Falling Down Oy Vey!

Michael Douglas Writes Op-Ed About Rise in Anti-Semitism, Attack Against His Son

Robert Kessler

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Michael Douglas (Getty Images)

Michael Douglas (Getty Images)

Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times printed an op-ed by Michael Douglas in which the Oscar and Emmy winning actor opines over what he calls the rise of anti-Semitism “with renewed vigilance.” Douglas begins by recounting a recent incident involving his 14-year-old son Dylan on a vacation in Southern Europe.

“During our stay at a hotel, our son Dylan went to the swimming pool. A short time later he came running back to the room, upset. A man at the pool had started hurling insults at him. And suddenly I had an awful realization of what might have caused the man’s outrage: Dylan was wearing a Star of David,” Douglas writes. “After calming him down, I went to the pool and asked the attendants to point out the man who had yelled at him. We talked. It was not a pleasant discussion. Afterward, I sat down with my son and said: ‘Dylan, you just had your first taste of anti-Semitism.'”

Douglas’s father, Kirk Douglas, was born Issur Danielovitch and grew up speaking Yiddish. Though he was not raised in the Jewish faith, Douglas says he first experienced anti-Semitism when he was not much older than his son is now.

A friend saw someone Jewish walk by, and with no provocation he confidently told me: “Michael, all Jews cheat in business.”

“What are you talking about?” I said.

“Michael, come on,” he replied. “Everyone knows that.”

With little knowledge of what it meant to be a Jew, I found myself passionately defending the Jewish people. Now, half a century later, I have to defend my son. Anti-Semitism, I’ve seen, is like a disease that goes dormant, flaring up with the next political trigger.

Europe, and France in particular, has seen a rise in anti-Semitic violence in recent years. Just last month, French President François Hollande was forced to speak out to reassure France’s Jewish population. “Nothing will be tolerated,” Hollande urged, the day after 300 graves at a Jewish cemetary were desecrated. In January, a gunman associated with the Charlie Hebdo attack stormed a Jewish supermarket, killing four people and taking others hostage. The month before that, a Jewish couple was held hostage in their own home and the woman was raped. According to France’s interior minister, the perpetrators chose the couple believing that Jews have money. In fact, data gathered by the French government shows that anti-Semitic crime between January to July 2014 in France was double what it was during that same period in 2013. And half of all racist attacks in the country target Jews, who account for less than one percent of the French population.

Douglas highlights three separate reasons for a rise in anti-Semitism. First, he points to rising income disparity worldwide and the outdated notion that Jews are wealthy. Douglas also writes that he believes many people’s anti-Semitism stems from a distaste for the religion’s practices and policies. Thirdly, Douglas identifies a growing “extremist fringe” of Islam with fueling hatred.

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Michael Douglas, Carys Douglas, Dylan Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones on vacation in December (Facebook)

Michael Douglas, Carys Douglas, Dylan Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones on vacation in December (Facebook)

Though Dylan Douglas’s mother, Catherine Zeta-Jones, is not Jewish, he identifies as such and celebrated a bar mitzvah last year. Michael says the process of working with Dylan on that life cycle event helped him “reconnect” with the religion.

Douglas is not the only public figure to speak out recently about the rise of anti-Semitism, particulary in France. Just a couple weeks ago, Kristin Scott Thomas told a British radio station, “Anti-Semitism has always existed in France but I do think it’s more open now, more accepted.” And Madonna told a French radio station that France “feels like, you know, Nazi Germany … the intolerance, the level of intolerance that’s going on is really scary.”

Douglas finishes by pointing to several stories of hope, words of world leaders reinforcing their commitment to eradicating anti-Semitism and of a recent event in Oslo where Muslims and Jews joined forces to make a ring around a local synagogue.

“So that is our challenge in 2015, and all of us must take it up,” Douglas writes. “Because if we confront anti-Semitism whenever we see it, if we combat it individually and as a society, and use whatever platform we have to denounce it, we can stop the spread of this madness.”

~ To make a long antisemitic story short about people who aren’t even Semites or related to David, “All Jews haven’t committed heinous crimes therefore all Jews are good Jews!”

The truth is Jews are in control of every vile organization on earth today and not a single Jew will ever admit to that. You see they want us all to look equal so they can enjoy their stolen money. How many Jews are speaking out about “Jews” doing 9/11 or “Jews” running the Mafia’s or “Jews” in control of our media or “Jews” in control of our usury fiat system?

