Being John Melkovich

If I was a crypto Jew like so many we have known throughout time whose sole purpose is to get into a position of trust and destroy there are many avenues one can take and several different strategies. First you have to know what gives away a Jew like a hooked nose, fat lower lip, skinny shins, Alfred E Neuman look, names, generosity, locality, beliefs or mindset and the overall basic things that we recognize Jews to be. One thing would not change is your ability to lie without shame which is pertinent to this subject today. Jews can lie about anything and it doesn’t matter how big the lie is and it could simply be a yes or a no.

What would I do if I wanted people to believe me and never suspect me of being a Jew? I could start a website, a radio show on the internet, write in a newspaper……we basically know nothing about these people, who they are, where they are really from, etc. We see fake shootings on TV now that we all know are fake, but is that the bottom of the rabbit hole or does it go even deeper?

I heard one of the newest RBN hosts asked a simple question after going off on a tirade like some false imitation of Raymond JJ Johnson on Jews, the question was simple “What is a Jew?”. He said whatever a Rabbi says is a Jew. That was his final answer. This is a pro in our truth movement today.

…or you can call me Kohn.

What is a crypto Jews goal when he gains your trust? Only people who know the truth can find out. How is it crypto Jews and Jews alike can gain your trust even more than I gain when I have been telling you the truth for years? The more the truth comes out the more crypto Jew deception is out to bury the truth. The crypto’s goal is to give you truth to keep you deluded, my truth is to wake you up. I am not constantly feeding you false information about the Constitution or using biblical words I don’t understand, Jews have to keep you deluded from the root of the truth and that is who the Bible was written to. When we hear our so called leaders…. First let me say a bit about leaders, you can be a leader and not be in the front of the parade. Many times driving on major highways I see people who are followers tagging along so they wont get a ticket and when they find out I know they are tagging along they act as if they are going to move ahead and then only follow from the lead position and too cowardly to go it alone. Cryptos need followers, the truth doesn’t need anything. There are two kinds of leaders, one is the real thing and the other is a liar.

If I was a crypto I would know enough of the Bible to keep people numb to what it says and never have a debate with anyone who has studied the actual translations and discuss how words are deliberately distorted, but who has distorted these words? If Jews wrote the Bible why would they distort their own words? Like our names, our history and everything else Jews are the ones who distort us and not the other way around. The Bible would be my key subject to keep people deluded just as my key subject in real life is to wake people up about it, although I would have my comments blocked and my phones shut down as all cryptos do. You see Jews are contrary not us. Comments are wide open.

Just think of all the people out there talking about the Bible and the Constitution and do not know or will not admit who it was written for. These two simple facts are key to finding the cryptos and the “morans” (not marrano’s). Crypto’s simply have to include Jews into the Bible as “Gods Chosen” and equate the Jews with all the 12 tribes and all their fathers back to Adam. The truth is their stories are completely erroneous and cannot and will not debate it, it is fabricated mush and they know it. They will only go on rants about the Bible with their complacent sidekicks knowing they will never be put to the test.

A crypto has to change his tune, sometimes he or she is a Christian, sometimes they believe in evolution, sometimes they are fascinated about race and other times prove they have no clue what a race even is, they tell everyone we are being destroyed by Jews and then have a Jew guest on their shows very next day…… is all hypocrisy. There is only one truth and you have to understand that Jews mix in the lies masterfully to keep you deluded on one major factor, the truth of the Bible and what it says right in your face. That is how deep the rabbit hole goes only you don’t have to go down to find it, they have to take you there.

Ask any one of these internet radio hosts what this means in the NEW TESTAMENT

You can’t change these words:

King James Bible
James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.

(even Brother Nathan your hero, wont have an answer for that one)

You can make up whatever you want on this short introduction of James, but it just aint gonna work. So you keep following those cryptos out there on RBN, Rense, the AJ network and see where they drop you off, it isn’t going to be above ground. We have so many people out there preaching the Bible, but none of them debating what the words actually mean. We will have Holocaust conferences, USS Liberty gatherings, Wall Street marches, Klan rallies, Nazi rallies, homo rallies, even Jewish homo rallies, but not one debate on what words actually mean coming from a nation of people who claim they read the book………go on and get Jewdeo Pastor Dankopf or pick your selection of internet pastors, they aren’t going to take up that offer because they are not of truth, they are there to keep you away from truth. They leave you in the rear with mindless biblical old lady gab purposely so you are too lost to even ask a question. Just look at words that have changed meaning over time, why on earth does anyone not think Jews would do the same to the Bible? What is a Jew? What is a Christian? What is an Israelite? What is a Gentile? What is a Goyim? What is a Semite and where did this word originate? On and on and on it goes and the lemmings get sucked into the Jews manifestation of lies.

