Man Without a Face or a Soul

Jews bombing whitey, whitey says nothing.

Jews bombing whitey and whitey says nothing as usual.

Menachem Begin was known to travel under several aliases, and in the wake of the King David Hotel bombing he managed to elude the Palestine police and the bounty on his head by a series of clever disguises. In November 1946, the Palestine police produced alarming reports that he might be traveling incognito to Britain. Then, in early 1947, the alarm reached fever pitch when SIS sent a report to MI5 warning that Begin was thought to have undergone plastic surgery to alter his appearance, though as the report dryly concluded, [b]“we have no description of the new face.”[/b] The story soon leaked to the press,

with the News Chronicle running the headline “Palestine Hunting a New Face,” and sarcastically noting that although Begin might have changed his appearance, it was “likely that the flat feet and bad teeth have remained.” As it turned out, the reports of Begin’s plastic surgery were inaccurate: they were caused by confusion within the Palestine police (CID) when comparing photos of him. Begin had not actually left Palestine, but had grown a beard and disguised himself as a rabbi, evading the local police by concealing himself in a secret compartment in a friend’s house in Jerusalem. When he agreed to give a secret interview to the author Arthur Koestler, he did so in a darkened room: Koestler vainly attempted to counter this by drawing heavily on his cigarettes, hoping to generate enough of a glow to catch a glimpse of Begin’s appearance.

Fascinating Links Between Irgun and IRA

I would say revisiting British and Irish history with a slightly different perspective would prove to be worthwhile.

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Dr. Ziogo

Get Bill OReilly in here to wash my arse!

Get Bill OReilly in here to wash my arse!

How can anyone of any intelligence look into Bolshevism and not see the dangers that Jews pose to America and the world? How can we have people with letters in front of their names showing an education of any kind not see what is going on today? How do priests not see they are teaching bogus Christianity in the churches? How does our government, Jew and non Jew alike just follow along into this Walter Mitty Jew world of delusion? How are people so programmed into hanging themselves and their own freedom? How do we get people to see the truth?

I am afraid that means we have to take back our media. If we drift into the shadows and tell everyone to remain calm and don’t break the law how do we enforce the law if our current law enforcement does not?

How is it that many of our internet truthers work on a radio network that gives us the Jew mainstream news at the top of the hour? Are they against Jew mainstream propaganda news or not? The truth is they keep you tied in when you should be completely separate from it. They feed you news at the same time they tell you all about Jews in AIPAC, Jews in the Federal Reserve, Jews involved with 9/11 etc. and then give you top of the hour leon-trotskynews by Jeffrey Rosenblatt etc. and have commercials by Dr Steenblatt.

How can the truth about Jews diminish and not grow like a tree when you see all the mayhem these people have caused and much of it in your name (whoever you may be). How can you not be hell-bent on not exposing this evil? Have you become numb to exposing evil?

How can so called truthtellers on internet radio have their phones cut off to people who say it is indeed the Jews? What in the world are they doing on radio if they cannot say this knowing all the details? Some of them show pictures of themselves in front of the Capital building in Washington DC as if they are for free speech. It’s a joke folks.

Do Jews control the media? Can we start with that and the importance of this? Paul called the Jews “contrary” to mankind and Christians accept Jews in control of their media? Can we at least discuss what one of our great Christian leaders warned us of? The answer is “no”.

It was the Jews

It was the Jews

Were Jews responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution and were Jews all over the top positions of Russia that murdered tens of millions of White Russians? Can we at least talk about it and then use this information toward what is going on in our government today in America? Why can’t we?

Can we look into who is bringing drugs into our countries and use it toward who is in control of our food in our grocery stores? Can we at least have a conversation about it and use it for our own safety and the safety of innocent people?

Can we discuss the porn industry and who is behind it and how it has devastated all countries of morality? Can we use that when we put a Jew in any position of trust regarding our kids?

Can we talk about Jews creating endless wars? Can we talk about the Jew terrorists who put on Muslim costumes right in our faces, are we just going to let this slip by the wayside and continue to watch Bill Oreilly and Hannity? Can they not see this or do they decide what we see and don’t see?

