Hotel Rwanda

The Jew Joachim Phoenix is filming

The Jew Joachim Phoenix is filming

Israel (The Kike State) “Voluntarily” Deporting African Refugees To Rwanda
Shmarya Rosenberg •

Israel is deceptively – and arguably illegally – flying African asylum seekers to Rwanda with false promises of acceptance and work, Ha’aretz reported.

These Africans – who were illegally denied legal refugee status by Israel  kikes– arrive in Rawanda only to find out they have no legal status there except for 10 day tourist visas. They are not granted their basic rights and, for the most part, they are not given any official status documents or permits, meaning they cannot legally work in Rawanda and face possible arrest.

They also have no contact with any official representatives from Israel or Rawanda, and no one helps them or deals with their needs after their arrival.

Instead, these asylum seekers land at Kigali’s airport, are given a ten day tourist visa and taken to a hotel where Israel has paid for a three-day stay.

These asylum seekers were paid $3,500 by Israel to “voluntarily” leave Israel – the alternative was prison – and were led to believe they would be granted refugee status or legal work permits in Rwanda. (Some were promised the same for Uganda, where the situation is essentially the same.)

Although Israel calls this “voluntary departure,” legal experts and international bodies believe these transfers do not meet the legal definition of a voluntary departure and therefore violate Israel’s obligations under the international treaties it has signed.

Israeli Prime Minister’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s office continued its belligerent response to questions about African asylum seekers when Ha’aretz asked about the “voluntary departures” to Rwanda under threat of prison.

“The Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu has completely halted the illegal infiltration into Israel and is determined to continue returning to their countries of origin the thousands of illegal migrant workers who have entered here. All actions are taken in accordance with international law,” the PMO’s spokesperson said.

Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority also insisted the “voluntary departures” are legal.

“All the actions being taken in the fight against infiltration are being done legally,” the Population and Immigration Authority insisted.

While small grassroots efforts to help African asylum seekers have been made, the latest by a group of elderly Holocaust survivors, for the most part, Israelis are either indifferent to the plight of these refugees or are vehemently opposed to them.

Indeed, over the past several years there have been a series of arson and other hate attacks against African asylum seekers and Israel’s police and courts have done little to punish or deter the Jewish attackers.


~These are the demons who brought Blacks to America and all our outer islands. These are the people who brought us usury, drugs, porn, race mixing, Vegas, Jew Hollywood, the Jew Fed,  continuous wars, infiltrated our schools, our court system, our government, media, fluoridated our water, poison our wells, pervert everything that we and nature stands for and we can’t say its JEWS! Dont even mention chemtrails because no one will give you a valid answer. You are a conspiracy theorist.

If you can’t say who it is you are as bad as they are.


Can you not see the hypocrisy? Jews brought Blacks to America on their Jew owned slave ships to destroy America and Blacks and Whites (both) are scared to say it. No matter what happens in the future from this minute, right now Blacks and Whites are just plain cowards like pathetic cattle indeed.

You let Jews put the blame on Germans or whites, even your own women every day of your lives. Mel Gibson did a movie on William Wallace who got the people of Scotland to snap out of their cowardice against the English, but he never dares tell anyone to snap out of the cowardice of the Jews. Where is our William Wallace against the Jews? Where are the people to back a leader up who will say?

The Jews bring Blacks in and the dumb Whites point to the Blacks and never the Jews who did the deed. If that is the mindset of whites today we are toast. If you hear anyone discussing crime without discussing the jews at the root of it it is to keep you from the Jew root exactly what the Jew wants.

We can all focus on the Jew together for completely legitimate reasons if you just call a jew a jew and understand what jews do. You may be checked into a nice hotel right now, but if the jew owns that hotel he is coming for his due.

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Being John Kerry

Whats for dinner, flies or grasshoppers?

Whats for dinner, flies or grasshoppers?

King James Bible
Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

There are dozens of things a Christian needs to think about in this verse. Firstly who are the sheep and who are the wolves? What is a serpent, is it a sea creature or a giant lizard living in the Galapagos Islands? What is meant by harmless or guileless?

Enter John Kerry. Many things can be learned from a single Jew or a single serpent if you know who the serpent is. It doesn’t take much to connect the dots what Jesus or Yashua if you prefer who the serpent and serpents are. If you don’t know who the serpent is by now you have never read the Bible so I suggest you start with Genesis. If you think Jesus was

Im up to my big head in lies

Im up to my big head in lies

talking about Satan because he called Satan a serpent understand that he called the Jews the synagogue of Satan.

