The Master Blasphemer

Together we are one dumb twosome.

Together we are one dumb twosome.

If anyone wants to hear the Bible being blasphemed by a Judeo pastor (in my opinion a Jew) and a so called white leader (in my opinion another Jew) you need to listen to this broadcast. Every Judeo lie in the Jew bag of lies is involved in this one recording. If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about just ask me, but for you CI pastors out there pushing David Duke and one step away from Dankof you ought to be ashamed, unfortunately I don’t think they have any shame folks.

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Date: 09-22-15 Duke and Dumkof

This thread could easily have been named “Dumb and Dumber” but I think they are Jews. How on earth any CI pastor can let these idiots blaspheme our Bible and without being challenged is proof that our CI pastors are on the take. How can you possibly endorse these people on your websites knowing what they are doing? What their plan seems to be is to try to take their false teachings so far into the cartoon world that they will never have to face reality. In other words they are panicking because they know that the book has to be inspected in its entirety to get to the truth. They want no part of that occurring because everything they have ever said will have been for naught and they go back to square one. They cant or wont do it folks, so they blackball and will right up till they meet their maker. They’re toast folks, Jews or not Jews……that isnt the question anymore. They want you to be pro white because of Bach and Beethoven and Nitschke, what a joke!

Duke claims that Gilad Atzmon said that Duke knows Jews better than Jews know Jews and Duke doesn’t know that he is being taken for a ride. He has studied Jews all his life he says and he still has no clue what a Jew is. How is it possible folks? Should we tell him he wasted his entire life? I will.

It is one thing to unknowingly interpret the Bible, but entirely another to deliberately pervert it knowingly. If you cannot tell that this is deliberate than you are nowhere near any kind of a truth movement. If these morons aren’t saying “It isn’t all Jews”, “It isn’t all Jews”, “It isn’t all Jews” they are blaspheming the Bible in our faces. If these people were on a battlefield they would simply be in the way and nothing but stompers of motivation. They are simply in the way and exactly what they are being used for.

Anyone that endorses these people are endorsing Jews knowingly or not. The truth is either of these two would be steamrolled in a debate but not one CI Pastor is calling for that challenge. They don’t want to challenge so what good are they? If you have the truth use it or get lost. If you have the truth let’s get it on and if you are a woos keep running like a woos, but I’m takin names.

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Samson and DeLiars

“Oh Schmuley I smell the gefilte dont you?” Im not Jewish.

Oy Vey that hoits.

Oy Vey that hoits.

If Jews want you to learn a new lie they just do a movie and if they cant make a good enough movie they simply get their proselytes to pass the same lies on. Jews rarely lie to us straight on, if they need a streamline lie they just get their proselytes to idolize what they want you to think is a rogue Jew. In other words the usual morons out there will address Gilad Atzmons latest appearance somewhere, do a you-tube on it and then jack up the comments as if Elvis came to town. The dupes fall for it every time.

Lately I’ve been hearing the dupe talk show hosts talk about the Samson Option and nobody cares to say that Samson was not a Jew, you see it just does not matter, this is the programming and it’s final. Jews adopted Samson however as they adopt whoever and whatever it takes to make people believe they are people they are not. Try mentioning the tribe of Dan with a Jew and see how quick the discussion changes (almost like discussing the Talmud).

Recently I corrected a talk show host who said Jews are going to build the third Jewish temple. I called in and asked him which temple was Jewish? He did not know and hanged up on me. Another guy called in after me and asked why he hanged up on the previous caller because he was correct. 2 days later I happened to be listening to the same show just to hear him lie and he said the same thing again knowing nobody would call in to correct him this time again. This guy wanted his listeners to believe that the Israelite s were practicing Judaism. Do they do this purposely because they are Jews or are they non Jews so duped that they would go against the Bible itself to be favorable with the Jews? I have to believe the former because the latter is just too unbelievable, nobody kisses Jew arse over the Bible itself do they?

Whenever I call into a show and I discuss CI, Israelitism, True Christianity or whatever name you want to give it the talk show host or guests always try to say I am trying to be the Jew and be the chosen one. That one common response all CI people should meditate on. When Jews steal our names does anyone say we are acting like Jews? When Jews blamed the slave trade on white people did anyone say white people were acting like Jews?

We are Nazi's

We are Nazi’s

When Jews dressed Up as Palestinians and bombed the British Forces inside the King David Hotel did anyone say Palestinians were trying to act like Jews? Folks I could go on and on and on. Why then would these idiots claim we are trying to act like Jews with our own Bible that Jews don’t even believe? Needless to say that the host always hangs up the phone before he can be told an answer over the air. These are the people talking about “false flags” day in and day out trying to blame “Israel” (they don’t know Israel is a people because they never read the book). They get women who they claim solved 9/11 with the

I'm thinkingk git ovah

I’m thinkingk git ovah

biggest Jew name since sliced bagels and praise her like she is the savior (Becky Rothstern) Her picture has disappeared on me 3 times. Folks there is a reason for all this, your internet radio shows………they’re controlled too.

Trigger Words

I have been thinking about so called “trigger words” as David Duke puts it lately, “We must use the word Zionist instead of Jew because Jew is a “trigger word”. Folks you want to know the biggest trigger words today? “David Duke”, that name is thee biggest trigger word in town today folks, but does he stop using that? Hell no! I am convinced that this entire Stormfront crowd is not only Jewish but also homosexual cowards too. I tried to believe they were working for the Jews unknowingly, but I have crossed the Rubicon on this issue and I believe they are the enemy as well as 98% of these talk show hosts all over the internet on networks.

Most if not all of these hosts are in cahoots with Stormfront whether it be on their radio show or as a host with David Duke.They all get right on with the putz Alex Jones too. As if they let anyone call in. It always puzzled me why pro white people who never read the Bible want white separation, they claim they love white people but I am white and they never so much as allow me to speak. Do they hate all the other races because they claim they love the white race or do they love the other races and just make fools out of the white movements claiming they want to be separate but not too much separate? I just don’t get it. They also constantly allow non whites to speak as whites and for whites on

Im a David Duke guest and a Stormfront favorite.

Im a David Duke guest and a Stormfront favorite.

their shows. Some are obvious Sicilians, some look like Albino Filipinos and of course many Jews are welcomed on the shows as well, just nobody from CI. Nobody seems to notice this obviously because they cannot call in either to claim they do. Whenever I hear these clowns getting together I feel a dark shadow come over me of defeat. I think, “my God if this is what the white people are allowing to be their leaders we are toast”. David Duke has the constant commercial of his asking you to contribute to “his work”, all of his lectures and debates……..what debates? Folks he only debates clowns!

Recently after 9/11 I have heard several of these crypto Jews and their churchless and ecclesialess pastor Dankof claim that 9/11 is the straw that will break the Jew camels back, so what do they do? They get Rebekah Rothchild to pave the way, yes folks “Methodical Disinformation” and Becky are leading us now (or you I mean)

When Jesus Christ was challenged by the Jew devil what did he do? He used the scriptures and nothing else. He told us we could find the truth if we sought it and not one of these Stormfront morons whether they are Jew or traitors can possibly understand that if they don’t get it from that book. If people understand how Jews have turned around our own Bible they will understand everything.

