Interview With a Vampire or Two

Mel Gibson continues to slowly drip-drop details about plans to possibly make a sequel to his epic 2004 film, “The Passion of the Christ,” telling televangelist Joel Osteen that he’s been exploring some of the events that unfolded between the “crucifixion and the resurrection.”

While Gibson has been pretty tight-lipped about exactly what a sequel would look like, he did tell Osteen in a radio interview earlier this month about his creative concerns if, indeed, he enters into such a massive undertaking. Mainly, he said he wants to do it the right way.

“It’s going to take some time, because you don’t half do something like this,” Gibson said. “You do it so that it makes sense. You do it so that it surprises. You do it so that it enlightens.”

He said simply telling the story or rendering it without extensive care to the creative elements would make it “just not good enough,” and while getting it all right won’t be easy, he believes it’s entirely “achievable.”

“It has to be dug deep for and it has to have in its image and its sound and its visual — it has to be able to delve to places that people have never even thought before, I think, on a theological level,” he said. “That’s going to take some doing.”

Listen to Gibson briefly describe “The Passion” sequel below:

The actor didn’t go into great detail about the plot line, though he did indicate that a possible film on the subject could revolve around events that unfolded in between Christ’s crucifixion and the resurrection, saying his team has been “getting into some interesting areas” in that arena.

“Maybe I’ve said too much already,” Gibson added.

This isn’t the first time the actor has addressed rumors about the sequel, as he had a surprise appearance at Pastor Greg Laurie’s SoCal Harvest event back in August during which the two discussed the project in detail, as Deseret News reported.

Gibson said during that event that the film would likely be called “The Resurrection,” and made some comments along the same lines of what he told Osteen.

“In order to really experience it and explore probably deeper meanings of what it’s about is going to take some doing,” he said.

As Deseret News reported, rumors about a sequel started to fly in June after Randall Wallace, director of “Heaven Is For Real” and the writer of “Braveheart,” told The Hollywood Reporter he was working on a script for the project.

Wallace said he had always wanted to tell the story, as he believes there’s more to the Jesus narrative that deserves to be brought to the big screen.

(H/T: Christian Times)

We better not question the hooked nose Mel gave Jesus and we better not talk about Osteen being a Jew himself, which brings up a very good subject “What the hell is a Jew?”……oh if we had real honest and open interviews! Next week Peter Lorre will be discussing his next movie “Der Juden” with Osteen, oh he’s dead? So sorry (not to the Jew).

Mel made another Jew a war hero in his latest movie. He’ll fry in hell for that alone!
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Our Kampf

This is your boy Trump, standing side by side with the biggest enemy known to mankind. When he says Israel he means the Jews! Folks when you keep Jews safe you put us in danger so which is he going to do? The leaven of the Pharisee’s!

Trump tells Jerusalem rally he’ll ‘make Israel, US safe again’
Addressing event via video, Republican candidate vows to stand ‘side-by-side with the Jewish people’; Pence says ‘Israel’s fight is our fight’
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a pre-recorded video message for a Republican event in in Jerusalem, October 26, 2016. (Screen capture)
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The Swamp Thing

I was also Hellboy!

I was also Hellboy!

Mr Trump claims he is going to drain the swamp, but who is protecting him from the crocs (or gators) right now? Who did his children marry? How did Trump make all his money in this swamp that is so terrible? Once again you are told to choose between the lesser of two evils, GW Bush was once one of those choices and George Bush the choice before that. If I look back the lesser of those evils might have been their opponents because at least then I may not have known the extent of the brainwashing that the media had and still has on the American public. The lesser of those two evils is now voting for the greater of the present two evils.

The lesser of two evils said nothing about the Jew control of the media in their debates and still hasn’t and how could they have and run for president? Neither of

Odd our heroes never mention this when they are discussing

Odd our heroes never mention this when they are discussing “our Jewish friends”.

the two evils mentioned the Jew control of our monetary system and everyone told me to wait and see, he will come out against it you’ll see. Didn’t happen folks! Now they are at least admitting the media is corrupt, but wont say where the corruption is emanating from. Why? It’s the liberals, it’s the Marxists, the Saul Alinsky crowd, the Frankfurt school, the Illuminati, the Masons, everyone you can possibly think of except the Jews. Because those are the croc’s if there is a so called swamp.

The lesser of two evils stood over the destruction of the WTC in the obvious controlled demolition and used it to start not one but several wars against the Jews enemies in the Middle East at our expense and using our lives. This was the lesser evil mind you. Do you think these liars dont know how to con you?

