Hacksaw Ridge

The Jew is the hero. Mel did a 180 from Jews are responsible for all the wars to Jews are the only caring, humane people even in the midst of Nazi like GI goyim. Talk about sell outs? I am 100% sober right now too! Mel cant be antisemitic in this movie because he gave the starring role to a Jew who plays a Christian. In one of his last movies he gave Jesus a hooked nose and before that he claimed the English were “breeding” the Scots out, as if they are different people racially. Do you see the Jew folks? I do.


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The Purge


Well how do you like your America now? Look at your cities. Jews brought Blacks to America for this very reason and the purge has begun, that purge is not on Arabs, Jews, Muslims or Blacks it is on white America. Lets look at the ways whites are being purged.

1.Race mixing is number one, race mixing is being pushed in every avenue of media there is and whites sit back as usual and do nothing. When a white girl goes black the truth is her heidi-klum-farm-frolicoffspring never comes back, it is deader than a doornail. I know people like Bill OReilly and the Judeo Christians out there just believe “it’s love between a white girl and poor black who has never been given a chance at life because of whitey”, but the truth is whitey will never be given a chance ever again in that lineage. So much to say on this specific Jew purge which Blacks are absolutely perfect for that it deserves it’s own thread. It is death and exactly what the Bible says it is.
2.Drugs come in at number two on the Casey Kasem show today. Drugs are completely controlled by vampire Jews and one of the ways they made all their wealth. They get young people hooked on deadly drugs whether legal or illegal and the white population is separated from God and wiped out. A lot to say about this one as well.
3.Porn totally Jew controlled and no white man could live his life making money off exploiting women (don’t they have mother’s?). It is another form of drug that perverts the normal relationship between a white man and a white woman. Jews have a death wish for whites and there are no limits.
4.Usury and control of the fiat money system. Jews can turn the spigot on and off and we don’t even talk about it or the spigot will be turned off on us. No money means no wife, no family, no car, no traveling, no home. The truth is we allow our own flesh and blood to get purged out so we wont. It is truly a Sci Fi movie.
5.Our media is purging us out day in and day out with their smear of innocent people and Satan_and_demon_babytheir silence on the guilty people (Jews). They are laughing at us because they know we will get purged and they wont (including our own).
6.Our Judeo churches will not even talk about the Jews because they fear they will be purged so they say nothing and allow their own church parishioners to be purged instead and take their money (tax-deductible) to keep this charade going. The Catholic priests have no children anyway so its even easier for them. Jews are Gods chosen people and can do no wrong. The Bible teaches us that we should be a separate people, but the Jews have the Judeos believing that Jesus and even God was a Jew and have the pagans believe the Bible is a Jewish book, their minds have been purged by Jews and they can’t even come to terms with it, they wont even debate it. Want proof go over to Renegade Tribune or the Daily Stormer that requires you to log into Jew Facebook. How about Don Blacks circus Stormfront site, they have all been purged folks, they don’t know what white is and I would prove it in a debate, but they don’t debate they purge time slots on the Juif Rense network.
7.Our schools have our kids marked for a purge the day they walk into them now. They are taught that whites are responsible for slavery, our founding fathers fathered slaves and on and on. And no teacher can set that record straight because they will be purged so they enhanced-buzz-14427-1378324669-22purge your children’s minds. They promote sexual recreation and race mixing and the parents of these kids have no clue of the danger of this and if they speak out, guess what? Jews are always the victims in wars and never the cause of the wars. Jews are never the spies, assassins, bombers, water poisoners, murderers, etc. And the lemming parents don’t see any harm in this because they think in their purged hearts that it is discrimination to speak about Jews even though they go to church on Sunday and pray to someone who did discriminate against Jews.
8.Birth control, how is that working for you, white folks? Now you know what 9 Is going to be. Birth control is to purge off your own kids which nowadays may even be cutting down the Black population with all the race mixing white women we have, but birth control is indeed killing off any hopes for a better world to live in. The people who have been purged by the Jewdeo churches and the Jew schools and the Jew drugs etc., don’t want their kids to grow up in this world and they don’t know why things have gotten the way they are so they have abortions and believe that having kids is a form of slavery, which in a way it is because of our Jew money system.
9.Homosexuality a totally controlled Jew purge tool, just look at the leaders of these groups. Just the fact that we allowed Jews into our country and pretended that everything would be hunky dory is a perfect sign of purged people who allow their kids to be sucked into this Jew black hole of death. It is death folks, do you understand (spiritually and physically)?
10.Wars, there is a certain Jew on the internet who says “All wars are bankers wars”, but

David Dukes hero the fat Jew Judah P Benjamin

David Dukes hero the fat Jew Judah P Benjamin

the truth is the Jew lies because all wars are Jew wars and Jews control the banks. You notice these Jews never discuss people like Rothschild or Jacob Schiff or Warburg or our current Fed chairpersons. A Christian country is not to partake in usury and not one church, school or media outlet will dare even discuss who controls our usury system or they will be purged.