One of the most difficult times I ever had with Christianity was when I figured out that Jesus without a doubt could not have been a Jew and I couldn’t prove it. I was on a local talk show which I was banned from forever because I figured it out, debating a Rabbi and a

Reviewing the situation

Reviewing the situation

Jew caller called in and said (almost like he was in a second floor window with a Fagin like voice) “He celebrated the Passoveh”. And that folks almost dropped me, but unfortunately I got up (for him). The next time someone tells you that Jesus wasn’t a Jew or was a Jew just by knowing he celebrated the Passover (an Israelite day not a Jewish day) proves he was indeed a Judahite and an Israelite, but not a Jew (figure it out). If we can just get that fact into the heads of our people that is going to be the mother of 9/11’s. The only thing keeping that information back is these traitorous internet networks like RBN, GCN, Rense etc. We need to attack these lying bastard networks with the truth and you wont have to worry about being called an antisemite or a Jew hater. You cant lie if you use the book. They are using their pie-holes.

I was going to name a thread “One Flew Over the Cuckholders Nest” regarding all the Stormfronter atheists and Judeo Christians in the “troother” moverment because of the recent rave over the word “cuckservative”, but the truth is all of these Stormfront queers, their callers and their Judeo pastors etc are the biggest cuckholders there ever was, they threw their own history away and put Jews into it just like the Reed Warbler.

I know at least two CI pastors who continue to advertise for David Duke, even his books where he says white people come from Edom just like a Jewish Rabbi (using that word like I would use Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs) they are cuckoos too if not Jews themselves. They are all CuckChristians, some even cuckWhite. Actually I relate theses Cuckholds more to the perverted form of cuckhold here.

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9/11 Groundhog Day

I dont want to brag because this has never been about me it has always been about the truth and my country, my race and my religion (yes I am redundant). I have been in the so called truth movement a long time and those of you out there who know who I am know this as the truth. Liberty Forum back in the day not long after 9/11 was the only forum on the internet talking about the Jews openly, many of them became talk show hosts, you know who they are. Bollyn, Darryl Bradford Smith, Hufschmid, Skunk, Fetch, Juliani………..they were all on Liberty Forum, there was no other place on the net bar none. I didnt mention any others purposely.

Correction, Skunk became the best website on the internet called

I knew where David Duke stood………..nowhere to be found, I knew where Don Black stood, nowhere to be found. I knew where Alex Jones stood, I knew where everyone stood and so did several of those Liberty Forum members at that time, each of us who were kicked off numerous times for telling what the obvious truth is today without a doubt. Tell me where else the truth was being discussed. The radio hosts were simply readers of that forum.

Brendan O’Connel used to tell me I was too hard on the Jews on NOLAJBS a website that was pretty much an offshoot of Liberty Forum during and after Liberty Forum went down. I didnt have a radio show because I saw too many diverters, I called too many shows and was disregarded as a fool or an idiot. I started noticing a pattern and how the lies had to be out front to distort the truth before the truth even got a place to speak. It was evil to the core and still is and I noticed the levels upon levels of distorters, the people who would respond in emails and those who did not. I examined all the newcomers and if they were taking off like a blind man who just won the lottery (where shills get their names).

Every show I call I am hanged up on because I disagree with the host. The media is controlled by Jews yet somehow we have internet radio hosts who are liars and cant take calls? Why cant they just defeat the liars instead of hanging up on them I thought, because they cant. Who would mislead their listeners deliberately without being tested? Who would give up their position as a talk show host admitting they did not know what the truth was? I know not one.

I have never had a radio show because I do not want to mislead anyone because I have to answer to God. I can only call in and tell radio hosts that have open phones that they too will have to answer to God, Jews will never have to.

There is a movie out I dont know the name, it was actually a good movie based on a true story. It was about a couple, a happy couple, who went camping, not like The Long Weekend with Jim Caviezal and the Jewish producer who was a member of the Jew soccer team that Monica Belucci’s husband now owns, but with some similarities. A couple from the city goes camping and one of them suspected something wrong and the other doubted it. Yes something evil was out there, but the husband (a white man) would not believe it as usual. An Irish guide happened to be hiking by and the viewers immediately suspected it was him mainly because he took a leak right in front of the couple ( he actually turned his back). It ended up that it wasn’t the Irish guide after all it was a bear who was on their scent.

The husband wanted to have a happy weekend like most people today and don’t want to hear about crocs in the lake or bears in the woods, they want to hear sweet nothings in their ears. I have been telling you for decades about that bear in the woods, I know all about that bear and I am not going to come to your camp and pee in front of you to get your attention you are going to have to find out for yourselves what this bear can do or trust me what it is and why it does what it does. If you want to make up fake stories about the bear and pretend it is only some bears or some crocs that do evil deeds and go on your merry way don’t expect me to come along with you because I know from experience. All bears don’t kill people and all snakes don’t bite people that is true, but you know what I am going to say.

Now I have amateurs still wet behind the ears in diapers telling me I have no right to speak on their idiotic RBN shows, Rense shows, GCN shows etc. Folks its the same BS over and over again who are waiting to be removed only one way, by force because they have no shame! They are there because they are contrary- period. They is what they is and 9/11 is just another day proving it. Show me what show is of the truth that lasts on any of these networks.

Ive been aroooound, You knooooooow?

Ive been aroooound, You knooooooow?

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The Shoes of the Fisherman

He didnt want to be the Pope, the panel picked him. They wouldnt cheat.

He didnt want to be the Pope, the panel picked him. They wouldnt cheat.

The Pope is coming to town so I thought I would dedicate this thread to him, of course the Pope does not appear to be an Israelite nor was Anthony Quin, but we wont let the truth of the Bible get in the way of our movies as usual.

Rom_11:26 AndG2532 soG3779 allG3956 IsraelG2474 shall be saved:G4982 asG2531 it is written,G1125 There shall comeG2240 out ofG1537 SionG4622 theG3588 Deliverer,G4506 andG2532 shall turn awayG654 ungodlinessG763 fromG575 Jacob:G2384

I used to be a Catholic and when I heard Jesus was a Jew every time I mentioned Jew crime with other Catholics I had two options; 1. Throw out the Bible because there is no way I can trust a Jew nor will I ever. 2. Maybe I didnt fully understand the Bible because of so many contradictions. I used to hear some Catholics claim that Jesus wasnt a Jew, but a Nazarene. In other words the word “Jew” meant a land mass, but there was no land mass called “Jew” there was Judea and the land of Judah. On the other hand when reading the lineage of Jesus it went through David, Pharez and Judah and I was told that also was a Jew. Things did not measure up. Where did this word “Jew” even come from and why are the least likely people to be related to Jesus calling themselves this word? Oddly enough they are also the same people who have stolen our names throughout time. The pastors cant figure this stuff out.

