Jew Hawaii

On Elvis’ Yahrzeit, His Not So Secret Jewish History

By J.J. Goldberg

Tablet magazine has a charming podcast (originally broadcast on Santa Monica public radio station KCRW-FM, they note) of Memphis native Harold Fruchter, son of the late Rabbi Alfred Fruchter, reminiscing about his family’s relationship with Elvis Presley. Elvis lived downstairs from the Fruchters as a teenager, befriended them and occasionally served as their Shabbos goy. Elvis’s and Harold’s mothers were friendly and Mrs. Fruchter sometimes helped the impoverished Presleys with the grocery bills. Fruchter says he once heard that Elvis had made a donation to a Jewish organization to honor the Fruchters, and he found that most gratifying.

It’s a lovely piece, and quite appropriate to the time of year. Elvis died on August 16, 1977, which means his yahrzeit would be the 2nd of Elul. That fell this year on Thursday, August 28. But why would the Hebrew date of Elvis Presley’s death be of any significance? Ah — therein lies a tale. The fact is that Elvis Presley was himself Jewish, at least halachically. And as you’re about to find out, he was quite proud of that fact.

This isn’t the first time that various Fruchters have told the story of their family’s relationship with Elvis. It’s an incomplete narrative, because it appears they weren’t aware that Elvis was himself Jewish. If they’d known, it seems highly unlikely the rabbi would have let him serve as Shabbos goy. It would have amounted to suborning chilul Shabbos.

I found out about Elvis’s Jewish background the first time (of many) that I visited Memphis, back in the mid-1990s. I was there to speak at the Memphis Jewish Community Center. Heading into town from the airport, the center director, the irreplaceable Barrie Weiser, described their recently completed building renovation. In his animated description he mentioned the fact that they’d had to demolish a room donated to the center decades earlier by Elvis Presley. The plaque, dedicating the room, so Barrie recalled, to Elvis’s mother, who had some sort of Jewish background, had been retired to a storeroom.

Barrie went on to tell me that Elvis was a life member of the JCC, largely because he found it convenient to come there after midnight and play racquetball. Elvis being a major donor, the caretaker didn’t mind opening the place after hours for him. (It didn’t hurt that he was the King of Rock ’n’ Roll, I thought to myself.)

The next day I went on my first pilgrimage to Graceland. I was in for a series of shocks. First, there was nothing convenient about it. It was way across Memphis from the JCC. Elvis played racquetball at the JCC because he wanted to be at the JCC. Something mysterious was behind this.

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The true Hebrew date would never be the same date as the JEW calender. Jews just lie. Was Elvis Jewish or a Jew? Michelle Obama’s first cousin Rabbi Funye would be interested in this.

It’s the same ole Jew or Jewish dog doo, nothing new in Jew Hawaii or anywhere under the sun.

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Private Ben Dover

Life And Death Of A Lone Soldier

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IDF soldier’s allegations of sexual abuse in Detroit leave behind unanswered questions.

By Keri Guten Cohen and Shelli Liebman Dorfman
Jewish News Staff

Former Detroiter David Menachem Gordon‘s death raises troubling questions.Through his articulate, insightful, deeply personal writings, Israel Defense Forces Cpl. David Menachem Gordon relayed experiences of being in the army, making a difference and of painful memories that, for a large part of his life, had haunted him and been kept secret.

The 21-year-old former Detroiter was found dead Aug. 19 after having been reported missing from his base in Central Israel following a dental appointment on Aug. 17. He was found in uniform and with his IDF rifle. Authorities have not elaborated on the circumstances of his death.

Gordon left behind blogs, most notably one published June 12, 2013, on Huffington Post online, describing alleged sexual abuse taking place during his childhood inside Jewish institutions near his Oak Park home. Gordon never named his perpetrators.

Living in the Detroit area from ages 8-11, Gordon attended an Orthodox day school, later going to high school in Pittsburgh. He made aliyah in January 2013 and joined the IDF last August, serving in the Givati Brigade. Throughout his short life, he amassed many friends who are now devastated at the tragic loss.

“He was an amazingly strong boy who went through a lot,” said 20-year-old Leah Berlin of Oak Park, currently a student at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women in New York.“I met Dave years ago in Detroit, where his family used to live, and stayed friends with him throughout NCSY [an Orthodox Jewish youth group], my year in seminary, my first year of college and even this past summer.

“David was a goof, but not the type to embarrass himself. He made everyone laugh. He turned tears into laughter by just making one comment or one of his classic funny faces. When I think about my time with him, only the happiest memories come to mind.