I could go on and on with this, but the bottom line is we fear naming the Jew because we fear our own lives or our kids lives. Since when did white people care more about their lives than their own souls? The soul is gone and replaced with soul food and Jewish rap music. This is a war and if you don’t know it by now you have already been purged for eternity. For the rest of you who still have one, be ready to fight (and I don’t mean spiritually either). You have heard “If a man will not work he shall not eat”, but I am telling you today “If a man does not fight he will lose his race and will not eat”.  It’s purge or be purged and that’s the way it’s always been because this war is eternal and it is here and now and not in some spiritual fantasy world. What the hell is it going to take for you to understand?

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Dadah Is Death


Race Mixing is Death too it is just Jew created death of the white race- period

I want to tell you another story about a young beautiful girl, Genny. This isn’t a made for TV story like the made for television “heroin addict story” you saw on Girls Interrupted part one. This is real time true life happening right now in my town.




My career was interrupted several years ago when I started talking about Jews, my clearance was canceled in the middle of a job overseas where I was one of the leading people on the job making money hand over fist. I was living the life of a king in several countries around the world until I opened my BIG MOUTH as Ralph Kramden used to say, about Jews of course (me I mean). Once that hit my FBI report it was all over for Mel Gibstein as far as the big money goes, which is how I met Genny, the subject of this thread.




Back in the states the jobs I used to work have been totally taken over by Mehicans and I refuse to work with them, they hate me and they will do a lot more for money than I would ever do including run when the boss calls them. That didn’t fly with me so I had to find something new, one of those new things was driving a cab. Part of my job driving a cab was to pick up drug addicts and bring them to the morphine clinic or whatever meds the the pill mill Jews prescribed. One morning I got a call to go pick up Genny to take her to the clinic at a hotel.




I have to say right from the first time I saw Genny, her eyes jumped out at me, oddly enough they looked like an old friend of mines eyes (a guy or a boy then) who had the deepest blue eyes I’ve ever seen and this old friend used to cry like a baby whenever he got into trouble. He often gave in to people even though he knew it was the wrong thing because he would simply avoid any kind of a fight at all costs. He was a really good person, but even when he grew up you always knew what his limits were, he would give in to avoid a fight. That is what I saw in Genny’s eyes immediately and sometimes you are just dead on right with these kinds of things some 30 years later.




Genny told me she was Irish, Italian and Russian, but trust me there was no Jew in this girl. 22 years old and hooked on heroin and the most beautiful young girl I had even seen in my town. She seemed to be perfectly normal, full of energy, friendly as can be. I think she asked for me to pick her up in the mornings when she went to the clinic because I always seemed to pick her up when I was on duty and I wasn’t full time.



That isnt Genny, but very close.


I couldn’t really talk to Genny about heroin much so I asked her about other things nonchalantly, like the most obvious one, what she was doing living at a motel. She said her parents kicked her out and she had no other place to live. I asked her how she paid for it and she said she was a dental assistant and showed me pictures of her in “scrubs”. She said she was turning around her life and finally had a good job she could support herself, well that isn’t what happened at least, yet that is. One morning Genny got in the car and said her jaw was broken and she couldn’t talk well, she said she got in a fight with a family member and that she took the rap and went to jail overnight to keep the family member out of jail. OK!




The next time I picked up Genny she didn’t come out so I went up to her room which I noticed some black monkeys inside, she said she would be right out. I took her to the clinic and learned she missed her court date and got caught with some “boy” she called it. I looked it up and it was heroin, later she discussed “boy girl” which I had to look up as well and means heroin and crack. I started to get maybe a bit too nosy into this girl so I checked her out in the courts to make sure she made it to her next court date and ran across a couple of drug charges, but also noticed she was Baker Acted 2 times by her parents and Marchman Acted, for substance abuse.