Anyone can look in the New Testament and see that Jesus came for the lost or exiled sheep of the House of Israel. Did that mean he came for the lost “spiritual” sheep or the lost “spiritual” exiled sheep? No, this does not make any sense at all, if that was meant it would be clearly stated. Our Judeo pastors all over the internet never seem to catch on to these things in fact they avoid them entirely. I constantly hear Pastor Dankof use the term “Zionist State of Israel” when referring to Jews living in the Middle East. I guess he doesnt mean the Jews living in NY or the Jews in Florida, Iran and well just about everywhere but maybe Bolivia today after Jacob Ostreicher was rescued by Sean Penn and Marky Mark Wahlberg (a drug deal gone bad). “The Zionist State of Israel”, let us dissect that from the Bible itself; Israel is not a land mass because Israel was scattered abroad (the 12 tribes), you can read that in James chapter one, verse one and the word Zion or Sion was never intended for Judeans and definitely not Khazar Mongolians, but here we have highly respected internet pastors twisting the words of the Bible doing the Jews work for them and willingly giving these words to the people they claim to be opposed to. How are they helping us?

You have to wonder why we don’t use the word “Juda” for Jews it is still 4 letters and only one small syllable longer, Jew or Jewda? They were too lazy to say “da” so they shortened it to simply “Jew” (who? The Jews of course). My definition of a Jew is someone who is usually unpleasant to look at who doesn’t leave a tip and lies profusely (not my unabridged definition however). If Jews can make their own definition of words so can I. Fact is the word Jew or Jewish is not in the Bible, but someone will elbow me in the side and say, “but you know what it means”. Yes I do, exactly what I just wrote. The definition Jesus and Paul gave are far more superior, but most people think they were Jews.

I have to say I am tired of hearing people who claim to be truthers and people who claim to be helping Americans, the White race, Christians etc who are actually doing the direct opposite and nobody stands up to these polluters. We have Judeo so called Christians who claim they have read the Bible everywhere who believe Christianity is what Cecille B DeMille, or some other Jew claim it is in their movies. All they need is some special effects and some soothing music and you never have to read the book yourself. You dont have to use a concordance or even make sure the true interpretations were done correctly. There is no reason to seek the truth because it has all been done for you already… Jews.

Any pastor who uses the word Israel over and over again about Jews and or a land mass in the Middle East could not have ever read the Bible so I am going to list all the places “Israel” is used in the NEW TESTAMENT and not one time does it say “spiritual Israel”. The word is just a continuation of the exact same word in the Old Testament.