“He’s a true role model,” Berlin said. “David’s strength was unexplainable. [He] made aliyah to fight for his country. At the beginning of his service in the IDF, he did not have the physical strength of the usual combat soldier, but his motivation and need to fight for his homeland pushed him to make himself fit the profile of the combat soldier he had dreamed to be.”


IDF Lone Soldier

Gordon served as a Lone Soldier, usually defined as someone whose family lives abroad and who leaves their country to serve Israel. He completed extended training that placed him in the elite 424th Shaked Infantry Battalion of Givati, and he served in Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.

“The IDF seemed to offer a panacea of sorts for him, a place where he could channel his kinetic energy, zest for life and infinite curiosity,” wrote his cousin Noa Amouyal in an Aug. 20 dedication to Gordon in the Jerusalem Post, where she is deputy news editor.

“When David entered my parents’ home, he seemed calm and confident. Just this past weekend, he visited my family and seemed rattled by what he saw in Gaza, but stable.

“He spoke of a harrowing incident where a split-second decision he made could have cost the life of a reservist. Luckily, David was the kind of soldier able to think outside of the box, follow his gut and not blindly follow orders. Thanks to him, that reservist’s life is spared.”

Known for being positive and upbeat, Gordon turned his military experience into a life lesson. In a blog from his Sparks of David site (, he wrote:

“If the military has taught me anything it’s to appreciate the small things as well as things I had previously taken for granted. With all luxuries limited as of late, I have a new appreciation for everyday gifts like hot showers, tasty food, human connection, entertainment and even freedom.

At graduation, David Gordon’s immediate supervisor gave him his own purple beret. “Surprisingly, the army’s limitation of all these things has transformed me not only into a reflexive warrior but, in many ways, a happier person. When I have that free time I’m more conscious of it. Every tune is magic. Every kind pair of eyes is adored. Every uninterrupted night’s sleep with my boots off is a miracle and, of course, time in general is better utilized.”

A friend who knew Gordon throughout his military career recalls his friend, who he says became like family.

“Out of all of us, Gordon was the most motivated and seemed to always be on top of his game,” he said. “This was why he was chosen to be the radio man of our immediate supervising officer.”

During their graduation ceremony, the friend said Gordon received that officer’s own purple beret, which was quite an honor.

“That last week he was alive, me and a friend [and Gordon] went to some dive bar in Tel Aviv. He seemed happy. He had just moved into a home for Lone Soldiers for Givati and was living with two of our best friends.”


Alleged Abuse

Few of Gordon’s friends — in Israel or the U.S. — knew about the sexual abuse he alleged took place in Detroit. His Huffington Post blog was the first indication most who knew him had of any trouble in his childhood.

In his piece, “Secrets Don’t Get Better with Age: Why I’m Choosing Leadership Over Privacy,” Gordon begins with a tale of a blue-eyed boy with a terrible secret of sexual abuse that he can’t reveal to his family and that causes him to isolate himself or to have explosive outbreaks if he’s pressed too much. Then Gordon reveals that he is that boy.

“I kept my secret for eight years,” he wrote. “For eight years, I suffered in silence through the horrors of my own personal Hell. I endured close to a decade of rage, tears and ultimately self-destruction. The memories are nauseating, the shame unparalleled.

“As a victim of recurrent sexual abuse by numerous perpetrators within Michigan’s Jewish communities, those eight years of secrecy were horrific. Synagogues and other Jewish institutions in the Oak Park and Southfield areas of Detroit provided the secret hideout where I endured multiple forms of molestation, sexual manipulation and rape from the ages of 8 to 11.”

When Gordon got the courage to disclose his alleged abuse behind closed doors with rabbis here, he says in his blog he was disappointed with the lack of response.

Then he discovered writing, an outlet that would earn him an internship and job at The Suit magazine, a business publication in New York.

“… the more I told my secret, the farther it became removed from my psyche,” he wrote in his blog. “I told trusted teachers, therapists, mentors and friends but, most frequently, I spilled my secret on paper. Writing became my unique and effective form of expression and it enabled me to have a bold voice without excessive public exposure.”

Gordon also wrote that years of group meetings and private therapy enabled him to face his reality and find the strength to survive.

“Past the pain, shame, flashbacks and emotional setbacks linked with my abuse, a spark of hope glowed,” he wrote in his Huffington Post piece. “I wanted to be a positive influence on a global level. I wanted to lift up the downtrodden who shared my pains of abuse and lack of expression and voice.”