I ran into another taxi driver who knew a bit more about her and said “she’s trash” she got punched in the jaw by her black boyfriend and has track marks all over her body (I never even looked). Apparently she took the rap for her black boyfriend which I was also told was her pimp and why she was living in the hotel. This girl was, is 22 years old and enslaved by drugs and enslaved by some black baboon because of the drugs and slaves the Jews brought into our country and our own white people call these girls trash. How low?




Genny is back out of jail now, says she is going to take treatment seriously now, all her friends are drug addicts that have gone through the same exact thing and our court system knows what is happening, our police know what is happening, our politicians know what is happening and even the parents of these kids know what is happening. They know who their kids are involved with and with a little effort they can easily find out where the heroin is coming from. In a few words their children are being sacrificed and their only option is to turn to that same government run by Jews to seek help.




Ladies and gentlemen (white people) we need to take care of our own and we need to punish the bastards doing this to our kids NOW! If you are awake that is good, but if you are not doing something about it YOU ARE TRASH!

Trump has mentioned doing something about the heroin problem in America that could be wiped out overnight if our media was legit and we know they aren’t. We shall see what Mr. Trump does I guess because the white cucks in America wont do a damned thing! Only problem is so far Trump has pinned heroin on Mexico.

No Jews in this movie. Just imagine if we had the same rules in white countries, we would have a lot of Jews to hang and a much cleaner earth.

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Entebbe Bibi BS

In Entebbe, PM says legendary rescue proved Jews ‘were powerless no more’
Netanyahu kicks off Africa visit with ceremony marking 40 years since Israeli commandos saved 103 hostages from terrorist hijackers



U.K. File on Entebbe Contains Claim That Israel Behind Hijacking


Unnamed contact cited in newly released documents as saying Israel worked with PFLP.
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/news/u-k-file-on-entebbe-contains-claim-that-israel-behind-hijacking-1.222003

Newly released British documents contain a claim by an unnamed contact that the Shin Bet security service collaborated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to hijack the June 1976 flight from Israel that was diverted to Entebbe, Uganda, the BBC reported Friday.

Israel’s rescue of the dozens of hostages taken in the hijacking of the Air France plane, popularly known as the Entebbe raid, is considered one of the most daring and successful operations in Israeli history. Elite Israel Defense Forces troops stormed the airport where the hostages, many of them Israeli, were held and overpowered the hijackers and Ugandan soldiers.


Yoni the lying Khazar

Although the captors used the hijacking to demand the release of Palestinians or Palestinian supporters, a British government file on the incident quotes the unnamed source as telling a British diplomat in Paris that Israel was behind the hijacking. The claim is not known to be backed up by corroborating evidence, and the file does not make it clear whether the British government took the claim seriously.

“The operation was designed to torpedo the PLO’s standing in France and to prevent what they see as a growing rapprochement between the PLO and the Americans,” the BBC report said British diplomat D.H. Colvin wrote in the document, citing his source.

“My contact said the PFLP had attracted all sorts of wild elements, some of whom had been planted by the Israelis,” Colvin reportedly wrote. “According to his information, the hijack was the work of the PFLP, with help from the Israeli Secret Service, the Shin Beit.”

The document was written on June 30, 1976, three days after the hijacking and prior to the rescue operation.
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/news/u-k-file-on-entebbe-contains-claim-that-israel-behind-hijacking-1.222003

The Baader Meinhof Jew Gang

Influenced by-  Philosophers associated with the Frankfurt school (Jürgen Habermas, Herbert Marcuse, and Oskar Negt in particular[15]) and associated Marxian philosophers.

I wonder if Professor Kevin MacSchlongald knows this, David Duke has never spoken of Entebbe, he believes there’s a chance Jews really are telling the truth proving he doesn’t know Jews at all.
Entebbe was a hoax, the Holocaust was a hoax, the fact that whites controlled the slave trade and not the Jews was a hoax, Jews claiming to be Israel is a hoax.

Jews are a hoax!

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Girls Interrupted


Heidi married a cuck and he has no clue its the Jews or he is a Jew himself.

All of our police forces know where this heroin is coming from and know what it is doing to our young and  know who it is directed toward. I keep hearing how so many people are waking up to the Jews (who run the drug trade soup to nuts as they run everything to do with organized crime today) and we DO NOTHING ABOUT IT! We wait for our police to do something about it and they are owned.

Why the hell aren’t we screaming bloody murder about this? Why arent we DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS? These drugs are here because Jews are here- period and we need to SAY IT!