Mat_2:6 AndG2532 thouG4771 Bethlehem,G965 in the landG1093 of Juda,G2448 artG1488 notG3760 the leastG1646 amongG1722 theG3588 princesG2232 of Juda:G2448 forG1063 outG1537 of theeG4675 shall comeG1831 a Governor,G2233 thatG3748 shall ruleG4165 myG3450 peopleG2992 Israel.G2474
Mat_2:20 Saying,G3004 Arise,G1453 and takeG3880 theG3588 young childG3813 andG2532 hisG846 mother,G3384 andG2532 goG4198 intoG1519 the landG1093 of Israel:G2474 forG1063 they are deadG2348 which soughtG2212 theG3588 young child’sG3813 life.G5590
Mat_2:21 AndG1161 heG3588 arose,G1453 and tookG3880 theG3588 young childG3813 andG2532 hisG846 mother,G3384 andG2532 cameG2064 intoG1519 the landG1093 of Israel.G2474
Mat_8:10 WhenG1161 JesusG2424 heardG191 it, he marvelled,G2296 andG2532 saidG2036 to them that followed,G190 VerilyG281 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 I have not foundG2147 so greatG5118 faith,G4102 no, notG3761 inG1722 Israel.G2474
Mat_9:33 AndG2532 when theG3588 devilG1140 was cast out,G1544 theG3588 dumbG2974 spake:G2980 andG2532 theG3588 multitudesG3793 marvelled,G2296 saying,G3004 It was neverG3763 soG3779 seenG5316 inG1722 Israel.G2474
Mat_10:6 ButG1161 goG4198 ratherG3123 toG4314 the lostG622 sheepG4263 of the houseG3624 of Israel.G2474
Mat_10:23 ButG1161 whenG3752 they persecuteG1377 youG5209 inG1722 thisG5026 city,G4172 fleeG5343 ye intoG1519 another:G243 forG1063 verilyG281 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 Ye shall notG3364 have gone overG5055 theG3588 citiesG4172 of Israel,G2474 tillG2193 G302 theG3588 SonG5207 of manG444 be come.G2064
Mat_15:24 ButG1161 heG3588 answeredG611 and said,G2036 I am notG3756 sentG649 butG1508 untoG1519 the lostG622 sheepG4263 of the houseG3624 of Israel.G2474
Mat_15:31 Insomuch thatG5620 theG3588 multitudeG3793 wondered,G2296 when they sawG991 the dumbG2974 to speak,G2980 the maimedG2948 to be whole,G5199 the lameG5560 to walk,G4043 andG2532 the blindG5185 to see:G991 andG2532 they glorifiedG1392 theG3588 GodG2316 of Israel.G2474
Mat_19:28 AndG1161 JesusG2424 saidG2036 unto them,G846 VerilyG281 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 ThatG3754 yeG5210 which have followedG190 me,G3427 inG1722 theG3588 regenerationG3824 whenG3752 theG3588 SonG5207 of manG444 shall sitG2523 inG1909 the throneG2362 of hisG848 glory,G1391 yeG5210 alsoG2532 shall sitG2523 uponG1909 twelveG1427 thrones,G2362 judgingG2919 theG3588 twelveG1427 tribesG5443 of Israel.G2474
Mat_27:9 ThenG5119 was fulfilledG4137 thatG3588 which was spokenG4483 byG1223 JeremyG2408 theG3588 prophet,G4396 saying,G3004 AndG2532 they tookG2983 theG3588 thirtyG5144 pieces of silver,G694 theG3588 priceG5092 of him that was valued,G5091 whomG3739 they ofG575 the childrenG5207 of IsraelG2474 did value;G5091
Mat_27:42 He savedG4982 others;G243 himselfG1438 he cannotG1410 G3756 save.G4982 IfG1487 he beG2076 the KingG935 of Israel,G2474 let him nowG3568 come downG2597 fromG575 theG3588 cross,G4716 andG2532 we will believeG4100 him.G846
Mar_12:29 AndG1161 JesusG2424 answeredG611 him,G846 The firstG4413 of allG3956 theG3588 commandmentsG1785 is, Hear,G191 O Israel;G2474 The LordG2962 ourG2257 GodG2316 isG2076 oneG1520 Lord:G2962
Mar_15:32 Let ChristG5547 theG3588 KingG935 of IsraelG2474 descendG2597 nowG3568 fromG575 theG3588 cross,G4716 thatG2443 we may seeG1492 andG2532 believe.G4100 AndG2532 they that were crucified withG4957 himG846 reviledG3679 him.G846
Luk_1:16 AndG2532 manyG4183 of theG3588 childrenG5207 of IsraelG2474 shall he turnG1994 toG1909 the LordG2962 theirG846 God.G2316
Luk_1:54 He hath holpenG482 hisG848 servantG3816 Israel,G2474 in remembranceG3415 of his mercy;G1656
Luk_1:68 BlessedG2128 be the LordG2962 GodG2316 of Israel;G2474 forG3754 he hath visitedG1980 andG2532 redeemedG4160 G3085 hisG848 people,G2992
Luk_1:80 AndG1161 theG3588 childG3813 grew,G837 andG2532 waxed strongG2901 in spirit,G4151 andG2532 wasG2258 inG1722 theG3588 desertsG2048 tillG2193 the dayG2250 of hisG846 shewingG323 untoG4314 Israel.G2474
Luk_2:25 And,G2532 behold,G2400 there wasG2258 a manG444 inG1722 Jerusalem,G2419 whoseG3739 nameG3686 was Simeon;G4826 andG2532 the sameG3778 manG444 was justG1342 andG2532 devout,G2126 waiting forG4327 the consolationG3874 of Israel:G2474 andG2532 the HolyG40 GhostG4151 wasG2258 uponG1909 him.G846
Luk_2:32 A lightG5457 toG1519 lightenG602 the Gentiles,G1484 andG2532 the gloryG1391 of thyG4675 peopleG2992 Israel.G2474
Luk_2:34 AndG2532 SimeonG4826 blessedG2127 them,G846 andG2532 saidG2036 untoG4314 MaryG3137 hisG846 mother,G3384 Behold,G2400 thisG3778 child is setG2749 forG1519 the fallG4431 andG2532 rising againG386 of manyG4183 inG1722 Israel;G2474 andG2532 forG1519 a signG4592 which shall be spoken against;G483
Luk_4:25 ButG1161 I tellG3004 youG5213 ofG1909 a truth,G225 manyG4183 widowsG5503 wereG2258 inG1722 IsraelG2474 inG1722 theG3588 daysG2250 of Elias,G2243 whenG3753 theG3588 heavenG3772 was shut upG2808 threeG5140 yearsG2094 andG2532 sixG1803 months,G3376 whenG5613 greatG3173 famineG3042 wasG1096 throughoutG1909 allG3956 theG3588 land;G1093
Luk_4:27 AndG2532 manyG4183 lepersG3015 wereG2258 inG1722 IsraelG2474 in the timeG1909 of EliseusG1666 theG3588 prophet;G4396 andG2532 noneG3762 of themG846 was cleansed,G2511 savingG1508 NaamanG3497 theG3588 Syrian.G4948
Luk_7:9 WhenG1161 JesusG2424 heardG191 these things,G5023 he marvelledG2296 at him,G846 andG2532 turned him about,G4762 and saidG2036 unto theG3588 peopleG3793 that followedG190 him,G846 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 I have not foundG2147 so greatG5118 faith,G4102 no, notG3761 inG1722 Israel.G2474
Luk_22:30 ThatG2443 ye may eatG2068 andG2532 drinkG4095 atG1909 myG3450 tableG5132 inG1722 myG3450 kingdom,G932 andG2532 sitG2523 onG1909 thronesG2362 judgingG2919 theG3588 twelveG1427 tribesG5443 of Israel.G2474
Luk_24:21 ButG1161 weG2249 trustedG1679 thatG3754 it had beenG2076 heG846 which shouldG3195 have redeemedG3084 Israel:G2474 andG1065 G235 besideG4862 allG3956 this,G5125 to dayG4594 isG71 the(G5026) thirdG5154 dayG2250 sinceG575 G3739 these thingsG5023 were done.G1096