If this isn’t the precepts of a new and improved Bolshevism I don’t know what is. The media is untouchable and with new antisemitic laws they will be protected while selling America out day after day entirely unfettered. There has to be a reaction folks.

Anyone who admits our media is under the control of Jews has been told by great men like Henry Ford, Eustace Mullins, Hitler, the Apostles, John the Baptist and Jesus himself, none of which ever used the word “Zio” or “Zionist” because we are too stupid and too brainwashed to be told the truth and that is indeed exactly who these great leaders said it was. You don’t get people to believe a lie in order to get them to believe the truth, you tell

These traitors have to fear us.

These traitors have to fear us.

people the truth. The truth is these people who call our problem the “Zionist” problem are people who don’t even know what Zion or a Jew even is, just ask them if you can, but their phones are off just like Hannity’s.

Our problem is the Jews, the International jew, the Biological jew, The Juden, the contrary Jews and the Jew vipers, but Jesus and his description overrules them all. If you never read what he called them or you did and you can’t say it, don’t call yourself a Christian, you might as well be a Zio too. If anyone is talking about anything other than Jews destroying our world today they are in the way of truth and allowing this evil to continue on willingly.

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On the Stormfront

I wanna be a pretenda

I wanna be a pretenda

Is anyone aware that Stormfront with Don Black (Schwartz) is on the Juif Rense Network? Yes one of Don Black’s most frequent callers is Roger, aka Russ from Minnesota of the SPLC who used to troll RBN and several other networks. Yes Roger is a daily caller on Don Blacks show and oddly enough he fits right in with David Dukechovny Duke, Don Advo (sary), Jay the Jew from Baltimore, Paul Frum (kosher) of Canada and Sam Dixstein who occasionally drops by full of white wisdom.


Lets just say “I’m questionable”

This week it is up in the mountains of Tennessee (Melungeon country) for a nature walk with David Dukechovny, Don Black will sit this one out. Only grass-fed kosher beef will be served and only selected guests will be allowed to attend. Maybe Jared Taylor will pop in you never know, he believes Jews are white people.

You have to ask why Stormfront proclaims to have so many thousands of members on its website and is limited to one caller on Stormfront Radio, Roger or Russ from Minnesota. Does anyone have a clue why the “white movement” cannot ever get off the ground with idiots like these?

Stormfront was a place where shills like “Yankee Jim” could hang out. Jim shot his wife and

They have slurfith to slurfith mithels!

They have slurfith to slurfith mithels!

hanged himself supposedly. This was one of Hal Turners greatest callers who found out Hal was lying about being a US Marine and still defended Turner. In fact the poster that uncovered this on Stormfront many years ago was swiftly booted off Stormfront. Don Black claims he is against Hal Turner and had the goods on him about not being a Marine and chose not to use that proof and allow Hal Turner to go on lying.

Have you ever heard these Stormfronter’s like Don Black or David Duke or Jared Taylor ever defend Edgar Steele with their huge audiences? Amazing they never said a single word and still haven’t.

I have never trusted Stormfront and believe it is an ADL front and always has been. A garbage man who knows the truth has a better chance of making headway than these clowns, half of which can’t even talk without sounding like they have a kosher pickle in their mouths.

Im a pro white Jewish fella and linked to Stormfront. I love whites AND Jews!

Im a pro white Jewish fella and linked to Stormfront. I love whites AND Jews!

These phony’s love to carry around their Confederate flags, but never mention the cross of Andrew on it. You see people may start looking into who Andrew was and who he preached to. You see this Stormfront ADL front don’t want you to make the connection of Scythians and white people or anyone coming out of the Middle East. The Stormfronters all claim they believe in Christianity, but also believe white people evolved from apes. They want to preserve white people not because of any commandments of God but because of their own personal reasons. If race mixing isn’t against Gods will then they are obviously going against Gods will by trying to preserve the white race. Either way you cut it it is all jew hypocrisy, just like the Hannity show you wont be able to expose it.