Now we have Schlonger Hannity leading the media hype for Donald Trump just like he did for GW Bush and his wars and the complete Neocon nutbag Rudolph Giuliani is also tagging along. You have to ask if Americans are even breathing. The power of media control is king in the land two eyed lemmings. This traitor Hannity has done nothing but kiss jew arse for decades, he is living on borrowed time.

Folks this traitor is standing with your Talmudic headed hero. How pathetic can it get?

Folks this traitor is standing with your Talmudic headed hero. How pathetic can it get?

My apologies to all the radio shows out there who have their phones cut off and claim to be of free speech like Stormfront, the biggest cucks on the internet and the so called alt-right websites like “Monkey Boy Anglin” who used to require people to register with the Jew Zuckerberg Facebook site in order to make comments. Now they simply ban anyone who has an alternate view from theirs just like the Jews do. It may be the alternative right, but it’s still the Jew controlled and a Frank Collin type dead end.

Lets take a look at all of these pro Trump cheerleaders, Alex Jones, the Ugly Truthers, Pastor Dankof (the Pastor who wont have a debate on the Bible) Duke, MacDonald, all the Stormfront tards and their obvious Jewish infiltrators, etc. All of these are willing to sell part of their soul to gain a small piece of ground when selling a little of your soul expecting to gain anything is all the opposition wants you to do.

To the perfidious Jew

To the perfidious Jew

People say there is no alternative other than to run for office, but what office are we talking about, an office controlled by Jewish Fed money (it is completely overrun)? Our entire economy is fueled by a lie, our media is a lie, our politicians have done nothing but lie for at least 100 years, our churches lie, our schools lie. Our kids are being pilfered with drugs from Afghanistan which wouldn’t be here if the Taliban was left in control. David Duke loves to say he has been to Syria on vacation, but I lived in Afghanistan folks, but you don’t have to live there to know the history of heroin in Afghanistan……..our media, Schlonger Hannity, Giuliani, John Voight, Clint Eastwood etc. do not mention a word of this while your kids are turned into zombies by this perfidious Jew controlled drug. Yes, I do like that word “perfidious” because there is so much of it around and nobody is talking about any of it including your hero Donald Trump and his Mickey Mouse sidekick Sean Hannity.

Trump claims he has a slew of military Generals and Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, folks where are they on the Jew issue? I know not one. There is no honor except to the jews, that is the new honor.

Folks this presidential race is another con job, an Oceans 11 Jew movie controlled by some Elliot Gould character (the Jews) and you are sitting back rooting for your own prefabricated hero. The only heroes are the people putting the blame where it is and always has been. The swamp cannot be drained, there is nowhere to drain the cesspool we are in we need to tell the truth!

Sorry this page just didnt seem complete without my favorite Fagin pic.

Sorry this page just didnt seem complete without my favorite Fagin pic.

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White Lives Matter in the Jew Welfare State

I wonder if Trump will speak about this (video below), maybe his Jewish in-laws will because we need Jews to be on both sides of everything because we white people aren’t as popular as Jews. We need Rebekah Roth, Jim Fetzer, Miltie Kaplan, Judge Hellerstein, Mike Rivero and many more Jews to tell us what really happened on 9/11. I think we need to redo the Nuremberg trials with more Jews this time too.

The main personalities of the white movement and even Judeo movements are the main culprits of bringing Jews in you know why?

  1. They are Feds
  2. They are Jews
  3. They are wimps

Our so called leaders are the ones leading us right back to the Jews and why they cannot be called on it directly. Just think, David Duke thinks he has a Jewish first name and he is the media “go to guy” whenever the Jew issue comes up. You have a Jewish problem and guess what, they go to David Duke.

No David, the word Jew didn’t even exist when David was alive, you can read that in a book called The Holy Bible. Start with Genesis not with the Jew Cecille B DeMille and Hollywood.

Duke also believes that “Emanuel Goldstein” is also a Jewish name (this from the historic dork Alex Jones show interview and no I am not defending the complete imbecile Jones). No David, Emanuel isnt a Jewish name either (just think about that one for awhile), but Duke happily gave it to them. Goldstein is also not a Jewish name it is another name stolen by Jews. Do you know any Goldsteins in your Jewdeo Bible, Davey? Notice I didnt call him “Doctor”. Jews steal names, places, history, symbols and everything you allow them to.

The truth is our white leaders are cucks of the mind. We need leaders who at the very least understand the words they use so they can effectively combat the contrary Jew lies. To David Duke the Bible is contrary and I find that very offensive, maybe even antisemitic in its truest sense (if antisemitic meant anything at all). In order to combat the Jew lies you cannot be their slave.

