A brief preamble. Ever since Trump announced his candidacy, I’ve been baffled by the outpouring of blind, irrational hatred directed at Trump by my fellow Jews. It’s a hatred that goes beyond partisan politics. Sure, Jews always hate the Republican. But this is something different; this is a hostility, a bitter antagonism, that I typically see directed at people like me. Or actual Jew-haters like David Duke. But Trump? This was a man with absolutely no history of being anti-Jewish. He’s a gentile who’s mixed with Jews his entire life, in business, in family, and he’s gotten along just fine.

Ann Coulter and David Cole walk into a Jewish deli. I’ll let you write your own punchline.”

Millionaires and magnates who actually are anti-Jewish (like Henry Ford) develop a reputation long before they hit their 70s. When I was a kid, my mom, a Brooklyn-born Jew, worked as a commercial graphic artist, and it was common knowledge among the people in her field which companies didn’t hire Jews. For example, the Hall family (of Hallmark Cards) and the Knotts family (of the eponymous Berry Farm) had a reputation, deserved or not, for not employing Jews. Trump has never had any such rep. In the 1990s he publicly slammed the private clubs of Palm Beach for not admitting Jews. He opened Mar-a-Lago with the stated purpose of bringing a club into the community that was open to Jews and other minorities. His daughter married a Jew and converted, and his son-in-law is a trusted adviser (for better or worse). Are those the actions of an anti-Semite?

MG-He forgot his two sons and his other daughter. They never tell the whole truth.

Some of the evidence presented for Trump’s supposed Jew-hatred actually proves the opposite, like the 1991 allegation by the former president of Trump Plaza that Trump once remarked, “The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. Those are the kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else.” How very Nazi of him to insist on entrusting his money to Jews. As I pointed out earlier, my mom knew the anti-Semites in her biz by the fact that they didn’t hire Jews. Trump was a guy who wanted Jews as employees and associates.

But according to a large faction of vocal Jews, Trump is the greatest existential threat to the Jewish people since Hitler. He’s a Nazi, a fascist, a Father Coughlin, a George Lincoln Rockwell. The claims are so over-the-top, they’d be funny if they weren’t insane.

I’ve followed (and been the target of) Jewish outrage for damn near thirty years, yet I’ve never seen anything this extreme. There’s gotta be a reason for it, right? Is it Trump’s immigration views? It can’t be that alone. When Pete Wilson, at the time the governor of California, decided to hang his 1996 presidential bid on the illegal-immigration issue, sure, Jews on the left were outraged, but it was just standard partisan gamesmanship. Defeat the Republican, say what’s necessary (“racist,” “misogynist,” “fascist”), and at the end of the day go back to being Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog, punching the time clock and saying a friendly goodnight, because much of what had preceded was theater.

And therein lies the key difference: This time, it’s not business. It’s personal…very personal.

Ann Coulter’s theory is that Jews dislike Trump because he reminds us too much of ourselves. More specifically, in style and manner he reminds us of the traits we’re most often ridiculed for. Trump is a loud, boorish New Yawker. He’s foulmouthed; he has no “indoor voice.” He’s clumsy when delicacy is called for; he gesticulates madly and almost certainly spits when he talks. He’s a slumlord, and a master manipulator of finance and bankruptcy law. And the strikingly beautiful women he surrounds himself with are most likely only there because of the money. Basically, he’s a Streicher cartoon without the Jewface. For Jews, gazing at Trump is like looking at a fun-house mirror reflection of the very worst anti-Semitic stereotypes. And Jews don’t want to see that in a president, because it makes us feel uncomfortable (we are, after all, a people known for our neuroses).

Ann’s theory hit me like a lightning bolt. Because yeah, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Trump is essentially my late cousin Sol. Sol was a kind, pudgy, jovial man who could never moderate his tone. In the middle of a crowded restaurant, he’d talk about a rash on his ballsack or the regularity of his bowels. If there was a black or a Mexican in the room, he’d make a schvartze or wetback joke (“Hey, it’s just a joke! Lighten up!”). His put-downs of fat women would have made Al Bundy green with envy. And sometimes, after giving offense, he’d wonder why people were upset, as he was “just being honest.”

He was base, he was coarse. On a personal level, if you were in need, he’d give you the shirt off his back. But a lot of people could never get past his manner. Talk to your average East Coast Jew, and they’ll have at least one cousin Sol in their family tree. And now we have one as president.