The only way to truly expose the lies free speech must be allowed in even to the most trusted people there are today. We didn’t get into this mess because people want truth and tell truth, to the contrary. We got into this mess because Jews monopolize our media and feed on our kindness. Like the old game when a jew convinced you to ask a classmate (another jew) about his mother being a dancer and being told “my mother doesn’t have any legs” it is all to feed off your shame and your kindness. The truth is there will come a time when kindness is no longer an option. These shills of Stormfront are there to make sure you do absolutely nothing. Hanging traitors, jailing thieves, busting drug dealers and upholding our laws has become taboo with the jew because we have clowns like these telling you to do absolutely nothing. The truth is that is exactly why our country is in the shape it is in today. If our Federal Reserve is a Ponzi Scheme jew system like we know it is we need to hang them, if our media is working for a foreign alien entity we need to hang them, if our priests aren’t teaching true Christianity we need to hang them, if our FBI isn’t enforcing our laws we entrusted them to enforce we need to hang them and if our politicians are working for jews they are obviously working against us and need to be

Don Advo- sary aka "the book worm". He is the new "Rothstein" of the Stormfront movement

Don Advo- sary aka “the book-worm”. He is the new “Rothstein” of the Stormfront movement


Why is this so difficult to point out? If they are traitors they need to hang- period! Who is saying anything different? Do not trust anyone who tells you we need to do nothing, the truth is we have only one thing left and that is expose who those people are, be focused on what they do and then route them out without destroying our own. People who tell you to do nothing but run your mouth while they have their phones cut off are not our own. It’s not Jews they fear, its you they fear!

You have to ask “Are these folks good for the white movement?”. How can you carry flags and use words from a Bible you never read other than to distort and pervert? How can you not call for a criminal to be arrested and knowing those criminals are mainly Jews in EVERY category?

I have a simple strategy for all Americans and all non Jews:

1. Identify the criminals

2. Join together and obtain retribution to such things as the Black Slave trade and blaming it on whites, creating wars by deception, the Federal Reserve, Jewish controlled media, Jewish terrorism as in the acts of 9/11, the USS Liberty etc., Mafia, Jewish monopolies, drug trafficking, organ harvesting, porn, gambling…etc.

3. Decide whether we are going to go straight for the head of the snake or just gulag every last one of them.

That may sound a bit harsh, but ask Iraq what harsh is (in fact ask all jews neighbors throughout time what harsh is), ask Russia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine then and now, ask the 9/11 victims relatives what harsh is, ask a drug addict with his life ruined what harsh is, ask an American who just lost his home to Jew approved illegal aliens what harsh is, ask a soldier who was blinded in Iraq for a lie what harsh is, ask a molested child what harsh is, etc.

Folks harsh people need to be treated harshly and then some. If a cheater cheats in a card game its your time to draw. That is human nature, the problem is Jews have convinced you human nature is a fabrication. Doing nothing is not natural.

You have to ask “who finances these people?” and “why do these folks never finance others to see saw other white groups along?”. Because its their way or the highway, David Duchovny is the chosen leader and you are the follower- period (even though he doesn’t know a jew from Cajun Jambalaya) . “That’s all you get, now shut up, pay us and follow along like good goyim”. It is more Jew Hollywood folks. They are deliberate sitting ducks.  Daffy Duke and Donald Schwartz.


Another blue eyed jewboy, JK Simmons aka “sewer mouth”.