If I was a crypto my main goal would be to keep you occupied and controlled so that you never get off your arse and take this to the streets where it belongs. Jews and cryptos don’t care what else you listen to as long as you keep listening to them. They will have plenty of people there waiting to greet you in and welcome you like an old friend, but don’t ever expose their hypocrisy, just like Jews they are exempt from it. I think I’m going to pass.

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Hymie Down Under

Vile Mel Gibson Unleashes Obscenity-Laden Tirade At Photographer At Jewish Film Festival, Calls Her ‘Dog’ & ‘C***’

Anti-Semite Mel Gibson Verbally Abuses Woman At Israeli Film Festival
Splash News

Known anti-Semite Mel Gibsonstunned the crowds when he showed up at an Israeli film festival in Sydney, Australia. But the shock quickly turned to horror when he unleashed a vile verbal and physical assault on a mother of three, relenting only at the urging of his young girlfriend.

“I thought he was going to punch me in the face,” said the victim, Kristi Miller, a news reporter for the Daily Telegraph. Miller reports that Gibson then pushed her, and began berating her in front of the crowd.

“I took a photo of Mel and his girlfriend and when I turned around he shoved my back really hard,” she recalled. “It shocked me because I wasn’t expecting it. I don’t know if it was his hands or elbow.”

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Another Mel Gibson Slur Caught On Tape – Calls Latinos “Wetbacks”

Then, Gibson launched into his trademark brand of shocking vitriol. “He was spitting in my face as he was yelling at me, calling me a dog, saying I’m not even a human being and I will go to hell. He swore and called me a c … It was non-stop, he didn’t even breathe.”

Gibson continued his attack as Miller feared that he would push her into the road. As he allegedly stood over the cowering mother with his fists clenched, Gibson’s 24-year-old girlfriend Rosalind Ross bravely intervened before matters escalated even further out of control. “He was backing me on to the road,” Miller said. “It was only when (Ross) grabbed his shoulder and said, ‘that is enough’ that he stopped. She said, ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry’. They turned and crossed the road and walked off.” A police report was filed shortly after the incident.

PHOTOS: The Costliest Celebrity Divorces

As has reported, Mel Gibson has a shocking track record, both of racist and anti-Jewish remarks, and of verbally abusing women. In 2014, Radar exclusively released audio recordings, in which Gibson can be heard telling his ex, Oksana Grigorieva “You’re an embarrassment to me. You look like a f***ing bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault.” Despite this past, Gibson was able to successfully woo Ross, an Equestrian champion, and the couple’s relationship went public in July 2015. “It’s clear the two of them are really happy together,” an insider said at the time.

~Mel went to the Israeli film festival because he wanted to find some Jewish women to push around. What better way to sell a movie than with a whiny yenta? One would have to question why Mel even went to an Israeli festival, but I’m sure all the lemming die hard  Gibson lovers can give you a perfectly logical reason. Maybe he went for the food.

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Clash of the Morans

Release the KKKraken

The big news around the internet lately is as usual, nothing but Jewish hype. They have released the red headed demon Donald Trump (aka Talmud head) and the lemmings are in an uproar, well not really, but the Jewish media says so. Donnie can talk about something dear to all of America’s hearts, the illegal invasion of aliens, something our other politicians dared not speak about in fear of not being electable. Funny how things work out in the Jew

Only the very best.

Only the very best.

media today. Illegal aliens are the issue this coming year, but the Jews giving them the jobs, for instance the Postville Iowa Kosher meat packing plant is not to be discussed because it is ok to talk about illegal Latinos (now) and not ok to talk about illegal Jews and nobody finds that even the least bit hypocritical.