So if you are ready to move on now you must learn what the serpent does. What does it do? One very evident thing it does is lie. John Kerry used to claim his father was not able to get a job because of signs that read “Irish Need Not Apply”. John Kerry’s father was not Irish and hopefully most of you know this by now, but a Jew. I can’t even say “Jewish” because knowing that Judaism is really a façade to make you believe they are the pure offspring of Judah wouldn’t make me smart as a serpent, but one of the serpents victims.

John Kerry claimed he did not know he was a Jew before being in Skull and Bones or after he was first elected to public office with the help of the Irish vote. Not until after he was embedded in politics was he to find out he was actually a Jew and therefore “Jewish” as well. His own brother converted, he claims, to Judaism years before John Kerry discovered he was a Jew. Kerry was an altar boy, although pro abortion, pro homo and all the same things Jews promote. He never exposed Jews as the slave masters or Jew crime or spoke out against AIPAC or Jews behind drugs, abortion, etc. Is it harmless or innocent or guileless to let lies perpetuate? That is exactly what Jews do and have always done. So when you really want to understand what a serpent does (hopefully you understand who the serpent is) you can simply study one and see it very clearly, the leaven of the Pharisee’s is clearly there.

We go both ways and then some.

We go both ways and then some.

Now lets move on to even some of our own doctors, professors, scholars who claim to be experts in the Bible, Jews (serpents) like Mark Dankopf a “Luthern” Reverend who catapulted his way to Press TV and likewise crypto websites that take no opposing comments who has no clue who or what Israel is and has accepted the word used for the land the Jews named. How can a Reverend go on a show like David Duke who pushes evolution one day and claims to be a Christian the next? Is that being without guile, to let someone lie openly and unchallenged to your brothers and sisters? This is no Reverend folks and oddly enough he will never be challenged either. Liars don’t oppose liars because any lie is good for the serpent. When Jesus Christ said “there is no truth in them” he meant it. They operate within a network of liars.

E Michael Jones often quotes that Paul said Jews are the enemy of humanity, yet he wants to convert Jews because he believes the apostles were all Jews. Tell me where Jesus Christ ever attempted to convert a Jew and whats more, how are Ashkenazi’s Jews knowing they had no direct history to even Judea? You can easily see how these doctors, reverends and professors are claiming how brilliant they are because they have a degree at Temple University or some other school that they themselves even claim have been Judaized. So on one hand they are telling us to go to school and the other they are telling us they are smarter than us because they are schooled in the very place handing out all the BS. If you know the definition of pilpilism you know that these folks are masters in it. One day its to the right, the next its to the left and then up the middle and never gaining an inch of ground. Michael Jones does not take open calls either.

Where and who are the serpents? What do they do? They keep you from the truth. Many of you have heard that the truth is a path and you need to stay on it and if you claim you are helping other Christians or the white race you need help keep them on it without guile. If you don’t cut the lies out right from the beginning the serpent gets into positions of power to further keep you off that path (just as John Kerry did and continues to do).

What do you really know about someone? How do you know David Duke isn’t a John Kerry? How do you know Dankopf isn’t Dankopfowitz? How do you know Jesus wasn’t a Jew? One word “Truth”. Where do you get yours?


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A Jewish Perspective on Noah

Spoiler alert!

Hollywood ‘Noah’ is kosher, says celebrity rabbi

Shmuley Boteach tells our film critic the Russell Crowe epic is impressive and important, but also poor entertainment

March 27, 2014, 10:21 am 2
Our critic and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach determine if Russell Crowe is a wash-out (courtesy: Paramount Pictures)

NEW YORK — After a flood of rumor, “Noah” has arrived. The big budget Hollywood movie that has ruffled the feathers of a few American conservative Christian groups and some Middle Eastern Islamic censors rains down upon multiplex audiences this weekend. And unlike those charging writer/director Darren Aronofsky and Paramount Pictures with blasphemy, we’ve actually seen the film.

But is the movie kosher?

As a work of art and entertainment, it is a success. Thrilling and beautiful to look at, it is a rich exploration of the powers and dangers of faith. Russell Crowe, always a striking presence, is a man tortured by his role in The Creator’s plan to, in today’s lingo, give the world a reboot.

However, it deviates widely and strangely from what is in Scripture. To be fair, the original story is only about three pages, but when the film presents fallen angels known as Watchers as Tolkien-like rock monsters, some may raise an eyebrow.

To discuss the theological aspects of the film, we called on Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, oft-referred to as America’s Rabbi.