Joh_1:31 And IG2504 knewG1492 himG846 not:G3756 butG235 thatG2443 he should be made manifestG5319 to Israel,G2474 thereforeG1223 G5124 am IG1473 comeG2064 baptizingG907 withG1722 water.G5204
Joh_1:49 NathanaelG3482 answeredG611 andG2532 saithG3004 unto him,G846 Rabbi,G4461 thouG4771 artG1488 theG3588 SonG5207 of God;G2316 thouG4771 artG1488 theG3588 KingG935 of Israel.G2474
Joh_3:10 JesusG2424 answeredG611 andG2532 saidG2036 unto him,G846 ArtG1488 thouG4771 a masterG1320 of Israel,G2474 andG2532 knowestG1097 notG3756 these things?G5023
Joh_12:13 TookG2983 branchesG902 of palm trees,G5404 andG2532 went forthG1831 toG1519 meetG5222 him,G846 andG2532 cried,G2896 Hosanna:G5614 BlessedG2127 is theG3588 KingG935 of IsraelG2474 that comethG2064 inG1722 the nameG3686 of the Lord.G2962
Act_1:6 When theyG3588(G3303) thereforeG3767 were come together,G4905 they askedG1905 of him,G846 saying,G3004 Lord,G2962 wilt thou(G1487) atG1722 thisG5129 timeG5550 restore againG600 theG3588 kingdomG932 to Israel?G2474
Act_2:22 Ye menG435 of Israel,G2475 hearG191 theseG5128 words;G3056 JesusG2424 of Nazareth,G3480 a manG435 approvedG584 ofG575 GodG2316 amongG1519 youG5209 by miraclesG1411 andG2532 wondersG5059 andG2532 signs,G4592 whichG3739 GodG2316 didG4160 byG1223 himG846 inG1722 the midstG3319 of you,G5216 asG2531 yeG846 yourselves alsoG2532 know:G1492
Act_2:36 ThereforeG3767 let allG3956 the houseG3624 of IsraelG2474 knowG1097 assuredly,G806 thatG3754 GodG2316 hath madeG4160 that sameG5126 Jesus,G2424 whomG3739 yeG5210 have crucified,G4717 bothG2532 LordG2962 andG2532 Christ.G5547
Act_3:12 AndG1161 when PeterG4074 sawG1492 it, he answeredG611 untoG4314 theG3588 people,G2992 Ye menG435 of Israel,G2475 whyG5101 marvelG2296 yeG1909 at this?G5129 orG2228 whyG5101 look ye so earnestlyG816 on us,G2254 as thoughG5613 by our ownG2398 powerG1411 orG2228 holinessG2150 we had madeG4160 this manG846 to walk?G4043
Act_4:8 ThenG5119 Peter,G4074 filledG4130 with the HolyG40 Ghost,G4151 saidG2036 untoG4314 them,G846 Ye rulersG758 of theG3588 people,G2992 andG2532 eldersG4245 of Israel,G2474
Act_4:10 BeG2077 it knownG1110 unto youG5213 all,G3956 andG2532 to allG3956 theG3588 peopleG2992 of Israel,G2474 thatG3754 byG1722 theG3588 nameG3686 of JesusG2424 ChristG5547 of Nazareth,G3480 whomG3739 yeG5210 crucified,G4717 whomG3739 GodG2316 raisedG1453 fromG1537 the dead,G3498 even byG1722 himG5129 doth this manG3778 standG3936 here beforeG1799 youG5216 whole.G5199
Act_4:27 ForG1063 ofG1909 a truthG225 againstG1909 thyG4675 holyG40 childG3816 Jesus,G2424 whomG3739 thou hast anointed,G5548 bothG5037 Herod,G2264 andG2532 PontiusG4194 Pilate,G4091 withG4862 the Gentiles,G1484 andG2532 the peopleG2992 of Israel,G2474 were gathered together,G4863
Act_5:21 AndG1161 when they heardG191 that, they enteredG1525 intoG1519 theG3588 templeG2411 early in the morning,G5259 G3722 andG2532 taught.G1321 ButG1161 theG3588 high priestG749 came,G3854 andG2532 theyG3588 that were withG4862 him,G846 and called the council together,G4779 G3588 G4892 andG2532 allG3956 theG3588 senateG1087 of theG3588 childrenG5207 of Israel,G2474 andG2532 sentG649 toG1519 theG3588 prisonG1201 to have themG846 brought.G71
Act_5:31 HimG5126 hath GodG2316 exaltedG5312 with hisG848 right handG1188 to be a PrinceG747 andG2532 a Saviour,G4990 for to giveG1325 repentanceG3341 to Israel,G2474 andG2532 forgivenessG859 of sins.G266
Act_5:35 AndG5037 saidG2036 untoG4314 them,G846 Ye menG435 of Israel,G2475 take heedG4337 to yourselvesG1438 whatG5101 ye intendG3195 to doG4238 as touchingG1909 theseG5125 men.G444
Act_7:23 AndG1161 whenG5613 heG846 was fullG4137 fortyG5063 years old,G5550 it cameG305 intoG1909 hisG846 heartG2588 to visitG1980 hisG848 brethrenG80 theG3588 childrenG5207 of Israel.G2474
Act_7:37 ThisG3778 isG2076 that Moses,G3475 which saidG2036 unto theG3588 childrenG5207 of Israel,G2474 A prophetG4396 shall the LordG2962 yourG5216 GodG2316 raise upG450 unto youG5213 ofG1537 yourG5216 brethren,G80 like untoG5613 me;G1691 himG846 shall ye hear.G191
Act_7:42 ThenG1161 GodG2316 turned,G4762 andG2532 gave them upG3860 G846 to worshipG3000 theG3588 hostG4756 of heaven;G3772 asG2531 it is writtenG1125 inG1722 the bookG976 of theG3588 prophets,G4396 O ye houseG3624 of Israel,G2474 have ye(G3361) offeredG4374 to meG3427 slain beastsG4968 andG2532 sacrificesG2378 by the space of fortyG5062 yearsG2094 inG1722 theG3588 wilderness?G2048
Act_9:15 ButG1161 theG3588 LordG2962 saidG2036 untoG4314 him,G846 Go thy way:G4198 forG3754 heG3778 isG2076 a chosenG1589 vesselG4632 unto me,G3427 to bearG941 myG3450 nameG3686 beforeG1799 the Gentiles,G1484 andG2532 kings,G935 andG5037 the childrenG5207 of Israel:G2474
Act_10:36 TheG3588 wordG3056 whichG3739 God sentG649 unto theG3588 childrenG5207 of Israel,G2474 preachingG2097 peaceG1515 byG1223 JesusG2424 Christ:G5547 (heG3778 isG2076 LordG2962 of all:)G3956
Act_13:16 ThenG1161 PaulG3972 stood up,G450 andG2532 beckoningG2678 with his handG5495 said,G2036 MenG435 of Israel,G2475 andG2532 ye that fearG5399 God,G2316 give audience.G191
Act_13:17 TheG3588 GodG2316 of thisG5127 peopleG2992 of IsraelG2474 choseG1586 ourG2257 fathers,G3962 andG2532 exaltedG5312 theG3588 peopleG2992 whenG1722 they dwelt as strangersG3940 inG1722 the landG1093 of Egypt,G125 andG2532 withG3326 an highG5308 armG1023 broughtG1806 he themG846 out ofG1537 it.G846
Act_13:23 OfG575 this man’sG5127 seedG4690 hath GodG2316 accordingG2596 to his promiseG1860 raisedG1453 unto IsraelG2474 a Saviour,G4990 Jesus:G2424
Act_13:24 When JohnG2491 had first preachedG4296 beforeG4253 hisG846 comingG1529 G4383 the baptismG908 of repentanceG3341 to allG3956 theG3588 peopleG2992 of Israel.G2474
Act_21:28 Crying out,G2896 MenG435 of Israel,G2475 help:G997 ThisG3778 isG2076 theG3588 man,G444 that teachethG1321 allG3956 men every whereG3837 againstG2596 theG3588 people,G2992 andG2532 theG3588 law,G3551 andG2532 thisG5127 place:G5117 andG5037 furtherG2089 broughtG1521 GreeksG1672 alsoG2532 intoG1519 theG3588 temple,G2411 andG2532 hath pollutedG2840 thisG5126 holyG40 place.G5117