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Dial M for Mamzer

 Please excuse the spelling in this Jewish article below, Jews are not the people of the Bible so they can never clearly convey just what their laws truly are because everything they are is contrary to what is written in the Bible (the original one). Their words are deliberately misconstrued so there is wiggle room to back out or in Green_Kaleidoscope_by_dynomytedepending on the level of biblical knowledge one has that is curious as to what they do believe. Obviously asking a Jew what he believes is asking for truth from a Jew and why it is NEVER ever discussed in a public debate or friendly discussion. If you closed your right eye and saw a white house and then you closed your left eye and saw a black house you would go get your eyes checked, but when you read the Bible and then listen to what Jews claim to believe (and look at them) you see a completely different thing. In this case it isn’t your eyes it is your inability to accept truth because Jews have succeeded not only of winning over your money system, your media, your schools, your churches, but your mind. Time to hook up with your own mind and not the Jew charade. Babel is babel and truth is not babel although Jews do a great job of simply twisting everything to thwart you away from the simplest truths to their absolute mountain of Jewish kaleidoscopic balderdash.

You have heard me many times claim that words are important and important to be kept in their correct sense. Sometimes it is unavoidable like the word Jew itself. The word Jew is also a kaleidoscope of words because we allowed it to happen. Now when people hear the truth they are too confused to recognize it.

The word “mamzer” is important to know because it works totally against the Jews in the Bible. Go ahead and read this article.

What Jewish Law About Abortion Says About Orthodox And Haredi Rabbis

Rabbi Eliezer Melamed cropped“…Therefore, in an extremely pressing situation, such as when the fetus suffers from Tay-Sachs or other severe defects, or the fetus is known to be a mamzer, or continuing the pregnancy could cause blindness or deafness to the mother [or is a risk to her life] – one can rely on the lenient opinion of the poskim [and abort]…”

Above: Rabbi Elizer Melamed

Writing in the Hebrew-language weekly publication Besheva and translated into English by the right-wing Zionist Orthodox news website his family controls, Arutz Sheva, under the title “Judaism: Halakha on Abortion of Fetuses with Severe Abormalities,” Rabbi Eliezer Melamed discusses a wide range of halakhic opinions with regard to abortion.

And within that wideranging article is this [emphasis added]:

…In the responsa ‘Rav Pealim’, the Ben Ish Chai was asked about a case of an ubar mamzer (a fetus conceived from a forbidden relation) in its fifth month – can it be aborted? He did not want to reply with an unequivocal ruling, but rather summarized for the questioning rabbi that in the opinion of Chavot Yair, when there is no great need it is forbidden l’chatchila (from the outset). And in the opinion of Maharit (1, 97), abortion is prohibited because of chabalah [causing unnecessary physical harm to the human body], and is permitted when necessary. Apparently from his words, he was inclined to be lenient. And in the responsa ‘She’elat Yavetz’ (1, 43), Rabbi [Yaakov] Emden permitted the abortion of an ubar mamzer.…

And even though the issue is very severe and seemingly it would be appropriate to take into consideration the opinion of the stringent poskim, nevertheless, in this instance it is proper to be lenient, because being stringent in such issues can cause terrible suffering to the parents and those born, and sometimes the suffering leads to the break-up of the family. Therefore, in an extremely pressing situation, such as when the fetus suffers from Tay-Sachs or other severe defects, or the fetus is known to be a mamzer, or continuing the pregnancy could cause blindness or deafness to the mother [or is a risk to her life] – one can rely on the lenient opinion of the poskim, for their opinion is substantiated to greater degree. This was the inclination of my rabbis, Roshei Yeshivot (heads) of the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva.…

In other words, Melamed and many (actually, likely most) of the other rabbis he cites – be they haredi, Zionist Orthodox, or from the time period before those two Orthodoxies existed – agree that if a fetus is known to be a mamzer, the woman can abort him.

What is a mamzer?

It is not a child conceived through sexual relations with an unmarried woman or between an unmarried couple or by a married man and an unmarried woman who is not his wife.

Instead, a mamzer is a child conceived by a married woman with a man who is not her wife, or a child conceived through the types of incest prohibited by the Torah, or any child conceived by one of those mamzers (either with another mamzer, or with a Jew of untainted lineage, or, in the case of a female mamzer, with a male non-Jew, as well).

In perpetuity, a mamzer and his or her descendants are forbidden to marry an ordinary Jew, essentially because doing so would stain the lineage of the Jewish people.