The truth is when you start naming the Jews behind all this corruption you have to say it is hatred or Jews will be locked up just like they were over and over throughout time proving Jews can never live in harmony with ANYONE! That is a historical fact and nothing any Jew can do about it. The damage has already been done and now time is catching up with them once again like a penjewlum. All Jews can do is point their grimy fingers at someone else. Yes it’s our fault. Jews will never learn!

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Hacksaw Ridge

Mels new jew bubeleh Andy Garfinkel

Mels new jew bubeleh Andy Garfinkel

Michael Rothstein has joined IM Global as president of international sales and distribution, stepping into the void left by Jonathan Deckter, who Deadline exclusively revealed had joined Nicolas Chartier’s Voltage Pictures as president and COO.

In Rothstein, IM Global topper Stuart Ford has found an experienced and well-respected sales exec. Rothstein was previously President of International at the Weinstein Co. where

Another good jew I suppose?

Another good jew I suppose?

he served from its launch in 2005 until 2013. Prior to that, he was a sales executive at Miramax Films from 1997 to 2004. Ford himself is an alumni of the Weinstein brothers, having spent seven years at Miramax.
Rothstein will oversee a sales operation spread across regional offices in Los Angeles, London, Beijing and Mexico City. Reporting to Rothstein will be sales and distribution executives Tatyana Joffe, Emil Elmér, David Jourdan, Leslie Chen, Callum Grant, Talia Goldman and Weihan Zhang, as well as a sales division of over ‎40 people encompassing sales, marketing, legal, accounting, collections and technical operations.
In addition, Rothstein will be active in licensing of the company’s library of approximately 250 titles and will also take a management role in the company’s wholly owned Southeast Asian distribution venture Apsara, which handles 6-10 wide release titles a year through an output deal with Buena Vista International.
“It’s over a decade since Michael and I were colleagues at Miramax and since then I’ve watched with admiration as he’s grown into one of the most respected and well-liked sales

Im the hero of the lemmings. They say I hate Jews but you can see I love jews. What would I be without jews?

Im the hero of the lemmings. They say I hate Jews but you can see I love jews. What would I be without jews?

chiefs in the industry,” commented Ford. “I’m highly confident that his know-how, profile and sophistication will be a major addition to our senior management team.”
IM Global has a number of high profile productions in the pipeline, including the Mel Gibson-directed Hacksaw Ridge starring Andrew Garfield and The Man Who Made It Snow with filmmaker Antoine Fuqua and starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Hacksaw Ridge is where Mel hacks off the jews head at the end, but you’ll have to sit through the jew brainwashing first.

While Im here I want you all to know who the latest persecuted jew is so you will continue to do nothing. The new hero of the truth movement, wife of Nestor Kirchner, another jew Argentinian president. We love all Jews in the truth movement.

The wonderful, the beautiful, the woman who has a different outfit for every meal, the intelligent, charismatic, always well groomed AntiCristina Kirchner.

The wonderful, the beautiful, the woman who has a different outfit for every meal, the intelligent, charismatic, always well groomed AntiCristina Kirchner. Courtesy of the David Duke site who is begging for money like Fagin right now (get a loan if you have to so he can help lead you right back into the jewish outhouse).

Here is David Duke with the pro homo, pro abortion Jew Alan Colmes (among other vile things)


David Duke is telling Colmes about Christianity, Duke who believes Jews are from Jacob and white people are from Edom (who married into the Kenites). Jews and whites are long lost brothers only we white people mixed in with Cain. You believe that and I have a bagel joint to sell you in the Everglades. Jews can bounce Duke around like a dreidel and why they had him on in the first place. Nothing about jews doing 9/11, nothing about jews and porn, nothing about jews and drugs, nothing about jews and the Mafia’s, nothing about Jews and the King David Hotel, nothing about jews and child molesting, nothing about Jews and slavery, nothing about Jews and the Holodomor when asked about the Holohoax etc etc. “I love Israel Shahack”, “I love Isreal Shamir”, “I love Gilad”, “I love Jesus the good Jew”. Jews are Israel David Duke claims so that should mean to every true Christian that actually read the Bible that Duke will NEVER do ANYTHING about Jews. If you dont understand that you are a lemming and you deserve Duke.