Gordon had some time off from the IDF to visit a friend in Spain.So when he arrived in Israel, one of the first things he did was to volunteer at Magen, the Child Protection Organization based in Beit Shemesh. He introduced himself as a survivor of sexual abuse and went to work.

Gordon set up a website for Magen, established and promoted media relations, and also helped with specific child protection cases. As a result of his work, according to a tribute to Gordon on the organization’s website, a known perpetrator was blocked by Magen from continuing his work in an Orthodox summer camp for hundreds of kids in the U.S.

In a Sparks of David blog on Jan. 2, 2014, titled, “Secrets Part II: Joining the Revolution,” Gordon looks back over the six months since his Huffington Post piece was posted.

“The article shocked many in the United States and abroad, but words cannot describe how moved I was by the outpouring of responses —from friends and strangers alike — full of love, support and encouragement. Dozens of previously ‘hidden’ victims contacted me to share their silent pain, look for help and express their gratitude to me for speaking out on behalf of those who cannot find a voice.”

He also witnessed the beginning of justice for victims. Included in this 2014 blog are links to 25 stories that broke after his Huffington Post blog. They included articles about Jewish perpetrators facing charges, arrest and prison, victims telling their stories or being awarded restitution in lawsuits, and of sexual abuse prevention programs springing up at camps and in Jewish communities.

One of the biggest stories involved a $380 million lawsuit filed by 34 Yeshiva University students claiming a sexual abuse cover-up in the 1980s at the New-York City high school. That case resulted in the resignation of Rabbi Norman Lamm, YU’s chancellor, for inaction.

Similar to sexual abuse cases unearthed in recent years in the Catholic Church, where official silence was the norm, Gordon seemed gratified that some openness was beginning to occur in the Jewish community.

“While it is true that dozens of other incidences of sexual abuse occurred in Jewish communities worldwide during the past six months,” Gordon wrote in Secrets Part II, “I have selected the more public ones that highlight improvements in breaking the Jewish taboo of abuse as well as steps taken to raise the global Jewish consciousness of abuse.

The Catholic Church molestation simply drowned out the gargantuan Jewish molestation epidemic that is still going on and Jews are told to keep their bagel holes shut   (MG).

“Those not mentioned must not be overlooked and their powerful voices are contributing to a monumental paradigm shift in Jewish society and beyond.

“Together, we are an army of victims and advocates equipped with the weapons needed to slay the stagnant status-quo: hope, courage and the fervent desire to ensure that others don’t feel the pain that we felt and continue to feel to this day.”

In the same blog post, he looked ahead toward his future.

“I’m proud of myself, and I hope to continue this attitude well into 2014 and the rest of my life. The attitude that I can reach previously unattainable heights and purge from life the toxic people, ideas and thoughts that tend to hinder my progress. I’m excited for a new year of life, connection, growth and fun. A year of honesty where what I think, say and do are one in harmony.”


Friends’ Reactions

Yossi Tobi, 20, of Southfield was unaware, until recently, of the alleged abuse Gordon endured. “I finally found out when he sent me the link to his blog,” he said. “That was in 2013. It was unbelievable.”

Proud IDF soldiers Yonah Hochhauser and David GordonIn a tribute to Gordon, he wrote: “Back when we were young, you were one of those popular kids who was somehow able to remain so without putting others down. Even after we went our separate ways, we still bumped into each other in Israel. You always sent me the stuff you wrote, which I could never get enough of.

“Your style of writing, and the way your words were able to penetrate so easily and meaningfully into the reader’s mind and carry the influence to think deeply about the messages you were trying to convey were the work of a true genius. You found a way to write about even the things that others in your place may have had a very hard time describing, and I will miss all of that forever.”

Joe Ravitsky did not know of Gordon’s alleged abuse until after his death. His memories of Gordon are from meaningful time spent together with his family.

In a Facebook post, he wrote: “David’s father was my chavrusah (study partner) in Detroit, and I spent a great deal of time at their home with his family. I stayed there for Shabbos; I ate there many times, and the family can only be described as caring and sweet,” said Ravitsky, who now lives in Dallas. “Dr. Gordon [David’s father] said a brachah under my chuppah.

“Dave Gordon was probably in sixth or seventh grade at the time and was challenged to find his own voice in a very structured environment. Oak Park can seem very rigid to anyone trying to find his place as a teenager.

“His parents are unbelievable people, and I learned a great deal from them. David’s desire to find his own way came from a courage and strength that was evident in his parents as well. One of the things that solidified my drive toward observant Judaism was this family’s way of life within observant Judaism.”