The rabbi breaks down his thoughts about the movie into three sections: as a work of entertainment, as a literal representation of the Bible and, to him the most important distinction, as a moral work.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, pressed into service as film critic by The Times of Israel. (courtesy:

While I had visions of us schmoozing at the cinema over Milk Duds, his robust schedule of speaking engagements — he was in Miami to appear with Dr. Oz — forced us to see it in different cities.

Below is an abridged transcript of our spoiler-laden phone conversation after we both saw the film.

So, first question: what did you think?

As entertainment? I thought it was poor entertainment.

Oh, no!

Maybe it was intentional, but I thought Russell Crowe was monolithic in his portrayal of a religious fundamentalist who has a kind heart.

Well, maybe that is intentional. I think the first half you are rooting for him and the second half you think “maybe he’s taking this too far.”

Wait, wait, we’ll get to that.

But as entertainment, I didn’t really see the nuances of his conflict. The character development was poor. The wife? We know nothing about her. His son Shem looks like he’s in a Vidal Sassoon commercial. How he kept such gorgeous hair during the trials of the Ark, that should be its own movie! And Noah’s daughter-in-law, [Emma Watson]… I kept expecting to see Harry Potter pop out. But the development of her character was shallow as well.

So, I didn’t engage with the characters. We don’t know why Noah is good. He’s a loner and we don’t know why. But, fair enough! It’s a lot to accomplish in just two hours. I commend the producers and writers for taking what is essentially just a few short pages in the Bible, so I don’t want to be overly critical. I’d like to see more Biblical movies, so I have to commend the effort. And it isn’t the dramatization I’m critical of, I’m just reacting to what I thought was a poor execution.

You just weren’t engaged…

The tsunami of water hitting the Ark engaged me. The laborious tedium of building the Ark engaged me, in a strange way. The desolation of the Earth prior to the flood was engaging. Noah’s family, though, was incoherent. No one was relating to one another and when you watch a movie it’s the people that engage you above all else.

Emma Watson and Douglas Booth in 'Noah' (courtesy: Paramount Pictures)

There is also a fantastical element to this movie, and that may surprise some audience members. There are prevalent characters called “The Watchers” that are these enormous rock creatures.

I thought the interpretation of the Fallen Angels was brilliant. Very Hollywood. I don’t buy it at all, but it was a very novel interpretation of these beams of light encumbered by a material shell that captures them. If you look in the Midrash, the Fallen Angels, they fell for women – they fell for “gross carnality.” A mix of the spirit and the physical, captured and trapped in a coarse, cumbersome physicality that makes even mobility a challenge.

Yeah, it looks great, but definitely tips “Noah” into “Lord of the Rings” territory, so it’s interesting you liked that part.

Well, I didn’t approach the movie as the Bible, I approached it as Hollywood. Something loosely based on a story in the Bible. I’m not sitting there with a Bible open trying to read in the dark to test the accuracy. No, I thought that aspect was very unique.

But if they were going to try to show the transformation of Noah from a good guy to an isolated right-wing nut-job I would have liked to have seen a little more Joseph Conrad “Heart of Darkness.” They could have showed that a little more gradually. Instead, when he hears he’s going to have a granddaughter he says he’s going to kill her. You’d think he’d keep it to himself instead of announcing it!

He was always open with his family, I guess.

I suppose.

But do you think the film wants to show him as a right-wing nut or someone who is struggling and trying to interpret what God wants him to do.

Okay, so now let’s get into adherence to the Bible. There are parts that are impressive and accurate. When he is speaking about Creation to his family, as the story has been handed down to him, the way he describes it is shown as an evolutionary interpretation. But the Bible can lend itself to an evolutionary interpretation! The Torah says the mineral, vegetable, animal and the intellectual. So evolutionists, that can be guided by the hand of God. It was done very smoothly and impressively.

I almost wanted to give the movie a high-five, because it so creatively pleased both sides. Russell Crowe’s narration is practically straight from Genesis, but the images looked like from the television show “Cosmos.”

I agree. Also, the film shows that building the Ark took years to build. And how the Deluge starts from water below and above, that was shown in a clever way. The Midrash says that everyone tried to stop Noah from going in and God closed the door for him, and we see an interpretation of that. As well as the evil King trying to hijack the Ark. And the image of the dove.

But other than that, so much of the rest of the movie was not in any way faithful.

I mean, there’s a lot of loose ends! Ham goes out on his own. Where is he going to find a woman? He’s not going to mate with a walrus, right?

A scene from Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah.' (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)

Tune in for the sequel.

What they do with Ham is interesting. They show him as the wicked son, but someone who is transformed by his perception of his father’s wickedness.

But all of this interpretation is fine.