I have never seen such a lifeless, pathetic group of people as I see today who call themselves Americans, they are so duped in every arena of history today and either have no drive for the truth or they are just plain lazy. We cannot agree on what words or names even mean. For instance in the Clash of the Moran debate with Alex Jones and David Duke, Alex Jones claimed about 3 times that David was a Jewish name, this was the perfect opportunity to blow Jones out the door, but

In Iore Dea (178, 1) it says:

In Iore Dea (178, 1) it says:
“It is not permitted to imitate the customs of the Akum, nor to act like them. Nor is it permitted to wear clothes like the Akum, not to comb the hair as they do…neither must Jews build houses that look like temples of the Akum.”

Duke had no response and believes David is a Jewish name as well. It doesn’t matter to these obvious plants that there were no Jews at the time of David, there wasn’t even a word “Jew”. It might be a fantastic time to ask Jones or Duke at this moment what exactly a Jew is because we could then get into the Ruth/Moabite subject, after all a Jew is supposedly someone with a Jewish mother, if a Jew is someone with a Jewish father then Jacob was also a Jew, Isaac was a Jew, Edom was a Jew, Abraham was a Jew when we all know this is lunacy.

Was David a racial “Jew” or was he a religious “Jew”? It doesn’t matter to these titans of ehhh truth who are arguing about Jews what a Jew even is. They can’t figure it out so they’re skipping over it and exactly what the Jew wants. They will skip over every issue connected to this base of what a Jew is again and again and again forever. Nothing will ever be done ever.

David Duke claimed that Jews have been involved in slavery all the way back to Leviticus, but again Jews were not in the book of Leviticus because Jews are not Israelites. Today we call their land Israel, another word change because we don’t care what the Bible says we only care what Jews say. All Jews have to do when they commit a crime is claim they are German or maybe a Catholic priest, yes that has been going on since Leviticus was written all throughout time. By the way Leviticus is one of the 5 books of the Torah or “Law”

Cardinal Lustiger

Cardinal Lustiger “I was born a jew and I will die a Jew” He told the truth for once.

and Jews don’t believe in the Torah of the Old Testament they believe The Torah (Law) of the Talmud. Does David Duke believe Jews wrote Leviticus and made a copy for the goyim and one for them? It’s quite important to know where your “white leaders” get their info from, especially if it is from the Talmud. The law is written in someones heart, but what law, the Jews law? Again the Jews law is the Talmud. Everything is inside out and outside in just like everything else Jews touch, no difference whatever and they just cant figger it out. Folks these are not even amateurs they aren’t even in the game.

By the way the word “goyim” does not mean cattle as many of the dupes want you to believe, this word is also in the Bible and Jacob (Israel) himself was called a goy, but Jews are allowed to use words any way they want or we are antisemites (oops another word turned on its head).

Back to the word Zion again, I know most of you are sick of this from me, but Jews make good things into sickening things for a reason. If you have studied Jews as a whole as long as I have you would know that “Jews don’t make the products they make the products dirty” that goes with everything, names, places, nature, etc. A good example of that in the news today is the first transvestite in the White House is a Jewess or in this case a true reptilian (and a ehh Zionist). Jews destroy and it is all they do and 99% of the white so called leaders believe Jesus was a descendant of one of these Jews or pretend to believe in Christianity to get along and never pick up the Bible to question themselves on their own hypocrisies and cut off all talk of it. Occasionally they will spew some biblical information which is entirely in the wrong context swaying you to follow them. You don’t use false tales to lure people to the truth. The truth has to be the goal. When you hear the word Zion or Zionist being used ask them if it comes from the Talmud or the Torah and which definition they are using up front. They might even learn something as they are trying to teach you.

Grandson of Meier Kahane and great great great great great great grandson of Jesus.

Grandson of Meier Kahane and great great great great great great grandson of Jesus.

Ladies and gentlemen if I can teach you one thing and one thing only it would be to know how to find the truth. I cannot give you all the truth, but I can tell you how to find it, just find out who runs from a debate and what they ran from. Alex Jones and David Duke will never accomplish anything except get some young people on a path of the blind man who is either leading you into the pit knowingly or unknowingly. If he does not take the challenge of debate he himself claims he is being denied then he is a hypocrite and all his listeners are hypocrites for not even acknowledging it. Where are the callers calling into David Duke to have someone explain to him what a so called Jew is from someone who understands the Bible and not a JEWdeo Christian (that thinks Jesus was a Jew)? You can’t do it because you can’t call him at all.