Chavivah Amanda Bluth of Southfield said, “Dave and I became friends about two years ago. We were in the same NCSY chapter. We knew each other, but didn’t really talk. Then he started writing his blogs and sending them to everyone he knew. So I read his post and thought it was brilliant, and told him what I thought. So I guess you could say that’s what started our friendship.

“And through his writings we became close friends quickly because the concepts he brought up in his blogs were ones that show how deep a thinker he was. We just clicked. He was a thinker, ut also a writer.

“He saw the beauty in everything,” Bluth said. “Any experience, even painful, was one he looked at and said, ‘What message does this have to offer me, and what message is here to share with others?’ And that’s how he’d live his life.”

Shmuel Bass, 26, of Oak Park, a friend of Gordon’s brother, Aaron, and a schoolmate of David’s, said, “My heart is breaking for a kid who went through unimaginable ordeals in life and still had the strength and courage to propel others forward to happiness. I know so many whose lives he has touched and so many more who will never realize how his influence indirectly affected them. I wish the family comfort in this terrible time and, even through all the tragedy, rejoice in the incredible person that he was to all that knew him.

“I remember something I had read from someone else posting on Facebook. Dave was messaging a friend and was no doubt having one of the deep meaningful conversations he was known for.

“He wrote, ‘If there really is a judgment system, when I die and they inconspicuously yell ‘David Menachem!! What did you do on Earth?’ I want to be able to yell back a positive report. I want to be able to shout back that I saved lives and helped others build their own. That I used my talents and creativity wisely.

“I want to be able to point out how many moments I created and how many projects I had my hands in. How many lives I touched and how many barriers I broke. How I used my time properly.’

“I think on that and take some small measure of comfort,” Bass said. “I know that he achieved every single one of those things. I know he blew some people’s expectations out of the water when it came to what he could do and who he could help. He was spearheading campaigns to weed out child abuse in the Jewish communities. He gave people life. He gave others the ability to see someone like them who had the strength and fortitude to speak up and end the history of silence.

David Gordon relaxing on the water.“His touch and his influence went so far beyond that, though. His story published by the Huffington Post may have touched millions. The number of abuses it may have prevented will never be known. Those of us who hold him in our hearts will know that he reached out and changed the world itself. We know that he can go to Heaven and proudly stand before God and declare that he did indeed use his short time on this Earth properly, and that his footprint will remain on this Earth forever more.”

David Gordon, 21, had a military funeral on Aug. 21 and was buried in the IDF military cemetery at Mount Herzl. He is survived by his parents, who live in Columbus, Ohio; his three siblings; and many, many friends. 


Speak Up, Reach Out

At the end of his Huffington Post blog, David Gordon listed organizations that help victims of sexual abuse:

• National Child Sexual Abuse Helpline: 1-866-367-5444

• Confidential Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE

• Websites:,,,,, and

Michelle Garland of Postville, Iowa, a staunch advocate for victims of sexual abuse who corresponded with Gordon, said,“My wish more than anything for the Southfield, Oak Park area is prevention, prevention, prevention. Education is the strongest message for the children.

“Make the issue known and talked about and maybe the perpetrators will stop. The worst thing is silence pushed onto the victims, making them feel that if they speak out, their motives are questioned. Get professionals into the schools and synagogues and educate kids about good and bad touches and what to do. This is my wish to honor Dave.”

If you are a victim of child sexual abuse from within the Jewish community or know someone who is, you can contact Southfield Police Det. Autumn Ceci directly at (248) 796-5373 or the Oak Park Police at (248) 691-7447. If you want to speak out, please contact Keri Guten Cohen at or call (248) 351-5144.

Moral of the ehh ehh story

“Jews are victims of Jews too”

The Horror!

The Horror!


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Little House on the Prairie


Listening to David Duke and Ken O’Keefe (not his real name, a David Icke boy) inspired me to write this after hearing their 7/29/14 show. After hearing this show I was simply knocked over by the lack of knowledge, hypocrisies and general all around deliberate deception that these so called heavyweights in “the movement” display and always always always with the phones cut off.

O’Keefe is constantly on someone else’s side other than white people. In this show alone he stood for Iraqi’s, Syrians, Palestinians even Blacks in South Africa. In fact he praised the Jewish Communist murderer “Nelson” Mandela over whites. I have not once ever heard this guy stand up for white people in any way ever.


The words “Israel”, “Jews”, “Jewish” were being served back and forth as on tennis court and never used in the correct definitions. We have gone over the word “Zionist” too many times, but I want you to understand how and why that word can never fit with Jews right now.