But past the marriage restriction, mamzers were (at least on paper) treated like any other Jew when it came ot inheritance laws or even becoming king of Israel (if that occasion should ever arise).

Even so, many rabbis treat a fetus with the staus of mazer just like they treat a fetus with Tay Sachs disease, and allow it to be aborted.

You can see in this a great leniency, perhaps – especially if you are an Orthodox Jewish teen bearing a fetus conceived through your rape by your father, for example.

But you can also see a very sick and myopic view of the world that sees a child conceived by an long-term agunah (a ‘chained’ woman whose husband refuses to give her a Jewish divorce) and the man she wants to marry but can’t because the rabbis have so twisted halakha that her husband is given an almost free hand to torture and extort her, sometimes for decades, while he himself moves on with his live and even, sometimes, is allowed to remarry.

A growing number of Orthodox and haredi rabbis of all persuasions are becoming more, not less, strict on abortion, not because of anything science or medicine has to say about the issue, but because they are shifting ever rightward, and because ever increasingly, rabbis look to top rosh yeshivas (yeshiva deans), not rabbis who are day-to-day decisors of halakha in the real world, for their guidance.

Because of that, it seems to me that it is much more likely for a rabbi to forbid aborting a Tay Sachs fetus or a mamzer conceived trough incest rape now than it was, say, 15 years ago.

But past all that, I find it disturbing that rabbis would allow (and in some ways, encourage) the abortion of a potential human life just because religious law will stigmatize that fetus after s/he is born.

The implications of this are truly awful.

And what may even be worse is that Melamed’s article implies that fetuses with Down Syndrome would be treated this way, as well, even though people with Down Syndrome can be productive members of society:

Some twenty-five years ago my sister, who worked as a nurse at Shaare Zedek Hospital, told me that majority of Jewish babies who were born with Down’s syndrome and other far more severe defects came from religiously observant families. This was because the public is unaware that there are poskim who are lenient regarding having an abortion in cases of illness, and consequently, many women do not perform tests while pregnant. And even a woman who is tested and it turns out that her fetus suffers from severe defects, it is inconceivable to her that there might be room to ask a rabbi a halakhic question.…

Some people with Down Syndrome graduate high school and some even get post-secondary education.

Down Syndrome people live to be between 50- to 60-years old in the developed world (longer than the average ‘normal’ person lived 150 years ago.

Yet Melamed lumps them in with Tay-Sach’s babies whose lifespan is only about four years, and who suffer greatly through all of those years.

How sad.


~ I could go into what a mamzer is, but anyone out there can easily figure it out. It is the result of race mixing. Jews are 100% and completely the result of race mixing and anyone of any intelligence could figure that out by reading the book. Where did Jews come from? Anyone with a Jewish mother is considered a Jew, but when I was growing up Jews were anyone with a Jewish parent. How did that ever change and why did neither of these ever pertain to the people of the Bible being a pure race to the House of Judah?

Think about it, If Shem, Japheth and Ham were of the same race and they all married people of their same race (of course we know some did not later on) how could that pure race ever be the Jews? Lastly, nowhere does it say that Israelites should kill their mamzer children, if that were true Jews nor anyone mixed would never have made it this far. It says race mixing is death in the Bible (death to the race). So Jews are on one side telling us we should have killed them and on the other tell us they should kill any child of ours that makes the mistake of mixing with them when their true goal is to breed us out of existence.

Judea was chock full of mamzers, in fact their King Herod and their high priest Caiaphas were mamzers. Their tribes are all listed because they kept track. I’m sure David Duke

Here is some good kosher food for you.

Here is some good kosher food for you.

thinks Jews are a pure race of people just like he claims kosher food is better. If you don’t know the lies of the Jews everything Jewish is better, but you better keep that phone cut off to me to prove you are a clown. He obviously likes zero free speech just as the Jews. If Jews don’t want us to be heard folks than there is a reason for it.