This is pathetic folks, dont be fooled, if Colmes was a good Jew he would be helping Duke point out the Jew crimes. He did not.

Israel, Israel and Gilad (Gilead) were Israelites and the House of Israel separated from the House of Judah, and Jews arent the House of Judah either. Gilead was the grandson of Manasseh, great grandson of Joseph not Judah or anyone from the House of Judah.

How do you think Colmes would have handled that one? I think he would run like the rat jew Ashkenazi Khazar that he is. Why didnt Duke ask Alfred E Neuman Colmes if he was related to Jesus since he claimed Jesus was a Jew and then ask him how he could refer Jews to a religion in one segment and a racial lineage in another? Where is the House of Israel? Jesus wasnt a religious Jew because the religion wasnt for Jews it was for Israelites.

It is no wonder to me why Jews love Duke back.

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The Mousetrap


The Mousetrap- Keeping You Deluded

Most of the newer so called truthers believe the internet media sites such as RBN, Rense, GCN, etc. are pro free speech and on our sides (the White American), but the truth is they are working with the Jews just as Hannity or Glenn Beck. I will give you some examples starting with an RBN show called “The Alternative Media”. What a great name for a show that sometimes claims the American media is indeed Jew controlled. Most of us have no problems with that whatsoever, but when you look into the mechanics of programs such as these you find that the usual shills flock to this show and people who point out the hypocrisies of the callers and the hosts are immediately blacklisted.

The show is hosted by someone named Farren Shoaf, a self proclaimed German who claims people aren’t speaking out about the true problems in America such as GMO’s, fluoride in the water, the Queen in control of our occupied government, good Jews being persecuted by bad jews blab la bla. Jews killed over 9 million Germans after the war and Germans like this today are afraid to allow serious conversations about Jews. How about the child molestation problem in Australia right now going on at the Yeshiva’s? Nope that would hurt those jews a bit too much and make the host Farren look like Hitler (the guy jews have us convinced was a lunatic). You can be German and even Irish and be a Jew, a woos or even a sold out traitor. It’s important to be able to distinguish if they are any of these.

One of the regulars of this show and now co-host is a fellow named Mike from NY who sells “Dragon Juice” and claims he gave some to a pigeon once who was “dragging his head” and flew away happy after sipping the juice on the Charles Giuliani show who openly hates Christians more than Jews (a cohost on that show as well). This forked tongued hypocrite, Mike was on Farren Shoaf’s show once again this morning

Jews did 9/11 not Israel

Jews did 9/11 not Israel

on the side of Hitler which was pretty odd to me after hearing him call every media host there is claiming a building in San Diego, a Guvt. building was in the shape of a swastika (someone shrieked). This imbecile obviously believes the swastika is a symbol of EVIL.

This same idiot claimed that Jews are Israelites in the same paragraph even though he used to call CI radio shows all the time and agree with them too. This is simply a tactic of delusion that is obvious to me that none of these hosts who allow him to call in (and claim to be of free speech and have me banned) will ever admit to, you see they dont listen to internet radio either. They can simply claim they were not aware of his hypocrisy. You have to ask yourselves how trustworthy anyone is by calling a Jew an Israelite right from the start because they obviously never read the Bible nor know anything about true history. You have to ask yourselves what these shills have been doing for the last 5 to 10 years listening to the same radio programs, some of which should be long past the fact that Jews are Israelites. Obviously they are imbeciles or imbeshills whichever you prefer.

Another tactic of the imbeshill caller is to tell people to listen to shill programs to take up valuable time. They want you to listen and not call in, most of which are totally controlled

Free cheese for the dumb goyim who love those good Jews more than they do their own country or people. How about asking the question "WTF are Jews even doing here?"

Free cheese for the dumb goyim who love those good Jews more than they do their own country or people. How about asking the question “WTF are Jews even doing here?”

phones you wont get in on anyway. You will hear the same disinfo callers on every show of any importance and are always welcomed in like long lost brothers.