First of all you will never hear a Judeo Christian of any kind talk about the split between the House of Judah from the House of Israel. You wont hear it from Ted Pike, you wont hear it from Texe Marrs, Reverend Carlson, any of the Ugly Truth gang including E Michael Jones, but it is in the Bible staring you in the face, it can’t be denied. It is too much truth for them to handle and puts all their theories into the trash one way or the other. It is obvious that Duke believes that Khazars are Jews; you see Duke thinks Jews are a race, but what about the House of Israel? Where did they go? You see this house throws a wrench into everything. The House of Israel weren’t the House of Judah so they were non Jews, is that not correct? That would make them Gentiles would it not? Think about it.

When Duke and O’Keefe and others use the word “Jewish” are they referring to racial people of Judah or a religion? Duke constantly says Rabbi’s can still be Jews without even believing in God because it is racial not religious, but I again ask you, what race would that make the House of Israel? Were they not once the 12 sons of Israel that all married different wives? What race were those wives? Certainly all of those brothers and their wives were not “Jews” in any sense of the word. When Jesus was confronted by Satan (the adversary) he used the scriptures against him, how will these so called heroes of ours use the scriptures against the Jews when they have no clue what any of the words in the book even mean? This is someone who claims all dogs come from the Grey Wolf (which is still here). Seems to me that Dr Duke is without a doubt deliberately confusing you in every area there is to come out with the correct answer. Truth doesn’t work like that folks, Truth is truth from A to B and from the foundation to the roof. David Duke wants desperately to lead you straight into a net. He is not someone who cares about people as he claims, if he did he would allow free speech and be put to the test.


What Jews do and have always done is exactly what they used to do to the Palestinians before they stole their homes. Jews would break into the homes and crap all over the house, literally on their beds and in the kitchen. That is exactly what they have done to our Bible and our history and these two and of course many more willingly help that Jewish fable history continue on.

Some of you reading this cannot swallow what I am saying because the truth isn’t swallowed in one bite. The truth has to be learned gradually and the truth is sometimes to certain people just not possible for them. Unfortunately the truth does not falter and does not sell out. The truth you cannot change, you are either with it or you aren’t, it won’t follow you unless you follow it. It isn’t emotional or reasoning it just is what it is and all the chatting and kibbitzing in the world can’t change it. That’s just how it is and if you want some kind of a special break on what the truth is you just aren’t going to get it. All of these words they use come from the Bible and these words have to be understood if you are going to use them in their proper sense. Words can morph into two or three different things, therefore you must verify with that person what the word means up front so they cant do exactly what Jews do and send you into a twisted conversation of cacophony definitions. This should be as evident as the nose on your face and I know in the Christian (Identity) ecclesiae this is easily detectable. You have to ask yourselves why David Duke, O’Keefe, Marrs, Pike, Dankopf, Jones (both Jones’) never take on Christian Identity. It’s because of two words folks “They Cant”.

It will always come down to that fact of that little house out there on the prairie, the one no one ever speaks about, The House of Israel and the one Jesus came for as stated over and over again. It is best these heavyweight Mandela supporters and Facebook champions stay out of the Christian Identity discussions indeed.

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The Incredible Shrinking White Man

Looks like this is it. Maybe I can get to Jew Facebook and follow David Duke and his Hannakuh celebrating sidekick.

Looks like this is it. Maybe I can get to Jew Facebook and follow David Duke and his Hannakuh celebrating sidekick.

Your borders are being obliviated, your entertainment is Jewish Satanic trash, your money is Jewish toilet paper, your Supreme Court is a Jewish circus, your media is full of Jew shoeshine boys who answer to Jews, your jobs are all overseas and what’s left of the jobs here are reserved for Mexicans and those who have willingly helped sell out America to Jews and they tell you “don’t do anything stupid like DOING SOMETHING”.


I am a truther and I am going to continue on with the truth, the Jews will continue until you are wiped out, whether it is be by breeding you out, killing you off with poison, transforming your kids into a punk of some kind or simply two slugs in the back of the head like they did at Katyn. Of course they may drop some bombs like they did in Hiroshima, the King David Hotel, the World Trade center, the USS Liberty, whatever it takes. The fact that all these things have happened and white people still are not speaking out means you are being programmed to host your own parasite. If you are truly a truther and you don’t claim we need to rid ourselves of this parasite you are part of the problem.


Jews can claim Palestinians are bombing them, which they aren’t and then go in and vaporize them and you can’t even get ANGRY at what these Jews have done to our own

Cats I can handle, Jews I wont even get mad at.