I think it’s a valuable film. Even if I wasn’t completely entertained by it. And even if it is not a literal film. It shouldn’t have to be. It’s a Hollywood epic.

But I don’t want Hollywood to be the principal source. I’m happy that their movies stray. It inspires people to go back to the original. I don’t need Hollywood producers becoming Torah teachers, though I do see the value of more Hollywood movies about the Bible to generate interest.

What did you think of the one shot of Noah using the tefillin that was supposed to be the serpent from the Garden of Eden?

You know, I didn’t even make that connection. Now that you bring it up. But, no, that is something to my knowledge that is not a literal reference. But I did not make the connection. My wife is here next to me – she says that she saw that.

Are you worried that one could interpret this movie as anti-religion? God doesn’t mess around in this movie. He will drown people who are crying for help. And he speaks in ways that are vague. There’s a key scene in the middle when it stops raining and Noah says “the Creator wants me to kill my granddaughter.” And Emma Watson’s character says, “no, this clearly means the Creator does NOT want you to kill your granddaughter.” There is no clear answer. This could be a condemnation of religion.

Okay, good, so let’s talk about the third part. The theological and moral and ethical questions, which is where I see the real value of the film.

To recap: The value of the movie isn’t the entertainment — which I think is not great — nor in its faithfulness to the Bible — which it doesn’t have much of — but it doesn’t have to have. But, this movie discusses an issue that is both ancient and modern. It asks one of the biggest questions of all: What is religion’s purpose?

‘It asks one of the biggest questions of all: What is religion’s purpose?’

Is the purpose of religion to be the sword of God? The blade of morality which condemns the wicked and the unrighteous?

I have written two books about why innocent people suffer. And what I say is this: there are people who believe that the explanation for human suffering is straightforward. You see it in the Flood, in Sodom and Gommorah and with Moses and the Golden Calf. And yet, the principal distinction between Noah on one hand and Moses and Abraham on the other is that Noah accepts God’s judgement.

The film does a good job of showing this. Noah is not a hero in Jewish lore. The Bible says that Noah was a righteous man “in his generation.” He was only a righteous man compared to the others who were far worse than he.

Now, why wasn’t he righteous? Because righteousness is all about what you do for your fellow man. And Noah does NOTHING for his fellow man. He doesn’t care, he has no compassion. He executes God’s commandment to the letter. So when God says “I’m going to kill everybody,” Noah says, “will you save my skin? Oh, I get an Ark? Okay, fine.”

This is a traditional explanation of why Noah is not the father of the Jewish people.

So he was a facilitator, not a leader.

No, he failed in the greatest mission of all. He failed to protect human life. And failed to fight with God when he wanted to take human life. He refuses to wrestle with God. Noah is a fundamentalist. He’s a religious extremist. God says “everyone will die” and Noah says nothing. But this is not what God wants. God wants people with moxie! God wants people with spiritual audacity! He does not want the obedient man of belief. He wants the defiant man of faith.

‘God wants people with moxie! God wants people with spiritual audacity’

It isn’t until Abraham, when God says “we have the rainbow and I promise not to destroy everyone, but I will destroy these two cities Sodom and Gomorah,” Abraham does something audacious. He says “will the judge of the entire Earth not practice justice?” He lifts his fists to heaven! He raises a cudgel to Heaven! This made him the first Jew. A Jew does not just accept a divine decree, he does not just bow his head in silent obedience.

The word “Islam” means “obedience before God” or “submission before God.” Soren Kierkegaard the great Danish theologian sums up Christianity as being a “leap of faith.”

Judaism has no leap of faith. “Israel” means “he who wrestles with God.” You see none of that in Noah. Neither in the Torah or in this film, so in that regard, this movie portrays this very well. No other religion does this, they would see this as heresy. It’s amazing, it’s breathtaking!

‘A Jew does not just accept a divine decree, he does not just bow his head in silent obedience’

I’m not going so far as to say the Bible portrays Noah as a right-wing nut-job who captures his humanity only at the end — to the extent of the film – but I will say the Bible dismisses him. Noah is a father to mankind, but a footnote in the Bible. Never discussed again, because he’s a failure.

I would have loved to see, in this film, the family challenging Noah more – challenging him to fight with God.

Noah tells his family some troubling news (courtesy: Paramount Pictures.)

The writer and director of the film, Darren Aronofsky, was born Jewish but identifies as an atheist. Does this surprise you?

Not at all. This is the principal argument that atheists have – and some of it is just. Why do innocent people suffer? Why is God silent? God’s silence is a major theme in the film. This is a theme in Elie Wiesel’s work.