Then there is the Benjamin Friedman, Ernst Zundel (persecuted Jews), Myron Fagan, and the other 5 good Jews in the world trick. If you claim there are good Jews you cancel yourself out, therefore nothing is done whatsoever. It is suddenly an “I cant do anything” moment. For years people have been pointing to so called good jews and think if they do the same thing over and over something will change (who aren’t related to Judah whatsoever and definitely not a part of the old or newer House of Israel when the two houses split) . They never talk about that split because it is reverse pilpulism on the jews. Odd how the truth works, but it works like a charm when used properly.
The media is controlled by the Jews says a Jew, Israeli’s are killing the Palestinians says a Jew, the Holocaust was a hoax says a Jew, the Fed is controlled by Jews says a Jew, Jesus was a Jew says a now Christian Jew……..on and on. I wonder if we could get one of these so called Jews to admit Jews aren’t Israelites or all of them to agree on the truth in its entirety. It will never happen, but every internet radio show out there uses this tactic to find the “good Jew” and spoil the whole barrel of bad jews. You have to admit this tactic works and nobody wants to say “It’s the Jews and we need to do something about them”. There is some sort of fascination seeing a Jew tell some truth I admit because it is almost an obscenity, yet most of us it appears, feel we can use a Jew for truth.

I sometimes ask why Jesus has not returned yet and then I think about the deluded masses who never seek the truth, never call into a show to defend the truth and give in to Jew fables by putting a Jew on a pedestal for saying something you yourselves should be saying. It’s as if you don’t even exist nor want to, you think Jews are going to dig you out of the hole you allowed them to make. Why would I come back for you if I was Jesus knowing you are a bunch of pansies who can’t say it’s the Jews, the same people he said it was (along with their proselytes) over 2000 years ago? How do you allow others to thwart the truth who claim to be Christians or non Jews? It mustn’t be of importance and one must ask how it isn’t some kind of a psychological disorder or double minded thinking. It is 100% delusional thinking that makes people talk about something and then not act upon it. That is psychotic! Anyone who talks themselves out of a fight before they do will lose and anyone who doesn’t fight is mentally caged.

These radio hosts do the same things Jews do and shut the phones off if you point out their hypocrisy. As if jews couldn’t be paying off these hosts to do the same things the main stream media does or blackmail them. Some radio hosts have mental blocks in their brains the jews built with steel and concrete and put guard towers on them. Some hosts claim we shouldn’t use “trigger words” like Jews, we need to be more appealing to the lemmings who have been completely brainwashed. What we need is the truth, period, we don’t need fibs, candy coated gibberish or ear tickling schmooze. Anyone with any kind of conscience will see evading the truth of any kind will create confusion. How do you question someones truth with the phone cut off? It isn’t truth and they aren’t looking for the truth they are looking for something else.

The solution is to do something. How will you know what to do if you are told something you should do and then something equally not to do? If Jews are controlling your media you throw them out, if Jews are controlling your money you throw them out, if Jews are controlling your mind you are finished.

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Dupont and Mark Schultz in the movie Foxcatcher

Dupont and Mark Schultz in the movie Foxcatcher

I don’t know about you, but I have been studying Jews a long time and to think two Jew wrestlers were perfectly innocent with a multi billionaire non Jew is just lunacy to believe.

In this movie two Jewish wrestlers are employed by a multi billionaire John DuPont who may have been somewhat eccentric, but something about a very rich man shooting and killing a Jewish wrestler only to spend the rest of his life in jail just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. If I had more time I would write more on this subject and do a bit more studying on it, but right now I feel in my veins that two Jews got into DuPont’s estate just like a country and ruined it from within.

Like all movies today they can be successfully used to distort your judgement, but if you

David and Mark Schultz Ukranian Jews

David and Mark Schultz Ukranian Jews

know as I do that when Jews are involved and Hollywood is run by Jews and a non Jew isn’t around to tell his side of the story for whatever reason is reason enough to never trust a Jew as usual.

For some strange reason they made DuPont look like the Jew and the Jews look like non Jews. The old bait and jew switch.

It is more than odd that all the wrestlers DuPont had at his estate and Ive not heard any one of them with complaints about DuPont’s behaviour and of all the people he did have problems with it was these two Jews. Who is to say a billionaire who was not Jew savvy couldnt have had other Jews on the inside to frame DuPont as well? No doubt it has never been looked at with the “Jew Factor” involved, like most other crimes that always seem to have Jews involved in some way. If you dont take into account that Jews are involved it’s like watching the Bill OReilly show, the Alex Jones putz hour or being a participant on the jew led Stormfront website. They will sucker you in, but if you know a little too much watch how fast your free speech vanishes. America has free speech except to insinuate that Jews are behind every known organization destroying Europe and America today, but they all claim they dont see it or they do see some, just not the things that would get people to rise up and put jews right back where they belong.