Act_28:20 ForG1223 thisG5026 causeG156 thereforeG3767 have I calledG3870 for you,G5209 to seeG1492 you, andG2532 to speak withG4354 you: becauseG1752 that forG1063 theG3588 hopeG1680 of IsraelG2474 I am boundG4029 with thisG5026 chain.G254
Rom_9:6 (G1161) NotG3756 as thoughG3754 (G3634) theG3588 wordG3056 of GodG2316 hath taken none effect.G1601 ForG1063 theyG3778 are notG3756 allG3956 Israel,G2474 whichG3588 are ofG1537 Israel:G2474
Rom_9:27 EsaiasG2268 alsoG1161 criethG2896 concerningG5228 Israel,G2474 ThoughG1437 theG3588 numberG706 of theG3588 childrenG5207 of IsraelG2474 beG5600 asG5613 theG3588 sandG285 of theG3588 sea,G2281 a remnantG2640 shall be saved:G4982
Rom_9:31 ButG1161 Israel,G2474 which followedG1377 after the lawG3551 of righteousness,G1343 hath notG3756 attainedG5348 toG1519 the lawG3551 of righteousness.G1343
Rom_10:1 Brethren,G80 myG1699 heart’sG2588 desireG2107 (G3303) andG2532 prayerG1162 toG4314 GodG2316 forG5228 IsraelG2474 is,G2076 that they might be saved.G1519 G4991
Rom_10:19 ButG235 I say,G3004 Did notG3378 IsraelG2474 know?G1097 FirstG4413 MosesG3475 saith,G3004 IG1473 will provoke you to jealousyG3863 G5209 byG1909 them that are noG3756 people,G1484 and byG1909 a foolishG801 nationG1484 I will angerG3949 you.G5209
Rom_10:21 ButG1161 toG4314 IsraelG2474 he saith,G3004 AllG3650 dayG2250 long I have stretched forthG1600 myG3450 handsG5495 untoG4314 a disobedientG544 andG2532 gainsayingG483 people.G2992
Rom_11:2 GodG2316 hath notG3756 cast awayG683 hisG848 peopleG2992 whichG3739 he foreknew.G4267 (G2228) WotG1492 ye notG3756 whatG5101 theG3588 scriptureG1124 saithG3004 ofG1722 Elias?G2243 howG5613 he maketh intercessionG1793 to GodG2316 againstG2596 Israel,G2474 saying,G3004
Rom_11:7 WhatG5101 then?G3767 IsraelG2474 hath(G5127) notG3756 obtainedG2013 that whichG3739 he seeketh for;G1934 butG1161 theG3588 electionG1589 hath obtainedG2013 it, andG1161 theG3588 restG3062 were blindedG4456
Rom_11:25 ForG1063 I wouldG2309 not,G3756 brethren,G80 that yeG5209 should be ignorantG50 of thisG5124 mystery,G3466 lestG3363 ye should beG5600 wiseG5429 inG3844 your own conceits;G1438 thatG3754 blindnessG4457 inG575 partG3313 is happenedG1096 to Israel,G2474 untilG891 G3757 theG3588 fulnessG4138 of theG3588 GentilesG1484 be come in.G1525
Rom_11:26 AndG2532 soG3779 allG3956 IsraelG2474 shall be saved:G4982 asG2531 it is written,G1125 There shall comeG2240 out ofG1537 SionG4622 theG3588 Deliverer,G4506 andG2532 shall turn awayG654 ungodlinessG763 fromG575 Jacob:G2384
1Co_10:18 BeholdG991 IsraelG2474 afterG2596 the flesh:G4561 areG1526 notG3780 they which eatG2068 of theG3588 sacrificesG2378 partakersG2844 of theG3588 altar?G2379
2Co_3:7 ButG1161 ifG1487 theG3588 ministrationG1248 of death,G2288 writtenG1722 G1121 and engravenG1795 inG1722 stones,G3037 wasG1096 glorious,G1722 G1391 so thatG5620 theG3588 childrenG5207 of IsraelG2474 couldG1410 notG3361 stedfastlyG816 behold(G1519) theG3588 faceG4383 of MosesG3475 forG1223 theG3588 gloryG1391 of hisG846 countenance;G4383 which glory was to be done away:G2673
2Co_3:13 AndG2532 notG3756 asG2509 Moses,G3475 which putG5087 a vailG2571 overG1909 hisG1438 face,G4383 that theG3588 childrenG5207 of IsraelG2474 could notG3361 stedfastly lookG816 toG1519 theG3588 endG5056 of that which is abolished:G2673
Gal_6:16 AndG2532 as many asG3745 walkG4748 according to thisG5129 rule,G2583 peaceG1515 be onG1909 them,G846 andG2532 mercy,G1656 andG2532 uponG1909 theG3588 IsraelG2474 of God.G2316
Eph_2:12 ThatG3754 atG1722 thatG1565 timeG2540 ye wereG2258 withoutG5565 Christ,G5547 being aliensG526 from theG3588 commonwealthG4174 of Israel,G2474 andG2532 strangersG3581 from theG3588 covenantsG1242 of promise,G1860 havingG2192 noG3361 hope,G1680 andG2532 without GodG112 inG1722 theG3588 world:G2889
Php_3:5 CircumcisedG4061 the eighth day,G3637 ofG1537 the stockG1085 of Israel,G2474 of the tribeG5443 of Benjamin,G958 an HebrewG1445 ofG1537 the Hebrews;G1445 as touchingG2596 the law,G3551 a Pharisee;G5330
Heb_8:8 ForG1063 finding faultG3201 with them,G846 he saith,G3004 Behold,G2400 the daysG2250 come,G2064 saithG3004 the Lord,G2962 whenG2532 I will makeG4931 a newG2537 covenantG1242 withG1909 theG3588 houseG3624 of IsraelG2474 andG2532 withG1909 theG3588 houseG3624 of Judah:G2455
Heb_8:10 ForG3754 thisG3778 is theG3588 covenantG1242 thatG3739 I will makeG1303 with theG3588 houseG3624 of IsraelG2474 afterG3326 thoseG1565 days,G2250 saithG3004 the Lord;G2962 I will putG1325 myG3450 lawsG3551 intoG1519 theirG846 mind,G1271 andG2532 writeG1924 themG846 inG1909 theirG846 hearts:G2588 andG2532 I will beG2071 to themG846 a(G1519) God,G2316 andG2532 theyG846 shall beG2071 to meG3427 a(G1519) people:G2992
Heb_11:22 By faithG4102 Joseph,G2501 when he died,G5053 made mentionG3421 ofG4012 theG3588 departingG1841 of theG3588 childrenG5207 of Israel;G2474 andG2532 gave commandmentG1781 concerningG4012 hisG848 bones.G3747
Rev_2:14 ButG235 I haveG2192 a few thingsG3641 againstG2596 thee,G4675 becauseG3754 thou hastG2192 thereG1563 them that holdG2902 theG3588 doctrineG1322 of Balaam,G903 whoG3739 taughtG1321 BalacG904 to castG906 a stumblingblockG4625 beforeG1799 theG3588 childrenG5207 of Israel,G2474 to eatG5315 things sacrificed unto idols,G1494 andG2532 to commit fornication.G4203
Rev_7:4 AndG2532 I heardG191 theG3588 numberG706 of them which were sealed:G4972 and there were sealedG4972 an hundred and forty and four thousandG1540 G5062 G5064 G5505 ofG1537 allG3956 the tribesG5443 of the childrenG5207 of Israel.G2474
Rev_21:12 AndG5037 hadG2192 a wallG5038 greatG3173 andG2532 high,G5308 and hadG2192 twelveG1427 gates,G4440 andG2532 atG1909 theG3588 gatesG4440 twelveG1427 angels,G32 andG2532 namesG3686 written thereon,G1924 whichG3739 areG2076 the names of theG3588 twelveG1427 tribesG5443 of theG3588 childrenG5207 of Israel:G2474