Obviously, not every American Jew rejects boorishness (as evidenced by the typical Hollywood “comedy” film). But the ones in D.C., and the ones in positions of influence in the news media, certainly do. These upper-echelon Jews don’t want to be the Jerry in a room full of Deans. They want to fit right in with the old money and the political dynasties. The worst thing you can do to them is show them a president who resembles the person they’re so desperately trying not to be, because of course they will hate that man. “New York vulgar” offends high-society Jews the same way “Compton ghetto” offends a middle- or upper-class black.

I suppose it can be said that Trump “triggers” Jews in a way that no other Republican in recent times has.

If Ann’s theory holds water, and I think it does, my guess is that Jews will never warm up to Trump, no matter how many Muslim countries he bombs. Trump will never be treated like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many people have forgotten that during the California gubernatorial recall election in 2003, Schwarzenegger made illegal immigration the cornerstone of his campaign. Everything that happened nationally in 2016 played itself out on a smaller scale here fifteen years ago. Schwarzenegger was called a Nazi (on The Tonight Show, no less, by disgraced disgrace Al Franken), Latino rioters violently interrupted his campaign stops (in one instance throwing an egg at the action star, with the resulting impact resembling that of a pebble thrown at a battleship), the media trotted out old stories of groping and sexual improprieties in order to discredit him, and “reputable” polling organizations tried to torpedo his candidacy by releasing fake poll numbers.

Then something fascinating happened. Once in office, Schwarzenegger reversed himself on practically everything, from taxes to public unions to his hard line on illegal immigration. And guess what? The establishment embraced him. The L.A. Times, which, in 2003, had decried him as a misogynistic Nazi rapist racist, endorsed him for reelection three years later! He left office in 2011 without an enemy among Democrats. His final act as governor was a parting middle finger to his original base: He commuted the sentence of a Latino teen who’d murdered another boy in 2008. The murderous teen who got nine years shaved off his sentence was the son of powerful California Democrat Fabian Nunez, cochair of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and Schwarzenegger’s bestie.

Schwarzenegger was welcomed into the leftist fold because that whole “Nazi rapist racist” thing was not personal. It was just partisan business-as-usual. Even though Schwarzenegger was the son of an actual Nazi, the Jews in the California Democrat machine were more than happy to welcome him in once he began to abandon his agenda. After all, what’s more pleasing than bringing to heel the son of an enemy? That’s true power. But I honestly believe that in Trump’s case, no matter what he does, a sizable segment of the Jewish political establishment will never stop hating him, because he’ll still be Donald Trump; he’ll still be every Jew’s “cousin Sol.”

Oddly enough, that hatred, which is essentially a projection of Jewish self-hatred, might be the only thing that can save Trump’s withering agenda. Trump is at his best when he’s attacked. That’s when he gets combative, that’s when his oppositional defiance kicks in. Trump meets anger with anger and insults with insults. If influential Jews continue to hate him even in the face of all the establishment-friendly and neocon-friendly things he’s doing now—from the omnibus bill to bombing Syria to reversing himself on TPP—it might just propel the man to revert back to the issues that won him the office in the first place. Trump may be generally unpredictable, but he does have one very predictable trait: Once you’ve worked his last nerve, he’s done with you. He’ll attack you and everything you hold dear. And he’ll go out of his way to do things just to piss you off.

He’s a petty man. But that pettiness might just salvage his presidency.

If Ann Coulter is right, and if D.C. Jews can’t reign in their bitter scorn even in spite of his recent olive branches (if that’s truly what they are and not just the random splatter of a chimp with a paintbrush), we may end up getting that border wall after all…if only due to spite.

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As usual the Jews will get all the credit for the things some of us have been saying for 20 years. My old friends on the forums know this, especially “the _skunk” of a very old  and trusted friend of mine who said this from the beginning.

Understand I am not using Cole or Coulter for truth, Cole once told me that it was the Russians who sold us the 6 million number and then it that same show with another Jew, Bob Tusskin he blamed the Turks for the Armenian genocide……he never heard of the Donmeh Jews. They cant help but lie.

Do you know how many shills pushed this guy into the presidency of the United States?