Some Jew WWF wrestler

Some Jew WWF wrestler

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Final Judgejewment

O’Reilly says he knocked on the door as the suicide occurred.
Why did O’Reilly make this story up?

O’Reilly’s own words from his book “Killing Kennedy”:

“He traced de Mohrenschildt to Palm Beach, Florida and travelled there to confront him. At the time de Mohrenschildt had been called to testify before a congressional committee looking into the events of November 1963. As the reporter knocked on the door of de Mohrenschildt’s daughter’s home, he heard the shotgun blast that marked the suicide of the Russian, assuring that his relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald would never be fully understood.

By the way, that reporter’s name is Bill O’Reilly.”

Assuming, O’Reilly is lying about this (and it sure sounds likes like he is), WHY did he make this story up…besides the fact that he is a lying sack of shit that is?

Was O’Reilly recruited by the real killers – de Mohrenschildt’s former employer – to tell a story that covers what’s on the security tape?

The security tape indicates that someone opened the door before de Mohrenschildt was shot. O’Reilly says in his book that he was at the front door knocking when de Mohrenschildt “killed himself.”

Is O’Reilly’s willingness to do this favor for the Agency, the secret behind his rise up the “news” media ladder?


1) de Mohrenschildt was CIA
2) de Mohrenschildt was close to Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswald’s family
3) de Mohrenschildt was reaching out to George Bush Sr for help at the time and not happy about the response he was getting
4) de Mohrenschildt was about to testify before Congress about what he knew about the Kennedy assassination
5) de Mohrenschildt’s head was blown off by a shotgun right before that happened

And freaking Bill O’Reilly says he was at the front door of the house and “heard the blast.”

Pretty interesting, huh?


This one is almost as good as Stormfront’s website owner Don Black (Schwartzer) being shot by Martin Luther Kings assassins brother (James Earl Ray). Truth is Jews have some of these big pussies nuts in a vise and they wont even scream.

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Shadow of a Doubt

In feature films the director is God; in documentary films G_d is the director. Alfred Hitchcock

Photo Illustration by Emil Lendof/The Daily Beast



Inside Alfred Hitchcock’s Lost Holocaust Documentary

In 1945, Britain’s army film unit commissioned a sprawling doc on the liberation of Nazi concentration camps, supervised by Hitchcock. A new film explores the forgotten masterpiece.
It is, perhaps, the greatest documentary never made.Back in 1945, Sidney Bernstein, the chief of the Psychological Warfare Film Section of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force, was commissioned to create the definitive documentary chronicling the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. Bernstein’s aim was, in his words, to “prove one day that this had actually happened” and have it serve as “a lesson to all mankind as well as to the Germans.”He eventually roped in his good pal, Alfred Hitchcock, to serve as the film’s supervising director. But the horrifying and heartbreaking footage of numerous concentration camps, shot by British, American, and Russian World War II soldiers as they were being liberated,

 The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture. Alfred Hitchcock

The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture.
Alfred Hitchcock

became tangled up in a complicated web of politics and artistic rows. A magnificent new HBO documentary pulls back the veil on the making of German Concentration Camps: Factual Survey.

The eye-opening film-on-a-film, Night Will Fall, will premiere January 27 on HBO. It is narrated by Helena Bonham Carter, produced by Stephen Frears and Brett Ratner, and directed by Andre Singer, who serves as president of The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and executive produced the documentaries The Act of Killing and Werner Herzog’s Into the Abyss. It was done in concert with London’s Imperial War Museum, and took 18 months of poring over thousands of feet of film to trace the making of the unmade epic.

“Neat and tidy orchards. Well-stocked farms lined the wayside. And the British soldier did not fail to admire the place, and its inhabitants—at least, until he began to feel a smell…”

“When I first saw material, it was shattering to see; a horrific experience,” Singer tells The Daily Beast. “I’ve been in the film world a long time and seen lots and lots of footage and you think you’ll get anesthetized to it, but that isn’t the case. This is something that is once seen, never forgotten.”