Cats I can handle, Jews I wont even get mad at.

country. David Duke says “Follow me on Jew Zuckerberg Facebook” and he will take care of the problem. You see Dr. Duke, who said Zimmerman the Jew Mestizo was “white” for 3 weeks (he never looked at him) will lead you into his hypocritical world of delusion. This is what a doctor does? This is what we call a doctor? A doctor of dung! Dr Duke cares for ALL people, even Jews, well isn’t that special?


I don’t care for Jews folks and I think they have to go, every cotton pickin one of them or you will disappear period. That is the choice you have and that is the mistake whites have made over and over and over again throughout time. When someone says we need to be calm, work out, get in shape, think good thoughts, buy my book, get a water purifier it is Jew hogwash. In the meantime the Jew Homeland Security is stockpiling ammunition.


This isn’t about being a nice guy; we have been nice guys by allowing Jews to come into our countries and to allow them to bring Blacks into our countries and to allow them to bring in anyone they want into our countries. HOW MUCH MORE PUNISHMENT ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE?


We have voices over the Internet claiming to be on our side and at the same time bash us for being Christian and they never even read the Bible, they actually believe Jews are the people of the Bible. Then we have people who are usually mixed Indian (American) or some other kind (Indians of India who knows?) telling us the Old Testament was Jewish,

No, not the jew tweezers aaaaaaargh!

No, not the jew tweezers

but Jesus was a good Jew. So that opens up the doors for Jews once again and more time is bought off for Jews to obliviate us. I have to be honest, I care for my own people long before anyone else and you without a doubt do too. So care for your own whoever you are and let me care for mine. If its ok for Jews to bomb Palestinians because Palestinians shot rockets at them then it is ok for us to shoot rockets at Jews the way they did the Liberty and the way they bombed the WTC on 9/11/2001. You even allow Jews logic that you yourself obviously don’t believe.


We are all going to have to get on the same page somehow and that’s all it is going to take. Its obvious right now that our media and government will never be on our page, they have sold us out beyond reproach and they need to hang right now. If we are ever going to get back on the same page the truth needs to be heard and it isn’t. If you think controlled media and controlled Internet radio is the truth you are delusional. If you aren’t hearing about Jews destroying every aspect of the White world today and that we need to throw

Well I'll be. There is a solution after all.

Well I’ll be. There is a solution after all.

them out on a rail, it isn’t truth folks. The truth has to come and it must come from you. Jews are waiting in lines for you to follow them straight into the pit. You have emotions for a reason, like the Jews always used to say “express yourselves”.  Jews have made you believe them over yourselves; you have given in to their hypocrisy. You either do something about Jews or they do something about you, nothing in between and every great leader has known that throughout true history. Leaders aren’t pansies that tell you to not do what absolutely must be done. I always tell people that if I ever apologize to Jews let me first apologize to you beforehand for doing so.

ttCat = 10816111_2der Juden

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It Takes a Thief

Coming to steal your "Jew"elry

Coming to steal your “Jew”elry

How many so called Christians have you heard on the Internet use the word “Zionists” for Jews because they don’t want to blame all the Jews? Christian Identity pastors use the word Zionist as a crime gang related to Jews, but not all Jews, although when they mention who crucified Jesus they say it was Jews. When they say who killed some 60 or so million white Russians they use the word Jews because Zionism (definition to follow) was not yet even known to the Jewish world. Zionism is defined today as a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann.

So originally Zionism was for Jews to have their own state in a land called Israel (which isn’t a land mass and never was) and people bought that lie originally then they allowed it to morph into “the protection of Israel” (the land mass) when Jews are in every country on this earth strangling it from within. Zionism is now accepted as anything for the betterment of Jew hegemony as a whole whether it be stealing from a non Jew in any category, destroying a non Jew nation, whatever. It has a life of its own and wherever it goes the lemmings will follow like cows to the jew salt lick.

Somehow, some way Zionism was allowed to progress into a word for describing evil banking Jews, Jews who kill Palestinians, and Jews who foment wars whether they are in the Middle East or elsewhere. Was it Zionists who brought slaves to America? Is it Zionists who want America’s border wide open? Is it Zionists who pretend to be of Judah monopolizing our food (kosher slop) in all our grocery stores? Is it Zionists who control OUR, here in America, money from A to Z? Is it Zionists who run the homo and lezbo organizations IN AMERICA? Is it Zionists destroying our way of life with their drugs and porn and filth too numerous to list to no end? No folks, they are Jews and they are not related to Judah at all unless it is through Shelah the Canaanite.