Folks if you want a king or you want a leader you better demand that he follows the truth. When Alex Jones says “Jews Jews Jews” it is the same thing as David Duke never opening his phones because he would be saying “Bible Bible Bible” because he is wrong on every biblical issue there is. He thinks white people are of Edom, the people being those who had Jesus crucified, you see he doesn’t know they were the Jews either.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself if all of this is real, are people that duped, even our put in place leaders? Well folks that is why they were put into place and why David Duke has a

We like to watch

We like to watch

better chance to be interviewed by Wolf Blitzer than it is for you or me to have an hour or two with David Duke. Duke is so busy writing books and doing interviews he has no time for us little guys. He is so busy he has no time for anyone. This is Hollywood real time.

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Our Daily Bread


“For the life of me, I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply because it is so easy to do,” he said.

Quote by ex Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson.

Ma Anand Sheela

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ma Anand Sheela
Sheela Mugshot.JPG

Booking photo after apprehension
Born Sheela Ambalal Patel
28 December 1949 (age 65)
Baroda, India
Other names Sheela Silverman, Sheela Birnstiel
Occupation Managed ashram and spiritual organization in India and Oregon, US
Owner and operator of two nursing homes in Switzerland[1]
Criminal charge Attempted murder, first and second-degree assault of public officials, immigration fraud, telephone tapping, product tampering (guilty plea)
Criminal penalty 20 years (attempted murder), 20 years (first degree assault), 10 years (second degree assault), 4.5 years (product tampering), 4.5 years (wiretapping conspiracy), five years probation (immigration fraud)
Criminal status Served 29 months in minimum-security federal prison, released on good behaviour in 1988

Ma Anand Sheela (Gujarati: માં આનંદ શિલા; born as Sheela Ambalal Patel on 28 December 1949 in India;[2] also known as Sheela Silverman and Sheela Birnstiel) is a former follower, secretary and chief assistant, and spokeswoman for the Indian mystic and guruBhagwan Shree Rajneesh (also known as “Osho”). From 1981 through 1985, she

essentially managed much of his operation, including Rajneeshpuram, an ashram established in 1981 in Wasco County, Oregon.

In 1985 she pleaded guilty in Oregon of attempted murder, assault, telephone tapping, immigration fraud, and product tampering as the main planner of the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack in Wasco County, in which hundreds of people were made ill by salmonella poisoning. It was the first act of mass bioterrorism in the United States.[3] Her goal was to influence a local county election to gain commissioners favorable to the ashram.

Early life, education and marriage

Sheela was born Sheela Ambalal Patel in 1949 at Baroda in India; the youngest of six children of the Gujarati couple Ambalal and Maniben Patel.[2] When she was 18, her parents sent her to the United States to attend Montclair State College in New Jersey.[4][5]

She married Marc Harris Silverman, a wealthy American native of Highland Park, Illinois.[6][7] She became known as Sheela P. Silverman.[8]

~Kind of odd that the only bio terror attacks are always connected to Jews, no?

DEA: Deaths from fentanyl-laced heroin surging

A surge in overdose deaths around the country from heroin laced with the powerful

narcotic drug fentanyl prompted the Drug Enforcement Administration to issue a nationwide alert on Wednesday.

“Drug incidents and overdoses related to fentanyl are occurring at an alarming rate,” DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart said. She called it a “significant threat to public health and safety.”

~What kind of drug pusher would want their customers dead? It’s not that difficult to figure out.

The Daring Attack That Blew Up in Israel’s Face

Here come the kikes, Someone is history.

Here come the kikes, Someone is history.


The damage to Israel’s vaunted spy service has been particularly acute. Not only was Israel forced to disclose information about what it said was a new assassination technique

— believed to be based on a synthetic opiate called Fentanyl — but more importantly, for several years the Mossad spy agency had been quietly allowed to keep an office in Amman, and now Jordan has thrown it out.

Abba Kovner

America loves Jews. I could have been the star of The Piano.

America loves Jews. I could have been the star of The Piano.