You know what it comes down to with people like David Duke, Texe Marrs, E Michael Jones, Pastduhr Dankof etc.? They all believe God created the Jew in his image and made a mistake. They believe Jesus (Yashua) was a religious Jew or a racial Jew, but they never discuss what exactly a Jew is. They will use the term Jew for a Chinese Mongolian or even John Kerry who is a Jewish Catholic and at the same time have a guest like Gilad Atzmon or Henry Makow and claim they are “former Jews”. Another is Miltie Kapner who uses the word “Jewish” and “Jew” interchangeably as if they are the same things (when he himself is one). Ask these hypocrites to define their words. Folks the hypocrisy is in your face, figure it out! God (YHWH) is not the author of BABEL! Guess who is?

Let me just add something here: If a man comes from a large family of brothers, at what point in time does one of those brothers become a separate race from the others? Folks it isn’t rocket science. Just start with Adam and Eve being white and everything makes sense. The only people who dont believe it makes perfect sense are brainwashed lemmings and why Jesus said “dust your feet of them” they are gone!


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Just another horsesh@t Hollywood Holohoax movie!

With the aid of a fellow Auschwitz survivor and a hand-written letter, an elderly man with dementia goes in search of the person responsible for the death of his family.

I’ll tell you what I remember, I remember many of the folks who are die hard Trump supporters now who sold America down the river and should be hanged for treason as Neocons. Here are some of those traitors I’m talking about:

  1. Giuliani
  2. Hannity
  3. Newt Gingrich
  4. Sarah Palinsky
  5. John Voight (puke)
  6. Clint Eastwood (puke)
  7. Ted Nugent
  8. Charlie Sheen (a neocon or not)
  9. The Duck Dynasty Dicks
  10. A Baldwin boy (extremely ugly)

If you were against the Jew Iraq war why in the hell would you want these pathetic shills following you around? I would make it clear I want nothing to do with these traitors because they helped the Neocons get into office to begin with. Now we are supposed to be happy many of these same traitors found someone new?

You have to be a politician or a Jew to have these traitors in your camp and Trump isn’t supposed to be either of them. I liked his nice Jew blue tie in the debate and boy did he really kick thee ole broads arse? He talks about how hopeless Hillary is and then he ties a debate with her? Looks like another script and always has.


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Hanoi Hannah and Her Sisters


Dragon Ladies

During the Vietnam War, she became famous among US soldiers for her propaganda broadcasts on Radio Hanoi. (There were actually several “Hanoi Hannahs”, but she was the senior and most frequently heard one.) She made three broadcasts a day, reading a list of the newly killed or imprisoned Americans, attempting to persuade US GIs that the US involvement in the Vietnam War was unjust and immoral, and playing popular US anti-war songs in an attempt to incite feelings of nostalgia and homesickness. Though she used the alias Thu Huong, (Vietnamese: “the fragrance of autumn”), the GIs usually called her “Hanoi Hannah” or “the Dragon Lady”. Few if any desertions are thought to have happened because of her propaganda work[3] and the soldiers “hooted at her scare tactics”,[2] but they were sometimes impressed when she mentioned the correct location of their unit (when they would “give a toast to her and throw our beer cans at the radio”) and named US casualties.[3] There were exaggerated legends of her omniscience, with rumors that she would give clues about everything from specific future North Vietnamese attacks to soldiers’ girlfriends cheating on them at home.[3] In reality, most of her information came from publications such as the US military newspaper, Stars and Stripes.[2][3]
Here is an excerpt from one of her broadcasts:
How are you, GI Joe? It seems to me that most of you are poorly informed about the going of the war, to say nothing about a correct explanation of your presence over here. Nothing is more confused than to be ordered into a war to die or to be maimed for life without the faintest idea of what’s going on.[4]




so I schtucked our daughter?

Hanoi Hannah was no more a propagandist than our media today and I also mean the internet shill websites that claim they are pro free speech like RBN, Rense (a flaming moron), Renegade Radio (I know they are not even worth mentioning), Texe Marrs, Hannity, Blowhard Jones, E Michael Jones, Mrs Jones, Bobby Jones (whoever), David Duke, The Ugly Truth, Stormfront etc. Not one of them is for free speech.

Some of you are saying RBN is free speech, no it aint folks. If you know their game you are out, Stadtmiller has been pretending he doesnt know who I am for 10 years and somehow knows not to take a call from me, you know why? Because he and all of these cowards are not men, they are either sold out, Jews or refuse to be corrected in anything and kind of learn as they go along in their media positions. That isnt truth and that isnt free speech and has nothing to do with trying to obtain truth.

I have always said if you cannot call someone and correct them on their hypocrisy they do not want to know their hypocrisy, they do not even want to hear what their hypocrisies are. Folks that isnt to our benefit it is to their benefit. Our benefit has to be truth.