73 verses found, 75 matches

Some of these are so obvious that it has to wake a few people up.
You can put it right in their faces but they arent going to admit they are wrong even with the words. This has nothing to do with ego’s it has to do with the truth and false leaders. The only question is “Do they do it with guile”? How can anyone use words that they dont understand and use them as truth? Sorry about the numbers, if you want to look up each verse without the numbers for reference just copy and paste the verse in your search bar.

Pastor Dankof is pals with David Duke who claims in his book that white people are the descendants of Edom and not Jacob, although the God of the Bible is the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac and not of Edom at all. Who is the God of White people? They dont know.

Is the Pope Catholic? Yes he may be, but he sure aint an Israelite. He obviously never read the book either, but nothing is about the book these days, it’s all about the Jews (not shoes). The entire book is about Israel, but we dont have a leader out there with the nuts to say Israel is not Jews. Totally insane!!!

Pope says all Christians have Jewish roots

Just a little twist of the tongue and everything is upside down.

We have Jew roots, ehhh Jewish roots. See what I mean?

We have Jew roots, ehhh Jewish roots. See what I mean?

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Being John Melkovich

If I was a crypto Jew like so many we have known throughout time whose sole purpose is to get into a position of trust and destroy there are many avenues one can take and several different strategies. First you have to know what gives away a Jew like a hooked nose, fat lower lip, skinny shins, Alfred E Neuman look, names, generosity, locality, beliefs or mindset and the overall basic things that we recognize Jews to be. One thing would not change is your ability to lie without shame which is pertinent to this subject today. Jews can lie about anything and it doesn’t matter how big the lie is and it could simply be a yes or a no.

What would I do if I wanted people to believe me and never suspect me of being a Jew? I could start a website, a radio show on the internet, write in a newspaper……we basically know nothing about these people, who they are, where they are really from, etc. We see fake shootings on TV now that we all know are fake, but is that the bottom of the rabbit hole or does it go even deeper?

I heard one of the newest RBN hosts asked a simple question after going off on a tirade like some false imitation of Raymond JJ Johnson on Jews, the question was simple “What is a Jew?”. He said whatever a Rabbi says is a Jew. That was his final answer. This is a pro in our truth movement today.

…or you can call me Kohn.

What is a crypto Jews goal when he gains your trust? Only people who know the truth can find out. How is it crypto Jews and Jews alike can gain your trust even more than I gain when I have been telling you the truth for years? The more the truth comes out the more crypto Jew deception is out to bury the truth. The crypto’s goal is to give you truth to keep you deluded, my truth is to wake you up. I am not constantly feeding you false information about the Constitution or using biblical words I don’t understand, Jews have to keep you deluded from the root of the truth and that is who the Bible was written to. When we hear our so called leaders…. First let me say a bit about leaders, you can be a leader and not be in the front of the parade. Many times driving on major highways I see people who are followers tagging along so they wont get a ticket and when they find out I know they are tagging along they act as if they are going to move ahead and then only follow from the lead position and too cowardly to go it alone. Cryptos need followers, the truth doesn’t need anything. There are two kinds of leaders, one is the real thing and the other is a liar.

If I was a crypto I would know enough of the Bible to keep people numb to what it says and never have a debate with anyone who has studied the actual translations and discuss how words are deliberately distorted, but who has distorted these words? If Jews wrote the Bible why would they distort their own words? Like our names, our history and everything else Jews are the ones who distort us and not the other way around. The Bible would be my key subject to keep people deluded just as my key subject in real life is to wake people up about it, although I would have my comments blocked and my phones shut down as all cryptos do. You see Jews are contrary not us. Comments are wide open.

Just think of all the people out there talking about the Bible and the Constitution and do not know or will not admit who it was written for. These two simple facts are key to finding the cryptos and the “morans” (not marrano’s). Crypto’s simply have to include Jews into the Bible as “Gods Chosen” and equate the Jews with all the 12 tribes and all their fathers back to Adam. The truth is their stories are completely erroneous and cannot and will not debate it, it is fabricated mush and they know it. They will only go on rants about the Bible with their complacent sidekicks knowing they will never be put to the test.

A crypto has to change his tune, sometimes he or she is a Christian, sometimes they believe in evolution, sometimes they are fascinated about race and other times prove they have no clue what a race even is, they tell everyone we are being destroyed by Jews and then have a Jew guest on their shows very next day…… is all hypocrisy. There is only one truth and you have to understand that Jews mix in the lies masterfully to keep you deluded on one major factor, the truth of the Bible and what it says right in your face. That is how deep the rabbit hole goes only you don’t have to go down to find it, they have to take you there.

Ask any one of these internet radio hosts what this means in the NEW TESTAMENT

You can’t change these words:

King James Bible
James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.

(even Brother Nathan your hero, wont have an answer for that one)

You can make up whatever you want on this short introduction of James, but it just aint gonna work. So you keep following those cryptos out there on RBN, Rense, the AJ network and see where they drop you off, it isn’t going to be above ground. We have so many people out there preaching the Bible, but none of them debating what the words actually mean. We will have Holocaust conferences, USS Liberty gatherings, Wall Street marches, Klan rallies, Nazi rallies, homo rallies, even Jewish homo rallies, but not one debate on what words actually mean coming from a nation of people who claim they read the book………go on and get Jewdeo Pastor Dankopf or pick your selection of internet pastors, they aren’t going to take up that offer because they are not of truth, they are there to keep you away from truth. They leave you in the rear with mindless biblical old lady gab purposely so you are too lost to even ask a question. Just look at words that have changed meaning over time, why on earth does anyone not think Jews would do the same to the Bible? What is a Jew? What is a Christian? What is an Israelite? What is a Gentile? What is a Goyim? What is a Semite and where did this word originate? On and on and on it goes and the lemmings get sucked into the Jews manifestation of lies.

If I was a crypto my main goal would be to keep you occupied and controlled so that you never get off your arse and take this to the streets where it belongs. Jews and cryptos don’t care what else you listen to as long as you keep listening to them. They will have plenty of people there waiting to greet you in and welcome you like an old friend, but don’t ever expose their hypocrisy, just like Jews they are exempt from it. I think I’m going to pass.

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Hymie Down Under

Vile Mel Gibson Unleashes Obscenity-Laden Tirade At Photographer At Jewish Film Festival, Calls Her ‘Dog’ & ‘C***’

Anti-Semite Mel Gibson Verbally Abuses Woman At Israeli Film Festival
Splash News

Known anti-Semite Mel Gibsonstunned the crowds when he showed up at an Israeli film festival in Sydney, Australia. But the shock quickly turned to horror when he unleashed a vile verbal and physical assault on a mother of three, relenting only at the urging of his young girlfriend.

“I thought he was going to punch me in the face,” said the victim, Kristi Miller, a news reporter for the Daily Telegraph. Miller reports that Gibson then pushed her, and began berating her in front of the crowd.

“I took a photo of Mel and his girlfriend and when I turned around he shoved my back really hard,” she recalled. “It shocked me because I wasn’t expecting it. I don’t know if it was his hands or elbow.”

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Another Mel Gibson Slur Caught On Tape – Calls Latinos “Wetbacks”

Then, Gibson launched into his trademark brand of shocking vitriol. “He was spitting in my face as he was yelling at me, calling me a dog, saying I’m not even a human being and I will go to hell. He swore and called me a c … It was non-stop, he didn’t even breathe.”