At the end of the war, Kovner was one of the founders of a secret organization Nakam (revenge), also known as Dam Yisrael Noter (“the blood of Israel avenges”, with the acronym DIN meaning “judgement”)[9] whose purpose was to seek revenge for the Holocaust.[10][11][12] Two plans were formulated. Plan A was to kill a large number of German citizens by poisoning the water supplies of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, and Nuremberg, Nakam intended to kill 6 million Germans.[13] Plan B was to kill SS prisoners held in Allied POW camps. In pursuit of Plan A, members of the group were infiltrated into water and sewage plants in several cities, while Kovner went to Palestine in search of a suitable poison.[9] Kovner discussed Nakam with Yishuv leaders, though it is not clear how much he told them and he doesn’t seem to have received much support.[12] According to Kovner’s own account, Chaim Weizmann approved the idea and put him in touch with the scientist Ernst Bergmann, who gave the job of preparing poison to Ephraim Katzir (later president of Israel) and his brother Aharon. Historians have expressed doubt over Weizmann’s involvement, since he was overseas at the time Kovner specified.[12] The

KI am Chaim Weizmann. Another nutjob Jew.

KI am Chaim Weizmann. Another nutjob Jew. America loves us Jews because we are ehhh their idols.

Katzir brothers confirmed that they gave poison to Kovner, but said that he only mentioned Plan B and they denied that Weizmann could be involved.[9] As Kovner and an accomplice were returning to Europe on a British ship, they threw the poison overboard when Kovner was arrested. He was imprisoned for a few months in Cairo and Plan A was abandoned.[11][12]

In April 1946, members of Nakam broke into a bakery used to supply bread for the Langwasser internment camp near Nuremberg, where many German POWs were being held. They coated many of the loaves with arsenic but were disturbed and fled before finishing their work. More than 2,200 of the German prisoners fell ill and 207 were hospitalized, but no deaths were reported.[12][14]

~Here we have just 3 of some of the biggest nutjob acts ever perpetrated not to mention Meth Labs in Kosher meat packing plants, control of the worlds drug trafficking, organ harvesting, etc etc etc it is endless folks.

Tommy Thompson wonders why the food supply hasn’t been attacked, but it isn’t even a debate on “who” that pervert organization would be. When someone makes a claim like that in politics within the last 30 years that could mean 2 things, the food supply is already under attack or the food supply will be under attack and not by the people these politicians claim it will be or is. I would check the bread and wine in the Jew controlled churches first. Would Jews attack the food supply? That should be a ridiculous question, but our media and politicians (and actors in Hollywood and out) don’t think this is of any relevance whatsoever. Let me tell you folks, it most definitely is. These people bombed the WTC and will stop at nothing until they are stopped. I know that sounds like a Terminator movie, but some movies are truer than most people’s lives today. They will never stop and never have, tomorrow will be more of the same.

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The Negro Hitchhikers Guide to the UK

Calais migrant crisis: Man dies as Channel Tunnel targeted

  • 29 July 2015
  • From the section UK
  • comments

A man has been killed as at least 1,500 migrants tried to enter the Channel Tunnel in Calais on Tuesday night, French police have said.

Eurotunnel, which says incursions are now a nightly occurrence, said migrants had been removed from the site but freight services were still disrupted.

Sections of the M20 in Kent are closed in both directions to allow extra lorry parking as part of Operation Stack.

It comes as the UK government comes under pressure to combat the crisis.

Speaking after a meeting of the government’s emergency Cobra committee, Home Secretary Theresa May said the UK was pressing for the rapid installation of 1.2 miles of new security fencing which it has pledged to pay for at Coquelles, near the tunnel entrance.

Mrs May added there were some migrants “particularly trying to get into the Eurotunnel and on to the trains before that security fencing is going up”.

France’s interior minister said 120 police officers were being sent to Calais to reinforce security at the site.

‘Urgent work’

The man who died is described as Sudanese, aged between 25 and 30.

French police said he was probably crushed by a lorry which was exiting one of the shuttles that transport vehicles through the tunnel.

He is the ninth person to die trying to access the tunnel since June.

Travel latest

  • M20 closed London-bound from J9 to J8 and closed coast-bound from J8 to J11
  • Eurotunnel says its passenger services are running, with a delay of an hour on the UK side and some disruption on the French side
  • Freight services face a one-hour delay before check-in on the UK side; with a four-hour wait to check in in France
  • P&O ferries and DFDS Seaways say all their services are operating to schedule between Dover and Calais

BBC travel information

Eurotunnel said some 2,000 migrants had tried to get into the terminal on Monday.