Do you know where David Duke was when was the best site on the crimes of the Jews anywhere? He was skiing in Austria living the high life saying “ragheads did 9/11” exactly what the Jews wanted him to do (with his Stormfront retard shill pals). Now this Stormfront cancer is literally all over the main stream internet media. There is no memory, no shame, no logic!

And you’re STILL listening to them. You are hopeless!

The really bad part of this is we used to suspect Putin of also being a Jew. If this is true we are all in for a seriously rough ride ahead (most of whom who haven’t a paddle). If you know what I do and about Jews and you dont say something you are contrary to mankind- period!


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The Jew and bombs like peas and carrots!

Word is out that Drumpfelstein has sent missiles flying into Syria. What now do all the shills say about Trump? He is shackled and was forced to make the order to kill people (and the wrong people)? Will they say Trump is playing 3D chess still? Will they claim to know exactly what Trump is thinking as they have been since Trump took office? Will they cover up evidence of Trumps Jew connections as they have been from day one? Will they defend their Neocon talk show hosts who led us into wars already for the Jews again? Will they tell you to contribute to them as they have for years continually backing down when they should be going for the kill? Will they let this get away like they let the Jews get away with 9/11? Will they let more and more Edgar Steele’s get put away and not say a word? Will they tell you who to vote for next election as they always do (if there is one)? Will they pretend they are on a network of truth when these networks did nothing but withhold important info on Trump and cheer him on because Hillary may have been president (its called blackmail)? Trump said Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have been elected after Bush, but the truth is Lincoln wouldn’t have even been in the running with this Jew media and Jew money which Trump is and always has been knee-deep in.

How do these people continue to mislead you? There is no shame and when there is no shame folks, there is no God, no Jesus, no truth! That is what I have been trying to tell you all along about this shill Stormfront and every one of their connections. When you cut out free speech and when you blindly or willfully help, aid or abet a Jew or a Jew proselyte (and he is at very least a Jew proselyte by his own offspring) you are also a proselyte. If you don’t understand that important fact it doesn’t matter if you have the highest college degree that one can have, you are a traitor, a liar on a monumental scale, a murderer, a thief and a damned coward!


I want to see these shills post their pictures now with their red-headed hero Trump giving the orders.

They want whites to fight each other and guess who is egging it on- your white leaders!

WASHINGTON — The United States and European allies launched strikes against Syrian targets, President Trump announced on Friday, seeking to punish President Bashar al-Assad for a suspected chemical attack near Damascus last weekend that killed more than 40 people.

He believed Assad did a “chlorine gassing” attack and not one member of Congress will dare dispute it to save American lives (they work for the Jews every one). Folks Jews do need to be gassed and I say that with no mental reservation. We need to eradicate the entire brood!

Look at this pile of sh**!

This guy is a fat, Talmud headed lying perverted rat! He has to wear a cummerbund to keep that fat gut in and he doesn’t even drink! I wouldnt wear two things in my life:

  1. a yarmulke
  2. a cummerbund

and this pathetic liar does both. Maybe even at the same time!


Putin is either another Jew tool or it will be another world war amongst white people while the Neocons and Putin hang out in their air conditioned offices. If Putin had a pair he would be vaporizing the Jew state right now! He isnt.

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Guess Wjho’s Coming to Dinner?

Alan Dershowitz is meeting with Trump, who seeks his ‘input’


The ex redhead Epstein pedo himself

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Alan Dershowitz, the famed constitutional lawyer, is dining with President Donald Trump as the president faces new risk in a federal probe into his campaign.

“Dershowitz has been at the White House for part of today as Trump seeks his input, and he’s supposed to have dinner with the president tonight, per White House sources,” New York Times White House reporter Maggie Haberman posted Tuesday evening on Twitter.

Maggie Haberman


Some news – Dershowitz has been at the White House for part of today as Trump seeks his input, and he’s supposed to have dinner with the president tonight, per WH sources

Trump was outraged Monday after federal agents raided the properties of his personal lawyer and longtime adviser, Michael Cohen, who allegedly arranged payments to silence women accusing Trump of extramarital liaisons.

Dershowitz, a Democrat, has said repeatedly in televised appearances that Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor investigating Trump, has overreached, and that the special counsel institution is inherently problematic and prone to abuse. He has said he would have made the same claims about an investigation into a Democratic president.