You have to be above all the Jewish crossfire lies to know what I am saying here, some of you I lost on the first few lines, others know exactly what I am saying, but the point is that Jews use your lack of knowledge against you and that you can avoid just by never listening to them or anyone who does listen to them for truth. This is exactly why you are supposed to remain separate to begin with. They use our words to wrap you up in lies and we should be using those words to separate ourselves from them completely. In case you didn’t know it Jews have been following us forever, we are not following Jews we have been getting away from them forever. Now we are running out of places and people we think are our own end up being wolves amongst the sheep. Time is short and there is no more free speech, not even on the internet radio networks anymore, it is totally Jew controlled.

Give me liberty or give me death or of course you can fight. Take it back or lose it. There isn’t one thing in America’s favor except the one thing that should have been done a long long time ago. if nobody else is saying it I don’t care, I am. Time to clean the tree and I mean the tree.

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The horror!

Will pervert for Jew money like everyone else in Hollywood and TV

Max is gay and as such is sent to Dachau concentration camp under the Nazi regime. He tries to deny he is gay and gets a yellow label (the one for Jews) instead of pink (the one for gays). … See full summary

To enter into any kind of Jew controlled entertainment business today you have to be a pervert in some way or the other. If you are a white woman you have to be in some jew magazine naked and pregnant, with a non white man, anything that is contrary to humanity that there is will suffice. If you are a white male or someone who resembles a white male you are either going to be cheating on your white wife, preferably with a non white women or you can be a homo to produce that bad fruit for all to see. I find the only other exception to this rule is that you kiss jew arse like no tomorrow and then and only then will the media allow you to look normal and non jewish. Of course there is that miniscule chance that you could be a secret jew, but we all know jews would never try to pull that one on us.

Lets take everyone’s hero Mel Gibson for instance, recently Mel’s great pal Jodie Foster has come out of the closet. She decided she likes women more than white men, maybe even non white women more than white women who knows, but I don’t think that would be complete in the Jew design of things because the key is to destroy white men and white women. Watch Mel watch Jodie come out (one of his finest live performances since he was being hounded by an Arab paparazzi camera man) of her jew closet. She used to celebrate Hanukkah like Adam Sandler.

What is she going to say?  I'll put on my Al Jolson face.

What is she going to say?
I’ll put on my Al Jolson face.

You see all the Jews and Jewesses are watching in incredible disbelief that a friend of Mel Gibsons could be so anti Christian, J. Lo and her boyfriend are the new purveyors of decency in America (or whoever she might be with today). On the stage with Jodie is Mel’s long time pal Morton Downey ehh ehh Robert Downey Jewr. Robbie is part Jewish like he is half in the pool if that is at all possible and cheering Jodie on like a jew at an altar boy party. Mel is whistling with his fingers in his mouth even with all those jews he shook hands with. Could any Christian be involved in anything so wretched?

Iron Man

Recently Robert Downey Jewr. made a condition that if he was to do another Iron Man

I bounced back without ever leaving. Now Im better than ever- Iron Man.

I bounced back without ever leaving. Now Im better than ever- Iron Man.

movie Mel Gibson would have to be the director, not an actor, producer or a writer, the director……and cut.

How can you not be a homo and make your living off the jew media or jew Hollywood? You have to be a pervert in some form or the other. Does anyone think for a second that this Robert Downey Jr. isn’t a homo himself?

These are your heroes in Hollywood, Mel Gibson, Nicky Cage,  Bill O’Reilly on the TV, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine………….can it get any more perverted folks?

I often hear people claim God is all love love love and that he doesn’t punish people (his people) as a father would punish his own children, but this is more Jewish garbage. God punishes to wake you up and if you don’t wake up you have simply gone with his enemies against him and will never and can never wake up. Jews want to make that line easy for you to cross into complete perversity whether it be becoming a homo, race mixing, letting yourself be swept away by drugs or alcohol,  looking the other way when it comes to justice and or just going along with the flow because you don’t want to rock the jew boat. Jews will use their minions to slide you right over every border there is if you just take the ride and shut your mouths. They will claim everything was evil right from the very beginning to justify their latest perversion. The truth is their logic is bent, it is not of human origin and if you are going in their direction you can no longer be thought of as human either. Bent is the path of the jews and always will be. If you havent figured that out yet you are without a doubt a fan of Hollywood today, people who would never in a million years tell you what cancerous Jew creatures are doing to our world, and for this reason you respect them. That is truly “bent”!