Singer’s documentary opens with footage from German Concentration Camps: Factual Survey of the British 11th Armoured Division liberating the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Northern Germany on April 15, 1945. There, the Allied troops discovered a strange sight.

“Neat and tidy orchards. Well-stocked farms lined the wayside. And the British soldier did



not fail to admire the place, and its inhabitants—at least, until he began to feel a smell,” says a narrator in voiceover.

The British soldiers found tens of thousands of emaciated prisoners inside the camp, many of which were on the brink of death by starvation. The camera lingers on piles of naked, skeletal corpses stacked several bodies high, as well as line after line of dead children. A total of 30,000 corpses were witnessed by Allied troops, according to the film. Singer managed to track down several British soldiers who were there, and some break down in tears recalling the horrors.

“It’s very difficult to describe,” recalls survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, who was 19 when Bergen-Belsen was liberated. “You’ve spent years preparing yourself to die, and you’re still here. Every British soldier looked like a God to us.”

 Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.

There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.

While Soviet intelligence had uncovered the existence of concentration camps in Poland as early as July 1944, because of the Soviet’s alleged record of falsifying atrocity reports, these warnings went largely ignored. However, once Bergen-Belsen was liberated, Bernstein decided to include footage of Russian troops liberating the Majdanek concentration camp in occupied Poland.

“We opened one warehouse. Women’s hair,” says Matvey Gershman, a member of the Soviet’s 8th Guards Army at Majdanek. “We opened the second warehouse. Children’s shoes. The third warehouse, something else: Zyklon gas in barrels. And ashes, ashes. They stored people’s ashes the way they stored women’s hair.”

Footage from Bernstein’s documentary shows Russian soldiers opening stacks of large packages the size of duffle bags and removing piles of human hair, as the camera rests on a young girl’s ponytail amid the pile in close-up. You see crematoriums filled with ashes, still burning, and long rows of human bones.

Also included is footage of the Russian liberation of Auschwitz, including a fascinating sequence wherein Soviet soldiers are captured clad in white, camouflaged snowcoats crawling across the wintry tundra towards the Nazi death camp while clenching ski poles, with skis attached to their feet. Eva Mozes Kor, a survivor of the sadistic Mengele experiments, tears up watching footage of her younger self being freed from captivity.

American soldiers, meanwhile, captured the liberation of Buchenwald and Dachau, and since American films began using 16mm color footage in January 1945, Bernstein’s film includes haunting color shots of heaps of withered corpses at Buchenwald, as well as shrunken Jewish heads inside jars. The American troops made local German citizens from the nearby city of Weimar visit the camp and witness the genocide firsthand. A German woman is seen fainting and being carried away, while other women casually turn their heads away in disgust.

“They had been aware of the camp and had been willing to make use of the cheap labor it provided—as long as they were beyond smelling range of it,” the narrator says.

While Bernstein’s opus was first commissioned in April 1945, it wasn’t until June that his pal, “The Master of Suspense” Alfred Hitchcock, came onboard after being released from his Hollywood duties. “I had felt that I needed at least to make some contribution,” 3333Hitchcock says in an interview from 1962. “There wasn’t any question of military service—I was overage and overweight at that time—but nevertheless, I felt the urge.”

Since Bernstein was only given three months to complete the film, by the time June rolled around, he felt the need to recruit Hitch to help him piece it together. “Bernstein knew he needed some leverage,” says Singer. “He thought if they had a big name director it would help not just because it was better for the film, but it would give credibility to the film.”

So, Hitchcock served as a “director’s advisor,” supervising the way the footage was edited. He demanded that the documentary emphasized long shoots and frequent pans, so that people wouldn’t question its authenticity. He was also blown away by the stark contrast between the quotidian (the lives of Germans living near the camps) and the ghastly (the nightmare within), and requested that the film use maps to highlight their proximity, driving home the message that these German citizens knew exactly what was going on.

“Hitchcock himself is reputed to have been very nauseated by the footage,” says Singer. “He saw it in the cutting room and then didn’t want to watch it again.”

Bernstein’s time, however, soon ran out. According to a June 1945 memo from the Psychological Warfare Film department, Bernstein, lost in an artistic quagmire, was relieved of his duties. “Here he was trying to make a propaganda film, and he ended up making a great documentary,” says Singer. “And that’s not really what the government

Henry Kissinger stars as Mengele's evil assistant Igor.