Atheists also charge that religious people have no heart. That they suppress rational inquiry and reason, and they don’t challenge God. They believe that religion focuses on the inherent corruptibility of mankind and have a morbid philosophy of life. Now, when you see Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell going on television just after 9/11 and saying that the attack happened because of homosexuality and abortion in America, this just reinforces those views.

When I was a student in Israel and a schoolbus was hit by a train, 20 children were killed. Yitzhak Peretz, who was one of the heads of the Shas party, said that this was retaliation because Israelis drive on Shabbat.

‘Noah is a suicide bomber at the end’

When you hear things like this it is very disturbing. An abomination. And some of this is captured in the film – so I’m not surprised that the director is an atheist.

But, he’s an interesting kind of atheist. He seems to have some positive feelings toward religion. He sees that without religion there might be anarchy, or that society would reduce itself to only “might makes right.” But he’s seen how fundamentalists have fallen into the dark side. I mean, Noah is a suicide bomber at the end. He’s going to kill babies because he thinks that’s what God wants.

And yet, he’s not “bad” man. That’s what is so nuanced and clever about the film. He isn’t sinister. He’s still a loving father and husband, although detached. It isn’t like “The Omen” or something where he’s taken over by Satan. He is still a man of God, but he believes that God wants him to murder in His name.

Sounds to me like you enjoyed this movie more than you thought.

Well, you can go to a movie for a few reasons. You can go to a movie to veg out and turn your brain to a red cabbage. And I do this sometimes. I don’t want to think at all – I want cheap, popcorn entertainment. I want something to forget my pressures for two hours – so I can come back to my pressures after and then think “oh no, I just wasted two hours, now I have more pressures!”

And then there are movies that challenge your mind and heart. Sometimes they are less entertaining. They lack the special effects and the glitz.

What did I get out of “Gravity?” Absolutely nothing. There was no lesson or a moral conundrum – just a woman fighting for survival in some amazing 3D. But I loved it. I got nothing out of it, I never thought of it again and I’m not planning to go to space any time soon.

This film did not entertain me as much, but it made me think a lot more. I think it is a valuable film, especially for our times.

A very key thing, rabbi. As we’re talking your wife is driving – what did she think of the movie?

We haven’t had a chance to discuss it yet, I’ve been talking to you. (Debbie, what did you think of the movie?) She says it was “good but not great.”


~ So Noah apparently wasnt a “righteous man” as Schmuley claims (G-d was wrong, Schmuley right). The truth is Noah was perfect in his genes and even Jews cannot claim they are perfect in their genetics (especially Schmuley). It is interesting to hear the Jews interpretations of what people call the Jewish Old Testament. People would find that Jews believe next to nothing in the Old Testament and why they wrote their own interpretations of it. Most people look to Jews for the truth of the Bible because they believe Jews were the chosen people who God loved over all others, but where does the word “Israel” turn into the word “Jew”? All you have to do is ask a Jew and you will know it’s the same BS as usual. Nothing changes and nothing has right from the beginning.
If you wrestle with God that makes you a Jew so the next time you see someone wrestling with God be sure to call the Jew a Jew and a damned liar. God will have nothing to do with them.
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Jews on First


Costello: Look Abbott, if you’re the coach, you must know all the players.

Abbott: I certainly do.

Costello: Well you know I’ve never met the guys. So you’ll have to tell me their names, and then I’ll know who’s playing on the team.

Abbott: Oh, I’ll tell you their names, but you know it seems to me they give these ball players now-a-days very peculiar names.

Costello: You mean funny names?

Abbott: Strange names, pet names…like Edom

Costello: His brother Jacob?

Abbott: Well, let’s see, we have on the bags, Edoms on first, Jacobs on second, I Don’t Know is on third…

Costello: That’s what I want to find out.

Costello: Whats an Edomite?

Abbott; That’s easy an Edomite is a Canaanite

Costello: wooo! Abboooottt whats a Canaanite?

Abbot: In this case it’s a Kenite

Costello: You said Canaanite

Abbot: No I said Kenite

Costello: Ok so what’s a Kenite?

Abbott: It’s a descendant of Cain in this case

Costello: So Kenites and Canaanites are descended from Cain? Wooo!

Abbott: That’s right, and they are descended from Satan

Costello: What’s a Satan Chick?

Abbott: It’s the adversary

Costello: And who is the adversary?

Abbott and Costello: Foist Base!