Gibson continued his attack as Miller feared that he would push her into the road. As he allegedly stood over the cowering mother with his fists clenched, Gibson’s 24-year-old girlfriend Rosalind Ross bravely intervened before matters escalated even further out of control. “He was backing me on to the road,” Miller said. “It was only when (Ross) grabbed his shoulder and said, ‘that is enough’ that he stopped. She said, ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry’. They turned and crossed the road and walked off.” A police report was filed shortly after the incident.

PHOTOS: The Costliest Celebrity Divorces

As has reported, Mel Gibson has a shocking track record, both of racist and anti-Jewish remarks, and of verbally abusing women. In 2014, Radar exclusively released audio recordings, in which Gibson can be heard telling his ex, Oksana Grigorieva “You’re an embarrassment to me. You look like a f***ing bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault.” Despite this past, Gibson was able to successfully woo Ross, an Equestrian champion, and the couple’s relationship went public in July 2015. “It’s clear the two of them are really happy together,” an insider said at the time.

~Mel went to the Israeli film festival because he wanted to find some Jewish women to push around. What better way to sell a movie than with a whiny yenta? One would have to question why Mel even went to an Israeli festival, but I’m sure all the lemming die hard  Gibson lovers can give you a perfectly logical reason. Maybe he went for the food.

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Clash of the Morans

Release the KKKraken

The big news around the internet lately is as usual, nothing but Jewish hype. They have released the red headed demon Donald Trump (aka Talmud head) and the lemmings are in an uproar, well not really, but the Jewish media says so. Donnie can talk about something dear to all of America’s hearts, the illegal invasion of aliens, something our other politicians dared not speak about in fear of not being electable. Funny how things work out in the Jew

Only the very best.

Only the very best.

media today. Illegal aliens are the issue this coming year, but the Jews giving them the jobs, for instance the Postville Iowa Kosher meat packing plant is not to be discussed because it is ok to talk about illegal Latinos (now) and not ok to talk about illegal Jews and nobody finds that even the least bit hypocritical.

I have never seen such a lifeless, pathetic group of people as I see today who call themselves Americans, they are so duped in every arena of history today and either have no drive for the truth or they are just plain lazy. We cannot agree on what words or names even mean. For instance in the Clash of the Moran debate with Alex Jones and David Duke, Alex Jones claimed about 3 times that David was a Jewish name, this was the perfect opportunity to blow Jones out the door, but

In Iore Dea (178, 1) it says:

In Iore Dea (178, 1) it says:
“It is not permitted to imitate the customs of the Akum, nor to act like them. Nor is it permitted to wear clothes like the Akum, not to comb the hair as they do…neither must Jews build houses that look like temples of the Akum.”

Duke had no response and believes David is a Jewish name as well. It doesn’t matter to these obvious plants that there were no Jews at the time of David, there wasn’t even a word “Jew”. It might be a fantastic time to ask Jones or Duke at this moment what exactly a Jew is because we could then get into the Ruth/Moabite subject, after all a Jew is supposedly someone with a Jewish mother, if a Jew is someone with a Jewish father then Jacob was also a Jew, Isaac was a Jew, Edom was a Jew, Abraham was a Jew when we all know this is lunacy.

Was David a racial “Jew” or was he a religious “Jew”? It doesn’t matter to these titans of ehhh truth who are arguing about Jews what a Jew even is. They can’t figure it out so they’re skipping over it and exactly what the Jew wants. They will skip over every issue connected to this base of what a Jew is again and again and again forever. Nothing will ever be done ever.

David Duke claimed that Jews have been involved in slavery all the way back to Leviticus, but again Jews were not in the book of Leviticus because Jews are not Israelites. Today we call their land Israel, another word change because we don’t care what the Bible says we only care what Jews say. All Jews have to do when they commit a crime is claim they are German or maybe a Catholic priest, yes that has been going on since Leviticus was written all throughout time. By the way Leviticus is one of the 5 books of the Torah or “Law”

Cardinal Lustiger

Cardinal Lustiger “I was born a jew and I will die a Jew” He told the truth for once.

and Jews don’t believe in the Torah of the Old Testament they believe The Torah (Law) of the Talmud. Does David Duke believe Jews wrote Leviticus and made a copy for the goyim and one for them? It’s quite important to know where your “white leaders” get their info from, especially if it is from the Talmud. The law is written in someones heart, but what law, the Jews law? Again the Jews law is the Talmud. Everything is inside out and outside in just like everything else Jews touch, no difference whatever and they just cant figger it out. Folks these are not even amateurs they aren’t even in the game.

By the way the word “goyim” does not mean cattle as many of the dupes want you to believe, this word is also in the Bible and Jacob (Israel) himself was called a goy, but Jews are allowed to use words any way they want or we are antisemites (oops another word turned on its head).

Back to the word Zion again, I know most of you are sick of this from me, but Jews make good things into sickening things for a reason. If you have studied Jews as a whole as long as I have you would know that “Jews don’t make the products they make the products dirty” that goes with everything, names, places, nature, etc. A good example of that in the news today is the first transvestite in the White House is a Jewess or in this case a true reptilian (and a ehh Zionist). Jews destroy and it is all they do and 99% of the white so called leaders believe Jesus was a descendant of one of these Jews or pretend to believe in Christianity to get along and never pick up the Bible to question themselves on their own hypocrisies and cut off all talk of it. Occasionally they will spew some biblical information which is entirely in the wrong context swaying you to follow them. You don’t use false tales to lure people to the truth. The truth has to be the goal. When you hear the word Zion or Zionist being used ask them if it comes from the Talmud or the Torah and which definition they are using up front. They might even learn something as they are trying to teach you.

Grandson of Meier Kahane and great great great great great great grandson of Jesus.

Grandson of Meier Kahane and great great great great great great grandson of Jesus.

Ladies and gentlemen if I can teach you one thing and one thing only it would be to know how to find the truth. I cannot give you all the truth, but I can tell you how to find it, just find out who runs from a debate and what they ran from. Alex Jones and David Duke will never accomplish anything except get some young people on a path of the blind man who is either leading you into the pit knowingly or unknowingly. If he does not take the challenge of debate he himself claims he is being denied then he is a hypocrite and all his listeners are hypocrites for not even acknowledging it. Where are the callers calling into David Duke to have someone explain to him what a so called Jew is from someone who understands the Bible and not a JEWdeo Christian (that thinks Jesus was a Jew)? You can’t do it because you can’t call him at all.

Folks if you want a king or you want a leader you better demand that he follows the truth. When Alex Jones says “Jews Jews Jews” it is the same thing as David Duke never opening his phones because he would be saying “Bible Bible Bible” because he is wrong on every biblical issue there is. He thinks white people are of Edom, the people being those who had Jesus crucified, you see he doesn’t know they were the Jews either.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself if all of this is real, are people that duped, even our put in place leaders? Well folks that is why they were put into place and why David Duke has a

We like to watch

We like to watch

better chance to be interviewed by Wolf Blitzer than it is for you or me to have an hour or two with David Duke. Duke is so busy writing books and doing interviews he has no time for us little guys. He is so busy he has no time for anyone. This is Hollywood real time.

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