Henry Kissinger stars as Mengele’s evil assistant Igor.


The Americans then installed acclaimed Double Indemnity filmmaker Billy Wilder as supervising director, and used some of Bernstein’s footage to create a short propaganda film entitled Death Mills. Whereas Bernstein’s film was artistic and captured the full breadth of suffering, Wilder’s version is described as a “hectoring short film” that “merely accused the Germans of committing these crimes.” Still, to the Americans’ credit, the film premiered in Germany.

“We must show it to as many Germans as possible,” Wilder says in a 1988 interview. “They will say: it’s a lie. These are extras with makeup. This is Hollywood… made by Jews. But where would we have got them from? They were just skin and bone!”

While Bernstein’s footage was eventually used as evidence against Nazi officials during the Nuremberg trials, his original, uncensored vision never saw the light of day. Singer’s film claims that the British government chose to kill Bernstein’s comprehensive documentary largely for two reasons. First, that Britain didn’t want to “further alienate the German people,” who were in a rebuilding phase and, with hints of the Cold War starting to appear, were seen as a potentially ally against the Soviets. And second, that the British were worried about the budding Zionist movement and weren’t interested in galvanizing support for a Jewish state.

“I don’t think that in government they were concerned about whether the German people were denying it ever happened,” Singer says of the film’s cancellation. “Morally and ethically it should be done, but in practical terms, it was just bad, bad timing. Churchill had just been kicked out of government and was more sympathetic, and there was a new foreign secretary, Ernest Bevin, who was virulently anti-Zionist. I don’t think it was a conspiracy, or that any censorship was going on.”

As for his own documentary Night Will Fall, Singer feels it’s vital to inform audiences of what really happened at the Nazi concentration camps in order for the wounds of the past to heal, but not be forgotten.

“A lot of people are worried about whether we should be showing atrocity footage like this tumblr_m64pddHk1p1rxcu96o1_500to people, is it meant to shock, and is there a pornography element to it,” says Singer. “I believe the opposite. Put in context, it’s incredibly important.”

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Jew Goldfinger

Jew Goldfinger

I have a way to get the world out of debt and when I say the world I do not include Jews because they are not of the world I want to have. I am tired of hearing Networks like RBN tell us that the Vatican controls the money supply or the Illuminati, always trying to blend in the evil of the Jews with someone else. This is Jew 101 to blend others into all the crime. The Illuminati controls porn, the Vatican controls drugs, the CIA controls Vegas, the Council on Foreign Relations or is it the Masons control Hollywood and the media, the Knights of Malta controlled the  slave trade, the British Crown and Nazi’s joined together to gas 6 million Jews and Arabs bombed the King David Hotel, the USS Liberty, the Beirut Marine Barracks and the WTC buildings etc etc etc. They still want us to believe this CRAP and if you call RBN or any network you have to be polite to these PSYCHOTIC JEW BASTARDS! It’s totally insane folks!

Another major lie I hear the crypto Jews talk about is how 10 or 15% of the people in the world have as much money as the rest of the world combined. Hold on, this just in from the crypto Celente; 85 people have more money than the rest of the world. How much money do you think Rothschild has and STOLEN from us? They are estimated to have $500 trillion and every dime has been stolen. You wont hear that it has been stolen because the networks will hang up on you and call you an angry hater, but really it comes down to free speech. Jews prove every day they can make you believe their BS with their media and people who are angry about it aren’t allowed to speak. So whose side are these internet networks really on?

This isn’t to say it is only the Rothschild’s, but that it is indeed Jews once again. If you are going to have your own money supply you better have people who will go along with it and

I got these medals from my arse kissing shoeshine boy goyim

I got these medals from my arse kissing shoeshine boy goyim

I don’t know any Jews who wont or haven’t. No matter what you say about Jews others will be put in their place for the blame. Muslims are murderers, Germans are sadistic maniacs, Russians antisemites…………….it’s somehow never the Jews when it’s always the Jews. Who is to blame for not telling you the truth?

The real problem begins with media and how they keep you from making a move (not just main stream either). They don’t want people to sound like they are angry because people will want to know what made them so damned angry and that may start a ruckus. You see being angry about Jews may get Jew Homeland Security involved (Im sure they will claim that isnt Jewish too). It isn’t a coincidence that these networks have a Jew on right after a program telling truths about Jew crime, it is to keep you from DOING something about it. Like this France shooting, it is Jews keeping you from doing something (even being mad). If you do nothing guess what happens? The Jew lies go on and on and on.