In David Dukes book “My Awakening” he claims white people are the descendants of “Esow” (Esau or Edom). In other words whites are mixed peoples who descend from my-awakening-david_duke_coverCanaanites. He obviously believes Jesus was “Jewish” or a “Jew’, two words he uses interchangeably as if they mean the same thing. He even claims Rabbi’s who don’t even believe in God are Jewish too. Figure that one out. In other words he wants you stuck into the old age canard that Jews can be both a religion and a race at the same time when they are neither.

David Duke begs you for money day in and day out and he doesn’t know a cotton-picking thing about the Bible where the word “Jew” stems from. He wants you to get your credentials so you can be called Dr. like him. In other words go to your Jew professors and get brainwashed without ever reading the Bible like him.

You have to ask how someone could claim Jews are so full of hypocrisy when he is just as full of it, maybe because he is one himself. He is the chosen leader of the opposition obviously. How could anyone want to lead people in something he has NO CLUE ABOUT? How can whites be relatives of Neanderthals as he claims and Edom too? David Duke will parrot everything he knows about Jews and sell it to you in one book for a measly $100.00 and leave him your will so he can carry out your Canaanite history. Isn’t this the guy who was caught spending all his contributions in Oy Vegas?

Why have none of these professors and doctors ever read the Bible? Don’t they think it is a bit more important than Darwin or whatever hogwash book they get their Neanderthal crap from? The truth is Duke wants you to continue to believe the Bible as the Jews want you to believe it. There will never in a million years be any change whatsoever on this planet except you being broke and snookered by this con man. I don’t give a damn if Jews gave him the title Rabbi or Your Majesty; some of the most knowledgeable people in the real truth movement have no degree whatsoever. You don’t learn about Jews in the Jew Universities. If you were educated at all you would promote home schooling and not brainwashing Jew schooling. Of course there is a lot more, but the point of the day is, and I’m sure a fine man like Bruce McCarthy would agree is that you don’t use words you don’t know the definitions of. That is taught in any Kindergarten or should be otherwise your words are

Hold on tight, Lovey

Hold on tight, Lovey

meaningless whether spoken or written.

David Duke is a perpetual pupil because he will never get to the truth and he obviously never wants you to get to it. White people are not Europeans they are biologically related people from anywhere on the planet. Whites are blood not geography and shouldn’t be turned into a geography (exactly what Jews did with the word Israel). You don’t always find the Jew by his picture or even by his name, sometimes it is in his or her hypocrisy. These are people who believe in DNA without proofs of it (even if it happens to be true) they can’t prove it. They believe it to manipulate history only. Sometimes a blood test is the only proof of who a Jew is, but knowing the leaven of the Pharisees is all you need to know.

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American Hustle

Talmud Heads

Talmud Heads

One of the first things that started to rub me the wrong way about the Catholic Church was how obese priests, men and women could sing right in the middle of the church and expect us to sing along as if we should be care free obese people like they were. It is indeed selling out and why I never sang in church as a kid.

We have fatties all over Christianity today and they preach the Bible as if obesity is to be ignored. If I preached the Bible I would get in shape, go on a diet, whatever I had to so that

Chris Krispy Kreme

Chris Krispy Kreme

people would know I am no hypocrite. These priests always want to say others are wine or beer drinkers, but the Bible doesn’t condemn drinking alcohol, quite to the contrary. Being a drunkard is one thing, but having a few unkosherized alcoholic drinks after a long week is not sinful if you can find it.

American Hustle is much like many of these fat preachers who always end up selling their own people out. If they can look the other way on obesity the other deadly sins begin to domino. This movie claims that we all sell out to some extent and we are all Jews in some respects. I will agree many of us are like Jews because they believe Jews, but I make it my life’s work and joy not to and I look for others who do. There are people who took 10 years to say Jews (now Zios) did 9/11 and want donations, there are blog talk radio hosts who have been studying Jews for 2 years who never read the Bible in their life asking for donations, we have lug nut heads who have never put a clear radio show out for 10 years and claim it’s the Mossad while asking for

How much did Ollie bring me today?

How much did Ollie bring me today?

donations because the Mossad really hates the information they are putting out.

It is a hustle!

In the movie the Jew main actor played by “Christian” Bale standing in a museum asks, “Who is the artist, the forger or the original”? This is supposed to be a valid question I suppose, but the Jew justifies his or her actions and never sees the hypocrisy (so you wont either). This movie is about ripping off the goyim and pretending the Jew owned FBI is after them (the familiar “double Jew con job”). You see once the Jew has you conned in one area he will con you in another. All you have to do is trust them and forget all about that word “hypocrisy” (the word everyone seems to forget that came straight from the Bible long ago among others of course).