Trump, who reportedly has had trouble keeping lawyers because he tends not to listen to their advice, in recent months has hired personalities whose television appearances have impressed him.

Dershowitz is a prominent defender of Israel and has said he has consulted with Trump on his Israel policy.

~I wonder if Dershowitz knows the Constitution had zero to do with Jews. Why let a college degree go to waste? A so called American president up to his eyeballs in Jew antichrist demons and the goyim STILL cant figger it out. No Trump isn’t playing chess, he is playing you. The whole damned media is controlled by Jews, the money system is controlled by Jews and Trump is right in the middle the swamp where he has always been! This isnt about trusting a Jew, I dont trust people who trust Jews either and imagine for a minute what this world would be like if our presidents all did the same. If someone called me antisemitic I would first prove they cant prove what a semite is or that they are one and that I would make my case that this is exactly why I don’t trust them. If they want to tell us we must think a certain way than we are all doomed!

Is there anyone in the world you would rather never see in the White House? I’m sure he is looking out for our best interest! Get the barf bag it’s over!

Our so called president should be vaporizing that Jew state right now instead the Jew controlled Hollywood government is having dinner with an old Jew friend. If I had just 100 good men!

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There’s Something About Hymie

Only in the Jew Asskenazi movies

I have to pinch myself hearing so many professionals with college degree’s calling Jews an “ethno group” when they are anything but an ethnos. A mutt isn’t a breed, but a mutt’s offspring is related no doubt. That doesn’t mean you call them a breed, a mutt is a mutt!

Whites have to remain with whites to be an ethnos, but Jews can be with anyone and be an ethnos and our intellectual leaders just cant seem to figger it out! Just a few Jews who you consider “an ethnos”

Here we have Indian Jews, not the Indian Jews in America although there is no doubt we have them too.



Lets make a dveal!

Now Ukrainian Jews/once Russian Jews, some now English Jews

Mehican Jews

Pancho Housestein?

The Kai-Fung fighting Jews, it’s a little bit frightening.

Kaifeng Jews. The Kaifeng Jews are members of a small Jewish community in Kaifeng, in the Henan province of China who have assimilated into Chinese society while preserving some Jewish traditions and customs. Their origin and time of arrival in Kaifeng are a matter of debate among experts. They wont even attempt the DNA test on this one, but no doubt some Jew got his seedline into them.

And who can forget the one and only Falasha Jews?

There is some similarity, they both have kikels.

Mr and Mrs Rosenbaum

Can you guess? If you guessed Mongol Jews you are correct. Yes Jews were huge with the Mongols.

Looks a bit like Dershowitz

Folks I don’t mean to be so persistent on anything, but isn’t it time we called these mongrels what they are and quit calling them a GD ethnos? Is that too much to ask?

We don’t have ignorant leaders we have deliberate deceiver leaders! In the Jew fool system as a kid I sometimes put a note on the back of a classmates back saying “I’m stupid” and eventually they found the note because it became obvious to them, but our supposed white leaders want to continue walking around with that note on their backs.

Folks a leader isn’t molded into a leader while he is already artificially leading, a leader is someone who leads by example from start to finish and his objective is to win whether he is following orders or leading. This isnt playtime in the Louisiana swamp!

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The Conversation


I hear shills!


I don’t know about you folks out there, but when I listen to someone, anyone on a radio program (show) I am not only listening to what they say, but I pick up on the main points of that persons beliefs to see how far they have come toward the truth based on known facts. Is it artificial truth that they teach in the Jew fool system, is it from experience or is it the relentless pursuit of truth and the willingness to defend it (with anyone)?


Not long ago I listened to a podcast of Bill Finck and a Dr. Hill of the “League of the South” a supposed white southern group involved in the Charlottesville fiasco. I have been around quite awhile and in the south I might add and never heard of this group.

This Dr. Hill seemed to be someone who has accepted Christian Identity, although I couldn’t figure out if he was sincere because I certainly would have heard about him and this group long before this Bill Finck conversation. I am just going to post his show here:


And the other one here:


Now one would think that this bloke would be knowledgeable about the Jew Judah Benjamin, but doesn’t mention a word and makes several gestures that he is a Christian Identist or onboard to its facts. How does one become enlightened in Biblical and racial subjects and then return to Judeo beliefs? How does one do this?