A spokesman said it was an issue for the government to “sort out”, adding. “We need them to stop the migrant flow from Calais but it appears to be too much for them to handle.”

Mrs May said some migrants had reached Britain through the Channel Tunnel, but did not say how many had arrived.

Speaking after Wednesday’s Cobra meeting, she said: “Crucially what we are looking at now is improving security at the railhead at Coquelles, so we can ensure people are not trying to come through the tunnel.

“That means some urgent work in government but also with Eurotunnel, and Eurotunnel has a role to play here in the measures they themselves put in place to protect their trains.”

The Home Office has pledged to spend £7m on 1.2 miles of fencing there.

‘Drunk with tiredness’

Lorry driver Sean Swan took 23 hours to travel from the M20 to Calais on Tuesday and said he only got through because he was carrying live fish.

“I was given a police escort from Junction 8 all the way to Dover, even after making the officer aware that it was now illegal for me to drive.

“We bypassed thousands of stranded lorries. At one stage I felt drunk with tiredness at the wheel of a 44 tonne machine.”

He said in the past month, migrants had managed to board the train on every journey he made from France to Britain.

Drivers found with migrants hiding on their vehicles can be fined but many are afraid to challenge them.

“They are jemmying the padlocks off, with hammers, crowbars and Stanley knives.

“On one side you risk your life and on the other you risk your livelihood.”

Are you travelling by Eurotunnel? Do you live in the areas affected?

‘Virtually lawless’

Speaking in Singapore, David Cameron said: “I have every sympathy with holidaymakers who are finding access to Calais difficult because of the disturbances there and we will do everything we can to work with the French to bring these things to a conclusion.

“There’s no point trying to point fingers of blame, it’s about working with the French, putting in place these additional security measures, adding in the investment where that’s needed – Britain will always come forward with that.”

Keith Vaz, chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said Mr Cameron should meet with the French president the moment he returns from a trade trip to South East Asia.

Mr Vaz said a solution could only be reached if the crisis was dealt with by heads of government.

Meanwhile, Kent Police has reintroduced Operation Stack following the incident, leading to long delays for lorries on sections of the M20 near the Channel Tunnel.

Richard Burnett, chief executive of the Road Haulage Association, which represents lorry drivers, repeated a call for the French military to “contain, segregate and control the situation”.

And UKIP leader Nigel Farage said the port of Calais had become “virtually lawless”, fearing that “unless something radical is done it is only a matter of time before a British holidaymaker or lorry driver dies”.

He told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme he was surprised the French had not brought in their army to help with the crisis.

The home secretary held talks on the migrant issue with French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Tuesday, saying the two governments were working “in close collaboration and co-operation on this issue”.

She added that French authorities had also committed extra resources to security at Calais.

AFP says an official count at the beginning of July found that about 3,000 migrants – mainly from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Afghanistan – were camping in Calais and trying to get across the Channel.

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I was a Teenage Lemming

When I was a teenager I used to watch a show called Creature Features on that Jew Talmudvision when I was allowed to watch TV (actually never) or when my parents were asleep. It was somewhat like Night Gallery more on the Sci Fi side with monsters, aliens and creepy people etc and sometimes it was difficult to find out who the monster or alien was being deliberately put in place to endure the mystery of who it was going to be. I knew from the beginning of the show that there was definitely a creepy villain involved somewhere by the end of the 2 hour episode or movie I would definitely know.

If I was allowed to stay over a friend’s house there was free will to watch that Jew TV and experienced what friends of mine felt while watching the movie. Watching the Science

John Hagee is on next

John Hagee is on next

Fiction on the TV and experiencing the Sci Fi watching my friends watch under complete control of that Jew TV became even more surreal than the movie itself. I had always watched these shows as total entertainment and never as truth whatsoever. Of course my friends didn’t believe it either, but they let the drug take them over willingly. This could never happen in real life because these lemmings would pick it up in a heartbeat. This obviously isn’t the case.

Today we have a government controlled by aliens right in our faces, we have Frankenstein monsters all over our news media, Dracula is teaching our kids what they call True History and so on down the line. My old friends still do not see a thing.