The con job occurred before the movie hit the screen. The fact that the Jews are freely able to spin their own crime to us peons without any repercussion is proof you have already been hustled. Jews can make themselves heroes in Hollywood and by God you want to watch a movie. You are like “Night of the Living Lemmings”.

Today and for the last 15 years or so I have watched all the shills push the book “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. These are obviously people who never read the Bible or know that Jews stole the word “Zion” and polluted it like they do everything else. You see they buy into one con job and ready to jump right into the next one. The Bible says to be separate from these people and to make yourself smart as a serpent so you know what they do. If they are asking you for money and praising Jews as welcomed guests on their shows they cannot have learned anything from their so called “work” which they want compensation for. Jews got you into the con job we are in right now (everything in

Dont be a bloody fool! Frank Collin

Dont be a bloody fool!
Frank Collin

our world today) because you trust the hype and disregard the truth. Be your own man and don’t let anyone distort the truth. Jews know better than anyone on the earth how to lead the opposition, but they have to keep their audience from asking questions. If they don’t take open questions and talk about “freedom” and “the Constitution” and claiming to help veterans who also cannot speak on their shows you have to dump them. There are American Hustles going on everywhere you look today. Truth is being completely obliterated as Jews did in the East. You don’t have to go anywhere but in your Bible to see what it says about “JEWS”.  In American Hustle the Jews get off the hook and swindlers are made to look humane and admirable (they expect you to follow along). Proving you aren’t one of these creatures should be your true “work” in life. One thing I have learned in life is that Jews cant do it. Nothing will ever change bringing Jews in and that should be evident. You are supposed to be keeping them out because for God sakes they have destroyed just about everything we stand for. If you want to shine Jew shoes, GET LOST! TAKE A HIKE!

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The Missiles of a Poser

Poser- noun:   a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not

Jerusalem – Bennett Says Jews Have Been In Israel Longer Than Americans In The U.S.


Jerusalem – - During a recent interview, Israeli Minister of the Economy and Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett said that people need to understand that the Jews have been in Israel longer than both the U.S. and Great Britain have been in their homelands and that “we are not going anywhere.”

Appearing on British TV BBC, the show HardTalk with Stephen Sackur, Bennet, when asked about whether or not circumstances will ever allow him to recognize a two-state solution, said, “Israel has been our home for roughly 3,800 years. Archaeology shows it—-the Bible shows it, and I think it would be a profound mistake to divide our country.

I think we are trying this approach, and it is not working. We’ve tried it for the past 20 years, and evidently we’re bashing our heads again and again. Because every time we vacate a piece of land, within days it turns into a launch pad of missiles onto us. Three times already we handed land over to the Arabs and within days they starting shooting missiles at us.”

When asked By Sackur whether he ideologically believes that “all of the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River belongs to Israel?” Bennett said, “First of all, it does belong to us. This land has been ours for thousands of years. I just yesterday gave a coin that’s 2,200 years old to Martin Schultz as a gift—-and it’s got Hebrew on it.

We’ve been in this land way longer than America has been in American land, and for that matter longer than the British have in the British land. I do recognize that in our land there are two million Palestinians. They’ve got aspirations—-they’re not going anywhere, but we’re not going anywhere. So we’ve got to figure out how to live together, how to work it out.”

~ An Ashkenazi with no connections to Judea or Judah claiming he is a Jew with an Israelite first name no less claiming if something is found that is written in Hebrew it means Jews own the place. Of course the interviewer didn’t say “you aren’t an Israelite although you are a Jew”. When we hear anyone in the media say that get ready to lock and load. I will guarantee you it would be me if I had the chance.

Recently I had to share a ride with some Jews (not by choice trust me) and they were heading for Israel, one was headed for Ankara, Turkey and I said “ah Ancyra” (with a c), it’s where we get the word “anchor” from. The woman said, Turkey and Arabs have many root words in the English language. I said I’m afraid Ancyra was a Celtic headquarters and they were white people. I had to tell her what Arab meant in Hebrew (no response from the Jews listening in) We then got into the root of the word “Iran”. The woman had never heard any of this before and she asked me how I knew all this stuff. I said who wouldn’t want to know who their ancestors were or where they came from, don’t you? One of the Jews then turned to me and said “when we go to Israel we will be walking on the same rocks Abraham did”. I said you are closer to Israel right now then you ever will be in the Middle East and Abraham may have had a lot of children, but Jews werent his children. They didn’t talk anymore after that.

Jews made Israel into a landmass and Judea into a people. Jews steal land and then say they steal it because Palestinians would shoot missiles at them if they didn’t. It’s really Romper Room if you just seek the truth and see the garbage these Jews are trying to convince us of.