Today’s Heroin Addict Is Young, White And Suburban

A heroin user in St. Johnsbury, Vt., prepares to shoot up. i

A heroin user in St. Johnsbury, Vt., prepares to shoot up.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Heroin was once the scourge of the urban poor, but today the typical user is a young, white suburbanite, a study finds. And the path to addiction usually starts with prescription painkillers. (From the Jew doctors)

A survey of 9,000 patients at treatment centers around the country found that 90 percent of heroin users were white men and women. Most were relatively young — their average age was 23. And three-quarters said they first started not with heroin but with prescription opioids like OxyContin.

In contrast, when heroin first became popular in the ’60s and ’70s, most users were young minority men who lived in cities. “Heroin is not an inner-city problem anymore,” says Dr. Theodore Cicero, a psychiatrist at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis who led the study.

The results of the study, which were published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, square with earlier findings that heroin abuse is both growing and spreading beyond urban centers.

In 2007, over 2,000 people died of heroin overdoses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And 200,000 went to ERs after overdosing in 2008.

Earlier this year, a particularly potent batch of heroin circulating in Pennsylvania brought a string of overdose deaths. Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin has declared that his state is in the midst of a heroin crisis. And in Rhode Island, state health officials have asked police chiefs to give their officers Narcan and naloxone — antidotes that can reverse the effects of an overdose.

Prescription opioids remain among the most popular drugs of abuse. But heroin users interviewed for this study said they turned to heroin because it was cheaper and easier to get than the prescription pills. An OxyContin pill can cost $80 on the street, Cicero says, while a hit of heroin is just $10.

Heroin gives users the same sort of high as any prescription opioid, Cicero says, but its strength varies. “The heroin you get on the street is unknown, it’s uncertain,” he says. “Users don’t really have any idea what does to take.”

Better mental health treatment for those at risk of addiction should be a public health priority, Cicero says. And doctors should think twice about pain medicines. “There needs to be a little more stepping back before prescribing an opioid,” he says.

~ Do you know how many kids and very young adults in your town right now who are having their lives DESTROYED and being KILLED because of JEWS and the cowards who wont say it is the Jews? Do you even understand that your kids are TARGETS? I guess as long as your kids are ok it’s all ok? You don’t need to give money to charity you need to stop this CRAP cold by telling it like it is! The Jew fox is in control of the hen house and you better damned well wake up start saying it like a man, yes you (not David Duke and the ADL Stormfront club). Who else wants us dead? This isnt about David Dukes fame or his presidential dreams its about these kids RIGHT NOW!

Those of you who don’t know where heroin comes from, just because the media doesn’t tell you doesn’t mean you don’t need to know.


Who else? Folks you are going to talk or you are going to die!


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My Big Fat Greek Axe Murder

Philoumenos (Hasapis) of Jacob’s Well

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Saint Philoumenos (Hapsis)
Wall painting of Saint Philoumenos of Jacob's Well Church in Palestine.jpg

Wall painting of Saint Philoumenos of Jacob’s Well Church in Nablus, West Bank
New-Hieromartyr of Jacob’s Well
Born October 15, 1913
Orounta, Morphou, Cyprus
Died November 29, 1979
Nablus, West Bank
Feast November 16 (ns) / 29 (os)[1][3][4]
November 29 (ns)[5][6]

New Martyr Archimandrite Philoumenos (Hasapis) of Jacob’s Well (Greek: Φιλούμενος Χασάπης; Φιλούμενος ο Κύπριος; or Φιλούμενος Ορουντιώτης), October 15, 1913 – November 29, 1979, was the Igumen of the Greek Orthodox monastery of Jacob’s Well,[note 1] near the city of Samaria, now called Nablus (Neapolis), in the West Bank.



Saint Philoumenos was born Sophocles Hasapis[7] on October 15, 1913, in the village of Orounta in the province of Morphou, in Cyprus.

At the age of 14, he and his twin brother, the future Archimandrite Elpidios, left their home to become monks at the Stavrovouni Monastery in Cyprus where they stayed for 6 years and then left for the Holy Land to continue their monastic life and attended the local High School. He was ordained a priest and became a trusted priest of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, later being raised to the office of archimandrite.

In 1979, he was assigned as the guardian of the Monastery of Jacob’s Well.