So when the Jew Giu on Renegade Radio starts talking about something he read in a book understand his goal is not to give you wisdom or to correct hypocrisies, his goal is to keep you in delusion. Just as Hanoi Jane they have a purpose of their own to defeat you not to help you. How hard is that to understand?


By the way, anyone who wants to take me on any time, let me know. I’ll be there and I will allow all comers. The media is about control, we are either controlled or we take control period. Silence is golden to the Jews only.

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The Iceman


Ever wonder where the word “ice” comes from? Such a simple word and so easy to pay no attention to. Most people, and I mean 99.9% of the people out there will have little to no interest in this little tidbit of a word that is really a key of opening up many many other words as I have demonstrated in several of my threads.

I want to go back to the word “sicario” which was also the title of a movie that was used in Melvin Gibson’s movie “Blood Father”. A sicario is a Mestizo hitman for the Jew controlled drug cartels which comes from the Hebrew word “sikrikim”, but this is just a derivative of a much deeper root word.

The Sikrikim or Sikarikim (Hebrew: סיקריקים) or Sicarii is a radical group of ultra-Orthodox Jews based mainly in the Israeli ultra-orthodox neighborhoods Meah Shearim in Jerusalem and in Ramat Beit Shemesh. The anti-Zionist group is thought to have roughly 100 activist members.[1] The Sikrikim gained international attention for acts of violence they committed against Orthodox Jewish institutions and individuals who would not comply with their demands.[2] The name “Sikrikim” comes from the Latin term Sicarii which was applied to a group of Jewish zealots who attacked Jews and Romans during the Roman conquest of Judea using concealed daggers, sicae in Latin.[3]


Im a mob hitman and cold as ice.

“Sickae” was not the Hebrew word for dagger or knife, it was “sakkiyn”. A big difference the i and the a make in this case. This word is without a doubt where we get words like “sickle” and “scythe”. In Gaelic the word for knife is “sgian” and it not only means knife, but also dagger.


Irish or Scottish Scian

Now if we get the word “scythe” from this word which is just another word for “sickle” basically couldnt this also be the same root as “Saka” and “Scythian”? Think about it.

Now where did we get the word “Saka”, Scythian” and “Saxon”? Many believe who are in Christian Identity that this word comes from “Isaacs sons”. I have to say at first I was very skeptical of this, but no longer.

There are probably millions of pictures of what kind of a knife Abraham had to sacrifice his son Isaac, some show him with a sword, some a small dagger, some a full sized knife, others believe it was a sharp stone, but whatever it was it without a doubt became known as an Isaac knife or “sakkiyn”and all of the European languages somehow also had the same root.


supposedly the original type

esus-sBack to the word “ice”, what do we call those dagger shaped ice formations that drip from our windows and roofs in the North? Icicles. What do those icicles look like (Isaacles) any guesses?


Is this word just a coincidence?

Isaachar seems to be a name the Jews nor anyone else is in agreement on, but as I showed in an earlier thread “sar” which can also be pronounced “car” means “war” which has the “kah” sound in it like Ja”kah”b, Mein Kah”mpf. Like Cathal in Gaelic pronounced “cah ah” , like the word for battle in Hebrew “mil “kah”ma”and ultimately connected with the name Mi”kah” el or Michael. Battle is often interchanged with “struggle”.

The names Issachar and Gad or “Kahd”(the Kahdites) were definitely associated with “battle” and nowhere does it say Issachar could also be related to Isaac which is pretty strange to me. It was most definitely related to Isaac and of war. Without looking into all the names of the 12 tribes, lets just take a quick look at Naphtali:

According to the Book of Genesis, Naphtali (/藞n忙ft蓹la瑟/; Hebrew: 谞址驻职转指旨诇执讬, Modern Naftali, Tiberian Nap虅t膩l卯; “my struggle”) was the sixth son of Jacob and second son with Bilhah. He was the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Naphtali.

Kind of boggles the mind, no?

Lets look at some Hollywood movies and other Jew places (Jews know where this word Isaac comes from). Jews were never put into slumber because they arent Israelites.
The Iceman the story of Richard Kuklinski, a hitman for the mob (sicario). How about in the movie “Goodfellas” the Jew Joe Peschi (Fish) kills Maury with an icepick. How about Mr Freeze created by Bob Kane born Robert Kahn of Eastern European Jewish descent (later starring the Jew Arnold Schwarzenegger)? Last but not least the Marvel Comic book hero “Iceman” created by Stan Lee born (drumroll please) Stanley Martin Lieber. Are these all coincidences? Opps almost forgot Vanilla Ice aka Robert Mathew Van Winkle (the whigger Jew)



Every Jews Hollywood hero, the Aske-Nazi Schwartzer.

You arent going to read this stuff anywhere else folks!

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