Not only have the Goyim or Ethnos (Gentiles) allowed this word to be stolen, but also they allow it to continually evolve to whatever they need to from saying the word “Jew”. How can you claim over 90% of Jews were not even from Palestine and call them Zionists without having some kind of a hesitation? Some do it in the same sentence. How can someone become a Jew by simply converting? Someone who is a Jew is supposed to be a pure biological offspring of Judah and not with a Canaanite mother, so who were the wives

A Marine in Hollywood married at least 2 Jewesses in real life.

A Marine in Hollywood married at least 2 Jewesses in real life.

of the 12 sons of Israel? Nobody seems to want to know this.

When we continue to call Israel a land mass, when we continue to equate Jews with Israel, when we continue to equate the word Zion with Jews we are not doing anyone any good at all. Words have their definitions and when we allow words to be changed by the very people we are claiming are the liars, murderers and thieves it makes us complacent thieves ourselves. If we don’t care our words are stolen we don’t care about the truth, period.

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Lost in Translation

Why do we Jews have to control the entire media? because we lie.

Why do we Jews have to control the entire media? because we lie.

I have a confession to make and I know you will all be surprised, all 3 of you. I am not a European and I don’t identify myself as a European even though I lived in Europe longer than most of you people living in the USA reading this right now including David Duke who thinks whites are Canaanites and Jesus was a Khazarian Jew.

I have lived all over Europe, I lived in Africa twice and I don’t call myself an African, although my ancestors lived there too without a doubt (Egypt). I lived in Iraq, Afghanistan, the UAE and what is known today as Turkey. As you know Turkey had other names before that dumb name and it was also the land of my ancestors, although I do not call

Cant you see my purity?

Cant you see my purity?

myself Asian or Asia Minorish, but it would be even more honest than claiming I am a European because as you all know the word Europe came from people out of Asia Minor and what was known as Phoenicia (Lebanon today who are no longer Phoenicians). Names constantly change, but people do not change unless they mix into another people. I should say Whites don’t change unless they mix in with another people because mixed people are already mixed. That’s just a fact. I lived in Japan for over a year, but I definitely am not Japanese and if I had a child while living in Japan with a white wife my child would not be Japanese either. What would it be?

Now we have all kinds of Europeans, like Luke Skywalker stopping for gas on another planet. I do not want to ever be in that same classification as them, especially with Jews who are all over Europe doing all the damage. Words change because of Jew destruction, when you give in to Jew destruction you give into the consequences of it and you go deeper into delusion. When Jews change the meanings of words they have you completely enclosed with no exits except straight through their lies. That is thee only way out.

Lets look at a few words Jews have just pummeled us with and of course the Jew media arse kissers will push every new word the Jews want pushed. David Duke recently claimed

I am possibly the biggest jew arse kisser of all time and people actually trust and believe me. My God are they dumb.

I am possibly the biggest jew arse kisser of all time and people actually trust and believe me. My God are they dumb.

that Jews call us “goyim” and it is true they do. Duke says “goyim” is like a four letter word Jews use to describe us. You see Duke trusts Jews and never read the Bible himself, he only trusts what Jews say the Bible means. If he had read the Bible he would know that Jacob and Esau were “goyim” . Now it isn’t hard to figure out from there that if Jacob was a goyim that would make all his sons goyim and it would make all the sons of their sons goyim. Josephs kids – goyim, Benjamins kids – goyim, Dans kids – goyim. Why aren’t Jews goyim? Read the Bible, Rebekah had two goyim in her womb. Do the math.

Jewelry- We have discovered ancient gold rings, bracelets, necklaces of Celtic and Egyptian discoveries long before Jews were so called jewelers, were those Celts and Egyptians wearing “jewelry”? How did Jews ever adopt that word for us? The “goyim” saw the Jews love for gold and were sickened by it enough to allow them to take over the name of any kind of

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

body ornament. Even precious stones that were around long before Jews now called “jewels”. How sickening? I don’t wear jewelry and neither would my ancestors knowing who Jews were and are today.

Kosher salt, Kosher pickles, Kosher Rye bread- Did Jews invent any of these things? No but the openly monopolize our food right in front of our faces and we just allow it like ignorant buffoons.

Semitic- Jews have us totally convinced that they are the pure offspring of Shem. Wouldn’t that make Shem a “goy” too because Jacob and Esau were two goys of the same lineage? Then they will say they are Shemitic because they speak a Shemitic language. Somehow they have convinced the lemmings that if they speak what appears to be Hebrew then the lemmings will believe they are pure direct descendants of Shem. My God are the lemmings stupid. The words go on and on, the lies go on and on and the lemmings don’t care they are being hoodwinked from cradle to grave even though many claim to be Christians and never seek the truth. They believe truth is whatever is cool. Their brains have been programmed to shut down everywhere truth is.