Two Jews love Shane Black “Schwartz” and his new partner Jew Jon Favreau


Shane Black Director- Homo, Jew or both?

Shane Black Director- Homo, Jew or both?

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The Outer Limits

Ever notice the people who blame everything the Jews do on Christian Zionism are the same people who will never come right out and say its Jews who run our media, Federal Reserve, Hollywood, etc? I don’t see Christian Zionists in my life and if I did I would simply challenge them to that book they claim to be getting their information from. Hopefully we would be able to do this in a wide open place with a wide audience, but the opportunity just never materializes. Recently I was listening to a well known internet radio network claim that Christian Zionists were the real problem so I called in.

Sorry to report there were no Christian Zionists to speak to nor Christians for that matter only people who claim to go along with the word Jews stole out of the Bible and they are obviously oblivious to it because they never read the Bible. In all my time fighting for truth I have never once lost any argument to a so called Christian Zionist. As far as I am concerned they do not exist.

Is a Christian Zionist for free speech? It is obvious to me they are not. What kind of Christian could not be for free speech and why are these so called Christian Zionists so afraid to defend what they believe? Because it is a total hoax. Are you going to tell me hucksters like Bill OReilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck don’t know they are lying out their wazoo? They are incapable of anything of truth……….and one has to seriously contemplate how one could have a spirit to live in such blatant anti truth. Could you?

I have been calling people for a long time and I know very quickly what lies within a man or womans heart in the truth arena. I know what words will make you or break you in a matter of minutes. I can tell if you can be bought (owned), if you will turn on (away from)

This guy doesnt fear Muslims he fears me. I would rip his legs off and give them to the dogs for what he has done to America. Damage is done!

This guy doesnt fear Muslims he fears me. I would rip his legs off and give them to the dogs for what he has done to America. Damage is done! Is he a Christian Zionist? No folks he is a traitor!

the truth when times get tough no matter how smart or big you think you are. Your words are recorded for all the world………if one is a Christian a tape recorder means nothing, a Christian listens to his own spirit not a recorder. With every day people you know what they believe and are willing to say, but our media is a total delusion that is never put to any test of truth and certainly not with the least trusted people on the planet, the Jews, whom they place on pedestals constantly.

When I called this show about Christian Zionists, no Christian Zionists called in to defend themselves so you would think it would be a given to call in and say it was the Jews not Christians of any kind per say, but the calls did come in and not Christian so called Zionists, but those peoples who love to claim it is the Illuminati or the Jesuits or the Masons and Christian Zionists etc. You see if I didn’t call in and say it was “the Jews” nobody else would have called in at all. They want to spread that blame around and it is criminal beyond belief.

Can anyone get me a debate with John Hagee? How about Pat Robertson or Joel Ostein? It wont happen folks you know why? Because it’s a Jew charade. None of these Jewish behind washers would last 5 minutes with me and they know it. Before we go on any further let me tell you it has zero to do with me, when I say me I mean the truth and anyone of the truth. Before we go on even further……I am not Jimmy Swaggert and I don’t pretend to be without sin, I am a victim of Jews just like you and I can be perfectly honest about it. How honest could I be killing innocent people in the Middle East, Germany or anywhere for the Jew? I did not. I speak of honesty and truth because I have some left to defend and understand that many do not. To be suckered by a lie is human, but to defend lies is far worse than what America’s Jewish Supreme Court will ever admit to.

Jews control your TV because they have to, internet radio networks control what you hear because they understand the truth rings like a bell in your soul, as it does in mine. To divert from this erosion of everything good and decent on this earth is against nature itself. It is within you where the truth lies and what defines a human being from an alien. It is up to you to know the difference. Dont support me, don’t popularize me, dont say I am trying to make you believe I am an intellectual……the truth is an intellectual has to have a pair and I am sorry to say today that most so called intellectuals do not.