Now we fast forward to the present with David Duke. Hill accepts Dukes theory that God discontinued his love for the Jews and found a new people “the Gentiles” which David Duke claims means “Roman soldiers”. This is Dukes entire basis that Jews are the people of the Old Testament.

As he saith also in Osee, I will call them my people, which were not my people; and her beloved, which was not beloved.

in reference to Hosea here:

King James Bible
And I will sow her unto me in the earth; and I will have mercy upon her that had not obtained mercy; and I will say to them which were not my people, Thou art my people; and they shall say, Thou art my God.

You think someone out there could splain this to the nit wit Duke? Maybe the object is not to.

David Duke thinks this was about “the Jews” and that the Jews were God’s people and left the Jews because they were so evil. You see God made a mistake with those Jews Duke obviously claims, but nowhere in the Bible does it say Jews were or ever were Gods people! So Duke is obviously anchoring all of his listeners into the age-old BS story that Jews were Gods people and that is his proof. Would you think “Dr.” Michael Hill would correct him? No folks, no correction, in fact Hill went along with it hook line and sinker just like Andy Hitchcock, another Christian Identist impostor.

“Shefardic Jews”

I don’t even let my own family talk about the Bible without correcting them why the hell would I let David Duke? Because these groups are putting us all under the umbrella of the biggest shill of all time and it’s obvious. Duke makes the constant points that the Kohanim were Jews and where the name Cohen comes from and that the word “con” as in “con man” comes from the name Cohen as well, but the Kohanim were also Phoenicians, who were Hebrews and spoke Hebrew and spread their alphabet throughout our European languages (Phonetic languages and Europa a Phoenician name). He obviously thinks Phoenicians were Jews too. What a mess!


Here now is the Christian Identist League of the South leader Dr Michael Hill with the Judeo clown David Duke:




This conversation also included our past regarding the Greeks and the Romans as if these are the only people worth noting in our past, no talk about our Israelite past and no talk about our Phoenician, Parthian, Scythian, Celtic, Iberian or even Egyptian past whatsoever! Duke even made the claim that Columbus was the first white man to come to America, discounting the facts that the mound people could very well have been white people (not to mention a thousand other proofs whites were here long before Columbus). I want you to watch this video (below) and tell me if Rome and Greece is the only thing worth discussing. Understand that Steven Collins grouped the Jews in with white Israelites, a common mistake when delving into true history whether it be deliberate or not, the rest of it is still 99% more truthful than the Judeo BS we get with David Duke and his round robin table of imbecile sellouts.

The Phoenicians kept the Greeks and the Romans inside the Med for over a thousand years, made up horror stories to them to keep them out. These Greeks and Romans had no clue what the world looked like outside the Med. The Phoenicians were mining metals all over the world, knew Astronomy better than anyone, knew Mathematics better than anyone, they ruled in navigation on land and sea and were the worlds major power from 1000 BC up to the Roman Empire and David Duke thinks Roman cement was the big accomplishment of the Romans. The truth is it wasnt the Romans who made cement such a feat but the sand itself in the cement, which was very low in salt content in that area of the world. Much of what the Greeks and the Romans are attributed to should have been attributed to the Phoenicians, however the Phoenicians are a wrench in the Jew engine and David Duke plays it like a violin right along with them keeping them in the shadows of history. Two words these Judeos never use when speaking about white history are Caucasian and Phoenician, you see the Jew controlled colleges didn’t teach them this and going outside this teaching is proof their teaching was just as foul.

or this:


David Duke thinks Israelites are Jews so right there you have an absolute in your face lie any way you slice it. Understand that if people cant figure out minute things like this they are not here to provide truth- period! They are here to take you over a cliff.


The real puzzling thing is how Christian Identity people, whether they are Pastors or just knowledgeable true Christians never correct David Duke. What the hell do they fear? What do they have to gain, David Dukes audience hearing them become subordinate to David Duke? This is a joke! These people will never fight they do not even have a backbone. These so called doctors are in our movements to keep us believing the same old Jew BS there isn’t an ounce of truth seeking whatsoever and not even debate with those who disagree and I don’t mean Wolf Blitzer or the retard Alex Jones!

Rallying about losing Confederate memorial statues in a Jew controlled city is like straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel (deliberately).

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.”

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