He looks a lot like one of out troofers

He looks a lot like one of our truthers

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The Counterfeit Traitor

Say who  it is

Say who it is

Everybody has their own opinions in the so called truth movement, but it seems nobody has any kind of plan to kick anything into action unless it is designed to fail to begin with. Some groups have totally different opinions as a group, yet for some reason they are able to have no internal feuds and have feuds with everyone outside their groups. I guess they equally cancel each other out by design. For instance why would you want someone in your group that is pro Hitler and a pro Jew supporter (take your pick of any of our Jews who claim to be in the truth movement)? We have pro Constitutionalists claiming they took an oath to protect the Constitution and have anti Constitution anarchists on their shows as welcomed guests.

Everywhere you look on the internet we have people who are hell bent on destroying true history with no shame. We have German women who think Scythians were Jews (who claims to be a Historian), we have CI pastors who entertain viciously anti Christian commentators (or whatever they are) and never mention a word about Christianity in that particular show and give into the same old anti Zionist crap. There are old timers who claim to know the Bible and believe Palestinians are the true Israelites. We have so called white leaders, I guess because they have a microphone and don’t take calls and dont know white history from a bedpost (several of them as if they copied off the same wrong test paper).

Then we have Judeo Christian pastors who work along side with none other than the most vicious Bible bashers on the internet incomparable even to an openly self proclaimed Jew. We have self proclaimed Muslims who were born Jews and never use the word “Jew”, but “Jewish” not knowing the difference deliberately because one is supposed to mean a particular pure racial group of Judah that he is definitely not part of.

Then of course we have the atheists who are there to throw their wrench into the machine that pop in when all else fails. Two nights ago I heard a conversation about Lincoln being great, today another claims he was a Jew named Springsteen. You see somehow Jews are a nuisance when it fits their agenda and its never very long they have a guess what, Jew as a special guest (a so called good jew of course). Dont Jews see this and feel they aren’t wanted? Ok maybe not.

Nobody has a game plan, just make out your will to Donny Dickstein and he’ll make sure everything in this world is ok, buy some of these vitamins it will make you feel better. You should work harder because you have to keep up with the illegal Mexicans here in this country Jews let in. Buy Go Berky water softeners, get off the grid, buy gold with your Jew money, send your child to Dr Steenblock if your child is acting out in school, get in shape, eat right, get a good night sleep and you’ll feel better. Just don’t do anything like Jesus or the founding fathers of America and rebel.

You know what my answer to this is? We need to burn that cockroach infested Jew ponzi scheme Federal Reserve to the ground. Is anyone saying that out there? Oh you will hear about the bankster gangster crap and the presstitutes, etc. Why cant all of us unite on this one thing? I guess we can’t chuck an old hag Jewess out in the street now? We need to kick every God damned one of them out.

We need to go for the head of that Jew asp. Anyone out there who isn’t for burning this abomination to the ground is a traitor. This is the rallying point everyone needs to be on. Forget Ron Paul or Curly Cue his Sean Hannity show son, he aint gonna do a damned thing. I wouldn’t put that beenie on my head with two Glocks up my nostrils. It’s all of us who need to do it and not against Wall Street or anyone else. We want that Jewish money control system GONE! Don’t talk about it like you have accepted it and there is nothing you can do about it and claim to be in the truth movement and don’t keep putting it down the list of other Jew atrocities (which we are well aware there are plenty). You need to put fire to the feet of anyone in the media, politics, internet radio to get this monster out of here and out of this world.

One must ask why and how our so called Christian leaders are not targeting that Federal Reserve, have they succumbed to it and want us to surrender to it? Then they aren’t anyone to have as a preacher. The last priest who spoke out about the Fed was Fr Coughlin and people rallied around him just as people would today. He was one pissed off priest as he should be and as we all should be, but for some odd reason everyone seems to be pissed at someone or something else.

It’s obvious our military isn’t going to do a damned thing, they obviously aren’t pro Constitutional either. They don’t believe anything in that Constitution because nothing in it at all is being followed today. The military has gotten their gonads clipped. That leaves you and me.

Can we unite on one thing? I know we can, but there are people who are here specifically to break up any cohesion whatsoever. There isn’t one person in the truth movement who should evade being severely mad as hell about this ponzi scheme that we could run out of town on a rail tomorrow if we just focused on that single issue. The question is “why aren’t you calling it what it is?” It’s the same den of vipers that it’s always been and if you have a cute name for it you can go to hell too. Jews are counterfeiters right out of the chute, that is their role in life. They do as they are directed and you better distinguish yourselves clearly which side you are on. Start with the Jew Fed.

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