Christian Zionists are Jews just like Hollywood! They are road kill in the outback.

You have to be a complete imbecile to believe this dung. He couldnt defend that book with his fat mouth in a true debate! The problem is always the jews and your delusion to not speak out about the jews = period.  In other words they keep you in the audience and off the field where you desperately need to be. They have built a fence around your brain and kept you in like a dog with nowhere to go.  My God it is outright evil, but eventually you are going to get loose!

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Jew Traffic

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Jew slut, Sepharvaim Jew, Turkic Jew, Extra

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Mexico captures drug lord Beltran Leyva

Mexico captures drug lord Beltran Leyva

Mexico City (AFP) – The suspected heir of Mexico’s family-run Beltran Leyva drug cartel was swept up by soldiers as he ate at a seafood restaurant in a colonial town popular with American retirees.

Hector Beltran Leyva, known as “El H”, was caught along with a suspected henchman Wednesday in San Miguel de Allende, in the central state of Guanajuato, without a shot fired, authorities said.

Known for its cobblestone streets, well-preserved colonial buildings and old churches, San Miguel de Allende is a picturesque 16th century town that many artists and American retirees now call home.

The arrest allows President Enrique Pena Nieto to cross off another big fish from Mexico’s most wanted list following the captures of Sinaloa cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman in February and Zetas leader Miguel Angel Trevino last year.

The government says it has captured or killed more than 80 of Mexico’s 122 most wanted criminals. Authorities say most have been caught alive.

Tomas Zeron, director of investigations at the attorney general’s office, said Beltran Leyva, 49, had a home in the neighboring central state of Queretaro.

He was passing himself off as a “well-off businessman dedicated to real estate and art sales to justify his lifestyle,” Zeron said.

Beltran Leyva, who was carrying a gun during his arrest, was detained after an 11-month investigation, Zeron said.

Pictures released by prosectors show Beltran Leyva wearing jeans and a checkered long-sleeve shirt as two masked soldiers armed with assault rifles escort him down a hallway.

“This action proves the effectiveness of the public policy of security and law enforcement to get the peaceful Mexico that we desire,” Pena Nieto wrote on Twitter.

Beltran Leyva inherited the throne of his family’s drug clan when his brother and “boss of bosses,” Arturo, was killed by marines in 2009 in a mansion in Cuernavaca, a popular weekend getaway for Mexico City residents.

Two other brothers, Alfredo and Carlos, are in jail.

- $7 million man -

Zeron called Beltran Leyva one of Mexico’s top drug traffickers, who specialized in moving cocaine from South America and Central America to lucrative US and European markets.

Mexico had offered a $2.2 million reward for information leading to his arrest, on top of a $5 million US bounty.

He faces charges in Washington and New York courts.

US Drug Enforcement Administration chief Michele Leonhart congratulated Mexico over the arrest, saying Beltran Leyva’s cartel smuggled “countless” amounts of drugs into the United States while much of the violence plaguing Mexico can be traced to the gang.

“One of the world’s biggest drug empires continues to crumble with the capture of Hector Beltran-Leyva in Mexico,” Leonhart said.

The Beltran Leyva clan was initially allied with Guzman’s Sinaloa crime syndicate, considered the biggest cartel in Mexico.

But the two cartels went to war after Alfredo Beltran Leyva was detained in 2008 following a betrayal by Guzman, officials have said.

It was after the split that the Beltran Leyvas formed their own cartel.

More than 80,000 people have died in drug violence in Mexico since 2006, many of the deaths due to turf wars between the country’s numerous gangs.

The Beltran Leyva cartel is believed to operate in a third of the country, mainly in the central and southern regions.

The gang has undergone internal power struggles and is known for its vast money laundering operations and ability to corrupt officials.

Beltran Leyva escaped capture once before in 2011, when he fled his home in Mexico City, where he lived with his wife and three of his daughters.

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