Next time you are complaining about food prices, housing costs, electricity bills, phone bills, insurance bills, etc. I want you to read this below and think about how dirty our money system truly is and everything it perverts all over the world. if you aren’t FUMED about it then someone other than you is in control of your brain. We have Jews controlling our money and our media and you better not be mad or you’ll get those Jews nervous.  Ashkenazi Jews have been found to be 40% more likely to be schizophrenics, but I bet the rest of the world is at least 80% more likely to be suckered by Jews. Even supposed Christian Identity Pastors cannot go a single show without praising a Jew.

These radio hosts want you to behave like Nurse Ratchet’s day room. Take your meds and call back when you are numb. It’s not good for the show if you get angry.

Ahh Jewcy Fruit!

Ahh Jewcy Fruit!

It’s truly nuts!

I’ll tell you my percentages; 2% of the people in this world are more hell bent on murdering, lying and cheating than the other 98% are against it.

The Rothschilds, world kingpins, worth $500 trillion! They own Reuters, AP, and fix the price of gold…

At ToBeFree, I’ve focused mainly on the Rockefellers, key kingpins in the US, which apparently are secretly worth more than $10 trillion. But the Rothschilds are far more wealthier, and are by many considered the greatest controlling factor worldwide — the kingpins of the world!

In the late ’90s, I attended an event in which Gaylon Ross was lecturing. He laid out the big picture for me that has continued to prove true. In addition to speaking about these two families, he laid out the elite’s plan to create unions within the continents, and then merge all 5 continents into the one-world government which they control.

Since I heard Gaylon speak and had great discussions with him after that, I’ve watched time and time again the globalists attempts to unite the Americas. From what I’ve seen, Skull and Bonesman, President Bush should be considered a traitor for how he handled just this issue alone, doing the bidding of his handlers.

Here is just one tiny aspect of the Rothschild family.

The Rothschilds Control of World Gold Market

Under the surface, the Rothschilds long had a powerful influence in dictating American financial laws. The law records show that they were powers in the old Bank of the United States [abolished by Andrew Jackson].

Rothschild quotes:

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”


[real-history video] The House of ROTHSCHILD ” Full Documentary” — International Bankster Kingpins, WEALTHIEST Family in the World!

(video & photos) Rothschild Ball Exposes Elite’s Fascination with Occult

ROTHSCHILDS WANT IRAN’S BANKS — Iran is one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is not under Rothschild control. Before 9-11 there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran…

Who Owns the Federal Reserve? — This chart shows the ROTHSCHILDS at the top, whom many consider the wealthiest family in the world. But the ROCKEFELLERS…. | The owners try to hide their identities by holding their ownership in the names of their lawyers or via ‘street’ names.

Joel Skousen: MIRACULOUS Plane Crash Survival! | “Rothschilds are the biggest financial base of the New World Order”

David Rockefeller (1991): “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected THEIR PROMISE OF DISCRETION for almost forty years… It would have been impossible for us to develop OUR PLAN FOR THE WORLD….”

Bob Chapman: Who Owns the Fed? “The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, etc.”

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families (Part 1 of 4: The Morgans, The Rockefellers)

Who owns the stock of the Federal Reserve Banks? – Eustace Mullins

G. Edward Griffin: The “Federal” Reserve is a Privately Owned Cartel

Alex Jones: Police Know The Federal Reserve is Private! — The FED is an unaccountable, “private, offshore, Rothschild bank,” and must be ended or our children and grandchildren will be slaves. END THE FED!

Pastor Baldwin: Moneychangers Destroying America—And Christians Don’t See It

David Rockefeller: “I’m PROUD of” being “part of a SECRET CABAL working AGAINST the best interests of the United States”

Norman Dodd: Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations INTENTIONALLY ALTERED AMERICAN HISTORY in Order to Merge America Into a Monopoly They Control

Wealthiest Americans NOT Gates or Buffet: Rockefellers Worth $11.48 TRILLION in 1998!

Globalist kingpin, David Rockefeller’s beetle (bug) collection — names species after himself

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