How did white people begin identifying themselves by the dirt and soil they lived upon? This only enabled the Jew to divide and conquer. Scotland was once “Alba” or “White”, Ireland or Erin may have very well come from “Aryan”, Iberia was land of Hebrews as was Hibernia (Roman spelling). If you don’t believe that check into how the word Iberia became “Iverskaya” in Russia. Most Europeans don’t care where names of countries came

Theotokos Iverskaya

Theotokos Iverskaya

from, they think of islands and tiny umbrellas in their drinks on the beach completely deluded.

The great Henry Ford who once said “History is bunk” may have been one of the most advanced men of his time. Anyone who looks into true history can see that the trash they are teaching us in school and in the Jew media is indeed all bunk. WHY? Why are we being fed with delusional fables by Jews and their duped or blackmailed lackeys? Why is it always Jews obscuring us from the truth in all areas? Why do our own so called people lie to us without an open phone to call in and correct them? Not only is History bunk, but the present as well and for most of you the future. If you don’t get in to correct these liars and sold out traitors who will? You only live twice ehh once

Its pretty obvious that this has been going on for a long time and its been headed up by the same people for a long time (Jews). Today most Europeans and Americans seem to love Jews and why I do not want to be identified as one of them (Just as John the Baptist did not want to be identified as a Judean, previously the land of Judah). Europeans don’t know what a European is anymore and Americans don’t know (maybe never knew) what an American even is therefore I am neither. Jews can be Europeans today (the biggest mistake ever made) now Jews are Americans, Jews are New Yorker’s, Floridians, Georgians, Texans, etc. so I am neither of them either. No I am simply a White man or maybe more identifiable as “anti Jew”, not sure which is more appropriate. There is only one entity destroying our planet today and you need to know who that is yesterday. We are either all white together or we are a nation under full attack by Jews.


The truth is there. Its you who aren’t there.

Hellboy Jewboy

Hellboy Jewboy

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The Bodyguard

Would you have a Jew bodyguard? Please sit down in that chair and and and you think about it.

Would you have a Jew bodyguard? Please sit down in that chair and and and you think about it.

In case you missed it the first time.

Mel Gibson Has Israeli Bodyguard

Mel Gibson Has Israeli Bodyguard | ‘World Trade’ Beats Tony Bennett | Regis Rules; Broadway ‘Talk'; Paris Plots

Mel Gibson Has Israeli Bodyguard

Mel Gibson may have a problem with Jews — they’re responsible for all the wars, they’ve inflated the number of dead in the Holocaust, etc.

But Gibson likes one Jewish person a lot. His personal bodyguard for more than a decade turns out to be an Israeli.

Avi Korein, 45, is a name you don’t hear very often. That’s because Korein is famous for being nearly invisible and staying in the background.

A former nightclub bouncer, Korein worked through the ’80s as Bruce Willis’ muscle. He

Hollywood Christian?

Hollywood Christian?

even picked up a few minor screen credits along the way.

But sometime before 1996, Korein went to work for Gibson.

Now Korein has his own agency, Screen International Security Services, which has done private security over the years for a lot of Hollywood stars, including Will Smith, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

But sources tell me that it’s Korein — who did not return calls from this column — upon whom Gibson has relied over the last decade to keep him out of trouble.

It’s ironic, since Korein is Jewish. But so is Gibson’s publicist.

Korein — who is also rumored to have once been in the Mossad — or Israeli CIA — has his own inner conflicts to deal with.

In 2002 he made a $500 donation to the National Republican Congressional Committee. In 2004, however, he gave money to John Kerry’s presidential run.

Is he a Democrat or a Republican? More importantly, is he even a U.S. citizen?

Korein’s assistant would only say, “I can’t answer any questions,” when I posed that last one. She did, however, acknowledge that her boss works for Gibson.

Gibson, however odd a client for Korein, might take some of his advice. On the Web site for SISS, Korein states: “We realize that ‘perception is reality.‘ How our clients are perceived by the public can impact corporate, diplomatic or personal objectives positively or negatively.”

Those are words Gibson might have taken to heart a while ago.

~Matthew  15   Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.
Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.

A hypocrite is an actor and exactly what was meant in that wording. Actors are hypocrites and hypocrites are actors. They lie for a living and always will. Lying is their business. Gary Oldman apologized for his rude remark about Jews. “Acting” has spilled over into the main stream and it should be no surprise.

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