Folks we have monsters in our country(s), real live monsters who suck your blood dry with their race mixing, they are ghouls who deal in children’s body parts, they pervert your minds in their media like a Star Trek phenomenon, they create war that makes Godzilla look minute in comparison in destruction, they are turning us into them and them into us

Can you lemmings figure this one out?

Can you lemmings figure this one out?

and our people are mesmerized still waiting for the villain at the end of todays feature.

The movie is going to have to end the way it always does and Sally Wong and Marky Mark Wahlberg aren’t going to stop it. Turning off that jew TV isn’t going to solve it now. You may think I am asking you to do something even though that is not approved by our alien controlled government and shill stooges on the internet, but you are totally mistaken because I am without a doubt asking you to do something because this isn’t a TV show it is live. I don’t believe Texe Marrs on everything and am not indicating in any way he feels about this the way I do, but I do believe he is correct about living with monsters today who are much more cunning than any of the other beasts of the field. This I did not learn in the Jew movies.

Here is a real Creature Features today and I dont mean the person in this video who is no longer there I mean the Jew bastards bringing these drugs in without a doubt to destroy. The Jews and their minions only need to give them one bite on the neck and they are monsters themselves.

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An Innocent Man

The Stormfront gang claims Edgar is guilty. For the last week they have been showing their support for Donald Trump and today, the day after the recording below they have changed their tune. How can people be such hypocrites? Either these folks are dumb as a box of rocks or the are working for the Jews. To say Edgar was guilty is the only way not to have any discussion on it you see? Like 9/11 in the jew controlled media today if you say Jews did it you have to end all discussion on it forever. To say Zimmerman is white like David Duke did for over a month and never even mention that Zimmerman is a common Jewish name (or look at his face to see if he is even a white man) is the exact reason why it took David Duke 10 years to say Jews Zio’s did 9/11. They have to tell some truth to be followed, but they always tell the truth after an attempted lie. Listen:

There is a forum called Godlike Productions run by a Jew and every time I post on it I am banned for 3 or 4 months or if my ip address has been changed I can post again. Stormfront bans people in the exact same manner and never lets you back. The question is if people are banned just for posting Jewish News items posted on Jewish sites how do we know these sites arent 100% jew controlled? They can post threads and delete and add to whatever they want (would Jews ever do a thing like that?). They (Stormfronters) claim they are trying to stop “violence” and these are the people who contemplated attacking a Caribbean Island (pssst and pulled a knife on Martin Luther Kings brothers assassin- a mouthful). If someone says certain Jews need to be hanged for treason, someone could say you are calling for violence against Jews, but treason doesnt exist on Stormfront so what does exist on Stormfront? It is a farce! None of them are Christians, none of them are Americans obviously, so who are they?

If we cant call for someone to be hanged for treason we might as well just bend over into a fetal position folks. I call for the hanging for every treasonous Jew and non Jew in America right now. You can kiss my arse Stormfront.

The thread about Edgar Steele on Stormfront is dominated by “trojancowboy” (aint that a quaint name, of course he means Trojan not trojan) and it appears this cowboy is hell bent on Edgar being guilty. April Gaede is another “throw Edgar under the bus” supporter. Check out April’s past:

She was a supporter of ehhhh David Lane and “The Order” (nope no  Jew op violence there folks). Stormfront is a Jew front truckload of Jew hypocrisy.

I was kicked off Stormfront because I had an ongoing debate with “Yankee Jim” about Hal Turner lying about being a US Marine and Yankee Jim defended Hal Turner over this truth when he knew it was a lie…………in fact Don Schwartz Black kicked me off of Stormfront for putting this info into the forefront. I am still here telling the truth, Donnie Schwartz Black is still here lying out his arse and Yankee Jim, the trusted Stormfront star killed his Hispanic (Mestizo) wife and hanged himself, Hal Turner went to jail and exposed as an informer. Folks Stormfront is a Jew cacophony of cointel Jewish slime. Where else would the Jews be? The Frank Collins’s of the world flock to sites like Stormfront and then they throw people off they know are real because they are actually trying to get people to DO SOMETHING, something that is justified and honorable. There is nothing honorable about Stormfront, they arent even Christians. Why would an Evolutionist even care about white people? If evolution is changing people into white people then eventually everyone will be white and if evolution is turning everyone into Blacks we are against nature itself.

I dont believe that nonsense folks!

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