Over a couple of weeks the local Jewish settlers had been coming to pray there and demanded that Christian symbols be removed.[note 2] Philoumenos complied. Despite this, the settlers threatened him.[9] After his guard left home, Philoumenos was hacked to death with axes by Jewish Zionist settlers,[10][11][12] while serving Vespers on November 29, 1979.[13][14] According to Rupert Shortt, a religion editor of the Times Literary Supplement,[15] Philoumenos eyes were gouged out, and the fingers of his right hand were hacked off.[16] A grenade was also thrown into the church, which was ransacked.[17][18]

Criticism of martyrdom narrative

The Britain Israel Public Affairs Center claims that “The Greek monk, Philloumeno, was brutally murdered at Jacob’s Well near Nablus, in 1979. After a police investigation the murderer was caught, tried and convicted. He was a Jew, not a ‘settler’, and a pathological killer (he was also found guilty of the brutal axe-murders of a Jewish doctor in Tel Aviv and a Muslim).”[19]

Dr. David Gurevich and Yisca Harani also criticize the popular narrative by claiming existence of anti-Semitic tropes: “The false accusations of Jews committing a ritual murder of Christians, inclusive Crucifixion murder, are known from the Middle Ages… Perhaps the fact that the murderer was a Jewish observant person, served a basis for a narrative which has a clear Anti-Semitic character”.[20][21][22]


The police confirmed the cause of the death.[note 3] The funeral was attended by local and international civil and church dignitaries.[17][18] Some sources claim that no-one was arrested[note 4],[23] while others, e.g. the historian William Dalrymple after an on-site research, that an Israeli from Tel Aviv had been charged with this and other murders.[24][25] Israeli newspapers named the killer as a mentally unstable mass murderer, caught by police in 1982, acting on religious motives to “stamp out the evil”. After a court case he was involuntarily committed while the police files were sealed.[22]


In 2009 the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem declared him a saint thirty years after his martyrdom.[1] His feast day is celebrated on November 16 (N.S.) / 29 (O.S.),[1][3][4][note 5] as per the decision of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem in 2009,[note 6] seconded by the same resolution by the Patriarchate of Moscow and all Russia in 2010.[note 7]

Churches on the New Calendar list his feast day directly on November 29 (N.S.).[5][6]

Orthodox Hymns

Troparion (Tone 3)

Vanquisher of daemons,
dispeller of the powers of darkness,
by thy meekness thou hast inherited the earth
and reignest in the Heavens;
intercede, therefore, with our Merciful God,
that our souls may be saved.[26]

Troparion (Tone 4)

At Jacob’s Well you were proved well named:
loving Christ, confessing Him, pouring out your sacred blood.
Being faithful in small things you were set over great.
Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth,
you are now Guardian of the Holy Places forever.[8]


  • (Greek): Αγιοταφίτης Αρχιμανδρίτης Φιλούμενος, καθηγούμενος της Ιεράς Μονής του Φρέατος του Ιακώβ.
  • “The week before a group of fanatical Zionists came to the monastery at Jacob’s Well, claiming it as a Jewish holy place and demanding that all crosses and icons be removed. Father Philoumenos gently reminded them that the floor they were standing on had been built by the Emperor, St. Constantine, in 331 A.D. The shrine at Jacob’s Well had served as an Orthodox Christian holy place for sixteen centuries before the Israeli state was created, and had been in Samaritan hands before that…”[8]
  • “The church and the holy things were all desecrated.”[8]
  • “[…] No one was ever arrested.”[8]
  • The notation Old Style or (OS) is sometimes used to indicate a date in the Julian Calendar (which is used by churches on the “Old Calendar”); the notation New Style or (NS), indicates a date in the Revised Julian calendar (which is used by churches on the “New Calendar”).
  • “Today, after the completion of thirty years since the day of his martyrdom, based on the Synodic decision of Our Holy and Sacred Synod, we officially place in the Synaxarion, the celebration of this new hieromartyr on this day of his martyrdom, 16th/29th of November each year, to the benefit of the souls and to the glory of Our Holy Triune God.”[1]

(Russian): 5 марта 2010 года Священный синод Русской православной церкви постановил:

«включить имя священномученика Филумена (Хасаписа) в месяцеслов Русской Православной Церкви с установлением празднования его памяти 16/29 ноября, как это установлено в Иерусалимской Церкви».[2]
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Jerry Maguire Goldstein

Jerry’s Kids President and Al Goldstein, owner and editor of “Screw” magazine.

Folks when will you wake up and see the monsters we have all over our land?

I wonder if Al is a Trump supporter too.

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